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What's in a name?: The story of Juliet Cosgrove and her unexpected Romeo by Pepper9604
Chapter 10 : Dueling and Forgiveness
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A/N: OMIGAWD! THE UPDATE TIME THING IS ONLY 9 HOURS. *SQUEE* This is so totally awesome. I'm gonna to write quicker if I wanna keep up. Great response to the past few chapters......another shout out to Fuzzylogic and all my other dedicated reviewers. I love you all so much that I would buy you all a pair of hot pink sunglasses. :) Enjoy the chapter!


DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER....... OR DARREN CRISS.....yet. :)  The following quote belongs to William Shakespeare

There's no trust,
No faith, no honesty in men.- Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare




banner by me :)







“Lover’s tiff?” Bellatrix Black leaned casually against a pillar in the hallway. She ambled lazily in our direction, her walnut wand twirling between her fingers. James unconsciously stepped forward, somewhat protecting me from her. Bellatrix noticed this and smirked. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the filthy half-blood? How’s your mudblood mummy?” She leered.


I narrowed my eyes and raised both brows, seeing as I was incapable of raising one. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the in-breeder? How’s your boyfriend? Or wait…would you rather me say it’s your cousin? I’m not quite sure if you’re official yet.” I sneered, seeing as all the purebloods were so maniacal that they were all cousins by now because the refused to marry half-bloods, or Merlin forbid, a muggle-born. James looked a bit nervous at my outward mocking of her, but I didn’t give a rat’s arse.



Her wand halted in its spin cycle and was pointed at the both of us. James and I had our wands out in a flash. James was about to send a curse flying her way, when we heard Professor McGonagall approaching, her sharp voice an immediate sign. “This isn’t over.” Bellatrix snarled, and disappeared back into the shadows. James and I turned on our heels and sprinted to the Potions room, already late. As we were running, James glanced at me. “So are you going to apologize for hanging out with Gudgeon, or…”


I stopped in my tracks and snarled, “You have some nerve, Potter! Davey was the only one who was kind enough to actually follow me and comfort me!” James opened his to interrupt, but I was too quick. “No, stalking me under your invisibility cloak doesn’t count. I thought you were my friend, James. Davey was just trying to make me feel better after everyone was gaping at me like I was bloody Voldemort!” James winced at the name. “If anyone’s going to be apologizing, it’s going to be you.”


We dashed into class just as he was taking register. He beamed at James who just smirked and sat down in the empty seat next to Remus. I cleared my throat nervously and apologized for my lateness.


Slughorn glanced at me offhandedly. “Oh…that’s quite alright Ms. Cooper.” He never did get my name right. Well, seeing as all the seats are already taken, you’ll have to have a seat next to Mr. Black. If that’s alright with you, Sirius m’boy! Now class, these seats are permanent. Yes, for the rest of the year!” He boomed. I groaned inwardly, and from the look on Black’s face, it looks like he was doing the same. I dragged my feet over to him and plunked down unceremoniously. I burrowed my head in shoulders, and five minutes later I felt a rather harsh poke in my arms. I peeled an eye open to see Black sitting there moodily. “We’re making Felix Felicis. I know you’re crap at Potions, so just go get the ingredients and look like you’re actually doing something, and I’ll make the potion. Just stay out of my way, yeah?”

 I was about to open my mouth to argue, but reason took over. He was right. I was crap at Potions….and he was giving me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So with clenched teeth and narrowed my eyes, I stormed over to the supply cabinet with the list of ingredients in clutched in my fist. I grabbed the materials off the shelf quickly, all the while muttering dark nothings under my breath. I huffed back over to the table, almost tripping twice. I carefully slammed the ingredients down on the table.

  Black rolled his eyes, and glanced at the board. “Well, I’ll start boiling the dragon’s blood and the armadillo bile. Can you do me a favor and chop these horned slugs?” He gestured at a pile of brown gushy lumps that lay on the cutting board. They oozed a funny yellow color and smelled of burning rubber.  I scrunched my nose in distaste, but nodded nonetheless. I pulled the board towards me and snatched a small knife off the table. We worked in silence until I had chopped all the slugs. I turned to Black reluctantly and pushed the dismantled slugs towards him. He glanced at the slugs and raised a brow. I expected the worst and was surprised when he muttered, “You chopped these near perfectly. How is it that you’re bad at Potions?”

  I shrugged. “I’m just very precise. I don’t half-ass things. So I can chop things perfect, sure. But I have no idea how to brew things. It’s futile to keep trying, so I just…”

  “Gave up?” He interrupted. He looked a bit surprised at this. “Tell me something Cosgrove. When you practice all your pieces on whatever instruments you play, what do you do if you don’t do it right the first time?”

  I stared at him, a bit startled at his change of topic. “….I try again.”

  “And what happens if you get frustrated because you don’t seem to get it?”

“It just makes me more determined to get it, and more satisfied when I do.”

  He just stared at me for a while; something in his eyes was telling me I was missing something. He turned back to the potion, stirring it counter-clockwise a few times. 

And then it clicked. I felt so stupid for not connecting what he had said. “So you’re saying that I should use the determination that I put into my music into getting better at Potions?” I grumbled.

 He nodded as looked at the potion. In the meantime, he had added some bay leaves, knotgrass, and screechsap. The liquid was now a bright gold, not quite how the book depicted it, but enough to scrape an O. The liquid was jumping happily, which reminded me of cute little goldfish. He smirked contentedly at the potion, and ladled a bit into a vial. He strode over to Slughorn and handed him the vial, at which he laughed jovially and patted Black heartily on the back. “Well done, Mr. Black and Ms. Cope!” I rolled at his fail at my last name. “Not quite the right coloring, but near perfect! 20 points to Gryffindor!”

  All the Gryffindors smiled happily at this. The Slytherins glared at ol’ Sluggie, the Ravenclaws hurriedly tried to finish quickly so as not to be outdone, and the Hufflepuffs just smiled good-naturedly. When Black had returned, I was about to wave my wand and utter the vanishing spell when Black whispered, “NO!” He practically grabbed the wand from out of my hand and threw it across the room at James, who turned and flicked Sirius off.


I glared at him and asked angrily, “What the hell was that for wanker?!” 

 “I wasn’t done with this stuff yet. I spent time making it, I’m gonna use it.” And with that, he siphoned the rest into a flask which he conjured and then shoved it into his robes. He summoned my wand and I snatched it out of the air. Then he cleaned the area, sending things flying back to the cabinet or into thin air.

  I shut my eyes and shook my head. “I really don’t wanna know what you’re going to do with that.”

  “Good. ‘Cause I wasn’t gonna tell you anyways.” He winked. Class was dismissed, and we all filed out rowdily.


I was pretty lucky for my schedule. Today, I had a free period before and after lunch. D.A.D.A was after my second free period. I spent most of the depths of the library reading books and flinching anytime I heard a remotely human sounding noise. With dread, I stood and headed down to lunch. As I stood in front of the great hall doors, I chickened out. I scampered down the hall and down to the kitchens. I was attacked by eager house elves when I arrived. I had to smile; I just love those little guys. I asked for a chicken sandwich and some chips and a Dr. Pepper, a muggle soda that my mum had introduced me to. Within a minute, I was shoved into a seat and a plate of food was shoved into face along with a large goblet of Dr. P. I thanked them profusely and dug in, preferring my lonely lunches in the dungeons than the crowded lunch with the glares that awaited me upstairs.

 After I had finished, I had asked for sugar cookie to go and was presented with three. I took them gratefully, and headed upstairs. I was munching thoughtfully on my cookie when I heard the sounds of a quiet conversation approaching. I ducked into a closet and listened intently.


 I heard the silky voice of Lucius Malfoy hiss, “And you better be there the next time, Pettigrew. They're getting suspicious.”

  Peter Pettigrew replied in a voice that sounded more confident and bold than I had ever heard. “I’ll be there. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

“Good.” I heard the sounds of Malfoy’s feet strutting away, and I peered through the key hole. Peter was standing in the hallway, taking shuddering breaths. He glanced down reluctantly at his left arm and rubbed it, as if it pained him. “I hope I’m doing the right thing.” He muttered. And with that cryptic thought, he hurried down the hall anxiously.


I was practically turning the castle upside down in my search for Remus. After I had heard the conversation between Malfoy and Peter, I desperately needed to tell someone. I had a really bad feeling about it. I don’t think Lily or Jenni particularly wanted to speak to me, I was too mad at James, and Sirius....was Sirius. I wasn’t about to run off and spill my problems to him. So that left Remus, who I was frantically looking for. I dashed into the library, and found him sitting there at a table. He looked a bit pale and sickly closer up, but I forgot about it with the stress of what I had heard. I smiled in relief and hurried over to him. I crash landed  in the chair next to him.


“Remus!” I whisper-shouted, for fear of evoking Madam Pince’s wrath.




He looked up startled and beamed. “What’s up?” But when he took in the frantic look on my face, he became concerned.


I relayed to him everything I had heard in the hallway. To my surprise, he didn’t even look worried. “Peter got paired for a project with a Slytherin in divination. They’re probably just sending Malfoy to make sure Peter does his half of the work.”


This didn’t convince me, but I nodded nonetheless. I then remembered about what I was supposed to meet with Remus about. I quickly cast Muffliato and leaned towards Remus. “Alright, buddy. Who’s your mystery girl?”


Remus flushed. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and sighed. He looked up at me with nervous resolve. I smiled encouragingly back. “It’s….J…Jennifer.” He spluttered. The nervous resolve had disappeared from his face, and now he just looked embarrassed.

I couldn’t have been more shocked. Remus and Jennifer were day and night. Remus was quite and calm, while Jenni was loud and rowdy. Remus was smart and bookish, yet Jenni was not as smart and sporty. And somehow, they would make the perfect match. I squealed softly. “Eeeeppp! This is perfect! You guys will be awesome together! I’ll just talk to-“ I stopped shortly when I realized I couldn’t talk to Jenni because she was mad, at least I think she was. Remus’s face softened when he realized my stop and rubbed my arm consoling.


“Why don’t you go find them? I’m sure they can’t be mad at you. Just go talk to them. They’ll forgive you.” He said quietly. I leaned my head on his shoulder and whispered a quick thanks. I then stood up and bid him goodbye, and hurried back out of the library to find my best friends.


I found them back in the common room sitting in the window seat that looked over the grounds. They turned to look at me when I walked through the portrait hole. I walked sheepishly over to them and sat down nervously.


“….Hey guys.” I started pathetically. “Look…I’m really sorry…for not telling you…about me being able to sing and stuff.”




Jenni looked at me indifferently but Lily smiled encouragingly. “It’s fine, Juli. We just wished you’d told us before. You can tell us anything, you know that. Besides, you were amazing! When I saw you go up on that stage, all I could do was think, what the hell is she doing?

I smiled gratefully at her and hugged her tightly. I looked expectantly at Jenni next and my smile faded. Her face still held traces of anger and hurt. “You know, I wish I could forgive you as easily.” She said coldly. “I thought we were best friends, Juliet. Best friends tell each other everything. I’ve told you everything about me. I thought it was only right for you do the same. Apparently I was wrong.” And with that she rose and stalked out of the common room.

  Tears appeared in my eyes as I took in how truly angry she was. Lily just held me and rocked my back and forth, trying to comfort me as I pondered all the ways I could get my best friend back. Trying to make myself feel a bit better, I looked at Lily and smiled evily. “Guess who’s got the hots for Jenni?"

  Lily’s eyes widened and she clutched my arm. “WHO WHO WHO WHO?!” She screeched. I rolled my eyes and said, “Guess.”



I snorted.






“Merlin’s sakes, I sure hope not.”









I shuddered.

“James?” She asked hopefully.

  I rolled my eyes.


She widened her own eyes and gasped. “It can’t be….Remus?”


I nodded enthusiastically and beamed.


“That’s wonderful!!” She practically screamed. “They’d be so cute together!!”


Sirius suddenly plopped down in the chair next to our window bench. “Oh my gosh, wouldn’t they?” He said in a falsetto while fluttering his eyes. I shoved him off his seat and he cried out indignantly. Meanwhile, his fan club glared at me for causing possible bodily harm to their idol. 


“Fine. I can tell when I’m not wanted. Ms. Evans, Ms. Cosgrove.” And with that he stormed dramatically up the stairs amidst the giggles of his admirers.


Lily glared at me. “Why’d you make him leave? He could’ve helped us get Remus and Jen together!”


I glared right back. “I didn’t ask him to leave. And besides, we can just ask-“ Shit. I forgot I was mad at James. I searched the common room for him but could not find him.


Lily raised a brow. “Ask who?” 


“No one.” I mumbled. Lily and Sirius were actually on relatively good terms. I was surprised, seeing as she hated his best friend. Sometimes the girl didn’t make sense to me. I glanced at my watch. It had been my last gift from my father. It was battered and beaten, passed down through my ancestors for generations. It had a brown leather strap and the watch itself was framed in gold. It didn’t look too special, but it was my most prized possession. “We need to go to D.A.D.A.”


When we got there, all the students were waiting outside. Jen was talking with Alice and Frank. We joined the conversation shortly after, but Jenni pointedly ignored me. It tore me apart for her to treat me like this, even though I knew I deserved it all. I zoned out, trying to think of a way to apologize. And finally I got it. Singing got me into this mess. And it was gonna get me out of it.


Finally, Professor Harvey let us in. He was relatively young in Hogwarts’ teaching standards. He must’ve been in his mid-forties. He had salt and pepper hair and a charming smile. But many had learned the heard way not to let this fool you. He was a tough teacher. He only accepted the best of the best into his N.E.W.T.S classes. He was nice enough, but he didn’t take any nonsense. He was pretty cool though.


“Good afternoon class! Alright, you know the drill! Sit wherever you want, but any interruptions and you will be moved. Alright, have at it!”


Everyone scrambled to get a good seat. Lily grabbed Jen and I and dragged us to the front of the class. Lily sat in the middle, immediately unpacking her things and sitting at attention. I glanced around the class. The few Slytherins were sitting in the back corner, the Marauders were sitting in the middle as always, Alice and Frank had sat right behind us with one of Frank’s Ravenclaw friends. The few others that I didn’t really talk to had scattered about in the rest of the seats.

 “Right. Now, nothing beats a duel on the first day! So let’s see…let’s have…Mr. Longbottom…and Mr. Lupin! Thank you, lads. Now, you know the rules. No long-term injuries! Begin!"

Remus and Frank walked to the front of the class, walked twenty paces apart. They turned and bowed shortly, their wands at the ready at their sides. I turned to see Alice biting her nails frantically. I smirked at her and she glared back. Interestingly enough, Jenni looked pretty nervous….hmmm. I smiled internally. Maybe getting Remus and Jen together would be easier than I anticipated. Then suddenly, the boys began to duel. It was a frantic blur of colors flashing back and forth. The odd thing was that it was completely silent, for the boys were using non-verbal spells. Suddenly, Frank shot an orange light at Remus. He blocked it, but from the sudden burning smell; the hairs seemed to have been singed off his arms. Meanwhile, the remaining Marauders were cheering from the back. They continued their silent battle, the other getting the occasional cut or burn. In the end, Remus seemed barely tired while Frank was panting for breath. Remus shattered Frank’s shield charm, and disarmed him. The wand flew from his hand and clattered onto the floor at Remus’s feet. They smiled at each other wearily, and shook hands to the cheers of the Marauders.


“For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellooooowww! That nobody can deny!” Black and James were bellowing from their desk, where they were standing and conjuring streamers.


Remus cast a silencing charm on them, to the relief of everyone. Professor Harvey smiled proudly at the boys. “That was an excellent show of dueling, the both of you. 10 points to Ravenclaw, and 20 to Gryffindor! Now, seeing as there is only a bit of time left, I want you to read the chapter on dementors and Patronus charms. For homework, I would like you all to practice the Patronus and then write a two page essay on the effects of the Dementor’s kiss and how Patronus charms deflect them.”

The class grumbled, but dragged out their books and fell into silence as we read the chapter. When I was assured that Professor Harvey was distracted, I fetched a bit of ink from my bag. I got a scrap of parchment and a quill and scribbled my plan to Lily. Then I tapped it surreptitiously with my wand so that only one person could see what I had written. I folded in half but then I folded the right hand corner as well. The girls and I had come up with a method of note passing. If the note was folded in half, it was not of great importance. If the left hand corner was folded, it was urgent. If the right hand corner was folded, it was the most important thing in the goddamn world. I scooted the paper over to Lily, and her eyes widened when she noticed the corner. She opened it quickly but silently, her eyes darting over the words frighteningly fast. Then she looked up and glanced over at me. She nodded her head in acceptance. I sighed and glanced over at Jenni, who had her hurt-filled eyes glued to the page and was scribbling furiously onto a sheet of parchment. She looked up, as if feeling my eyes on her. Her harsh glare softened, and the look of pain and sadness that they held steeled my resolve. I would do anything to get my best friend back.


A/N: 'ello Mates! :D'd ya like it? :) Tell me about it in the reviews......and please give me some more ideas for songs! I'm dying here :(

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What's in a name?: The story of Juliet Cosgrove and her unexpected Romeo: Dueling and Forgiveness


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