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Over the Moon by LilyFire
Chapter 29 : Awake
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Dumbledore finishes rounding up all the Death Eaters. “Remus, you must all leave. If anyone sees any of you…”

“Okay.” He rushes after Harry and Bellatrix. Kingsley is closest to me. He’s bleeding, but standing. “You okay?” I ask. It’s a stupid question, but I’m not sure what to say. I was avoiding looking over at Dora’s crumpled form. “I’m fine. Those two,” he motions to Moody and Dora, “need to be taken to St. Mungo’s.” I feel a little shocked that the words come out so calmly.

We walk over to them. “She’s unresponsive,” Moody says. “But she has a pulse.” I bend down and pick her up.

“I’m taking her to St. Mungo’s.” I apparate, and look around. I race to the fourth floor. “Help,” I yell. No one comes. “Healer, please,” I stop someone. He barely glances at me, before moving on.

“I’m sorry sir, I have pressing business.” Do they not see Dora in my arms?

“Damnit!” I scream. “Someone fucking help her.” Healer Jameson runs around the corner.

“Remus!” he says, and then he sees Dora. “What happened?”

“She’s an auror. She was hit with a curse, I don’t know.”

“Follow me,” and he starts running down the hall. We go through a door, and he tells me to lay her on the bed. “Medi-team to the red room. Now, urgent!” He says into a box in the wall. “Auror has been hit with unknown spell.” A few second later, I hear footsteps. The doors burst open, and they immediately begin working on Dora. I back into a corner. After what feels like hours, they back away. Healer Jameson motions for me to come over.

“She’s okay now. I dare say if you had been any later, she could have died.” I can only nod. He turns to the team. “If any of you had just stopped to listen to this man, we could have possibly been more effective. What is wrong with you people? Did none of you see the young witch he was holding; did none of you hear his cry for help?”

“He’s a werewolf,” one of the team mutter, but I can’t tell which.

“And? Just because he’s a werewolf doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help him. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help the woman he was trying to save. I should have all of your licenses pulled. You wouldn’t ever be able to be a healer again.”

“He could have bitten her,” the same person mumbles. Jameson looks ready to explode. He and Jane had helped me, at different times in my life. He had been close to my father. But I hadn’t seen him since I started Hogwarts, until today.

“So, instead of stopping to see what had happened, you just assumed he had bitten her during the full moon and she was infected?” I place my hand on his shoulder.

“Kevin, don’t worry about it. Dora’s okay now.” He looks at me, and takes a deep breath before turning back to the others.

“You are dismissed, but I will be watching all of you very closely. One step out of bounds and you will no longer be Healing.” They nod and leave. I fall into the chair beside Dora and take her hand.

“She’s very pretty,” Healer Jameson says. I nod.

“I know.”

“She’s lucky you were around, Remus.” He places his hand on my shoulder.

I just look at her, silently willing her to wake up.

“She’ll be unconscious for a few days; you might as well get some sleep.” I shake my head. “Remus,” he says, after a while, “who hit her with that? It was very powerful dark magic.”

“Bellatrix Lestrange.” He nods.

“I can’t leave the room while she’s in here for more than a few minutes, Remus.  Go home and at least get yourself some more comfortable clothes.” I nod, but don’t move.

“She won’t wake up while you’re gone.” I nod again, but still don’t leave. He just shakes his head and walks away. She’s unconscious for three days.

“I’m so sorry, Dora,” I whisper to her. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let you go.” I feel the tears fall on my face, from my eyes that haven’t really been dry since I brought her in. “I’m sorry that I let him go as well. It’s my entire fault.”

I can see Healer Jameson. He looks like he wants to leave. I swallow. “Her cousin,” I say, talking to him, “was there too.” I take a deep breath. By now, the story had become front page news, but they didn’t mention any names or even say Sirius had been there, fighting for the good side. “He fell though the Death Veil.” I swallow again.

“Sirius Black?” he asks. I look up, shocked that he knows.

“I was looking through her file, and saw her birth certificate. Andromeda and Ted Tonks. I knew Andromeda, and knew she was a Black. You’ve been saying Sirius in you sleep. I connected the dots. So, he wasn’t a bad guy?”

“No, he was one of the best.” I say. He nods.

“Who’s going to tell her?”

“I don’t know,” I say. “I don’t know.” I had told Andromeda. She had taken it pretty bad.

The doors burst open. “Nymphadora!” she had screamed. I had pointed my wand at her, when I saw Ted behind her.

“Sorry, Andromeda. I- my nerves are shot.” She just nods in understanding. A nurse runs in behind them.

“I’m sorry Healer Jameson. I tried to tell them they couldn’t come in.”

“It’s okay. They can stay.” He says. He walks out of the room, saying something about coffee.

Andromeda looks at her daughter. “This is why you should never have joined that blasted Order,” she sniffs, stroking her daughter’s hair. Ted comes over to me.

“Remus, is she okay?” I nod.

“Who did this?” Andromeda demands. I have to tell her. How do you tell someone their sister is trying to kill their daughter?

I look her in the eyes. “Bellatrix.” She takes in a small breath.

“And,” I say, thinking we need to get all of the bad news out of the way, “Bellatrix also killed Sirius.” Andromeda nearly collapses.

“No! Sirius, no.” Ted moves to comfort her. I look back down at Dora.

They had gone home after two days, to rest and clean up. I stroke Dora’s hair. “I love you, Dora.” I whisper to her. “Please wake up, let me know you’re alright.”

I place my head on the edge of her bed. “Please, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I lose you too.”Suddenly, her hand twitches. I look up, too hopeful to do anymore. Her eye lids flutter open.

“Remus,” she mumbles out.

“I’m here. I’m right here.” She tries to sit up, but I stop her. “No, don’t do that.” I take her hand. “I’ve been so worried.” I stroke her hair. “We were all so worried about you.”

“I’m fine, Remus. Did we save Harry?” I nod. She asks about the others.

“How’s Sirius doing? I’m surprised he’s not here as Snuffles.”

“Your mum and dad were here, but I made them go home and rest.”

“Remus,” she says, looking worried, “where is Sirius?”

I take a deep breath. “He fell…through the veil.”

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Over the Moon: Awake


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