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Complicated by SiriusxRemus4life
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Complicated: Sequel to TBAM

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Chapter One

A/N: And here it is! The sequel to TBAM. It’s not going to be as random as it’s prequel but I’ll try to keep a lot of the weirdness in it.

“Mummy! Mummy wake up!” I hear a tiny voice. I groan and shove the blanket over my head. Merlin the girl can wail. “MUMMY! DADDY’S GONNA BE HERE SOON!” she screamed again. I finally wrenched the covers away from my head and sat up. A blonde six yearold with bright green eyes and pale skin looked up at me impatiently.

“Alright I’m up! Keep your nappies on,” I grumbled as I got up off the bed.

“Mummy I haven’t worn nappies in ages!” she said, scowling. She looks just like Al when she does that.

“I know, so you’re all set to go to the school meeting today?” I asked, as I walked into the bathroom. Her unruly blonde hair bounced as she followed me in. She was wearing a Muggle Private Academy uniform. Dad was adamantly against letting Tamsin go to a Muggle school until she went off to Hogwarts. I guess he still suffers from his parent’s Pureblood ideals.

“Grandpa says I shouldn’t have to go to Muggle school. Mason’s not going, so why do I have to?” she asked, giving me a condescending look, worthy of my Dad’s praise. I shouldn’t let her spend time at Mum and Dad’s anymore.

“Well, Mason may not, get to go but that’s Grandpa’s decision. Daddy and I have decided that you get to go to Muggle Private school. Now get your bag and Gryffy because, Daddy’ll be here in a minute,” I said, referring to her stuffed Hippogriff. She’s had that thing since she was born.

“Hey! Look at you! You look all grown up in your uniform, Tam,” Al said, as I pulled my beat up Bulgaria sweater over my white tank top.

“You look wonderful as always Alli,” he said, hugging me tightly. Merlin, I love him.

“Oh you liar, you’re just saying that so I’ll let you spend the night,” I said, slapping his arm.

“You’re right because that’s all I want from you,” he said, sarcastically.

“Night said she and Cam are going to meet us at the gates of that Muggle Academy. Aludra’s very excited,” I said, as the three of us walked outside. We walked behind the building and did side-along apparition. Here we stood, behind a large oak tree, a few feet away from the gates to the Muggle Academy. I could see a tall brunette, a blue haired woman, and a turquoise haired little girl. Cam, Night, and Aludra were indeed a strange sight. Well, Night and Aludra were. At six years old, Aludra had long wavy hair always turquoise and everything about her said “Gothic Ballerina”. Much like Night. Cam was still his normal clean cut looking self.

“Hey Night! Hey Cam!” I called, running to my two bestfriends. They both enveloped me in a hug and we laughed and talked while Al stood there uncomfortably. That’s when another voice interrupted us. It was Theo and Mandi with Michel. Who looked so much like Theo it wasn’t funny. Michel was starting at the school because I told Theo it’d be good for him. Now the only kid missing was Mirabelle. She was starting in Kindergarten with Michel. Both were very close due to the fact that Mandi was Victoire’s friend from France.

“Hi Aludra!” Tamsin said, happily. She ran over to Aludra and hugged her tightly. They reminded me of Night and me when we were that age.

“Hello Tamsin. How was your summer?” Aludra asked, pushing her turquoise fringe out of her eyes. A second later, her curly hair was straight as corn silk. Tamsin looked at her hair longingly, just like I did at Night’s hair years ago.

“Brilliant! Grandma and Grandpa bought me all new everything for school and stuff! What about you?” Tamsin said, showing off her new knapsack.

“Same, Mum bought me all new nail polish and black lipstick and a new black laced corset tutu and shiny black silk ballet slippers” Aludra said, referring to the items in her vintage Weird Sisters black knapsack. She really was the spitting image of Night. Just like her in every way.

“Well come on then. Time to meet the Mugg-I mean teachers. Yeah. Remember kids, no mentioning anything magical and don’t use the word Muggle at all” Cam said, and Aludra nodded, her straightened locks bouncing into turquoise curls. “And don’t do that Aludra. Muggle kids don’t have what you have” he said, bending on one knee.

“Yes Daddy” she said, hugging him tightly.

“Same goes to you Tam” Al said, picking her up and hugging her.

“O….kay” she sighed, rolling her eyes. She was definitely our kid. We walked past the gates and the Muggle parents and their kids. I wonder how many of them will be future witches and wizards?

“Sorry I’m late. Vic had an emergency at Gringotts so she asked me to pick Mimi up from her Mum’s. I had to floo from the Ministry” Teddy said, as he put down his beautiful blonde daughter. Teddy and Michel always called Mirabelle, Mimi. Mirabelle always called Michel, Mickey. It was so cute.

“Well come on then, Ted” Theo said, smiling at him. Mirabelle ran to Michel and the two started chatting in fast French. How a five yearold could learn French fluently so fast, I’ll never know.

Teddy and Theo went in the opposite directions towards the Kindergarten rooms. So it was just me, Al, Tamsin, Night, Cam, and Aludra all headed into the same classroom. I was so nervous I’ve never really interacted with adult Muggles. I had no idea what I was going to do. As soon as we entered the classroom, the thirty something yearold parents stared at us. Frick. We’re the only really young parents. I can see their judgmental stares, the pricks.

“Hello, my name is Miss Collins. Rebekah Collins. I am the teacher for this class. It’s so nice to meet you all. Please take seats and I will ask you to come up here with your child so we can get to know each other better” she said, smiling warmly. Unlike the other pricks. Rebekah Collins looked to be about our age. She was taller than me but shorter than Night. Her hair was wavy and golden which was tied carelessly into loose bun. Her eyes were a bright sky blue and she wore light makeup. “Ok let’s see um…Mr. and Mrs. Finch-Fletchly” she said, looking up.

The other parents frowned at the eccentric appearances of Night and Aludra. “We’re the Finch-Fletchlys and this is our daughter, Aludra” he said, introducing his family proudly.

“Nice to meet you and my, your daughter is quite beautiful” she said, sincerely. After a moment of getting to know them, she handed them a letter. Then they hugged me and shook Al’s hand. Tamsin waved to Aludra and they left. About five families later, I was getting annoyed and Al looked bored to shite.

“Mr. Potter and Miss Malfoy?” she asked, in a strange tone. A little too strangely if you ask me.

“Yes, hello. I am Albus Potter and this is Allisha Malfoy, my girlfriend. This is our daughter, Tamsin Malfoy” Al said, shaking her hand.

“Yeah Hi. Just Alli” I said, smiling awkwardly. She just looked so familiar to me. I knew her from somewhere but, I just couldn’t place it.

“Well, so this is little Tamsin. We’re going to have fun this year, aren’t we?” she asked, smiling at our daughter.

“If you say so” she said, looking up at Miss Collins.

“Tamsin, don’t be rude” Al said, making her frown slightly.

“Sorry Miss Collins” she said, making her smile at our daughter.

“Well that’s alright Tamsin” she said, patting her unruly hair.

After explaining everything and handing us the letters, we shook her hand and took Tamsin to get an icecream. Rebekah Collins…where have I heard that name before? Holy crap! She’s Blaine’s new girlfriend! I remember her name being mentioned when we were having lunch together two weeks ago. She was a witch who just moved here from Wales like two months ago.

We’re supposed to be meeting her next week at Blaine’s birthday party. Well, who knew? A witch teaching at the Muggle Academy is actually Blaine’s new girlfriend. Wow. Small world. “Alli, what’s on your mind, Love?” Al asked, as we walked into the Muggle Ice cream parlor.

“Tamsin’s teacher is Blaine’s new girlfriend” I said, making him gape at me stupidly.

“Are you bloody serious?” he asked, as he placed an order for Tamsin’s ice cream.

“Yeah. I remember him mentioning her when we had lunch together” I said, as we sat in a booth and watched Tamsin eat.

“Well I’ll be a Hippogriff’s arse. Blaine Zabini, in love? With a school teacher? Wow” Al said, as he wiped the chocolate mess from Tamsin’s face.

“Daddy! I can do it myself!” she said, slapping his hand away.

“Alright love” he said, as he made a mess of his own ice cream cone. I shook my head softly and laughed. “What?” he asked, looking down at his shirt. “Aw…f…”

“Watch it Al, six yearold in the area” I said, as I took my wand out under the table and performed the cleaning charm on his shirt.

“Thanks love” he said, leaning over and kissing me softly.

“Mum, Dad. Please. That’s so wrong” Tamsin muttered, in a tone that clearly said “James”. Now I have to tell Al not to let her spend time with James anymore.

“Tamsin mind your manners” I said, making her scowl at me. Like Al. Great. She has to start being around women now. Men are poisoning her. Like they poison everything. Well, except for Al. I can always count on him. He’ll never be like the rest. He knows not to ruin a good thing like us being unmarried and living in separate flats.

“Tamsin, can you hand me the box” Al said, making me look at him curiously. Her eyes lit up excitedly and she pulled a tiny black box out of her knapsack. Oh crap. Oh no. He’s going to propose. Here, in an icecream parlor. He got up in front of me and then kneeled on one knee. He opened the box and it was a beautiful diamond in a delicate gold band. It was beautiful. “Allisha Malfoy, mother of my child, love of my life, will you marry me?” he asked, looking at me lovingly.

“Oh fuck”.

A/N: Well I wasn’t too happy with the first chapter but hey, what can you do? It wasn’t really funny and that disappointed me but hopefully the next chapter will be funny.

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Complicated: Chapter One


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