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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 50 : Why So Sirius?
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Chapter 50

It was nearing the end of October and Mattie had almost got her full strength back. As Mattie’s belly had grown over the last month, Lily had had to get Mathilda to put up a protective bubble on the inside of the skin on her stomach so that her cursed scar wouldn’t open as the baby grew.

The sun started to rise as Mattie lay on her back, her singlet pulled up just above her growing belly. Mattie propped herself up against her pillows. Fred yawned as he woke having felt his wife’s movements. He ran a hand over Mathilda’s tummy, rubbing back and forth before reaching up and kissing her lips passionately. Fred moved his hand to her side marvelling in the softness of her skin.


‘God, I’m hungry!’ Mattie said pulling a face before sitting up. She stretched from where she sat on the side of the bed before standing and turning to smile, amused at Fred who leaned back sighing. Mattie pulled off her singlet before walking into the walk-in robe and grabbing a large, white wool jumper that would cover her bottom. She tugged it over her head before yanking on a set of thick black tights. She pulled on her ugg boots before going back over to the bed, kissing her husband before flouncing from the room, her long hair flying out behind her.


‘Morning Lil,’ Mattie said as she took a now nine month old Myles from Lily who was trying to slip Claudia into her walker which was set on the kitchen floor. Mattie lifted the baby boy above her head pulling his jumper and singlet up with her thumbs before blowing raspberries on his stomach. ‘Have you heard anything from Harry lately?’


‘No,’ Lily said mournfully, worry filling her eyes as she heated two bowls of baby food.


‘He’ll be fine, Lil. He’s bloody stubborn when he wants to be and he doesn’t give up,’ Mattie said as she placed Myles in the walker by his sister.


‘I know. It’s just he’s my baby boy and I wish that I could do the things he has to do for him.’


‘So do I.’ Lily smiled at her softly before magically charming the spoons to feed her babies themselves.


‘Breakfast, Miss?’ Sappy asked kindly, ‘Sorry I is late.’


‘That’s fine, Sappy. Take your time. But yes breakfast would be nice,’ Lily said, smiling at the house elf. ‘What are you doing?’ Lily asked laughing as Mattie came out of the vast cupboard with a handful of muggle beef jerky.


‘I’m hungry!’ Mattie said indignantly, beaming before leaving the kitchen shouting to tell her when the food was ready. Mattie walked through the large house, remembering the first time she had been there when a six year old Harry had fallen down the stairs. She smiled at the thought of her god brother, before shaking her head. She found it easier to try not to think of Harry to much otherwise the guilt over letting him go by himself to find a way to end Voldemort overtook her.


Mathilda walked down the hall that was hardly used by anyone else but her and turned into another hall that was lined with James’ relatives. She smiled as they bid her a good morning and continued to the end before descending down a small spiral staircase. All the halls and staircases in the Potter Manor were lined with carpet; however a few of the smaller sets of stairs such as this one were not. She stepped off the last step before walking down another corridor, until she reached her destination. Mattie breathed in the smell of the room as she closed the door behind her.


It was by far her favourite room in the whole house which had numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, its own potions room, two offices, a large kitchen, a large library full of wizarding books, a few large living room like rooms and a few rooms that were magically sealed off; that could only be entered if the person entering had Potter blood.


This room however was a smaller library that was full of muggle picture books, novels and any other sort of book you could think of. The thing Mattie found amusing was that although it was the smaller library it was two times the size of Gryffindor common room. The walls were lined with shelves that went to the roof so you had to use magic or the ladder to reach the higher shelves. Mattie found the room when she was younger and exploring and loved the ladder that rolled against the shelves. There was a large window that’s panes were shelves that held papers and such, which looked out onto the large garden at the back of the house with a window seat. There were chairs throughout the room and a chess table and large book stand in the centre with a thick old book of quotes from brilliant authors that had been put together by Emma Potter, to be added to by her family. Off to the side was a muggle record player that sat alongside shelves of records. In one of the corners was a small table that had a lift up lid to protect the many muggle pencils, textas’ and crayons that the table held to be used on the stack of colouring and activity books and multi coloured paper.


But for Mattie the cherry on the cake was her white baby grand piano that James had brought from her home. Mattie felt at home in this room and spent majority of her time reading or playing. She loved how although Emma Potter had been pureblood she had taken the time to create a room in her wizarding home that was full of muggle things. Mattie wasn’t sure whether it was growing up with Lily or her half-blood nature that drew her to the novels and music she loved, though she knew she had been introduced to a lot of it through her mother’s diaries and other possessions or her godmother.


Mattie sat down at her piano and pulled her hair back into a ponytail before she started to play Red by Daniel Merriweather. Her long fingers glided over the keys as she closed her eyes, lost in the music. Instead of stopping as the song ended she picked up a new rhythm, still slow and started to play on instinct. Mattie was so lost that she didn’t hear the knock at the door. Remus walked in with Georgia who was nearly two grasping his hand as though he were the air that she breathed.


‘Matt!’ Georgia cried loudly, beaming. Mattie stopped suddenly turning and smiling at her goddaughter and the man who was like an uncle to her.


‘We were sent to tell you breakfast is ready,’ Remus said as his daughter walked over to Mattie who pulled her onto her lap. Georgia pointed happily down to her black pants and the thick woolly red jumper.


‘Beautiful, G,’ Mattie said as she stood up setting the little girl down and taking her hand. Georgia leaned up and kissed Mattie’s tiny bump protruding from her stomach before looking up at the older girl whose blue eyes shone. ‘How’d you know where I was?’


‘Your dad cast the spell on your piano remember? So that whenever you played the whole house could hear it,’ Remus said smiling as Mattie nodded. ‘Plus you’re always in here.’


‘True,’ Mattie said starting to walk to the door. Remus was concerned, you could tell just in how he held himself; concerned for the growing war but also his six month pregnant wife who had just learned of her father’s death. Tonks had just returned from her mother’s where she had been staying for the last few weeks to be there for her mother. Georgia took her dad’s hand, still holding her godmothers and skipped through the halls to the large dining room where everyone was seated, eating.


After breakfast Mattie made her way to the potions room to make up a batch of strengthening and pain relief potion. She was in the process of making the strengthening potion when Fred came in, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and kissing her neck.


‘Fred, stop! If I mess this up I might go all weak and you’ll have to carry me around again,’ Mattie said raising the shoulder closest to his lips.


‘I don’t mind,’ Fred muttered holding her tightly.


‘Fred.’ Mattie said as he spun her around to face him, kissing her tenderly. Mattie had been surprised at been turned around and had dropped in too much of an ingredient causing the potion to explode. Fred and Mattie lost their footing and fell to the floor. They separated looking at each other before they both burst out laughing. When Sirius barged into the room having heard the explosion from the nearby office he found his daughter and son-in-law rolling around on the floor in absolute hysterics. Sirius shook his head laughing as he left the room. Mattie breathed deeply as her laughter ceased. She sat up and looked down at Fred as she ran a hand through her hair pulling it from her face. Fred stopped laughing at looked up at Mattie before he reached up and pulled her down to him. She wrapped her arms around him pulling herself closer to him as they kissed.




As time passed within the large home the younger kids became bored with everything that they were allowed to do. Of course been the childhood home of James Potter there was a large Quidditch pitch on the property which they used whenever they could to take the routine out of their lives. At times pairs left the house to get supplies from the muggle town about a mile away.


‘Dad, we want to go outside and play and not just out in the backyard,’ AJ whinged to his father who was playing chess with Sirius.


‘I know you do, mate but it isn’t safe for you.’


‘Can’t you do something with magic?’ James turned and looked at the little boy who so resembled himself without glasses. James looked at Sirius who was grinning with a twinkle in his eye.


‘I’ve got an idea,’ James said beaming before swinging his son up into his arms and wandering through the house and into the large backyard. He paused to the right of the large white arbour and looked back to find that everyone had followed him out, excited. Sirius and Remus came up on either side of him. They drew their wands and from the green grass that had covered the ground a large wooden playground grew. It had a large rock climbing wall that had water running down and a bungee jump next to the beginning of what looked like a child’s version of a rollercoaster. One end was a water part while the other was dry with the normal things muggles have on children’s playground with an advanced magical twist to them.


The Weasley twins came forward having caught on and added two large slides to the mix of smaller slides; one wet, one dry that twisted throughout the other equipment that made up the playground. It was huge, big enough for adults to fit comfortably within the framework. Mattie beamed trying to calm her excited brother before she raised her right hand and on the water side formed a large bucket that would fill with water and then tip and cover anyone below before creating a swing set that had baby seats and older seats hanging from the metal. James pointed his wand again this time created a large climbing frame made out of ropes. Sirius chuckled before waving his wand. A board appeared at the top of the frame and a piece of wire went the top of the pole to the other end of the playground over a large pool where most of the slides ended up; a flying fox.


‘So Sirius,’ Terra said smiling at the back of her husband.


James flicked his wrist and conjured a rope with a foot hold, attached to the wire and creating a seasonal bubble over the playground so it would always be the perfect temperature.


Remus smiled at the creation before conjuring a flag to sit at the very top of the playground, between the water and dry sides. The flag was the Gryffindor colours but with a symbol for each family in their own triangle that made up the rectangle. A broomstick with Potter on the handle, with green and brown ribbons twisted around it and a lightening bolt connected to one end of the broom while the other end was touched by a set of antlers belonging to a white stag. A honey coloured wand with blue sparks flying from the tip and the Black name on the handle; with the four seasons surrounding it; an orange leaf, a dark cloud in the shape of a large black dog, a bright yellow sun and a white lily. A large book open to a page of a children’s story about the face in the moon with Lupin along the top of the moon with a realm of colours surrounding it of different shapes and sizes; twirls and patterns. A large firework of a range of reds, exploding held the Weasley name with a set of bludgers to the top right with a clock below it; a similar replica of the Weasley’s magic clock and a dragon to left above a pyramid.


Jonah and AJ ran forward one heading for the climbing frame while the other went up the climbing wall. Fred and George glanced at one another, wickedly pleased before heading towards the water slides. A five month pregnant Mattie made sure her protective bubble was up and strong before taking Georgia’s hand and heading towards the swings. Lily, Molly, Terra and Tonks made their way to the little kiddie’s pool with Myles and Claudia. Molly watched while Terra, Tonks and Lily sat in the cool water playing with the growing twins. James, Sirius, Remus and Mr Weasley joined in without protest. After a couple of hours they all went in for dinner still not having done everything on the playground yet feeling happier than they had in a long time.


It wasn’t long before Jonah turned eight and Georgia turned two. It seemed strange that in the midst of a war things as simple as a birthday were celebrated just to introduce a sense of normality for the younger kids. Ginny came home for Christmas and everyone was relieved to see that except for a few cuts she was fine. Ginny didn’t return to school instead spending a lot of her time helping Mattie look after Georgia and the twins so their parents could have a bit of a break. They all tried to celebrate Christmas as best they could knowing loved ones were missing. Mattie was getting bigger and had to constantly make sure her protective bubble was up to stop her scar from reopening.




‘Hermione what are you doing?’ Harry asked looking at her curiously.


‘Trying to find where the sword could be. I’m starting to think we might have to go to your place.’


‘No. As much as I want to go home I cannot endanger my family.’


‘Harry, we’ll be careful, use the cloak and polyjuice potion. Nothing will happen to them, I promise. Besides they might not even be there.’ Harry’s green eyes exploded with realisation. He leapt up and rushed over to his bag pulling a hand held mirror out.


‘Aidan! AJ!’ Harry said loudly. He beamed when his little brother’s face appeared in the mirror.




‘Hey mate, I have to know if you guys are at home, it’s important?’


‘Nah we’re at the Manor. Why?’ AJ’s face suddenly looked stricken.


‘It’s ok, AJ. Ron, Hermione and I just have to do something at home soon. I have to go, but I’ll talk to you soon. Love you mate.’ And with that Harry disappeared from his brother’s view. AJ set the mirror down and ran from his room, ignoring Jonah. He ran down the stairs and into the living room running into his godfather.


‘Jeez AJ what’s the rush? I know its Christmas Eve but come on…’


‘Padfoot, I…Harry…’


‘Calm down, tell me what’s wrong slowly.’


‘Harry asked if we were home and said he, Ron and Hermione had to go home for something…’




‘He said soon.’


‘Ok, thanks buddy,’ Sirius said before turning and quickly heading to find his best friend.




Harry woke early the next morning his eyes stinging. He dressed quickly before going to wake Ron and Hermione. They dressed robotically before Hermione passed Harry a cup, which he drank begrudgingly. As he swallowed Hermione watched as his scar disappeared, his green eyes turning to brown, his dark hair changing to blonde. He looked at himself in a near by mirror and found himself to be a tanned looking teenage boy. He turned and saw that Hermione was no longer herself but a tall, slender auburn haired girl with bright green eyes. While Ron was a brown haired short looking boy with incredibly dark eyes that were almost black.


They quickly set about packing up, shrinking everything down to fit in their pockets.


‘Come on,’ Hermione said offering him her hand as he draped the invisibility cloak over them. He smiled to himself as he looked at his town, his eyes automatically zoning in on his house. They made their way towards the house, making sure to keep an eye and ear out for anything out of the normal.


Harry unlocked the charms on the house allowing them to enter before reinforcing them. He walked in, feeling warmth grow in the pit of his stomach at the familiarity of home. Ron and Hermione walked into the kitchen trying to find something substantial to eat while Harry stood in the centre of his living room.


He felt a poke in his shoulder and turned to find a great big stag looking at him with deep hazel eyes full of love. Harry turned slightly as a large black dog jumped around excitedly.


Harry looked back to where the stag had been moments before to find his father standing before him. James pulled Harry into a tight hug, simply holding the boy. Sirius changed into his human form and took his turn at hugging Harry.

It wasn’t long until Hermione came out with food and they all ate, enjoying being full. Harry couldn’t stop laughing as he enjoyed the simplicity of the moment where his father and godfather were by his side.


‘Harry, its Christmas Day, come and spend it with us,’ Sirius said as he ate.


‘I can’t. We only came here because AJ said you guys weren’t here.’


‘No one will know where you are. Come on, please,’ James said desperately.


‘I’m sorry dad,’ Harry got up taking the pile of empty plates into the kitchen. James got up following while Sirius stayed with Ron and Hermione.


‘Harry…’ Harry turned around to face James and James saw that his boy’s strong exterior was crumbling. ‘It’s ok; you have to do what you have to do. It’s just we all miss you,’ James said trying not to make his son feel guilty. Harry nodded before smiling and leading his dad back into the other room.


‘I have a question,’ Sirius said after downing a shot of firewhiskey with James. ‘What do you think Snivellus wear?’


‘Huh?’ Ron asked perplexed.


‘Boxers or briefs?’ Sirius said, pondering the idea. James and Ron burst out laughing while Hermione scowled and Harry looked sickened at the thought.


‘I don’t want to know,’ Harry said.


‘Well he has to wear something doesn’t he? Better yet what does Voldy wear? G-string I bet,’ Sirius said his last few words slightly slurred.


‘How much have you had to drink?’ Hermione asked.


‘We had a few toasts before we came,’ James said smiling. Sirius looked up as a protronus came through the window bouncing gently in the centre of the room.


‘Dinner’s nearly ready,’ Lily Potter’s voice said happily, though it seemed to be on the surface. James nodded before getting up while Sirius did the same.


‘Does mum know where you are?’


‘Nah we thought it better not to, just in case we didn’t see you and it got her hopes up,’ Harry nodded as his dad spoke.


‘Well you should go and enjoy the rest of the day with everyone,’ Harry said. James smiled before pulling out a bag and enlarging it. ‘What?’


‘Merry Christmas,’ James and Sirius said together.


‘Love you,’ James said hugging Harry.


‘I love you dad.’ Harry hugged Sirius tightly, ‘I love you, Padfoot.’


‘Love you mini Prongs,’ Sirius said resorting to his former nickname for his godson. The men transformed into their animals, the hazel eyed stag looked at Harry who quickly indicating for him to wait before summoning a quill and writing something down on a piece of parchment. He turned and placed it between his father’s teeth before whispering in his ear before he bounded from the house. Harry stood there unsure of what to feel, sadness at the sudden loss or happiness at having seen two important people.



James and Sirius returned to Potter Manor happier than when they had left. They changed into their human forms and glided into the dining room where everyone was eating. James walked past Ginny Weasley and subtly slipped the note into the pocket of her dress. As he sat down he thought it strange to have pockets in a dress but he knew he shouldn’t be surprised as the girls had started to make their own clothes to pass the time.


Ginny looked sideways at James Potter, whose son resembled him so much, and saw him in deep thought though he seemed more relaxed. She excused herself and walked quickly from the room. She sat on one of the lower steps of the main staircase and pulled out the folded piece of parchment.


Meet me at our place. Use floo to get to the house neighbouring my own.
Be careful.


Ginny felt her stomach twist in excitement. It was Harry. She would of recognised his handwriting anywhere. God she had missed him and here she sat with the possibility to be near him again.


‘That’s an interesting smile,’ George said leaning on the doorframe smirking at his sister knowingly.


‘Can you cover for me for a little while?’


‘Where are you going?’ Ginny past him the note and watched him read it before he nodded. He had been around his brother and Mathilda long enough to realise that if two people in love wanted to see one another they would find a way to do it. He also knew that Ginny was a Weasley and didn’t give up easily when it came down to what she wanted or cower away from danger.


‘Ok but be bloody careful, Gin or I’ll get into shit,’


‘Love you too, George.’ Ginny said standing and heading towards the living room before turning and hugging her brother. ‘Thanks, I’ll be home soon, promise.’ She skipped from the room and threw some floo powder into the fireplace, watching as green flames erupted before she stepped in speaking the address of the Black home clearly.


She smiled softly to herself as she appeared in the familiar house. She walked swiftly from the house, heading into the backyard. She walked through the back gate and onto the Quidditch pitch, memories flooding her mind. She ran across the pitch and into the surrounding trees, heading towards a makeshift bench hidden between the trunks of a circle of large trees. She looked at the empty seat, feeling slightly disappointed and suddenly nervous.


‘What if it’s a trap?’ She thought to herself. She spun around as she heard the snap of a branch, wand held aloft, and her grip on it tight. ‘Harry.’


There he was before her, his dark hair its usual mess, his green eyes blazing. His clothes were dirty but he looked so good. She ran at him and he caught her up in his arms.


They stood there for what seemed like forever, simply holding each other. He ran his hand through her thick red hair, breathing in her familiar scent, that he loved so much. And for the first time since Bill and Fleur’s wedding he felt safe. She pulled back looking into his face, her thumbs stroking the edge of his chin.


‘I’ve missed you,’ she said as Harry moved his gaze from her lips to her brown eyes.


‘You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hold you of late.’ At this Ginny wrapped her arms around him resting her head on his chest, holding him to close to her. He kissed the top of her head, causing her to look up, to find him looking down at her. He leant down until his lips met hers and Ginny felt the excited butterflies fill her stomach just as they had done the first time they had ever kissed.


‘I can’t stay long. Ron and Hermione think I’m sleeping and it’s not safe for you to be near me for too long.’


‘I don’t want to leave you again.’


‘It won’t be forever, just for a little while.’ But both knew that there was a very real possibility that they may never see each other again. Harry took Ginny’s hand and sat down on the makeshift bench, pulling her into his arms so that he was leaning against the trunk of a tree with Ginny in his grasp.


‘So how was Hogwarts while you were there?’


‘Different. It just wasn’t Hogwarts,’ Ginny said sadly.


‘It will be again one day.’ Harry rubbed her arms as he kissed the top of her head again. He felt great just been near her. They stayed in silence for a while until it was time to return to Ron and Hermione and Potter Manor. They slipped under Harry’s invisibility cloak and began walking. He paused at the gate at the gate connecting the two houses and waited. Ginny threw her arms around his neck and kissed him as she had never kissed him before.


‘I love you.’


‘I love you too,’ Harry said his eyes glued to hers.


‘You better come home to me.’


‘I’ll try,’ Ginny didn’t push for a different answer instead she just hugged him tightly before running into the Black house.


Harry felt a sharp pang as he watched her go but turned away, walking under the cloak back into his home. As he entered he found Hermione in a blind panic with Ron trying to talk sense into her. He instinctively pulled off the cloak and looked at his best friends. Hermione suddenly flew at him, hugging him before smacking him upside the head.




‘You’re lucky that’s all I did. I should hex you into next week, you scared us, we thought…we thought…’


‘I’m so sorry, I just needed some air.’ Hermione nodded softly understanding before changing the subject.


‘Now do you have any idea where the sword might be?’


‘We could ask Batty,’ Harry said.




‘Bathilda Bagshot, she lives a few houses down.’


‘As in the writer of Hogwarts; A history of magic, lives on your street?’


‘Yeah, she’s probably been lonely, not having anyone to talk to since my family left.’


‘Ok then, let’s go.’ And with that they set off down the familiar road.




Harry opened his eyes slowly, feeling the great effort it took wash over him.


‘Easy, Harry,’ Hermione said softly.


‘What happened?’


‘Voldemort came so we ran to your house and we were just through the front gate when he almost caught your arm, and cause he was so close you collapsed and your scar started bleeding again so we grabbed you and disapparated, just in time but he…’


‘He what?’


‘He blew up your house and Sirius’ was partially destroyed.’ Harry looked at her, his heart pounding in his chest. His home. His families home, destroyed.


‘We should send word to Dad and Sirius.’


‘Yeah we will, mate but you need to rest, we had to pull the Horcrux off your chest as it had sunk into your skin,’ Ron said pulling a disgusted face.


‘I’ll send word. You rest.’ Hermione said standing from her crouched position by his bed and walking gingerly from the tent.


‘It’ll be alright, mate.’ Harry didn’t reply, he remained looking up at the bunk above feeling angry. Twice his home had been destroyed by Voldemort and multiple times his family had almost been. He wanted to end it. He was going to finish this war of power and blood status. He was going to end Voldemort, he had to, he wanted to go home to his family.




James and Sirius had gone home to restore their homes to their original state with Remus and Arthur after receiving word from Hermione about what had happened after they had left on Christmas Day.


New Years Eve came quickly with a big party to bring in 1998. The large group at Potter Manor invited Bill and Fleur over and enjoyed the large amount of food and good company that came with it.


Karaoke started soon after dinner, with everyone who were all quite tipsy at that stage grabbing a turn with the microphone. Fred jumped up wiggling his eyebrows at his wife who snorted, been one of the only sober ones along with Ginny and Tonks, she would remember all of this. Fred started to sing ‘Born to be my baby,’ by Bon Jovi.


‘If we stand side by side, all night. There's a chance we'll get by, and it's alright. And I'll know that you'll be live, In my heart till the day that I die.’ He was enjoying the attention with his twin harmonising for him. He locked eyes with Mathilda and belted out the chorus;


‘Cause you were born to be my baby, And baby, I was made to be your man’ He twirled around happily, belting out the chorus as the song played, always making sure Mattie knew he was singing to her.


As Fred finished he jumped down off the make shift stage and hugged Mathilda tightly. He held her to him, running his hand down her side before his fingers gently made their way under her shirt, stroking her soft skin. He kissed her neck before smiling. The others watched on giggling, drunkenly as Fred whispered sweet nothings in his wife’s ear, making her flush sweetly.


As midnight came everyone paired off. Mattie looked at her husband and grabbed the front of his shirt pulling him forward.


‘Happy new years baby,’ Fred said kissing her running his hands down her back pulling her closer to him.


‘Wanna rub my back upstairs?’ Mattie asked looking at her husband raising her eyebrows. She turned around taking his hands from behind, leading him from the room. Mattie pulled his arms around her from behind as they left the room. Mattie twisted in his arms, knowing that she was 7 months pregnant but wanting Fred to be closer. Mattie slipped her hand behind his neck, pulling his face closer, her lips brushing his. Fred scooped her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs to their room. ‘I love you, Fred.’


‘I love you.’




‘I feel enormous!’ Mattie whined standing in the bathroom mirror rubbing her swollen seven and a half month pregnant belly. ‘I’m an elephant. No a hippo. Wait, what’s that really big fish?’ Mattie said looking at Fred who had been brushing his teeth. Tooth paste covered the mirror as he snorted turning to his wife.


‘You mean a whale?’


‘Yeah. I’m a whale!’ Fred wiped his mouth before running a hand along Mattie’s spine as he looked at her.


‘Mathead you are the size of a circus tent but I still think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.’ Mattie pouted trying to figure out whether she should be offended by the circus tent remark or comforted by the fact that he still loved her even if she was the size of a fully grown hump back whale.


‘You’re just saying that.’


‘No I mean it. You could be the size of a jumbo jet and I would still find you attractive. No wait even better you could be the size of a small city and I would still think you’re gorgeous. Or wait you could be the size of continent and I would still love you.’ Fred said laughing at how funny he thought he was.


Now normally this would amuse Mattie but this Mattie was full of pregnancy hormones and just looked at him sadly.


‘But how would we kiss?’


‘I guess I’d have to make out with the ground. Kiss the dirt.’ Mattie laughed shaking her head. ‘No wait I would have to nuzzle the grass. Lick a tree. Give a pyramid a hickey if you were Africa.’


‘Fred you said if I was the size of a continent not if I was one,’ Mattie said grinning. But it was too late Fred was on a roll listing what he would have to do. Mattie laughed shaking her head as she stripped off her underwear and climbed into the big bubble bath listening to her husband laugh at his own jokes as he left their room to find George no doubt. Mathilda ran a hand over her stomach, smiling as she felt the baby kick. She sunk into the water, submerging her whole body. Under the water she relaxed, her eyes closed, her long hair flowing out around her in the water. She came up and leaned back, magically drying her hands and summoning the book on her nightstand; Sisters in Sanity before drifting off into the book world, magically keeping the water warm.




It was the beginning of January and Mattie sat in the living room with Ginny, Fred, George, Georgia, Myles, Claudia, Jonah and AJ and Sirius, James and Mr Weasley while Tonks was in labour. The Potter twins and Georgia were asleep when the group were called in to meet the new member of the growing family.


‘G, sweetie time to wake up. You have to go meet your new brother of sister,’ Mattie said before taking the little girl’s hand and walking from the room. Mattie was so happy for Remus and Tonks because she couldn’t think of a man who deserved a family more than Remus and was incredibly close to her cousin. She squeezed Georgia’s hand as they entered her parent’s large bedroom. Georgia pulled herself onto her parents’ bed and snuggled in with her dad who was sitting beside his wife who was holding the tiny bundle. Remus ran a hand through his daughter’s light brown hair before speaking to both Georgia and the group.

‘We’ve decided to name him Teddy Remus Lupin, after Dora’s father,’ Remus said squeezing his wife’s shoulder as she smiled a mixed emotion smile. ‘And we would like to ask you Mattie to be godmother?’


‘You know even when you asked me for Georgia I didn’t understand why. There are so many other people in this room who would do such a better job.’


‘Matt,’ Tonks started, ‘our children will be loved and protected by many but to both Remus and I you are the perfect choice because we know that you would do anything for them and would know how to connect with them if something was to happen to us.’ Mattie smiled gently shaking her head.


‘I would love to be godmother to another one of your kids,’ Mattie said looking lovingly from Tonks to Remus to Georgia to the small baby in her cousin’s arms.


‘Baby brother?’ Georgia asked curiously pointing at Teddy.


‘Yes sweetie that’s your baby brother,’ Remus said stopping her from poking him.


‘Hair. Funny. Like me and Mummy!’ She squealed her own hair turning an electric blue like her brother’s. Everyone laughed before Sirius spoke.


‘Well Moony maybe the next one will be more like you. Normal,’ Sirius laughed at his own attempted joke while Remus tried not to grin as Tonks immaturely poked her tongue out at her cousin.


‘Why do you have to be so bloody Sirius?’ Tonks asked though a smile was peaking at the corner of her lips before she glanced back down at her son who now had green hair.


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