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Jealousy Games and Deadly Consequences by wytchkitty13
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: A Book, Her Thoughts & Comforting Daydreams
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A/N: So here I am again but they say that third time's a charm, right? Here's my most well-known story, reposted and so hope you enjoy it. This story is VERY long! Happy Reading!- wytchkitty


Chapter 1- Her Thoughts, A Book, and Comforting Daydreams

Hermione sat on her bed reading a book in her room. She had stayed in her room most of the summer to avoid the constant bickering and complaining of her muggle parents.

Yes, muggles.

How Hermione longed to be back at Hogwarts, where she could be with her friends instead of having to listen to the constant fighting around her house. She sighed as she looked around her room.

It was so cold. But then again so was her life.
Her parents couldn't stand the thought of her being less than her best.

They wanted her to become even more. With her potential, they were certain that she would rise up and gain the respect of high class wizards. And they of course wouldn't be cast aside in the shadows.

They would be able to stand proudly with their heads held high and feel important. After all, what muggle wouldn't want to be accepted by the wizarding society?

Gaining the respect of the pureblooded wizards that inhabited the wizarding world, would indeed show they were worthy and it was a great help if their daughter was the one gaining them the recognition.

Hermione's parents were unlike Harry's aunt and uncle who wanted nothing to do with him and cringed at the mere mention of magic.

This muggleborn's parents always wanted her to work as hard as possible and they constantly pushed her as hard as they could; in hopes that she would achieve their dreams and put them up on a pedestal.

This kind of behavior made her resent them even more.

At least at the magnificent castle that is Hogwarts, she could learn and grow as a witch and as a person without them constantly shoving magic books into her hands.

Why must they do this every year? She thought as she looked at the seven new sparkling books that were stacked up on her dresser. Her parents seemed to delight in overloading her with learning material.

Oh she loved books and she loved to read, but there were times where she just wanted to sit and daydream and be well, as close to a normal teenager as she could be.

This is going to be my last year at Hogwarts and mom and dad are probably going to be sending me even more books on learning. Why do they have to do this to me every single year? Her mind screamed.

And then her thoughts shifted to Harry and Ron. She hadn't heard anything from them since last term when they were saying their goodbyes.

"I promise to write you over the summer, Hermione!" Harry had said to her.

But he hadn't. Neither had Ron or Ginny.

This hurt her and she couldn't help but wonder why they hadn't contacted her.

They were the only people she could talk to outside her family.

She recalled her previous years with Harry and Ron and sighed. "Not one letter from either of them." she mumbled sadly.

But then she shook her head. I shouldn't get all worked up about it. I mean I am quite sure that Harry has a reason why he didn't write...although he did promise to. She thought with a faint sigh.

"Well it doesn't matter. I am quite sure he has a valid reason. He might have had no chance to write knowing how the Dursleys are. I shouldn't be upset." She said aloud in a firm tone. "Harry will explain. And anyway, once we confess our feelings to each other this year, I just know it will all work out."

Then she looked down at the book in her hands.

It was titled, 'Discovering Your True Worth and Finding Where You Belong' and it wasn't a learning book.

It was filled with stories, and yes from what she'd read it did have some pages of learning such as spells, but it was also self motivating.

She'd been reading it all day. It was quite a fascinating book, and she'd found it at an old antique store, shopping for last minute school supplies yesterday with her family. Its black cover was worn and rugged, and its pages were dark yellow due to its old age.

It looked to have been around for many decades though Hermione could not be certain.

The book keeper that had sold it to her had claimed that it had been brought in by a stranger along with a bunch of other old things the day before.

She had seen it sitting by its self away from the other books and thought that it was special.

When she picked it up and opened it, she'd skimmed the first few paragraphs and was intrigued by what she had read.

So, she bought it.

And she hadn't put it down since. Well except to eat and sleep. But it wasn't just the fascinatingly and somewhat dark stories that kept her glued to it.

No, it was the message that she got from it.

And the deeper she read into it, the more it sounded like what she was feeling in her life.




And so much more.

She sighed and then turned the page as her eyes traveled across each word as she began reading again.

As so many witches and wizards faced such sadness within their families, they began to branch out on their own. They followed their own paths whether they became good or evil, at least it was by their choice and own free will. An account of such events was published long ago as one brave witch set out on her own. Her name was Cremella Ridgespire, a kind, warm, caring, gentle soul. She came from a broken home, born into an overbearing, muggle family, ridiculed by pureblooded wizards and witches.

The pain she felt was so great and she couldn't handle it.
Her calling came one blustery night in September. As she was being ridiculed by one who'd claimed that not only was he her friend but that he loved her. His name was Greyson Mixby. The two had been friends for many years before that. He'd vowed to love her forever, but instead he turned around and ridiculed her, by falling into the arms of another woman. That other woman was Feera Luscly; Cremella's dearest and closest female friend who had been jealous of her right from the start. For as Cremella became more powerful, Feera became more sinister. She had a man of her own but she chose to go after Greyson; Cremella's love. Greyson was bewitched into Feera's chambers one night as Cremella stood sadly watching. Torn and scarred by such a betrayal, Cremella snapped and made a vengeful decision.

And so the next night, as the blinding rain was pouring down, Cremella went outside to find Feera and Greyson laughing and frolicking in the stormy weather.
She approached the two, telling them how happy she was that they were together and how she'd forgiven them both. And then as they turned to walk away, she drew her wand and spoke the Killing Curse, sending the eerie green light at Feera and Greyson who immediately crumbled to the ground.

They lay dead at her feet as Cremella stood staring down at them hatefully. Her once fragile heart was now a broken pile of dangerous, jagged shards, her trusting soul had been betrayed. And at that moment, Cremella-the kind, sweet, good hearted, smart, well behaved student-was no more.
In that very moment she had transformed into a dark witch...

Hermione stopped reading, as she gasped.

"No wonder Cremella killed them. They deserved it!" Hermione shouted at the book.

Then she blinked and shook her head. "Wait, what am I saying? That's absolutely horrible. She killed the two of them because of love? How could someone who was so nice and kind, turn around and do something so terrible?

I would never just turn around and kill someone like that no matter if they cheated or not. There are better ways." She grumbled, as she slammed the book closed.

I feel sorry for Cremella but she shouldn't have killed them. Anyway, I think I need to take a break from reading this for a bit.

Just then, she was snapped out of her thoughts by the screech of a large grey owl. It flew into her bedroom, dropping a thick envelope on her bed.

Hermione blinked then watched as the large bird circled around her room and then flew back out the window.

Hermione slowly picked up the envelope to see the Hogwarts seal on the back of it. She smiled and opened it.

There were three things inside of the large envelope. Her school supplies list, her Head Girl Badge, and a welcome back letter from Professor McGonagall.

She pulled all of the contents out and glanced over the school supplies list. She smiled as she'd already gotten everything ahead of time. She then tossed it aside and then read the letter from Professor McGonagall:

Dear Miss Hermione Granger,
We would like to congratulate you on becoming our new Head Girl this year. Here is your rightfully earned badge.
You will be sharing you new living accommodations with the Head Boy, Mr. Draco Malfoy.
We look forward to seeing you at the start of next term.
Professor Minerva McGonagall

Hermione blinked as she read over the letter again then gasped.

"Oh no, Draco Malfoy is Head Boy? I can't believe this!" she groaned.

She recalled all of his taunting and teasing from the years before. All those nasty insults and cruel tricks still rang clearly in her mind.

And now she was going to have to endure it all over again. Only this time it would be in their shared living quarters. Now more than ever she was dreading her return back to Hogwarts.

"Why do I have to live with Malfoy?" she whimpered as she slammed her face down into her pillow.

Then after a few moments she lifted her head back up as Harry's image flashed in her mind. She smiled slightly then sighed dreamily.

Finally, this year I am going to confess my feelings to him. I just know he feels the same way about me. He has to. After all we've been through together.

She giggled out loud and stood up, facing her mirror.

"Harry, I am so glad to see you again." She said to it, as if he were really there. "I...I need to tell you something. You see, ever since we met we've had this connection and...."

She stopped and shook her head. "No, that's all wrong." she scolded herself, blushing furiously.

Then she cleared her throat and tried again.

"Harry, I was thinking that since we've been through so much together..." she stopped; feeling her cheeks burn again.

This is going to be very hard. She thought with a defeated sigh.

But, I'm sure he's going to be just as scared about confessing his feelings to me as I am to him.



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