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Behind the Shadows by ginervalove04
Chapter 2 : Fallen
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A/N: This is a visual from Harry perspective.



            A note was quietly placed in my lap. I opened it secretly and it read:

                                                            Do you like me?


            I felt confused like a bludger had hit me so I looked up to see who had sent this note to me. I don’t know what happened but I was facing Ginny a second later, her red hair brilliant as ever and her face to match. Was it her that sent the note? Then she screamed so loud that it made me almost fall over in my chair.

            “IT WASN’T ME! WHAT EVER IT SAYS ON THERE!”And she ran out of the Great Hall balling. I stood up quickly, knocking over the bench and a bunch of food in the process. The whole school had gone silent. I don’t know what got into me but I had to go after her. I needed to talk to her, to tell her. My first thought was to go to Gryffindor Tower but I didn’t realize until I got there was that I didn’t have the password. Shoot! Thankfully a group of shocked Gryffindors came up minutes later to see me sitting on the floor.



            The portrait swung open and we all entered the common room. With all the events and embarrassment I was going to face tomorrow I went without a word to bed. Same dormitory. A long tomorrow.

.     .     .

            I woke up the next morning alone and went down to the common room. Everyone else had already gone to breakfast, except Hermione. She was sitting on a chair near the fireplace. Without looking she exclaimed:

            “Hey I need to talk to you so don’t go anywhere or I will hurt you.”

            “What? I didn’t do anything wrong! It was her!”

            “Harry, she isn’t going to her classes today because of what happen yesterday with YOU.” she sighed got up and continued

            “She isn’t in the right mood. She also had nothing to do with that note you had received yesterday so don’t blame her. I have no idea why you decided to look at her but that’s your own problem.” I was so confused about who wrote the note!

            “Just leave her alone, ok Harry.”

            “Yes I will, just who wrote that note?”

            “That is something I will have to find out. Go get dressed Harry I will see you at breakfast.”

            With that she went through the portrait hole and I got ready to go down to breakfast. I was just so confused, who wrote that note and why did I look at Ginny last night? I like Cho not Ginny.

            Soon I was at breakfast. No one dared to look at me, not even Ron. We got our schedules and Hermione, Ron and I headed down to Herbology without a single word to one another.

            Herbology was nothing exciting; all Professor Sprout talked to us about was O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) and how we have to study really well. In order to take the class next year we had to pass with an acceptable or above.

            “Professor Sprout, O.W.L.s aren’t until later in the year. Why do we need to study now? Hermione asked quizzically.

            “The year is going to go by so fast you will forget it was even here. Never start too late or you will never remember.” She told us we had to write a one page parchment on how Death Traps grow. Homework already, yuck!

            After Herbology, Ron and I went to Divination while Hermione went to Ancient Ruins. Divination was always the same as ever. Professor Trelawney predicted me to die this year and we were told how important O.W.L.s was. Then the rest was unknown. I had dazed off until Ron poked me in the eyeball. I clutched my eye. Oww that really hurt!

            “Really? You didn’t have to do that. You could have just poked me in the arm.

            “I wanted to make it more fun.” He grinned, shrugged and went back to gazing. We practiced gazing into crystal balls. I was, unfortunately, pretending to see my doom. Time was not on my side, it felt as thought we were there for hours.

            Finally, it was time for lunch. I was so glad to see all that food piled up so high. They practically starved me to death at the Dursley’s I would eat anything they put in front of me. I ate like a pig and so did Ron as he shoveled food into his already overstuffed mouth. Soon lunch was over and they all headed to Double Potions. Snape was in a really grumpy mood and told me that he would make me drink the potion we were to make: the Deathly Draught. If you do one thing wrong, you’re dead. Thankfully, Hermione ‘accidently’ kicked me in the nose while I went to go get my dropped quill from under the table. I really needed to get myself out of there before he really killed me. While heading to the nurse, I ran into Malfoy. Uhhh…

            “What are you doing out of class, Potter? Forgot your little Mudblood and Blood Traitor, I see.” I was already fuming enough because of Snape and Hermione that I knew I couldn’t go any farther to do any damage to Draco. I shoved my bloody tissue at his face and moved on. Before I left the hall, I heard him pretend to whimper. So I arrived at Madam Pomfey’s office and she perfected my gushing nose with a sweep of her wand and I headed back to class, sadly too soon. Snape replaced me with Neville but decided to call it off since Neville’s potion was disastrous. Finally, class was over and all of the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor fifth years headed back up to the Great Hall.

            Dinner was horrible. By far, the worst event of the day or maybe my life. When I went to sit down beside Ron, the seat next to Hermione was empty. Ginny was still up in her dormitory. That hit me hard. What have I done to her?

            I quickly finished my dinner not daring to look up and loss my heart. I just wished that whoever sent that note would be demolished. That note practically ruined my whole life. My whole life with her. I needed to find out who wrote it. Now!

            “Hermione.” I whispered when we arrived in the common room. It was just her and me.

            “Yes, Harry.”

            “I really need to find out who wrote that note. I don’t know if it’s possible but I need to set things straight.”

            “I will try, I just don’t know if this is a good idea though.”

            “Please try, please.”

            “Sure I will.”

She went up to her dormitory and I walked up into mine. Good night. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

                                                .           .           .           .           .



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Behind the Shadows: Fallen


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