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Bright Young Things by leopard
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3- A Whisper Behind a Curtain
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Chapter image by Chella@TDA

’30 Dead in Suspected Death Eater Attack’

I re-read the headline of the Daily Prophet that Charlotte had passed across the table to me over breakfast, as Professor McGonagall made her way slowly down the Gryffindor table handing out the new timetables.

Inside, the Prophet was mainly taken up with lists of the dead or missing, and accounts of gruesome incidents that were thought to be caused by the Death Eaters. There was a particularly horrible article on the inside cover about a Death Eater who had tortured an old muggle lady until she went mad and drowned herself in a river. The Death Eater was thought to be a man named Nott.

Hang on; there's a Nott in our year isn’t there? I looked over to the Slytherin table where I saw him with his friends Avery, Regulus Black, Snape and Mulciber all clustered together. He didn’t look at all upset that his father had just committed a horrific crime. In fact he was laughing as he pulled some sort of mad face obviously supposed to be the poor old lady. The others laughed along with him.

I turned away not wanting to look anymore- they were sick if they thought that something like that was funny. Sick.

I passed the Prophet back to Charlotte and tried to carry on eating the rest of my scrambled eggs. By this time Professor McGonagall had reached where Mollie, Charlotte and I sat. She tapped three pieces of parchment with her wand and handed out our new timetables to us, then moving swiftly on to deal with three sixth years that were sitting beside us.

“Are you kidding me?” said Mollie wide-eyed as she looked down at her timetable. “I have double potions and then Transfiguration with not a break until after lunch!”

“Oh God, I’m the same as you!” I said as I saw that my timetable was just a bad as Mollie’s. “I wonder what that new Defense teacher is like,” I mused, “we have a double period with him before the end of the day.”

“That’s not the worst of it though,” interjected Charlotte scanning the timetable for Thursday. “Look at Thursday- we don’t have any free periods. None at all!”

“Yeah we do,” chorused Mollie and I together, “we have a double right after Arithmancy.”

“Oh you lucky bastards” she exclaimed grabbing my timetable off of me as if to check that I wasn’t lying to her.

“Ahh, I have Divination then.”

Mollie, Charlotte and I all did practically the same subjects apart from the fact that Charlotte did Divination, while Mollie and I did Ancient Runes. She was forever complaining about the amount of homework that she got from Divination and how she had still failed to ever see anything in the crystal ball. To be honest I don’t know why she even took it, I think she thought that it was going to be an easy subject.

Looking wearily at our timetables and deciding that we might as well start getting our things together for the first lessons, we quickly finished our breakfast and began to head out of the Great Hall to collect our bags from the dormitory, and trudge reluctantly down to the dungeons for potions. But as we were nearing the oak front doors, I heard a voice from behind me.

“Evans! Hey Evans, wait up!” James Potter was hurrying down between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables towards me holding a scrap of parchment. I waved the others on up the stairs, and waited for him to catch up.

“Here, this is from Dumbledore.” He said, “We need to go to his office at seven tonight.” Oh gosh, I had completely forgotten about this meeting! Thank God he reminded me. “He says his favorite sweet is…” he squinted down at the parchment, “sugar snaps.”

Wait what was the bit about his favorite sweets all about? “What?” I said in utter bewilderment. “Why would we need to know his favorite sweet?”

“It’s the password for his office.” He said handing the piece of parchment to me written in Dumbledore’s familiar handwriting, so that I could see all the details.

Oh. You see the thing is, I didn’t really know where his office is, I had never thought about Dumbledore needing a place to work. He seemed just to appear at meals and then disappear again. Occasionally he would be seen wandering through the castle or the grounds, or meeting important ministry officials in the entrance hall; but it had never crossed my mind that like everyone else in this castle, Dumbledore would need somewhere to go when the day was over.

I looked down at the letter, but it didn’t tell me anything new so I still didn’t know where the office was; all I knew was the password. I bit my lip and glanced down at the letter again, willing it to suddenly reveal the location of his office, not wanting to admit to him that I didn’t know where it was.

“Something wrong?” he asked, seeing me look worried.

I supposed that James would be the best person to ask for the whereabouts of Dumbledore’s office, having been there so many times because of all his trouble making.

“Um, I’m not quite sure where it is though,” I said rather hurriedly and determinedly staring down at the parchment to avoid looking him in the eye.
He laughed and ruffled his hair, making it even messier than it was before.

“Ha, well being the goody-two-shoes that you are, I doubt that you would,” he said smiling.

“I’m not a goody-two-shoes!” How dare he call me that! He just ignored me and laughed again- how infuriating; I swear I’m going to kill him one day.

“Well, I could meet you in the common room at ten to and we could go down together then?” There was rather a hopeful look in his eyes and tone as he said this. I grudgingly agreed- I would rather not have to go with James, but seeming as I didn’t know where the office was and I couldn’t think of anyone else that would tell me I suppose I had no other option.

“Sure, I’ll see you there then,” I said shrugging my shoulders and turned and ran to catch up with Charlotte and Mollie, as I was afraid that I’d now be late for potions. I left James in the entrance hall, with a large grin spreading across his face.

I screeched to a halt outside the dungeons where to my relief there was still a large crowd milling around and waiting to be allowed in. I spotted Courtney Chamberlin and Hugh McGrath from Hufflepuff, in amongst them talking to Mollie who, thankfully, had taken my bag from the dormitory along with hers.

The door to the dungeons opened and Professor Slughorn appeared proceeded by his overly large- and getting ever larger- belly. “Come in, come in,” he called jovially to the class who jostled each other inside as I made my way towards the front of the classroom, where I usually sat (I know it’s nerdy, but I like potions).

As I was getting my books out and setting them down on the table, I saw Severus Snape trying to sit down in the seat next to me that he had occupied up until two years ago. How could he still think that I wanted to see him after what he had called me? I had told him often enough, yet he was still so persistent! There was a curt cough from behind me, and Snape quickly scuttled away as he saw James’ livid face. Gosh, James was so possessive of me; I could look after myself, thank you very much.

“Did you see James’ face when he tried to sit next to you again?” giggled Charlotte as she took the seat that he had recently vacated. “I swear that Snape would have gotten the message by now.”

“Mmm” was all I could muster, I wasn’t really in the mood to talk about how clingy Snape was, or how domineering James was.

“Settle down, now and wands away please.”

Urgh. No lesson that started with ‘wands away’ had ever been a good one. He pointed his wand at the blackboard, which scribbled the foreboding letters ‘N.E.W.T.s’ and he turned to survey the class with an unusually stern look on his face.

“These are the most important exams you will ever sit in your lives and therefore you must make the most of every one of you lessons. Your end of year results last year were not as good as I had hoped, with a few exceptions of course,” he added smiling at me, “so you have one year to greatly improve your skills.” The rest of his speech carried on in much the same fashion, terrifying the whole class until by the end we were all rather white faced and numb and it came as somewhat of a shock when we were told to start making a very complicated looking potion, designed to let the drinker speak in any language they wished, listed right at the back of the textbook.

Odd frustrated squeaks issued occasionally from Charlotte, as her potion hadn’t thinned to a clear liquid yet, but still remained a tar like substance sticking to the bottom of her cauldron. The rest of the cauldrons around our table weren’t much better either and I saw Mollie’s was hissing and spitting a violently red liquid in her face.

Yet on the other side of the room, James and Sirius had finished theirs and were now entertaining themselves by flicking bits of parchment into Snape’s cauldron across the room (being two of the cleverest students in our year, James and Sirius often spent half of every lesson mucking about and making a nuisance of themselves, which tended to disrupt the rest of us, but it was something that we had all grown accustomed to).

We trooped wearily out of the classroom having been laden with homework, including having to write a three foot essay and read four chapters form a very large volume entitled: ‘Potion Use During the Nineteenth Century and its Effects on Modern-day Society’ -well I’m going to have fun this weekend!

The next lesson, Transfiguration, could not have been worse. I’m not quite as good at it as I am at Potions, and today this was even more obvious. Instead of turning Charlotte’s hair red and then back to its natural colour, I somehow managed to produce a fine set of antlers on her head. I blame Professor McGonagall- she was putting too much pressure on me by making me do it in front of the whole class as a demonstration, and I don’t work well under pressure.

I saw Sara Pierce and Sam Becket from Ravenclaw sniggering in the front row while James and Sirius howled with laughter from the back of the classroom- those bitches! I would like to see them do it at the front of the class having never tried it before (mind you James and Sirius would probably master it without a second thought). I tried to hide my scarlet face as I went to sit back down feeling completely mortified. Luckily for me Charlotte wasn’t cross and just spent break time in the hospital wing getting them removed.

All in all I was very glad to sit down to lunch in the Great Hall. I brooded over my shit morning while poking moodily at my roast potato with my knife.

“Come on Lily, honestly, it wasn’t that bad. They were just antlers, and it’s not like you mess up often in Transfiguration!” reasoned Mollie who was sitting next to me, “Charlotte even thought it was funny!”

“Yeah, so did most people.” Stab. Stab. Stab. My potato was beginning to look more like mashed potato than roast potato.

“Oh please, I’ve done much worse. Remember that time in second year when I accidently got stick in the trick step and no one would pull me out for the whole day, everyone was just walking past me and laughing. People tormented me about that for months! I was the laughing stock of the school.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” I said, fighting a grin that was threatening to spread across my face at the memory.

I finished lunch feeling much better about life. Having relived some of Mollie’s more embarrassing memories had cheered me up and I proceeded up to the common room with her. We took a trusty shortcut hidden behind a portrait of a young woman on the third floor, to avoid the havoc that James and Sirius had surely wreaked on the fourth floor with their crate of stink bombs, as Charlotte headed off to Divination.

In the common room there was a small group of excited sixth years huddled in a corner while Amber lounged on one of the chairs near to the window, leaving the armchairs by the fire free for us to start working on Slughorn’s essay.

“He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had!”

“God yeah! I hope we have more lessons like that I learned loads- we won’t have any trouble with N.E.W.T.s at this rate!”

“He’s so funny… and his accent… it’s so cute.”

The sixth years all elapsed into fits of girlish giggles.

“Who are they talking about?” Mollie whispered in my ear, looking up from reading the front page of The Prophet.

“Probably the new Defense teacher,” I shrugged. “We have him next lesson.” I added.

“I hope he’s as good as they’re making out,” she sighed, “we could do with a laugh after having slaved over this essay.”

“Well, you aren’t exactly slaving over it are you?”

“Reading The Prophet takes a lot out of you emotionally!” she retaliated, “What with all those stories of Death Eaters attacking people. It’s not like I’m reading the jokes page… fine. If you’re going to look at me like that. Ok. You’re slaving over the essay and you could do with a laugh. Happy?”

“Very,” I grinned triumphantly.


As the bell rang I hastily packed up my almost finished essay and hurried down to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom with Mollie following behind who was wondering aloud what we would be doing this lesson. “Maybe he’ll show us how to duel properly. Oh, no wait! Maybe he’ll show us how to make a corporeal patronus, I mean Professor Valga never showed us last year.”

We joined Charlotte outside the classroom with Mollie still wondering what we would be doing and waited, like the rest of the class, with baited breath for the new Professor to emerge from the classroom.

There was an audible intake of breath as the door opened and we saw him in full. Mollie who was still halfway through suggesting yet another thing that he might show us stopped dead and her mouth hung open dumbstruck (for once).

In the dim light of the Great Hall at the start of term feast, none of us had seen him that clearly, yet now no one could look away from his hypnotic eyes. One blue and the other green; they were captivating. He seemed not to notice all the staring though, and ushered the silent crowd inside. Apart from his eyes, the rest of him was completely unremarkable, dull brown hair, medium height and rather pale skin.

The start of this class was very different from the start of all my other classes, no sermon on how important N.E.W.T.s were, simply, “Good afternoon class. My name is Professor Byrne.”

That sixth year was right, his accent was cute and had a bouncy, happy feel to it. I like Irish accents. “Now we won’t be needing books today so please place your bags at the back of the classroom and wands out,” he said as he sent the desks flying to the edges of the room leaving a large space in the middle. “Professor Dumbledore informs me that you haven’t yet studied the patronus charm which is part of the sixth year course. So to get this out of the way we will be starting with it today.”

“I told you we would be doing patronus’,” said Mollie jubilantly in my ear.

“Yeah, but you also said he would teach us how to perform memory charms and turn invisible.”

“Shut up.”

“Now,” continued Professor Byrne in that lovely accent of his, “the Patronus charm is used to ward of Dementors. However, the form that each Patronus takes is unique to every individual. So, in order to cast the charm I want you all to think of the happiest memory you can think of.”

Was this how you cast a patronus? With your mind, just by thinking of a happy memory? That wouldn’t make sense.

I looked around at the rest of the class who all had their eyes screwed up tightly trying to rack their brains for their best memory. Oh well, I think I’ll just follow suit then. Hmm. What memory should I choose? Finding out I was made Head Girl was good, but there has to be something better, my life can’t be that boring, surely. Could it?

I suppose there was that one time when I was younger, dad had taken Petunia and me to the park for the day and we had spent the entire time eating ice creams and playing on the swings. Yes. I liked it; it made me smile even now just remembering it.

“Everybody got their memory? Good, now repeat after me: Expecto Patronum.”

“Expecto Patronum,” the class chorused.

“Wonderful, wonderful. So, I want you to think about that happy memory whilst saying the incantation. Off you go.”

For a while nothing happened, yet about ten minutes into the lesson, unsurprisingly, James and Sirius managed to conjure a fully formed patronus. The class stood in awe as James’ stag and Sirius’ large dog, trotted triumphantly around the class. Sirius’ dog paused briefly by Charlotte and wagged its tail before continuing to try and out run James’ stag in a lap of the classroom.

Spurred on by this performance, there was a flurry of wand waving as the class tried desperately to from their own patronus’. By the end of the class most people had been able to conjure one, and I hadn’t been the only person who was rather surprised at what their patronus turned out to be.

“Lily your doe was gorgeous, I wish my patronus was exciting!” said Mollie as the bell rang for the end of class and we left the classroom with Professor Byrne reassembling the room to its original state behind us.

“What’s wrong with your badger?”

“Well patronus’ are supposed to say something about your character aren’t they? What does a badger say about me: that I’m white and black, and come out at night to snuffle in the ground. But your doe is perfect for you, it’s elegant and peaceful and graceful.”

“Your badger is fine, I mean my eagle doesn’t really say much about me does it,” reasoned Charlotte.

“Oh please, your eagle pretty much defines your personality!”

“How?” We continued to bicker all the way up to dinner and Mollie and Charlotte were still at it by the time it came to pudding.

Getting bored with their conversation, I let my mind wonder on to later this evening and what Dumbledore would say to me. How was I supposed to be able to work with James, he wouldn’t take it seriously! Why did they even make James Head Boy anyway? He hadn’t been a prefect. I wonder what he did to make the teachers choose him?

“Lily!” I was brought out of my daze by a prod in the back by something sharp. “Gosh, I’ve been saying your name for the past five minutes! What have you been thinking about?” asked Charlotte putting the quill that she had poked me with back in her bag.

“Nothing,” I lied, not wanting to tell her that I had been thinking about James. For some reason she was convinced that we were made for each other if I would only accept one of his many offers to go out with him. Telling her that I had been thinking about him would only start her off on this theory again, and it had taken the whole of last year to persuade her that I really hated the boy and never in a million years would I accept a date from him.

I wasn’t even properly thinking about him you know, my mind had just happen to wander on to the topic of how he became Head Boy, that’s all!

“Well were going up to the common room to try and get through some of our homework if you want to come,” she said, not looking convinced.


“God! And I thought sixth year was bad!” exclaimed Charlotte an hour after we had sat down in the common room to try and tackle our mountainous load of homework. “I mean its only the first day and we’ve already got to read this stupid book,” she said giving a dirty look to the book ‘Potion Use During the Nineteenth Century and its Effects on Modern-day Society’ that Professor Slugghorn had asked us to read, “and to write three essays!”

“I know,” agreed Mollie, “I’ve been reading the same paragraph of this book for the past ten minutes, and nothing’s gone in, I can’t remember a single word!”

I was just about to tell her the topics that were covered in the book, as I had already finished reading it, to save her having to read any more when we were all distracted by the arrival of James, Sirius and Remus shouting loudly and brandishing a piece of parchment.

“Quidditch tryouts this weekend! And this time there’s no chance that we are getting beaten by Hufflepuff like we did last year, cos I’m captain!” announced James loudly.

“Quidditch tryouts?” asked Mollie fretfully.

“What are you worried about? You and James have been in the team since third year, you’ll be one of the first people he puts on the team,” soothed Charlotte.

Poor Mollie, every year before Quidditch tryouts her old insecurities come out again and she begins to doubt her abilities. When, in fact she’s probably one of the best keepers I’ve seen and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up playing for the Chudley Canons after we leave Hogwarts.

“But what if I’m not good enough this year? I mean I hardly practiced over the summer, and last year that sixth year, Eloise Coot, almost got made keeper instead of me!”

“Everyone knows that that was only because she was sleeping with the captain! Come on Mollie, you are the best keeper here, you hardly every let the ball through.”

A large crowd had built up around the notice board where James had pinned the piece of parchment and were murmuring excitedly.

“So are you ready to go then?” asked James who along with Sirius had sidled away from the crowd and come to join us.

“Yeah sure.” Then looking at Charlotte and Mollie, I added, “I’ll be back later, so don’t start on McGonagall’s essay until then. I have no idea how to even begin it.”

They nodded and James and I headed out of the portrait hole, while Sirius sank into the chair I had recently been sitting in.

We were just about to close the portrait hole when there were hurried footsteps behind us and Peter’s red face came puffing into view having just run all the way from the boy’s dorms.

“Pete!” There was something forced about the way James smiled at Peter and his enthusiasm at having him be here.

“I didn’t think I would catch you guys up, you two walk very fast!” he managed to get out in-between wheezes.

“What are you doing out? It’s almost curfew isn’t it?” I asked, slightly glad that Peter had joined us so I wasn’t alone with James, I don’t trust James when I’m alone with him. Scrap that- I don’t trust him ever.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” he said waving his hand as if he just fancied a walk in the castle. He had never been a very good liar. “So why are you two wandering the corridors at night… alone?” he added seeing both of our shrewd expressions and winked at James.

“It’s not what it seems! We’re just going to see Dumbledore.” I said hurriedly, not wanting Peter to get the wrong impression and start a rumor throughout the school- of course James would love it though.

He nodded and we walked along in silence for a while with James occasionally letting out frustrated huffs and giving sidewise glares at Peter that he seemed oblivious to. The more I looked at him though the paler he appeared, there were small beads of sweat sliding down his forehead and he was determinedly staring straight ahead, not looking at anything else.

We were nearing the entrance hall; the silence between us was getting a little awkward and I was trying to think desperately of something to say, or that one of the others would say something when there was a small squeak from Peter and he came to an abrupt halt.

“Well, I must leave you both here now,” he said, his voice high and shrill. It now looked as if the spring to a rather large river had erupted on his forehead and he was going red in the face. He waited by the end of the corridor until we had both waved good bye to him and had started off down the corridor towards wherever Dumbledore’s office was, before he turned around and heading off in the other direction.

“He isn’t always like that is he?” I asked James as soon as I was sure that we were out of earshot. I mean I knew that Peter was slightly odd, and you certainly wouldn’t have expected him to hanging around with the likes of Sirius and James, but even for somebody who knew him as little as I did, even I could tell that this wasn’t normal.

“Not usually,” replied James in a rather measured tone, “but since the end of last year he has been a little strange, probably just a weird phase. I hoped he would have gotten over it by now though.”

We turned the corner and arrived in front of the large old gargoyle. Is this where Dumbledore’s office is? I had never really considered this particular statue, there were so many around the school so I hadn’t ever thought that this one was any more significant than the others, well I suppose that Dumbledore probably preferred it this way, he wouldn’t want students running in and out of his office every day. “Sugar snaps,” said James loudly to the gargoyle and it leapt aside obediently to reveal a moving spiral staircase. “After you,” said James motioning up the stairs.

He let out a soft whistle behind me. “God! Stop being such a perv will you?” I snapped at him. I should have realized that the only reason he was being acting a gentleman was to get a good look at my behind.

I rapped sharply on the door in a vain attempt to take my frustrations out on it rather than James. It would create a very bad impression on the first day of being Head Girl if I was to be found arguing with the Head Boy right in front of Dumbledore’s office.

“Come in,” he replied softly. I opened the door slowly. I wasn’t sure what I expected, but this wasn’t it.

There were many instruments standing on tables and the legendary sword of Gryffindor stood in a glass case to my left. I noticed the sorting hat muttering to itself, as were many of the portraits on the walls of previous Head Masters and Mistresses of Hogwarts. James however, being rather accustomed to this office, strode straight to Dumbledore’s desk and sat down in front of it.

“Miss Evans…” said Dumbledore a moment later gesturing politely to the chair next to James and I was forced to sit and face him rather than survey his magnificent office. “Now, we will presently be joined by Professor McGonagall, but until that time I wish to impress upon you the responsibilities that you are undertaking and what a taxing role this is.” He paused and looked at us both as if sizing us up to see if we would be up for it. “As you are both well aware, Lord Voldemort and his followers are practicing the most brutal methods of torture and killing as a means to dominate the wizarding population. However, what you may be less well aware of is the fact that Lord Voldemort was once a student at this very school. He has, and I have no doubt that he will try again, to get access into this school.”

“Why?” for the first time in my life I saw James Potter look scared.

“That, James, is a question that shall be answered at a later date. I merely tell you this so as to put you on your guard. He may try to use you both as tools, as a way in here, especially as you will be in closer contact with me than any other student would be.”

I sat dumbfounded for a moment in silence, as Dumbledore let the news sink into both of us, and almost screamed out of shock when there was a knock at the door and in came Professor McGonagall.

I barely heard what she was saying. Odd parts of her sermon floated through my ears like “…students found out of bed after hours must be…” or “…I will expect you both to behave with decorum and set a good example for the younger years” But my mind was too filled with gruesome images to register much of it.

I could just imagine one of those hooded figures that I had seen a picture of this morning in the Daily Prophet, those Death Eaters, torturing Charlotte, or Mollie… or my mother, to try and get to me. I couldn’t let that happen. Next to me I could I hear James’ heavy breathing, he was looking at the floor rather than at Professor McGonagall. I guessed he was having the same thoughts as me, trying to process the news.

“…So I will give you both a breakdown of what I have covered with you this evening and if there is ever any queries, please come and find me.” She finished by handing out a piece of parchment outlining what we had to do as Head Boy and Girl. Thank God she gave these to us, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do otherwise, I was too busy envisaging horrible scenes, to listen to her.

The next moment we were ushered out of the office and Professor McGonagall shut the door before we had even reached the bottom of the winding staircase. I felt drained of all my energy even though u had been sitting down the whole time. I sank onto the floor next to the gargoyle and looked up at James, not sure what to say. We stayed there for a while, each absorbed in our own dismal thoughts, until James offered me his hand to help me up.

“We might as well get back to Gryffindor Tower,” I nodded and grasped his outstretched hand as he hoisted me off the floor. “Don’t worry about it.” He said as we made our way down the deserted passages, “the chances of that actually happening are really slim, and I mean I’ve seen you and Defense, you’re good; you could fight them easily.” I smiled weakly, not sure whether he was more trying to reassure himself or me.

The castle was slightly eerie by night, the moon was full and the sky was black by this time, and the shafts of moonlight that shone through the windows cast half shadows across the floor. There was a small breath of wind outside that sounded like the soft muttering of voices.

I walked into the back of James who had stopped dead in his tracks beside the tapestry of an old woman picking grapes of a vine.


“Shh” he whispered, finger to his lips, eyes darting around the corridor to check that we were alone. He edged closer to the tapestry hardly breathing and pressed his ear close towards it. Curious I followed him to see what he thought was behind it, leaning near to it I realized that what I had thought was the sound of the wind outside was actually coming from what must be a passage way consealed behind the tapestry.

“No, not tonight, its too early. Anyway it would be pointless there is no one around,” said someone. There was a murmur of agreement and a shuffling of feet, it sounded as if there were quite a few people there- about seven or eight at least.

A different, agitated, voice piped up. “Well when are we planning on doing it then? No time seems good enough for you!”

“It will need to be in one or two weeks at least. We’ll need to decide on who it is as well.” The first person replied.

There was silence for a while and I turned to face James about to ask who he thought was talking when he put his finger to his lips once more.

The person who sounded like the leader spoke again. “I’ve been thinking,” there was a muffled snort, “oh shut up. Anyhow, I was thinking that it needs to be low- key, then we can build up from that- not someone noticeable.”

“How about that Lucy kid in second year?” said a new voice that sounded very much like Sirius. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so, as at this James’ eyes widened and he pressed his ear closer to the wall desperate to try and hear more clearly.

There was another murmur of agreement from the crowd at this. “So it’s unanimous then? Excellent, Lucy it is.” The leader said. The sound of footsteps began to draw towards us as they all started to make their way towards the tapestry to leave.

Before anybody could reach the tapestry where we had been eavesdropping, James grabbed my arm and sprinted down the corridor and around the next corner out of sight.

I stood there for a moment bent over, hands on my knees, gasping for breath (I really should get fitter), while James made sure that nobody was heading this way.

“Are you ok?” he asked.


“We really should be getting back to the tower, it’s late.” I nodded and we walked on in silence, each mulling the conversation over in our brains. I wondered if we should have gone straight back to Dumbledore to tell him what we had heard, but of course we didn’t know who it was or what they were planning. Whatever it was though, it didn’t sound pretty.

But there was one thing I could not get out of my head: there was only one Lucy in second year, and she was Mollie’s sister.


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