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The Christmas Celebration by girly1393
Chapter 3 : Reflections
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Chapter Three: Reflections

After the party ended (with a typical Marauder fireworks bang), James led Lily to the kitchen, where dessert was still sitting out. The family House-Elf knew James came to the kitchen for cake after every party.

"This looks delicious," she said, sitting down unashamedly before the piece of chocolate cake. She dug her fork into it and moaned in delight. "It is delicious."

"I'm glad you like it, seeing as that was my piece," he teased, happily dipping his fork into the raspberry cake.

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Well, that's too bad for you. I've taken it, and you aren't welcome to have it back."

James couldn't resist laughing. He didn't think he'd ever seen her so impolite, and it was darling. He found himself falling more for her as every moment passed.

She pushed away her empty plate long before James did, and she sat with her eyes closed. James pulled his chair closer to hers, even if it was just observe her in peace for a moment.

He couldn't seem to stop staring at her.

"What was the best part of the night?" Lily asked without opening her eyes, and James smiled.

"Being with you," he said quietly. She smiled, but kept her eyes sealed.

"Your favorite part?" he inquired.

"The dancing," Lily said, smiling secretively. "My dad used to dance me around the house when I was little, and I always loved it. It's been a long time since he was well enough to do anything like that."

James took her hand, and she opened her eyes. She wordlessly thanked him, and didn't remove her hand as she posed another question. "What was your least favorite part?"

"The talking with Ministry people."

"You were good at it," Lily pointed out, and James nodded in agreement.

"It's just so boring."

"I'll agree to that!" Lily exclaimed. That was my least favorite part as well."

"What were you most afraid of before it started?" James asked quietly. He had seen the uncertainty in her eyes, and he wanted to know the cause. He wanted to change it, if he could.s

"I was scared they wouldn't like me."

"You? Aw, they loved you. Everyone loves you!"

Lily blushed. "You're crazy, James Potter."

"Crazy for you."

Lily threw her head back as she laughed. "That was terribly corny, James."

"But it's true," he whispered, scooting closer to her. "Lily?"

"Yes?" she breathed.

"Will you go out with me?"

The irony struck her full-force, but she smiled anyway. "Of course I will."

It was ridiculous. No, it's okay. Say it to me, because I know it. I would never write something like this now, but I did once. And, in a twisted way, I love it like this. I can't bear to change it.

I hope you found some humor, even if it was because of how stupid it was.

I know this was short. I have the feeling I meant to add more to it, two years ago, but I felt I should keep it that way now, for the sake of who I used to be.

I'd appreciate anything you have to say, but please keep in mind this is my writing style a couple of years ago, not now.

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