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How Far Would You Go? by Pepper Finn
Chapter 3 : No time for "Goodbye"
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~ Chapter Three ~


Sitting in the sumptous wood and leather surronds of the Ministers office, I was still in disbelief that I had both Ron Weasley and Minister Shacklebolt listening to me, trusting me, believing me. But they were hanging on my every word.

"So what you're telling me is that someone has threatened Hermione because of her promotion?" The Minister said quizzically as he leaned forwards in his leather armchair.

"I'm sure." I replied from my place by the fire.

"But that is impossible! Only she, you and I knew that." Minister Shacklebolt objected.

"Well someone else found out. And now they are threatening my wife, my family, for Merlins sakes!" I exclaimed.

"I propose an interrogation of your staff, Minister." Ron proposed "To see if what Malfoy says is true."

"We don't have time. We may not even have until the end of the day, Weasley. We need to protect her. Now." I replied cuttingly.

"I am in agreement with Malfoy. We need to assign some Aurors to her protection." Kinglsey reasoned.

"Not good enough. One of them may be a spy and I won't endanger her." I objected.

"Then what do you propse, Malfoy? Never having her return to work and living like a muggle?" Ron snapped.

"I propose a single auror bodyguard with her 24/7. An auror and her under the Fidelious Charm. An auror I know would never betray her. I propose you, Ron." I stated.

"What? you want me to guard the both of you?" Ron cried.

"No. Just her. These people who are after us will assume that, once she is in hiding, I am the secret keeper. They will not rest until they find me and to have us together will only lead them to her." I explained.

"Very clever, Malfoy. But you seem to be overlooking something." Kinglsey replied.

"What is that?"

"Where to hide her. Your house is obviously out of the question."

"Hermione's house. The one she had before we married. Everyone, even Hermione believes we sold it ages ago. I was going to surprise her with it on our anniversary."


"What about your ... child?" Ron asked with difficulty.

"I have a plan to keep Scorpius safe." I replied coldy.

"Why not leave him with Ron and Hermione?" Kinglsey enquired.

"Because Ron would give his life to save Hermiones, but he cannot say the same for our son. I need someone who feels that way about Scorpius that is not in danger. We will also need someone to protect her parents with another fidelious charm."

"But what about you? Where will you go?" Ron asked, suspiciously.

"On the run." I answered. ""But there was one last thing that needed to be put in place."

When I explained the final part of the plan, both of their jaws dropped to the ground.

"To do what is required means you need to figure out who to trust. Harry, Ron and Neville of course, but we will need more than them to carry out the final part of the plan." I explained.

"You're either completely effing mental or a genius." Ron muttered.

"That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is Hermione." I replied, picking up a pinch of floo powder and tossing it into the flames. I was about to step into them when Ron called out to me.

"Where in the name if Merlin do you think you are going?"

"I can't tell you. But Ron, just in case I don't come back, swear to me you will do everything in your power to keep her safe." I asked.

Ron nodded solemly as I stepped into the fire. I was about to whisper my destination when Ron asked.

"Is there anything I should tell her?"

"No." I answered.

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