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If It's Love by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 1 : The News
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A/N: Ok i wanted to start a the beginning and go over the first few years at Hogwarts in the first few chapetrs before i slowed everything down. So bare with me while i get in the right frame of mind for this story. So please give it a read and let me know what you think and i promise it will get better. :)

Albus Dumbledore walked gracefully up the path towards the large red door. His silver robes seemed to billow out behind him as he walked. His brilliant blue eyes taking in the white paned windows on either side of him as he knocked on the red door. It wasn’t long before the front door was thrown open and a tall boy stood before him. He looked to be about 15 and scowled slightly at the strangely dressed man before him.

‘Good morning, my name is Albus Dumbledore. Are Mr and Mrs Mason available?’


‘Sure, come in,’ David Mason said stepping aside as the older man walked in. David led the way into the back room that appeared to be a makeshift living room.

‘Sebastian give your sister back her doll now.’


‘Mum, this is Albus Dumbledore. He wants to speak to you and dad,’ David said looking at his mother. The woman was of average height with light brown hair and brown eyes. She smiled and extended her hand to him.

‘Leann Mason, nice to meet you Mr Dumbledore. David go get your father, he’s in his study.’ David nodded before leaving the room. ‘Would you like some tea?’


‘That would be lovely, thank you.’


‘Have a seat,’ Leann said as she left the room heading to the kitchen. She returned moments later with a tray. She past him a cup of tea and turned as two children came running in.


‘Mum, Sebastian won’t give me Penny back,’ a little blonde girl cried. Her eyes were a simple brown though seemed to light up her face, framed by thick blonde curls.

‘Stop it both of you. Sebastian…’ Leann said her hand out. The young boy placed a doll in his mothers hand who then past it to her tiny daughter. Leann picked up her daughter as her husband entered the room. Dumbledore stood up extending his hand to the man.


‘Eric Mason and you are?’


‘Professor Albus Dumbledore, I’m here to speak with you today about your daughter Ruby.’


‘How do you our daughter’s name?’


‘I promise I will explain all, as soon as I can speak with her as well.’


‘Seb go and get the girls,’ Leann said and the six year old boy ran from the room. They all sat down Leann setting her three year old daughter on her lap. The door opened again and three people walked into the room.

‘You have charming children,’ Dumbledore said smiling.


‘That’s David and Sebastian,’ Leann said indicating the two boys. ‘This is Naomi,’ Dumbledore looked at the tall brown haired girl of about nine years old. ‘This is Heidi and this is Ruby,’ Leann said finally tilting her head towards the girl standing near the door. She had thick auburn hair that fell just past her shoulders, she had a fringe that framed her face and especially her bright blue eyes. Dumbledore stood up and extended his hand to the young girl.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Ruby. My name is Professor Albus Dumbledore and I would like very much to have a word with you and your parents, if that’s alright?’


Ruby bit her lower lip, nodding.


‘Naomi, why don’t you take Heidi and Sebastian upstairs,’ Leann said and her daughter took the hand of the blonde girl leading her from the room. ‘David, watch them please.’ Once the four children had left the room, Ruby sat down on the couch beside her mother, while her father sat on a nearby chair close to their guest.


‘As I mentioned before I am a professor and Headmaster at a special boarding school for very special people and your daughter has a position at my school. Ruby, have you ever done anything out of the ordinary?’


Ruby looked at the man before her slightly confused as memories filled her head.


‘I once made a dead tree alive again,’ Dumbledore smiled.


‘Now you were able to do that and I’m assuming many other unusual things because you’re a witch, Ruby. Now do not be afraid, I understand that it is nerve racking and possibly unbelievable but you are a very special girl Ruby and you’re welcome at my school,’ Dumbledore said handing her an envelope. Ruby took the letter gingerly, opening it. Her eyes lit up happily.

‘This isn’t a joke is it?’


‘No Ruby it isn’t. Now as a muggleborn things will be incredibly new to you and your family. If you accept your position at Hogwart’s you will catch the Hogwart’s Express from platform 9¾ on the 1st of September. Now I understand that you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t exist but it does just without muggles knowledge, just as magic does. This envelope here,’ Dumbledore said softly indicating another envelope in his hand. ‘Will inform you all of everything you need to know. So I believe the final question is whether you wish to embrace your gift and learn to control it at Hogwart’s or not?’

Ruby looked at her parents who were still trying to take it all in but smiled never-the-less. She looked back at Dumbledore and nodded, happily.


‘Thank you,’ she said before leaping up and hugging the older man. She took the envelope offered by the slightly startled man and ran from the room, waving the letter around as Albus Dumbledore spoke more with Leann and Eric Mason.


Ruby ran up the stairs yelling her news to her siblings who joined her in dancing around to a record that seemed to make the window panes shake, as they jumped around on her bed.




Ruby looked around her eyes wide as she took in the large red gleaming train. She looked around at all the families that surrounded her. Her little sister was clutching her hand as she said her goodbye’s to her family while her father placed her trunk onto the train.


‘Look after Aero,’ Heidi said softly looking at her big sister.


‘I will I promise,’ Ruby hugged the blonde girl before carrying her backpack and owl cage onto the train and into the compartment that her dad had placed her trunk in.


‘Take care, poppet,’ Eric Mason said kissing her forehead before stepping off the train. She waved as she watched her family step back as the whistle blew and there was a quick scramble for final goodbyes and jumps onto the train. Ruby looked down at her hands before removing a novel from her back pack and settling back into her seat. She looked up when there was a knock at the door and it slid open.


She saw that there was a small girl with light brown hair.


‘Hi, mind if I sit with you everywhere else if full?’


‘Sure. You look familiar,’ Ruby said softly smiling gently.


‘So do you. I’m Annie, Annie Hart,’ she said her smile was genuinely huge.


‘I’m Ruby Mason.’ The girls talked happily, discovering that they lived down the street from one another. It wasn’t long before the door slid open again and a thin boy stood before them.


‘Hi, is there an Annie in here?’


‘Yeah,’ Annie said looking curiously at the boy.


‘Your brother Paul wants to see you, he’s down the other end of the train.’


‘Ok thanks…?’


‘Remus, Remus Lupin.’


‘Nice to meet you,’ Annie said before jumping up and flouncing from the compartment.


‘I’m Ruby Mason,’ Ruby said placing her book to the side and crossing her legs up onto the seat as he sat down opposite her. They fell into conversation quickly and found it easy to make conversation with one another. Annie returned and Remus left, leaving the girls to talk. He walked down the corridor, returning to the compartment he had first arrived in meeting up with the two boys he had met on the platform.


James Potter was rather tall with hazel eyes hidden behind glasses. He had an incredibly cheeky grin and insanely messy hair. Sirius Black was about the same height with an elegant facial shape framed by his quite long dark hair that had a slight curl to it. His grey eyes were full of deep emotion though they glittered with mischievousness.


The train ride continued with another young boy joining them. His name was Peter Pettigrew and he was a small boy, with blonde hair and small eyes.


‘Slytherin? And here I was thinking you were alright,’ James said smirking.


‘Yeah well where do you reckon you’ll be placed?’ Sirius asked.


‘Gryffindor, like my dad, my mum was in Ravenclaw.’ James said. ‘Look you might not be like your family; you are talking to us lot after all.’


‘Yeah, we’ll see.’ And just like that the conversation moved on. James and Sirius’ friendship growing with every word they shared. Remus was content to sit and feel included in simple jokes and conversations though neither of the other boys knew as to why he was slightly more reserved.



As the train arrived the nerves of the first years mounted as they sat in the boats and watched as Hogwarts castle appeared before them.


Ruby sat in a boat with Annie, Remus, Sirius and James, her mouth hung open in awe. She fell in love with the castle at first glance as Annie stifled a squeal beside her. They were greeted by Professor McGonagall and led into the Great Hall where all other students were seated, talking excitedly.


‘When I call your name please step forward and I will place the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses.’ And with that the sorting began. Ruby watched relaxed until the first familiar name was announced.

‘Black, Sirius.’ He walked slowly up to the stool and grinned as he sat down, his smile faltering slightly.

‘You are of strong Slytherin blood,’ the hat said inside his head. ‘But there is something stronger within you heart and mind. I think I know the perfect place for you. Gryffindor!’ Sirius jumped up beaming, giving James the thumbs up as he headed towards the table that was cheering loudest of all.


‘Balby, Laureena.’




‘Carein, Holly’




‘Drenan, Michael.’




‘Evans, Lily,’ The small girl walked toward the stool, sitting down gingerly. Her thick red hair falling around her shoulders as the hat was placed on her head.

‘Gryffindor!’ Her emerald green eyes shone with excitement as she skipped to the Gryffindor table. Two more first years became Hufflepuffs before the hat called;

‘Hart, Annie.’


‘Hollyweather, Thea.’


‘Keln, Jared.’




‘Lupin, Remus.’


‘Gryffindor.’ Ruby watched as the boy she had found so easy to talk to on the train walked over, sitting down beside the other four Gryffindor first years.


‘Malenou, Sinnora.’




‘Mason, Ruby.’ Ruby felt her heart lurch forward as she stepped towards the stool. She sat down and looked around the packed Hall.


‘I sense bravery, sacrifice and power. But you are incredibly kind hearted. I believe you belong in Gryffindor.’

She stood up smiling walking towards the table she had been hoping to belong to. The sorting continued with two students been made Slytherins and one Ravenclaw.

‘Peter Pettigrew.’




‘Potter, James.’




‘Raine, Karleisha.’




‘Snape, Severus.’




The sorting continued with no more Gryffindor’s joining the group. Soon the feast began. Conversation started and it was quickly realised how much the girls had in common. Lily smiled at Ruby who was laughing before beaming at the red head seated across from her.


Lily was a happy muggleborn and like Ruby was in awe of what the magical world had created. Annie Hart was a half blood; her mother was a pureblood witch who had married a muggle man by the name of Richard Hart. Karleisha Raine was also a half blood with a muggleborn father and a half blood mother. Thea Hollyweather was a pureblood witch was a wealthy family, one of which that like the Potter family and didn’t go by blood status. Sirius Black was a pureblood with a family very opposite to the Hollyweather’s and Potter’s yet here he was seated at Gryffindor table. Remus Lupin was a half blood with both his parents been half blood’s. Peter Pettigrew was a half blood with both his parents. Yet together the group of first year Gryffindor’s made a nice group of variety.


Ruby walked with the others up to her dormitory and settled into her new bed, still in absolute awe of everything around her. She missed her family and her old room but where she was at the moment with her new friends around her she felt as if she belonged, she felt as if she was a part of something bigger than just been an eleven year old girl. Instead she was a witch who was getting to see everything normal children only ever imagine.




As Sirius Black had walked down to the Great Hall the next morning with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, a group of Slytherin’s approached him, grabbing his arm and pulling him into an empty classroom. The three Gryffindor’s tried to get in but the older students had placed a spell on the door.

Sirius looked at the group of four third years and found his cousin Bellatrix Black, Lucius Malfoy, Kaine Darns and Cassion Balby. Sirius knew of them from the parties his parents had held.

‘You’re a disappointment to the Black name. You’ve disgraced our family,’ Bellatrix hissed, her heavily lidded eyelids making her glare even more intense. The other Slytherins snarled.


‘I don’t care anymore.’ Sirius said loudly.


‘You’ve embarrassed Aunt Walburga and Uncle Orion. They want me to tell you that they can’t wait until you come home for Christmas,’ Bellatrix said smirking. ‘Watch your back, traitor.’ And with that they left the room with Sirius glaring after them before shouting;


‘Watch your own!’ James, Remus and Peter looked at him before he pushed past them ignoring their curious questions until they let it go.




Months seemed to pass quickly until their first year was close to finishing. The year had been rather normal with Remus disappearing every month, friendship’s growing and pranks beginning on the Slytherins to ignore their taunts. By April the five Gryffindor girls were the closest girls could be. They currently stood frozen watching as Lily yelled at James, her face red, matching her hair.

‘Come on, Lil,’ Ruby said grabbing her upper arm and pulling her out of the portrait hole as her friend glared at James. ‘Why yell at him? I thought you liked him?’


‘Never. He is nothing but a conceited toad,’ Lily bellowed. Ruby looked at her as she fumed, storming away from the group. Thea smiled softly shaking her head.


‘Lily caught James pranking Snape’ clothes off so that he was only in his underwear before kissing Bridget Lane,’ Ruby looked at Thea as she spoke.

‘God, he doesn’t realise what he’s missing out on does he?’ Annie said.


‘Men,’ Ruby said before turning to Karleisha, ‘He’s going to want her one day, isn’t he, Rainy?’

‘I reckon he will but you should talk that over with Remus, Rubes you two been so close and all.’


‘Hmm, maybe. Let’s go find her,’ Ruby said smiling as she made her way in the direction of her red headed friend with Thea, Rainy and Annie by her side. They found her just outside the front wooden doors, her green eyes flashing dangerously.

‘Someone’s a little jealous,’ Rainy said smirking before Lily glared at her.


‘I can’t believe I felt something for that idiot,’ Lily said softly. ‘I’m just going to call it eleven year old stupidity and pretend I stopped liking him a month ago before I turned twelve, smart don’t you think?’ The others smiled and nodded but Ruby looked at Lily. Lily locked eyes with Ruby and she realised that Ruby knew just how hurt she really was. She thought the idea was amusing and suddenly burst out laughing tears in her eyes. Her laughter was contagious and soon they were all laughing but it was Lily who was clutching her stomach as tears trickled from her eyes at the thought of James Potter hurting her friend and kissing another girl. Ruby moved forward slightly and hugged her as they laughed and Lily pretended not to cry. 


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