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Delilah's Black Book of Poems by Dark Whisper
Chapter 7 : Draco's Women
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Warning: This chapter is truly the reason why this fanfic is rated Mature. If you are not older than 17, I ask that you heed this warning and skip this chapter. Because of a review from a young reader, I actually toned this down from the original version, but still feel that it should be rated Mature because of its "Scenes of a Sexual Nature."

Thank you,
Dark Whisper



The remainder of the holiday break at Goyle’s went as it always did. The trio would make camp at his favorite spot on the vast estate… next to a barley field, which was actually bare this time of year.

The boys were well-fed and spoiled. When they weren’t eating, they passed the time playing with Goyle’s latest Christmas gifts, sometimes practicing spells, but mostly playing Wizards poker and other card games. Draco would put protection charms up around the perimeter of the area and if the weather was decent, they would build a campfire.

The night before New Year’s Eve was one of those nights. It was cold, but not too bitter and there was no wind. The fire would keep them warm enough as they began to chat about things. Some important. Some not so important.

Draco sent Goyle looking for something in the tent so that he could finally have a word with Crabbe alone.

“I heard the Death Eaters were at your house. How’d that go?” Draco asked with a hint of concern.

“Alright, I guess. I hate having them at my house, but honestly some of them treat me better than Father. And really, when they are there, he treats me better too. What I can’t figure out is… if he is just too busy or if there are too many witnesses. Know what I mean?” Crabbe said with a short chuckle, but Draco didn’t laugh.

As the fire crackled and snapped, Draco thought about their common ground.

He knew Crabbe had it rough at home. Draco was the lucky one, as his father pretty much stopped the abuse with the mirror incident. But Crabbe didn’t have a mother to break his father’s hip for him. He was on his own and basically survived by staying out of the old man’s way.

Draco secretly worried for his friend, wondering if one day he would wake to hear that Crabbe killed his own father. He would testify on his behalf if necessary, knowing of some of the atrocities that had happened over the years, even witnessing a few.

Crabbe threw something into the fire and it sputtered wildly for a moment, so Draco thought it best to change the focus of the conversation.

“Mum finally told me how I got all of those scars on my back.” Draco said.

“Oh, really?” Crabbe sat up straighter, remembering.

Draco told Crabbe what happened, then added, “Not that a father should ever be dueling a thirteen year-old son, but I suppose it was sort of an accident after all.”

“You mean now I can’t kill him for you?” His laughter billowed out.

“Afraid not, but I’ll remember your offer just in case I ever need it.” Draco said in a kidding tone.

After Goyle came back out, they sat around the glowing campfire talking about a variety of things and eventually got on the subject of girls.

“You know what I told my mum I wanted for Christmas?” Goyle said laughing.

“What’s that?” Asked Crabbe.

“A girlfriend.” Goyle grinned.

A girl?” Crabbe piped up. “You wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if you had one.” Crabbe teased.

“Neither would you,” replied Goyle.

“You can have Pansy… if you want her.” Draco spoke as if he were serious. “I give her to you freely.”

“Pansy Parkinson looks at me as if I weren’t fit to be with a Muggle. As matter of fact most girls at Hogwarts look at me like that. Slytherin girls aren’t interested and the rest of the three houses aren’t interested because I’m a Slytherin.” Goyle complained. “It’s vicious, I swear.”

“Women are vicious.” Draco stated. “Trust me. I know.”

“Why are you even with Pansy, Draco? Is sex with her that good that you put up with her?” Goyle asked.

“No. But she has her use for me and I have my use for her. It usually works until she opens her wicked mouth.”

“So it’s a business-type relationship?” He pressed. “Business with shagging benefits?”

Crabbe thought that was hilarious and Draco gave a smirk.

“It’s sort of like that, I suppose. Except that Pansy does get jealous like a real girlfriend and she’s under some sort of delusion that our relationship will extend past this school.”

“Why don’t you just be done with her and get it over with?”

“Because as I said before, she has a use for me and I her.”

“Which is?” Asked Crabbe.

“She uses me for status, boys. The whole ‘do you know who my boyfriend is’ crap that gets her into exclusive stupid clubs and gets her friends, if you want to call them that, and whatever social event she wants to divulge into… and yes, I use her for easy sex.”

He didn’t want to tell them the real reason. They didn’t have women after them like Draco did. He used Pansy as a shield. The more girls that thought he was taken, the more they would stay away from him.

And it worked for the most part.

“Ask him.” Crabbe urged Goyle.

“No. You want to know. You ask him.” Goyle replied.

“Ask me what? Spit it out already.” Draco said.

“Is it true that you bedded Seborah Wolfe?” Crabbe asked. “Nott swears you did.”

“She bedded me. There’s a difference.” He said with a half disgusted look on his face at the mention of her name.

Seborah Wolfe. She was the witch that every wizard dreamed of being with and every witch wished they looked like. She was Aphrodite in sun-kissed flesh. Her hair color matched Draco’s blond locks, but hers was long and straight and went down the full length of her back.

She was tall and lean and naturally moved with the confident sophistication of a runway model, only more mysterious. Her plump lips glistened with light pink gloss which brought out her aqua blue eyes that always appeared to be half open, giving off a permanent erotic look. Her high cheekbones and pointed chin made her the picture of perfection.

She was hypnotizingly flawless.

She had attended Theodore Nott’s older sister’s birthday party. And it was at this party that Seborah Wolfe laid her bewitching aqua eyes on the young Draco Malfoy and saw him as her equal match of perfection… meaning he was her prey for the evening.

And she would have him, as Seborah always got her man.

“You lucky S.O.B. She is the most gorgeous woman in all the wizarding world!” Goyle said.

“Every man’s dream!” Crabbe added. “What did you say to get her in a room alone with you? That’s what I want to know.”

“It was other way around. It was what she said to me to get me alone in a room with her.”

Draco recalled what happened as if it had just happened the night before.

“As if her body wouldn’t do the trick, she looked at me with those tropical blue eyes of hers and enticed me, telling me she could, “teach me things about a woman’s body that grown men took years to figure out,” Draco quoted her. “And I was…” He paused to let out a cool breath of remembrance. “…most curious when it came to her body."  He recalled.

"It was a steamy August summer evening and she smelled of coconut oil. Her skin was wonderfully smooth with it.”

He gave an expression as if the thought of her body pained him as he shook his head slightly.  “Her aroma made me want to pick her up and apparate us straight to a private beach… and I hate sand.”

Draco stopped then, noticing Crabbe and Goyle gawking at him with their mouths opened and drooling.

“Draco Malfoy, I’ve never threatened you before, but if you don’t tell us what happened between you and Seborah Wolfe, I’m going to kill you.” Crabbe joked.

All three laughed at that one.

“There’s not much to tell. It was over so fast… all I have to say about it is that I wished I would’ve waited.”

“Waited on what?” Crabbe asked.

“Waited until I was older. Waited until I felt like I was more ready, I guess. You know… waited.”

“And miss the opportunity to shag a sex goddess? Are you serious?” Goyle said in disbelief.

“Very serious. I should’ve turned her down. And by the way… I hate the words ‘snog’ and ‘shag.’ It makes the acts seem cheap and vulgar. The two things are private and supposed to be beautiful things between two people and whenever a girl uses those terms I find her unattractive. So do yourselves a favor, be proper gentlemen, and don’t use them in front of respectable girls.”

Crabbe and Goyle seemed irritated that he changed the subject and wouldn’t ‘kiss and tell’ every detail of his night with Wolfe.

“Let’s kill this fire and go to bed. What is it now, two in the morning?” Draco asked standing, retreating to the tent.

When Draco made it adamant that he was finished with a conversation, his friends knew not to press it any further and the subject was dropped.

“Unbelievable. Did you catch what he said, Crabbe?”  Goyle asked as he began putting out the fire.  “He said he wished he would’ve waited. That means... Draco lost his virginity to Seborah Wolfe!”

“I swear… he’s got to be the luckiest bloke alive.” Crabbe responded. “And if he wasn’t my friend… I would hate him.”

When Draco was finally convinced they had put out the fire properly, he plopped down on the camping cot. He couldn’t sleep though, as he relived the memory of the steamy summer night with the one and only Seborah Wolfe.

She had led him up the stairs and into a bedroom where he thought he would get a kissing session to remember and brag about later… and if he were lucky, maybe she would let him explore her body a bit. That’s all he wanted, really… because that’s all that he was mentally ready for.

But she had further plans and before he knew what was happening, she had stepped out of her silky white sundress, whispering things into his ear that Draco would never forget.

She was giving him explicit instructions… where to touch her and where to kiss her. He did as she said like a good student, but was unsure if he should. He really didn’t know the gorgeous older girl who had just positioned herself underneath him with no clothes on.

He began to get intimidated… shy even… and wanted nothing more but to slow down.

But he did what she wanted him to do and after a short while her body began to shutter and her muscles constricted just as Draco’s desire for her went into over-drive.

“My senses are heightened. I need you now!”  She said in a breathless voice.

Draco’s heart pounded in his chest and his nerves were on fire. “I don’t think I’m ready.”  He admitted with hesitation.

“You are ready!” She said hungrily as she wrapped herself tighter around him, pulling him dangerously close.

He could have gotten away from her. He could’ve pushed himself from her and refused. His mind was in a race for a decision. Should he back away or just do it?

This was, after all... the Seborah Wolfe in the flesh, 'Every Wizard’s Dream' and she wanted him like she wanted her next breath.

There was nothing in his way… nothing except his conscience telling him that she was a complete stranger... and that this was wrong... and that he should be waiting for someone… someone he loved... someone that loved him.

Seborah knew what Draco was doing. His eyes were closed… he was bloody thinking... his mind evaluating the ethics of the situation... instead of evaluating her!

And she knew of only one remedy for that little problem of hers.

“Open your eyes. Open your eyes and look at me, my handsome lover.”  She whispered enticingly. “Do you not like what you see?” She hissed.

Again, he did as she instructed and his eyes moved slowly from her navel to her bare chest, glistening as she breathed. Her body shined in the moonlight as his eyes betrayed his mind, asking him what he was waiting for.

The sight of her beautiful body wanting and waiting for him over-powered his will to make a choice... and decided for him.

And in that split second in time, Draco Malfoy was amazed.

Amazed… that a man and a woman’s body fit together so perfectly.

Amazed… at the overwhelming craving for her that came with watching her arch her back in response to him.

It was too much for him and he lost control as the waves of pain and pleasure reverberated throughout his body like electrical shocks.

His chest heaving, he collapsed onto her as his muscles relaxed so much, he wasn’t sure he could move them.

And then she did something that brought him the most pain a female had ever inflicted on him.

She laughed at him… wickedly… followed by a few words of humiliation.

“Don’t worry young one,” she said as her long fingernails ran strips up and down his back. “You’ll last longer when you get older.” She added as she let out another wicked laugh.

He wanted to cry.

Not because of what she had just done to his ego… but Draco wanted his virginity back.

He wanted to take it back and share his first experience with a girl who at least acted like she cared.

But he knew it didn’t work that way. Once it was gone... it was gone.

And for what? Shameful bragging rights? Apparently one only had to be good looking to bed her. How did that make Draco special exactly?

As soon as he was able to, Draco smoothly removed himself from the bed, put on his shorts, and went into the adjoining bathroom to wash his hands and face so that he wouldn’t smell of sex and coconut oil for the rest of the party.

When he came back into the bedroom, Seborah was sitting up on the edge of the bed still nude with her long legs crossed. She held neither shame nor modesty.

“Draco, you gorgeous little thing… future girls are going to love you for what I just taught you tonight. It was my pleasure getting to you first. Tell me young one, how did it feel?” She said with her half-open aqua eyes.

His feelings were still hurt and he now wished he’d never laid eyes on her… wished he had waited.

“Exhilarating. Now I know why full grown men pay you for it.” He said, pulling his shirt back on.

He meant to inflict pain, but if it hurt, she didn’t show it. Her only response to his comment was a kiss to the air with her puckered pink lips and a sultry wink at him that ended with an arrogant smirk that rivaled his.

Draco easily decided that there was nothing about the ordeal to brag about and had never mentioned it to anyone before now.  It was Nott who saw him go up the stairs with her and mentioned it to Crabbe and Goyle. 

Seborah Wolfe only wanted to bed Draco because of his looks, seeing a rare perfection in him that matched her own. She was one of the beautiful people that only bedded beautiful people.

She had no use for him otherwise.



Draco let out a long sigh and shifted positions in his camp bed to get more comfortable as his thoughts went from Seborah Wolfe to a girl he had actually liked.

Her name was Jenna Stone. She was cute, smart, and… modest.

She made him happy and he looked forward to seeing her as much as he could. They would share little pecks on the cheek or lips on occasion, nothing further.

But one day as he was watching her walk away after a sweet little bit of flirting in the hall, Draco had an uneasy feeling in his gut about her that reminded him of a word of caution his father always said.

“If it seems too good to be true, son… It’s a lie.”

He patiently waited then, wondering how long it would go on until her true motive made an appearance.  And after about a month of happiness, it finally showed up.

“Draco, I was wondering… You know how your father and my father are businessmen. Well, Father is in need of an investment partner to start a new line and well, I hate to ask you this, as it is rather awkward. But… does your father make such loans… or capital investments?”

Money! She set all of it up… for his money.

He didn’t want it to be true. He really liked the girl.

“I’ll give him your father’s contact information and let them work it out.” Draco shrugged.

“Wonderful.” She said with a smile.

He owled the potential business opportunity to Lucius, but added…

If you want to say yes, please tell them ‘no’ for a week. I need to know if this girl’s friendship is genuine or not. After a week, do as you please.”

Lucius felt bad for Draco and wrote back.

“I’m afraid you will always have this problem, Draco… Not ever fully knowing someone’s motives for being with you. Unfortunately, it comes with being a Malfoy.

In this case, the deal is sound and profitable. However, let’s let her decide. If she is still your friend after a week of hearing of my ‘no’ answer, then I’ll owl her father saying that I changed my mind and the deal is on. But if she drops you, then the deal remains off. Let me know at the close of the week.”

It pained Draco to write it as her behavior made his heart sink a little. The truth bit at him.

“The deal remains off. She hasn’t spoken to me in a week with plenty of opportunity to do so. It’s a shame really, as I was beginning to like her.”



There were many girls that seemed to hound him relentlessly...  asking him for dates, sending him graphic love notes, and the like.  He thought them all to be shallow gold-diggers or sluts, all out to use him for something.

Another girl came to mind... Elise McCourt. 

Elise was another older girl who came about during some sort of party.  She came on to Draco, but not strongly, just enough to know of her interest in him.  She was an average looking girl, but what drew Draco to her was that she was the 'life of the party', and he over-heard some of the things she was saying that made everyone in ear-shot laugh.  She was witty and funny.

At the end of the evening, when most had left and it began to get quiet, they talked.  They talked for a long time and by the end of it all, Draco asked her what she was doing the next weekend.  

They went out and all seemed to be going well.  But on their third date, they went to her parent's home to find they were gone.  She took him to her room and was very clear at what she wanted.

Draco hesitated, feeling it was too soon.  It was technically only their third date after all. 

But he was a bit hungry for a much kinder experience than he'd had with Seborah.  There was no pressure weighing on him.  There were no 'instructions' coming from Elise as to what she wanted and certainly no demands. 

It was already a kinder experience.

Eventually he decided to go ahead and make love to her.  He took his time and was gentle with her.  And it was a much, much better experience.  

The bite to his heart came right after they had finished.  

Still in bed, he had tried to kiss her tenderly, but just as his lips were about to touch hers, she deliberately turned her head in rejection.

"That was beautiful."  She said.  "Now I can tell my friends I don't have to graduate Hogwarts a virgin."

Draco was stunned!

He had been used again!

And what the hell was not kissing him about?  How can a woman be okay with sharing the most intimate of acts between a man and a woman, but kissing was 'too personal'?!

Draco was speechless and hurt.  So much so, that he didn't berate her for what she had done... didn't have a snide comment waiting for her when she got back from abruptly leaving him to get dressed.   

If fact, he was so hurt, that he said nothing else to Elise for the rest of his brief time with her.  The relationship ended faster than it had started. 



When it came to Pansy Parkinson, she showed up one day in his bed and waited until he came out of his shower.

Draco never asked her to be his girlfriend… never asked her to go out on a date... never pursued her... never asked to sleep with her.  She just showed up in his bed and after putting her hands on him, he didn’t feel like kicking her out.

‘It just happened’ and the next morning, she was acting and playing the part of his girlfriend… always sitting a little too close… always wrapping her arm around his in the halls… pretty much sending a clear message to every other girl living at Hogwarts that Draco Malfoy was taken.

And what happened after that... astounded him. The hounds were actually leaving him alone!

Pansy used this ‘couple by default’ relationship with him to get ahead in her social life.  It was his status she desired.

And along the way, Draco realized, she didn’t even want him for sex!

Draco would try to make love to her, if for no other reason but to be a good lover and not disappoint. But she would always turn her back to him as her preferred position. He didn’t mind at first, except that it became a regular occurrence.

When he confronted her, he asked, “Why do you always turn from me? Do you not want to look at me?”

“It’s not that,” she replied looking over her shoulder. “It’s just that when I face you, I get entirely too hot and I don’t want to break into a sweat.”

After she said it, Draco felt his heart grow cold and he never tried to make love to her again. It was only brief sex… and only on rare occasion.

But he kept her. She was a shield.

And it worked… except in the case of one terribly bold unknown female.



One night, as Draco sat on the edge of his bed finishing a reading for his DADA class by candlelight, Pansy Parkinson showed up… taking off her school robe, revealing a black silk lingerie nightgown that went to the floor, but had a slit from toe to hip.

Draco knew it wasn’t really Pansy from the moment the girl walked into the room… obviously under the influence of Poly Juice potion to disguise herself.

‘This ought to be interesting.’
  Draco thought of the vulture that had just entered the room.

He snapped the book closed and gently placed it on his night stand. Taking in a deep breath, he pondered what he should do with her… kick her out immediately or turn her over to Snape?

He chose neither. He was curious as to how far the girl would actually go and the later choice would’ve gotten her swiftly expelled from Hogwarts, maybe even prison for using Poly Juice in an attempt to seduce.

“Come here.” He calmly instructed.

She stepped closer to him as he looked into her eyes trying to get a glimpse of who it might be. But he only saw Pansy’s eyes looking back at him… the evidence of a very good quality brewing.

“Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” He asked the unknown girl standing only inches away from him, giving her a generous chance to change her mind.

She responded by taking hold of the bottom hem of his t-shirt, pulling it up over his head, and quickly discarding it on the floor.

He stood and proceeded to pull down the covers of his bed as he held out his hand, offering her to climb into it. As soon as she slid in, he blew out the candle to darken the room.

He slid in next to her, knowing full well that he was not going to have sex with her.

But he let her kiss on him as she faced him. She kissed his neck, his chest. ‘Such a shame Pansy doesn’t do this.’ He thought.

When his body began to respond to her light touch, he knew it was time to stop.

He turned her over so that she was fully lying on her back. He moved onto her and entwined her fingers into his and pressed her arms to the bed with his weight.

“I have a little confession to make,” he said as he lustfully kissed at her neck. “The minute you walked into my room…”  He kissed.  “All dressed up for me…”  Another kiss.  “I knew full well… that you my dear…"  One last kiss.  "Are not Pansy Parkinson!”

He felt her body jolt and jerk in response to his comment… failing in an attempt to flee from him.

He had her pinned good and tight and she was not able to move.

He spoke calmly, but forcefully. “You could be a Slytherin because you had to have access to her to brew the potion, accept no Slytherin would be so brave as to go up against their Slytherin sister’s jealous wrath.”

The girl squirmed, but was still trapped beneath him.

“You’re not a Hufflepuff as they would never be determined enough to go through the great lengths that you did tonight.”

His grip tightened as she had still not given up on freeing herself.

“You could be a Ravenclaw in successfully brewing a damn good potion to be so accurate, but they don’t have the guts enough to actually follow through with something so risky. That only leaves one house… You’re a Gryffindor with plenty of bravery and much stupidity in thinking I wouldn’t know.”

She finally gave up on freeing herself and began pleading instead.

“What are you going to do to me?” She asked, now breathless from trying to shake free of him.

“First, I’m going to punish you by NOT giving you what you came here for. And you better come up with a damn good reason why you did this or I swear I’ll wait until your potion wears off to reveal your true identity. And since that’s not quite enough of the humiliation you deserve, I’m going to take you to the common room and wake up every Slytherin in this place and introduce them to the one who tried to screw over Draco Malfoy!”

“Please… I beg you… Have mercy on someone who has a terrible crush on you.” She said sorrowfully and full of remorse at her dark deed.

“Your reason, witch? Now!”

She was in tears and began shaking. Tears for fear of humiliation in front of the entire school and probably expelled.

“Forgive me. But you wouldn’t choose me or give me the time of day in a million years.” She sobbed. “I just wanted to know what it was like to be loved by you. Nothing more.”

“Loved by me? You sure as hell picked the wrong girl to transform in to!” He spat.

“You want to know what sex is like between me and Pansy?” He questioned in a low raspy voice. “Turn around!” He yelled in anger. “It’ll all be over soon so you can go back to your dorm to shower off any sweat I might’ve gotten on you! Is that what you came here for?! A night with me as Pansy?!”

He yelled at her as it pained him to describe it.

“NO! NO!” She pleaded. “It’s terrible if it’s like that. I just wanted to feel loved.”

“You obviously don’t love me… or you wouldn’t be trying to cheat! Love isn’t supposed to cheat and be gotten though ill will or dark deeds!”

He got off her then, but she remained in the bed, terrified at what he might do next.

Her only saving grace was that he wished the girl in his bed was a Gryffindor girl with a fiery spirit and long auburn hair. He wanted the girl to be his Granger, but at the same time he didn’t. He didn’t want to believe that she would actually go through with such a diabolical scheme to get to him.

So, he did the only thing he could do… let her go.

Let her go to spare her the experience of so much humiliation to the point of wanting to die when he was done with her.

It could’ve been anyone. And the remote, far-reaching, nearly impossible chance that it was Granger… his heart wasn’t quite dark enough to put her through it.

“Get out of my bed, you twisted, sick witch! And don’t you ever do anything so stupid again!”

He grabbed hold of her arm forcefully pulling her out of the bed and whipped her robes around her to cover her night gown. He then grabbed hold of her again and took long and fast strides to her quick small steps all the way to the entrance of Slytherin House, where he proceeded to push her out and slam the door in her face.

My God!” He had yelled just after slamming the door. “What the bloody hell is wrong with the witches of Hogwarts!”



As Draco tossed and turned on the camp bed, he was completely torn.  He wanted that girl to be Granger, but he also didn't want it to be her.

“I can only wish that she wanted me that bad to do such a thing.”

His thoughts went back and forth.

“No.  It wasn't.  She isn’t that stupid.  But she is that brave, not to mention bright enough to brew a perfect Poly Juice.  No.  She doesn't want me for anything.  But wait.  She didn't really want anything from me but to 'feel loved.'  That has nothing to do with money or status. And she mentioned that I wouldn't pick her in a million years, which totally could've been because of her blood status." 

As he pulled the covers from him, now heated from thinking of his sorted past with women, Draco missed it....

He missed the tiny little candle that had appeared out of nowhere on the floor next to him. It was so small, he didn’t even notice its glow.

If he would’ve noticed it, he would not have been able to put it out, because it was an apparition.

One that someone had unknowingly sent him while reading her book of poems in her lonely Muggle house on the Eve of New Year's Eve.



Author's Note:

What is wrong with these women?  Especially Pansy!

Are you mad?  Are you sad?  What do you think of these five women?  Seborah, Jenna, Elise, Pansy, and miss Unknown. 

By the way... now 2,571 reads and 34 have Favorited.  WOW! THANK YOU!

Up next... A Slytherin New Year's Eve Party that you'll all want to attend! 


Thanks to the owner and all staffers who make this site possible!

Love and appreciate ALL of you...


Dark Whisper

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