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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 2 : Bad Tempers, Tantrums and an Introduction to Me!
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 Thanks so much to AtomicPanda@TDA for the awesome pic!

One year ago…

I stood on the grass under my favourite tree, soaking wet and about to explode from anger. James Potter and his gang were a few feet away, laughing at me, while James’ little sister Lily shouted at him and his brother Albus hid behind the tree a book in his hand and looking my way. I was fuming.

It took me about a second to whip out my wand and start marching across the lake, straight to where the group of boys were sitting. My best fried, April, was hot on my heels an angry look on her face as well. My other best fried, Paige, was more hesitant not wanting to be caught up in one of my fights- again.

I reached the boys in record time and wasted no time in pointing my want directly at them. Lily gave me one satisfied look and ran off to join her other third year friends, happy her brother was about to get what was coming to him. As I looked up I saw that Albus had disappeared from behind the tree.

“Ok,” I said, my voice shaking with rage as I steadily dripped water onto the grass, “Which one of you arrogant prats thought it would be funny to soak me through with a floating ball of water from the lake?!” I could see that Fred, James’ cousin, was trying not to laugh at the terrified look on his mates faces. So I turned on him a swell, “DO YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY! DO YOU? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF A BUNCH OF IDIOTS DECIDED TO COVER YOU IN DISGUSTING, COLD WATER?!” I screamed at him, then turned to face the other three. Liam and Ryan both looked slightly scared, I didn’t have my reputation of being the best dueller at Hogwarts for nothing, but James just had that same smirk on his face that he always did. And it was pissing me off. “YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST BECAUSE YOUR DAD SAVED US FROM YOU-KNOW-WHO NEARLY 20 SOMETHING YEARS AGO! WELL LET ME TELL YOU, ALL YOU ARE IS AN ARROGANT PIG WHO I AM ABOUT OT HEX INTO NEXT YEAR!” James smirk vanished and even a little fear reached his hazel eyes as I pointed my wand straight at his face.

However, just as I was about to jinx him and his quite handsome face, into oblivion, a gentle hand touched my arm. I turned at looked at Paige, who was also holding back April. “They’re not worth it,” she whispered to me. And she was right. I lowered my wand and started to walk up the slope towards the castle when I heard someone shouting. I turned round and looked straight at Ryan who was shouting at me, “Too scared to fight us? Well, I wouldn’t blame you, it looks like your all pretty face and no guts!” Well that did it. I flung my wand around, casting a bat-bogey hex and mad dancing hex at the lot of them.

Then I turned and ran into the castle. By the time I reached the Gryffindor sixth year girls dormitory, I was crying uncontrollably. I had managed to survive six years of this school without being pushed into the spot-light, apart form the occasional fight, and now suddenly I was the new joke of the school. Why hadn’t I “seen” this. I mean what was the point of seeing visions of the future, if it didn’t get me out of trouble!

I turned towards the mirror and looked at myself. My red hair was so wet it was sticking to my face. My cheeks were still flushed with anger and my bright green eyes shone with tears. My lips were turned town in a frown as I looked myself over. My golden locket hung innocently around my neck, sparkling in the afternoon sunlight pouring through the open windows. Unlike the rest of my body, the locket was dry. My clothes were so wet they clung to my body, accentuating every curve there and for once I was proud of my nice figure. I shuddered at what people would have said if I had been over or underweight with my clothes stuck to me like this!

As I started to peel off my soggy clothes, I thought about how much I hated James Potter. He was arrogant and thought he was so great because girls fell at his feet. Well, Mr Potter, you may be handsome but this girl will certainly never fall at your feet…

After a little while April and Paige appeared. They had known better than to try and talk to me while I was in a bad mood. Last time all three of us had ended up in the hospital wing! But don’t get me wrong, I loved my best friends. Though I have to admit I was slightly jealous of them.

April Rivers had been my best friend since my first trip on the Hogwarts express. She was the Gryffindor keeper and even though she was popular (especially with the boys!) she didn’t mind that I liked to stay out of the spotlight. She looked like a cheerleader from an American High School movie, in my opinion, with her light brown hair, big blue eyes and lightly tanned skin but she was nicer than any of them. Usually she wouldn’t get into fights, but today she seemed to be in the type of mood where even criticizing her choice of nail polish would end in disaster. Paige White was the innocent one of our little group. She was sweet and kind and wouldn’t hurt anyone, even if it meant hurting herself. If I got into trouble or into a fight, Paige was usually the one to calm me down. With her caramel coloured curls and chocolate brown eyes, she had boys falling at her feet. Though, Paige only had eyes for one boy…Ryan Roberts! (Yes the one who just made a fool out of me!) but she was to scared to make a move…

Both girls walked into the room and looked me over. After decided it was obviously safe to relax, April flung herself on my bed and started to laugh. “You know, all four of them had to go to the hospital wing,” she said between laughs. “Yeah,” Paige cut in, “none of them could stop dancing!”. I could see Paige wanted to laugh too, but didn’t want to offend me. So I broke the tension by laughing myself. Suddenly it felt like a weight had been picked up off the room, and we were laughing and joking about James, Fred, Ryan and Liam.
I still wondered were Albus had disappeared too though. I mean he obviously didn’t want to see his big brother get hexed, but the way he had looked at me. With his big green eyes, so much like my own, it was like he was egging me on. Saying “Go on Jenny, give him what he deserves“.

I liked Albus. He was almost he total opposite of James. Albus liked books and was generally quiet and well nice. If him and James hadn’t looked so much alike, I wouldn’t have even guessed at them being brothers. Albus had always been strange towards me though, like he knew something. Every time I walked past him he would look at me with concentration on his face. I didn’t find it weird, just a bit odd. I mean how could I, of all people, find anything weird.

When I was six years old, my mother and father were both murdered by a group of masked men. The night before their deaths, my mother had taken off her locket and put it round my neck telling me it would protect me. The following evening, the men came to the door and pointed there wands at both of my parents. When they refused to do as they asked, they were killed. But when they turned to me, to kill me, there spells rebounded and killed the man who was willing to kill me. The locket had worked. The rest of the men fled from the house, leaving me alone with my dead parents. Ever since that day, I had been able to see visions of the future. Apparently, I had inherited it from my mother, but no-one knew for sure. But that was just me: Jenny Phoenix, possibly insane orphan. Now I lived with my parents old friends, a nice couple, but they had their own daughter, who unfortunately had never inherited her mother’s magical abilities. She was called a squib, but as her father was a muggle, was she really?

As me, April and Paige walked downstairs to the Great Hall for dinner, I wondered about my past. Did Albus know something, or did he just fancy the weird girl who was a little like him. I pondered these thoughts as we tucked into dinner, but my thinking time was brought to an end at the sight of James and co walking into the hall. All of whose ears looked twice as large as usual…


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