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Finding a Potter by bluebec2
Chapter 4 : Memories
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 Emily awoke to find that it was daylight, although, you wouldn’t realise it with it being so overcast. She was amazed to find that her owl was standing beside her, holding a note with a small vial attached.

‘What’s that you got there, Bedell?

Emily sat herself up and read the note. She did what the note had asked her to do and tied it onto Bedell’s leg, she watched her owl fly into the distance, knowing that company wouldn’t come for a while

Dumbledore poured the substance of the flask into the pensive. He looked up at his accompanists

‘Gentlemen, I must warn you’ he said ‘In this memory it could contain Lily and James Potter’s death and it might be more frightening then some of your own memories’

Both men looked as though they would disagree with their old Headmaster but still they nodded. All three men fell through the pensive into the Potter’s house which had not yet been destroyed

‘Emily, Emily’ said a familiar women’s voice

‘Yes mum?’ replied a girl’s voice

‘Come here, please’

The girl closed her book that she was reading and walked downstairs to her mother. The men were standing next to the red haired women holding a baby in one arm and a wand in the other hand. The girl was a spitting image of her mother every feature was the same except for the girl’s hair colour she had jet-black hair while her mother had a dark auburn colour.

‘Can you get your father to come here please; he keeps on reading the daily prophet and won’t listen to me’

The girl walked across to the next room where a man with hazel eyes, jet-black, messy hair and circular glasses was sitting on one of the singular sofas reading a news paper with a picture on the front of the dark mark and the headline saying: “Are You Safe?”

‘Dad, mum wants you’

The man reluctantly stood up and walked straight pass the three men. Remus was smiling, he wanted to see his friend alive again even if it was just a memory, Severus on the other hand gave James a death stare and Dumbledore his normal smiling face had turned into a serious look, like he knew what was to come in the next minute. They followed Emily back into the living room and were startled of what sounded like an opening door but they weren’t the only ones who heard it. James immediately took out his wand at the sound aiming it at the front of the living room.

A hooded figure walked straight through Severus who shivered as he did it. Emily let out an ear pitching scream as she saw the figure and ran behind her mother for protection

‘LILY! GET YOURSELF AND THE KIDS OUT NOW!’ shouted James as the figure approached him.

Remus couldn’t watch; eyes were held tightly shut and were looking away from James. But it didn’t work as soon as he shut his eyes he opened them again. Lily was now holding onto both her kids for dear life. James was getting ready, he knew he couldn’t defeat him, he looked back at Lily and his kids and mouthed ‘Goodbye, I love you’

He turned his head back to Voldemort but this time eyes closed, he wanted his family to be the last thing he saw, not some blood-thirsty wizard who was out to kill muggle born witches and wizards.

Avada Kedavra!’

A flash of green light filled the room and James was lying on the floor, his hazel eyes had lost their light and his skin was now as white a snow, Remus shut his eyes to stop himself from crying, but it was no use a tear streamed down his cheek, he just watched his best friend die.

A terrifying scream came out of Emily’s mouth

‘JAMES!’ Cried Lily, she knew he couldn’t hear her and burst into sobs.

Voldemort stepped over James’s body and walked over


‘Step aside silly girl, step aside’ said Voldemort

Severus knew what was coming, he ran to grab Voldemort but Dumbledore held him back

‘There’s nothing you can do about it now’ said Dumbledore gently

‘Take me instead, please Have Mercy!’ Shouted Lily, she was still holding Harry

Voldemort sneered

Avada Kedavra!’ Voldemort shouted again and the room filled with green light again.

Both Remus and Severus were trying to take it in but before they even got a chance a scream disturbed them

“MUMMY!” Screamed Emily like a five year old. She looked pale and was trying to get Harry out of her dead mother’s arms but was unsuccessful and ran back trying get away from this murderer but it was no use he had locked all of the doors so she had no escape.

‘W-who are you’ her voice shook as she spoke the words

‘You won’t be needing to know that’ said Voldemort Emily’s eyes widened with fear as he spoke she knew what he had meant and backed up right into the wall; bright green eyes wide with fear, mouth open ready to scream as loud as she had in her whole life.

The men were amazed that Voldemort didn’t kill Emily right after he killed Lily. Remus was ready to grab Emily and take her and Harry to somewhere safe but Dumbledore held him back.

Emily let out a terrifying, high-pitch scream as Voldemort approached her, wand aimed at her heart, she continued to scream.

Avada Kedavra!’

A flash of green light filled the room and the memory changed scene.

Emily awoke and pulled a sheet off her, she found herself in the familiar living room. Remus and Severus were looking on and were still in shock of what they had just seen in the previous memory. But they were thankful that the young girl was still alive.

Emily had started to moan in pain, holding her forehead; she had never been in so much pain before. She was convinced that she had just awoken from a horrible nightmare

‘Mum, dad, Harry?’ she said quietly, no one replied

She slowly got to her feet and walked slowly over to the light switch and turned the light on. She couldn’t believe that she was standing in her living room, glass littered the floor, the sofas were over turned and the stuffing of Harry’s toys was scattered over the room and like Remus and Severus, she wouldn’t dare look underneath the sheets but where was Harry?

Emily walked out of the room. Remus and Severus stood still with shock.

‘We need to follow her, if we want to know where she is now’ said Dumbledore once he saw the men’s faces. Remus and Severus reluctantly followed the girl. All the rooms on the first story had been destroyed; water was almost flooding the bathroom and kitchen, books were ruined, quills were damaged and ink was spilled all over the desk in the study.

‘How can a one year old just disappear?’ said Emily to herself but then she realised that she had been covered with a sheet as well so whoever covered her and her parents had Harry and thought that she was dead too. She sighed with relief that her baby brother was still alive but she didn’t know what to do.

A rat scurried between Remus and Dumbledore it looked familiar to Remus but it couldn’t be who he thought it was.

Emily was now sitting down against a wall looking at a photo. The rat scurried next to Emily and transformed into a man. He had rat like teeth, small grey eyes and was short. Emily screamed. The scene changed...

They were now in a dark room. Emily was sitting near the window looking out into the dark sky then looked back at her watch it was ten o’clock she couldn’t tell whether it was morning or night it was that overcast her date on her watch told her that it was the second of August she had been there for two days.

The men turned as a loud woman’s voice was approaching.

‘WORMTAIL!’ she shouted

‘Y-yes’ said a scared voice

‘You better not be lying to me about that girl’

‘I’m not she’s right in here’

Emily suddenly looked at the door as it opened

Two people appeared it was the man that kidnapped her and a wild looking woman who smiled evilly as she saw the girl.

‘Well done, Wormtail, the Dark Lord will be most pleased’ she said

Wormtail smiled nervously

 ‘If she lays a finger on that girl I’ll-’

‘-I don’t think that’ll help now, Remus’ interrupted Dumbledore

The woman bent right down to face Emily their noses were centimetres away from each other.

‘You were right Wormtail, she does have her mother’s eyes’ said the woman


The memory disappeared and the three men found themselves back in Dumbledore’s office. Remus and Severus shocked at what they had seen.

‘I’m going to have trouble to get that first memory out of my head’ said Remus

‘That is something magic can’t fix unless I obliviate you’

‘No that’s fine, professor’ said Remus

Severus stood looking at space like Remus he would definitely have trouble getting the memories out of his head, he had remained quiet ever since he saw Lily die. He didn’t hear what the other two were saying.

‘Severus, Severus!’ said Dumbledore trying to his attention


‘You’re a worry sometimes, Severus’ said Dumbledore

He ignored the comment and started to listen to the conversation at hand

‘Dumbledore, she isn’t safe’ said Remus with concern ‘I’m surprised Bellatrix hasn’t killed her’

‘She’s keeping her for Voldemort’ said Snape ‘the worse she’s allowed to do to her is torture her I’m guessing she’s been doing that every ten minutes’

‘True, but the memory only showed two death eaters’ said Remus ‘I’m going to kill the shi-

‘-Remus!’ said Dumbledore loudly

‘-Out of Peter’ Remus finished ‘I mean really who would do that to their best friend’

‘There are more than two death eaters in that house’ said Severus ‘The Malfoys and Greyback would be there  I’m sure’

‘So they’re either at Malfoy Manor or Riddle’s house’ said Remus

‘How do we get there, Professor?’ asked Severus ‘I can’t apparate unless he calls and the Malfoys have high- security not even the most powerful spell could break it’

‘Then there is only one way we can get there then’ Dumbledore said, Remus and Severus looked confused ‘drive or walk by means of no magic’

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