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Family Relations by Lunaroxmysox
Chapter 2 : Let's Escape For Awhile
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 A/N: Oi. Sorry this took so long guys. I've been focusing on my newest story This Is War and sorta let this one sit. But don't worry! I will certainly keep writing it. It's too much fun :D. Happy reading 


Chapter 2: Let's Escape For Awhile

“How do you have an aunt?” I hissed to Scorpius, not bothering to glare at Al who was slinking away to a safer distance to watch. Prat.

Scorpius was biting his lip, “She’s some sort of distant cousin, but I’ve always had to call her ‘aunt’. None of our meetings have been pleasant.” He grimaced. “She doesn’t like me.”

“Fantastic. Bloody fantastic.” I muttered. “Then she’s sure to positively love me.”

“Run now.” Scorpius suggested. “She’ll give me hell if I leave, but you can make a clean get away.”

He’s a sweetheart, he really is. But of course, I wouldn’t take advantage of that. “No,” I sighed resignedly. “You stay, I stay. We’re a package deal now. Bring on the relatives.”

He shot me a grateful look and a smile that melted my heart. His aunt was almost upon us and Uncle George was still on his way. I braced for impact.

On closer inspection, Scorpius’s ‘aunt’ rather resembled a shrew. She was tiny and delicate, but had a sharp calculating look about her and cold, dull blue eyes.  She wore an impeccable black, three piece suit and not a hair was out of place.

Ha, bully for her and her tamable hair. Don’t even get me started on mine. Thanks for that gene, Mum.

She stopped in front of us, and she greeted Scorpius sharply, “Hello, Scorpius. Lovely ceremony.” She spoke with a cold reluctance, as if this topic really wasn’t something she was interested in, but she was under obligation to at least pretend that she cared.

“Thank you, Aunt Clarisse.” Scorpius replied stiffly, reaching over and pecking her on the cheek. I watched the formality between the two of them with a sort of disgusted interest. Though she looked like a stuck up prude, they were all family weren’t they? I mean, I guess my experience with family was grossly different than Scorpius’s. We were rather, ah, exuberant with our affections.

Scorpius pulled me closer to him. Our eyes briefly locked before he spoke again. “Aunt Clarisse, this is Rose Weasley, my girlfriend.”

I swear, in the silence that followed I heard that imaginary pin fall. In fact, the uncomfortable silence dragged on long enough for several pins to drop. It was raining pins.

Clarisse simply stared at me, looking me over as if appraising me. And it didn’t look as if I was passing her test. I unconsciously pulled at a few loose strands of hair that escaped from my high bun. Suddenly, I felt drastically inadequate; my hair wasn’t sleek and shiny, my dress certainly wasn’t without a few wrinkles, and I could feel make up smudging at the corner of my eye.

“Hi,” I smiled as best I could, trying not to sound nervous. Hey, I faced a werewolf a couple months ago. I can handle a scary aunt. I think. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I haven’t met a lot of Scorpius’s family.”

Her steel grey eyebrows rose. “Hmm. I imagine not. Though I do suppose we should change that, as you show no sign of leaving.” She took a moment to look disapprovingly at Scorpius and mine intertwined fingers. I bit back the number of retorts that were just dying to leave my mouth and utterly destroy any chance I had with making a good impression on Scorpius’s family.

Clarisse turned her hard stare on Scorpius, whose face was carefully blank. It startled me for a moment; it was that infamous Malfoy mask that I hadn’t seen in so long. The Scorpius I knew laughed, smiled, glared and thoroughly lost his temper with me, but this indifferent mask was a thing of the past in our relationship. “Scorpius, you really should invite her to the Winter Gala. Your lovely girlfriend could meet the rest of the family then.” She smiled at me then, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Merlin, what was she, made of ice?

The muscle in Scorpius’s jam twitched and that was enough to tell me that he really wasn’t keen on this idea, but Ice Aunt didn’t look like she was going to be taking no for an answer. He jerkily nodded. “We’ll be there.” He said through gritted teeth.

I felt the need to speak up here. People didn’t normally just make plans for me; I tended to like to do that for myself. “Well, I really should check my calendar first.” I said, hoping that my sarcasm wasn’t that noticeable.

Clarisse’s eyes narrowed just a fraction and I figured I hadn’t been concealing my irritation very well. To be fair, that was never one of my strong suits. “I’m sure you can fit it into your demanding schedule.”

Hm, it seems I’m not the only one versed in sarcasm in this conversation.

I smiled sweetly. “I’m sure.”

Scorpius, who was starting to look slightly alarmed at the turn this meeting was taking, looked almost relieved to see my uncle George, who Al had valiantly tried to distract while Scorpius and I dealt with his family, finally reach us.

At the sight of yet another shockingly recognizable red headed Weasley, Scorpius’s aunt’s lips pressed into a thin line and she took her leave of us, but not before saying firmly. “I look forward to seeing both of you this December.”

Uncle George watched her go with mild interest. “Sounds like a charming woman.” He commented dryly.

I groaned and put my head into my hands. “Looks like I’m going to a Malfoy family reunion this Christmas.”

My uncle whistled under his breath and slung an arm around my shoulders, “Chin up, Rosie. I’m sure the food will be fantastic.”

“It’s really not that bad.” Scorpius said quietly. He wouldn’t catch my eye right away and immediately I felt bad for already complaining about his family. I removed Uncle George’s arm from around my shoulders and slipped my arm through my boyfriend’s.

“I’m sorry.” I looked up at him sheepishly. “Just this whole thing is a little hard to get used to. I swear, I’ll behave.” I grinned wickedly at him with these last words and Scorpius raised those blonde eyebrows at me.

“Miss Weasley, you are utterly horrible at behaving yourself.” His hand gravitated to my waist at these words and his touch left shivers in its wake.

I had completely forgotten that my uncle was standing right there. Uncle George cleared his throat loudly and planted himself significantly between the two of us, putting his arms around our shoulders and dragging us down the hill with us. “Come on, you two.” He said cheerfully, as Scorpius and I exchanged concerned glances behind his back. “Let’s go say hi to the others. And,” He added warningly “Keep our hands to ourselves.

So Scorpius and I had no choice but to let ourselves be dragged into a throng of well wishing Weasleys. To my amusement, Scorpius looked as out of place as I had with his aunt. Like I said before, our family lives were like night and day. I’m not even sure my aunts and uncles could tell you what the word ‘formal’ means.

I smiled and accepted congratulations and talked about the future for what felt like hours. Everyone seemed to want to know what I was going to do next, what my future held. I didn’t know how to answer. I just didn’t know.

What did I want to do with my life? I suppose the first step would be to find a place of my own. Amy and I had talked briefly about getting a flat together; perhaps I should take her up on that. Katie had been accepted to train with an all women’s Quidditch team so she would be traveling a lot. Amy, I knew, was devoting her savings to starting up her own boutique in Diagon Alley. She was brilliant with fashion and color, and she just had one of those personalities that made people gravitate towards her.

Finally, one by one everyone who had come for the graduation started disapparating. I had no doubt that my family would be returning to the Burrow to continue the celebration. After all, both Al and I had graduated this year.

A slightly evil thought trickled into the back of my head. I didn’t really have to return to the Burrow just yet, did I? This was my graduation, isn’t sneaking off and partying part of what you do? Okay, so I didn’t actually want to party or anything like that and if I wanted to get my hands on some firewhiskey I would just go back to the Burrow anyways; Uncle George always brought some to the get togethers. No one really blames him.

Scorpius had escaped the throng of well wishers as well and I immediately accosted him into my plan. My parents were occupied with Al and Amy at the moment and I seized my chance. Grabbing the nearest red headed relative, who happened to be my cousin, Kelli, I whispered quickly, “I’ll be back later.” I didn’t give her any time to protest; instead I caught Scorpius’s hand and turned on the spot.

A moment later, we were standing in a dark alley, the sounds and lights of a lively down town filtering in from the far end.

“Where are we?” Scorpius asked, already walking towards the sounds of life. I followed him quickly, cursing my heels as I balanced carefully on the uneven cobblestones.

“A popular Muggle town.” I answered. “I figure, we can just blend, have some fun, talk a little, and just get away from all the crazy family stuff this way.”

He smiled at me and took my hand. “Fantastic idea, Miss Weasley. But, before we hit the streets there is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now.” Without warning, he pulled me to him and in the same movement pushed me up against the alley wall. My muffled gasp was cut off by his lips, hot and persistent on mine.

I tilted back my head as one of his hands slid into my hair pulling out the band that had held it up. My hands slipped under his starched white shirt and explored his chest. I could feel the heat of his hand, where it rested on my thigh, through the thin material of my dress.

All I was breathing was Scorpius, all I could feel was his body pressed against mine. I couldn’t control myself. Blood rushed into my ears and my head was swimming as I pulled him harder against me. Our lips moved fiercely, participating in a heated dance.

Scorpius was the one who pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, both of us were breathing hard. But when our gazes locked, we were both smiling with an infectious sort of giddiness.

All of my tension had ebbed away, I almost felt high. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips. I brought a hand up to cover my mouth before I started really laughing, but Scorpius’s eyes were bright with amusement too.

Yes, we had just had a hot and heavy make out session. Yes, we were also giggling like little girls.

I pushed myself off the wall, and Scorpius slid an arm around my shoulder and mine latched around his waist. We walked out into the muggle street leaning against each other, smiling like fools.

A/N: They needed some alone time, I thought. Lol. Tell me what you think please! The more reviews, the quicker I write. You know the drill :P Thanks!

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