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Caught in the Act by BlackIsAwesome
Chapter 1 : Discoveries
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Well, I actually posted this awhile ago, but I decided to come back and edit it. Hopefully, this sounds better.

Disclaimer: Am I blond, and write really awesome books? NOPE


Caught In The Act

“Tell me again why we are out here in the freezing corridors instead of sleeping peacefully in our beds?” complained Remus as they walked down the hallways.

“Well, dear Prongsie and Ms.Lilykins were both missing, so I’m trying to figure out what they’re up to,” said Sirius, while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“WHAT???” screeched Alice and Katie, “You told us that we were going to the kitchens!”

“Did I?”muttered Sirius.

“Bloody hell! Sirius, you complete moron. They’re doing their rounds!”

“Wha- oh yeah….no wonder they were together on the map!”

“Honestly, Sirus!’” growled Alice.

“Let’s head back,” quipped Peter, “No point staying here now.”

“Well, where are they now? I don’t wanna get caught by Prongs and Lily” whined Remus.

“Awww. Come on. It’s only Prongs and LilyFlower.”

“ONLY!?” screeched Alice, “Do you want to be lectured by Lily till the morning? I don’t think so!”

“Oi! Don’t you break your own eardrums when you screech like that?” huffed Sirius.


Alice growled and stalked toward Sirius. “Okay Okay… merlin...”said Sirius as he backed away, hands up in the air. Remus, Peter, and Katie were laughing at his frightened expression.


“What are you laughing at,” huffed Sirius as he hid behind Remus, “This isn’t funny!”

“Yes it is!” exclaimed Remus, Peter, and Katie, still laughing. Alice started giggling too.

“Seeing you scared is very entertaining you know.”

“You know? I think that I was just insulted.”

“Why do we hang out with a nitwit like him again???” asked Remus as he sighed exasperated.

“Because he makes us feel so much smarter,” grinned Katie.

“Hey!” Sirius protested, “I’m not stup-” “Sirius, shut up! I hear voices”

“That sounds like Lily and James,” said Peter.

“Come on! Let’s go before we get caught,” hissed Alice.

“No. Let’s eavesdrop on them. I wanna know what they talk about,” whined Sirius.

“Sirius, we have to go,” Katie said worriedly.

“Live a little people. And don’t you ever wonder what they talk about when were not with them?” asked Sirius.

“True..,” Remus trailed off.  “It is kind of tempting…”Katie said.

“Great. We can hide under the cloak.”


Grumbling, everyone shifted around until they were all covered by the invisibility cloak.

“Hey, I don’t hear them anymore. They can’t have walked away; I didn’t hear their footsteps leave.”

“I dunno,” whispered Sirius.

“What do you know?” asked Remus grinning.

“Hey!” “Shut up you two!” exclaimed Alice.  “Come lets go see where they’ve gone.”

Silently, the group walked up to the corner and turned left into the next hallway when….





“MERLIN'S PANTS,” whispered a shocked Alice. “Finally,” sighed Katie, happily.

The boys however stood there, mouths hanging open, flabbergasted.  They all stood there, jaws dropped at the sight before them; a miracle, as all of Hogwarts would've of called this.

How it happened they would never know.

They expected to see Lily and James bickering, or at least talking, but never did they imagine that they would find James and Lily, bodies entangled together, SNOGGING.


Lily’s arms were wrapped around James' neck, while James had his arms around her waist, bringing her, if possible, even closer to him. They were kissing passionately and quite... vigorously, unaware of their audience. 


Alice and Katie were smiling very hard, happy for their best friend. The girls thought it was extremely sweet and romantic.

While the boys, more specifically Sirius, had other ideas.

"You- her- but she- what- BLOODY HELL!" Sirius spluttered, while Remus and Peter stood beside him, gaping, their mouths opening and closing without a sound.  

Lily and James jumped apart, startled, and shocked find their friends staring at them.

“Y- y- you! What are you all doing here?” asked a flushing James, running his fingers through his hair nervously, looking from Lily to his friends. Lily in the mean time was blushing, her face the same colour as her hair, and was avoiding Alice and Katie's inquisitive stares.

“Ummmm…” muttered Remus.

Sirius however jumped on top of James. “I’m so proud of you, Prongs! Finally got the girl of your dreams, huh? But how come you  never told me?!” he cried angrily.

“Yeah, well what am I supposed to tell you when we only got together, like right now?” James said.

“Which you, might I say, so rudely interrupted,” a still blushing Lily added in.

"Yeah, sure, whatever, you're still a prat," grumbled Sirius.

Suddenly, a smirk gracing his face, Sirius turned to her. “So Lilykins… You have finally fell for the potter charm haven’t you?” he asked.

“Oh shut up, Black” said Lily.

“Hey, aren’t we all friends now? No need to resort to last names!”

“What friends? I don’t know who you’re talking about,” Remus and James said in unison.

“You have none that we know about,” Katie and Alice added.

“I’m feeling so loved right now,” Sirius huffed.

They all laughed at him, which made him grumble even more. As usual, he went back to his annoying self in about three seconds.

“Should have known. Everything bounces of your head, Black.” Lily said, smirking.

“I told you not use last names!”

“Alright, Black!”

“Har Har,” he muttered but laughed along with the others.


Slowly, the group of friends walked towards the common room, throwing insults at eachother good naturedly.

“You know what’s weird about this situation?” asked Alice burst out suddenly, as they turned a corner.

“What?” everyone else questioned.

“Out of all the couples we could come across snogging, we catch Lily and James together.  Yet, we’re making fun of Sirius rather than making those two embarrassed, like we should be,” she said grinning, pointing at James and Lily.

Lily and James groaned, knowing what was coming. 

“Too right,” agreed Remus, smirking.

They continued pestering James and Lily with questions as they headed back towards their dorms.

They reached the Gryffindor common room chatting animatedly with each other.





Lily turned around and whispered something into James ear. They then both faced their friends, grinning.  “Guys, we forgot to mention on little thing to you, right James?" Lily told the rest.


The rest of them stood there looking confused, wondering what on earth they would have to tell them now.


“Sneaking around during after curfew? Well, DETENTION!  One week, scrubbing toilets. ALL OF YOU!” James barked.


James and Lily smirked, while their friends stood there grumbling.


“Goodnight, we’ll see you all tomorrow, after you finish scrubbing toilets. Well, toodles!”Lily smirked again, and then ran up the stairs towards the Heads' rooms, laughing with James just behind her.





“This is all your fault, Padfoot,” Remus exclaimed grumbling.

“Aw, stop complaining Moony. It’s not like you’re the only one with detention,” replied Sirius.

“Well, if you hadn’t interrupted them so rudely, as Lily put it, they would’ve been a bit more lenient,” grumbled Alice and Katie. “Oh sod it.”


“Well at least they got together. We don’t have to listen to their screaming matches anymore.” said Peter.

“That I agree with," said Sirius, the others nodding in agreement.


Meanwhile Remus was chuckling quietly to himself.

“What’s so funny Moony?” asked Sirius.

“Well, can you imagine the look on everyone's faces when they find out that those two are together?”

“Oh yeah, that would be hilarious,” agreed Alice chuckling.


“You know, I heard that McGonagall, Dumbledore, Flitwick, and Sprout have a bet running about when Lily will finally agree to date James.”

Alice snorted, "Not just them as well, the ghosts too I think! I swear I heard the Fat Briar chortling about it to Nick." 

Remus sighed happily, "I can't wait for the explosions tomorrow"

“See, this was so worth getting detention,” Sirius added, then ciried out as his friends punched him on the arm.

"Thanks guys."



~ La fin! Well an edited one atleast. Tried make it sound less amateurish :P
Don't really think I succeeded though...

I loved writing this piece. I got the idea in my head a while ago and just got the chance to actually write. This is actually my first fanfic ever. I hope you like it. Please give me constructive criticism. Tell me whether you liked it or not!


Your reviews will make my day!


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