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Introducing Nymphadora Tonks by ekroman
Chapter 1 : Introducing Nymphadora Tonks
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize as JK Rowlings.


Nymphadora Tonks had just finished a letter for her parents, when the door of her newfound Huf­flepuff dormitory burst open, revealing the other Hufflepuff first year girls. Her hair turned the piercing blue that signalled shock. That was one of the more unfortunate things of being a Meta­morphmagus. If people knew you well enough, they could read your emotions in a heartbeat. Nym­phadora just hoped that she wouldn’t do anything to embarrassing, since that particular yellow col­our didn’t match very nice with her favourite bright purple eyes. She closed her eyes tightly, not acknowledging her three dorm mates, who continued to stare. Using the window as a mirror, she quickly adjusted the now pink hair to just the right tone. Bubblegum. When she had adjusted her eyes to a darker tone of purple, she turned to the three girls in the doorway. A couple of minutes went by in complete silence, before anyone said anything.

“Yes?” Nymphadora said in a cheery tone “can I help you?” She knew full well why the girls were staring at her, but she wanted them to ask. Where’s the fun if you can’t tease people once in a while.

Another minute passed by, before the tallest of the three opened her mouth. “I-I’m Evelyn Star. This is Alexandra Montenegro” she pointed to a Mexican looking girl “and Kate Serrington.”

“Oh, hi. I’m Nymphadora Tonks, but nobody in their right mind calls me Nymphadora. I prefer Dora or just Tonks.” Tonks blabbered, before realising that Evelyn’s dark blue eyes still were glued to the bubblegum pink spikes on her head. She watched amused for a while, before deciding to help her a little. “May I ask what it is about my hair that you find so intriguing?” she asked in a fake se­rious voice. This was her favourite part.

“It-It’s pi-pink” she finally managed to splutter out, after what looked like a major internal battle.

“Well yeah” Nymphadora said in a slow manner “and your hair is black.”

“But it was blue just a minute ago. And at the feast it was auburn” the girl named Kate said, stating the obvious.


“Yeah, how do you do that?” the Mexican girl said, finally speaking up.

 “Well I’m a Metamorphmagus. I can change my appearance at will.”


“Wow, that’s so cool! Can you teach us?” Alexandra said her brown eyes wide with excitement.”


“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I was born this way.”


 “Awesome” Evelyn said sitting down on the bed next to Tonks’ “what else can you do?”


Tonks beamed at her new friends and closed her eyes tightly. When she opened them again they were midnight black and her hair had changed to a yellow colour, which matched her Hufflepuff tie. She liked this yellow much more than the ‘I’m embarrassed’ yellow her hair would turn, when she tripped or said something stupid. Then the grabbed a strand of hair and tucked on it, until it reached her shoulders. To put a finishing touch on her new Hufflepuff look, she made black streaks appear in between all the bright yellow hair.

 5 minutes later the other three girls were still gaping at her. Tonks decided to break the silence with a question of her own. “So who are you girls?” She couldn’t help but giggle at the face Kate made at the sudden noise. She looked like a fish, who had been confunded or obliviated. Rather clueless actually. Finally Alexandra spoke up.


“Well, I’m Alexandra Maria Montenegro. I was born September 4th, 1972, meaning I’m the oldest first year according to Professor Dumbledore. I have two younger siblings called Ana and Mario, and live with my English mother and Mexican father just south of London. I am a half blood, since my father is a Muggle and my mother a half blood witch. I enjoy sunny weather, love chocolate and HATE spiders.” She smiled and looked over at Evelyn who continued.

 “I’m Evelyn Nellie Star, younger sister of Ravenclaw Daniel Star and Hufflepuff Indigo Star. I also have a younger sister called Sophie Star. I was born June 13th 1973 in northern London to Michael and Leslie Star. Both are purebloods, so I am as well. I enjoy singing in the rain, love to dance and am rather fond of Muggle music. That pretty much sums me up. What about you Kate?” Looking around at the other three, Kate spoke in a quiet voice.


“I’m Kate Serrington. Nothing more and nothing less. I am an only child, born April 9th 1973 to Muggles Layla and Neil Serrington, making me a Muggleborn. I like to read fantasy, love to sing and hate mean people.” When she had finished, she looked over at Dora together with Evelyn and Alexandra. She cleared her throat and began.

“Nymphadora Tonks, born February 2nd to Muggleborn Ted Tonks and pureblood Andromeda Tonks née Black. I enjo-.

“A Black married a MUGGLEBORN?” cried Evelyn with nothing but surprise evident in her voice.

“Yeah, I know” said Tonks “not heard of very often, huh? My mother was of course disowned right away, but she never really cared much about her family anyway. But to get back to me, I enjoy Muggle comics, love to prank people, using my metamorphing abilities and HATE my first name. I am also very easy to read once you get to know me, since my hair shows my moods and emotions. The blue you saw when you surprised me proves me shocked, while it turns a rather nasty shade of yellow when I’m embarrassed. Unfortunately that tends to happen quite often, since I’m extremely clumsy and trips over everything. Visible and invisible stuff alike.”


They continued to talk about themselves and their families, and as the questions again turned to Tonks’ parents, and whether she would tell the other three the story, she only had one comment left for her new best friends.


“Well Kate, Evelyn, Alexandra. It’s good we have seven years.”

And so the story unfolds.


Thank you very much for reading. It means the world to me! Please leave a review, if you have any corrections or comments. Or if you simply wants to tell me what you thought about it :) Hugs from ekroman 

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