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Flirtatious Attraction by LunaLuver
Chapter 1 : Fire and Ice
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Hello my wonderful readers! Here I am again with another one-shot, I seem to be write quite a few of these don't I? This one is third in the companion series to 'Let the Game Begin', but as always its a stand along piece so you don't have to have read LtGB.

I'd like to dedicate this story to Theia Luna, fellow author and good to girl. It took me much too long to finally write this but I think you really will love it, at least I hope, and our very dear Valeria. ;) This is the best way I could ever say thank you for all the help you've given me with my writing and character development.



"Again! Merlin, how many times this week has that been?" Valeria Marcil exclaimed, although not really as surprised as she sounded, sitting down at the Gryffindor table for lunch. 


"Three." Draco volunteered with a smirk as he walked by. "It was an empty classroom on Tuesday, not a storage closet." He gave Hermione a quick kiss before strolling over to the Slytherin table and sitting next to the current subject at hand.


"I really don't know how you put up with him." Valeria sighed taking a sip of pumpkin juice as her, Ginny and Hermione watched Draco sit down and strike up a conversation with Blaise Zabini.


"Believe me, it's not always easy." Hermione sighed in agreement, before turning around to eat her stake and kidney pie.


Twirling a strand of brown hair around her fingers Valeria cocker her head to one side and studies the two Slytherins. One: The Sex God, happily taken with one of the best and smartest girls around, and slightly less arrogant and stuck up than he used to be.

Two: The Modern Casanova, the last remaining single male in Hogwarts seventh year population. And he was certainly making the most of it.


"I suppose his incredible body and.......other, talents do make up for it." Valeria added smirking, just as Harry and Ron sat down.


"Val!" Exclaimed Hermione, turning a deep shade of crimson.


"If you're talking about what I think you are," Ron glared, filling his plate with a heaping spoon full of roasted potatoes. "I insist you stop before I lose my appetite."


"Oh please," Snorted Ginny as she watched her brother continued to laden more food onto his already full plate. "Nothing could make you lose your appetite."


"Yeah well.....that's not really the point now is it." Ron countered defending himself. "Some things aren't appropriate for open discussions in the middle of the Great Hall."


"Says the guys who's always having a snog-fest with Lavender morning, noon and night." Hermione mumbled into her napkin.


"You know Ron, I hate to tell you this, really I do." said Val leaning over the table a little and looking at him with a sweet smile. "But it's high time you grew up and stopped being so bloody annoying. We all know you can act like a big boy, so you can talk like one too."


"So," Harry asked, cutting in before Ron could put his foot any farther into his mouth. "Did you girls hear about what happened with Zabini this morning?" 


"Only that McGonagall was the one who caught him, again." replied Ginny with a devilish smile. "Do you know what she did to him? Who was the girl?"


"Apparently McGonagall really lost it, said she wasn't running an inn for a bunch of hormonal teenagers, gave him a weeks worth of detentions. Polishing all the awards in the Trophy Room and cleaning the Hospital Wing . With out magic." Harry answered, looking thoroughly pleased that is wasn't him on the receiving end of his Head of House's wrath. "The girl was some fifth year Hufflepuff, I think."


"That's going to put quite the crimp in Zabini's social calendar." Valerie smirked devilishly. "Seriously though, there is no excuse for getting caught all the time." 


"You would know." Ginny said into her pumpkin juice.


"Could you pass the pudding please?" Valeria asked Hermione before addressing the out spoken red head to her right. "Yes I would, and lets be honest here, shame we mates? We've all snogged someone in an empty classroom or broom closet before, but have only gotten caught once. Then you learn to lock the door and cast a silencing charm." Pausing to take a bite of her chocolate pudding before adding. "The only reason Zabini lets himself get caught so many times is so the whole school knows how often he's gets laid."


"You know Valerie," interjected Harry grinning. "You and Zabini aren't all that different." Then add after seeing Valeria slowing turn her head towards him, raise one perfectly shaped brow with a look that said 'You had 5 seconds to rephrase.'  "I mean about your personalities and such. Not the getting laid part."  


"Quick thinkin' love." Ginny said winking at Harry. Who only gave her a small smiled and started talking to Ron about the next Quidditch match, which just so happened to be against Slytherin.


"Harry actually has a point." Hermione said cautiously, looking at Val who was looking back skeptically. " You and Zabini are like fire and ice, yet so alike at the same time. You're both great in school, love Quidditch - "


"He's on a house team and I'm not. Huge difference." Valeria counted, not liking where this was suddenly going. 


"- Always the life of the party," Hermione went on. "Hold the Hogwarts record for heartbreakers in each house, and are wonderful, loyal friends."


"Hermione my dear," Valeria said, putting a caring hand on her shoulder. "I think you've been spending way too much time down in the Slytherin common room. They've done things to you."  


"Not to mention you both can throw back shots like nobodies business." Ginny added beaming causing Val to bang her head down on the table, just barley missing the bowl of pudding. "Admit it, you've thought about how good the two of you could be together."


"I may or may not, have done what I did, or didn't do, only after a few too many Butterbeers one night." Valeria relented slightly, turning her heard towards Ginny but not taking it off the table. After ten years her friend knew her way too well. It's not like ever girl in Hogwarts hasn't looked over all the hot guys and fantasized about them. We're only human. Right?


"I'd be willing to bet he has too." continued Ginny, giving Val a tiny poke in the ribs. "In his own way."


"Yeah, because I'm the only seventh year girl, aside from you two, he hasn't been found snogging. " Valeria said standing up, placing both hands on her hips under her open black school robes. "You are not going to find me snogging his fine arse off anytime soon. That will only happen when elephants roost in trees. If you see one, let me know."


Without saying another word Valeria picked up her book bag, turned on her heel, and started walking towards the doors of the Great Hall. Something made her look towards the Slytherin table just then and she saw Blaise Zabini watching her intently. His chocolate eyes meet her amber ones, and he nodded his head in acknowledgement, all the while an obnoxiously charming smile playing across his lips. Two can play that game, Valerie thought before returning the nod with one of her own playful smirks.






"Hey Marcil, wait up!"


She was already up to the third floor when she heard Zabini calling her name. Turning around halfway and stopping, she saw him weaving through a group of second years, and by the looks on their tiny faces scaring them slightly.


"Zabini are you shooting for even more detentions then you already have?" Valeria asked, once Blaise got close enough to her. "McGonagall doesn't like it when older students scare the younglings."


"Oh no worries," Blaise Zabini shrugged with a crooked smirk, finally coming to a stop in front of her. " McGonagall's still down in the Hall, besides, they could use a little excitement in their dull little lives. Merlin knows we did by their age."


Pulling her book bag higher up her shoulder Val tipped her head to the side a bit before saying with a sarcastically sweet smile. "What can I do for you Zabini? Is there a reason you were chasing me down the hall, or did you just need the exercise?"


"I wasn't chasing," He scoffed knitting his eyebrows together. "Merely walking at a fast pace while politely asking you to wait." 


"Which brings me back to the 'why' part of the question." Val responded, knowing full well she wasn't going to find out what he was up to until he wanted her to. If she was lucky, she's have perhaps five seconds to make a break for it before he did whatever it was he had cooked up in that head of his.


"We both have Divination together, no since walking ten feet apart when we can walk there together now is there." Zabini said smoothly with a smile before indicating his hand in front of him for Valeria to lead the way.


"Well this is new, but alright I'll go with it." She said before walking down the long hallway at a strolling  pace. It was twenty minuets until they had to be up in the Divination tower, which had been the reason she left the Great Hall when she did. She fancied a nice walk through the castle, and for a certain conversation to end.


"I think this is the perfect time for new things." Zabini commented falling into step beside her.


"How so?" Val asked turning her head too look at him. She had to look up also because at 5'2'' every guy, unless he was a scrawny third year, was much tall then her. Most of the time Val lived in heels because she didn't like being shorter than everyone else, but seeing as all today was going to hold was classes and homework she had opted for a comfortable pair of mary janes. But right now, she would have killed to be in a pair of three in heels. Ok maybe not killed, but hexing wouldn't be out of the picture. Yes, she'd hex the next girl that walked by in tall shoes. Then return them latter with bar of dark chocolate.


"There's only a little over a month left of school. Time is flying by, if we don't start doing something different now we never will before we leave." Zabini answered looking back at her, and for once he wasn't smirking or joking or teasing. He was making a goo dpoint.


"For once," Val agreed with a nod. "You are right Zabini


"I'm right far more than just once, I'll have you know." Blaise defended.


"If you really wanted to do something different, Slytherine would beat Gryffindor in the Quidditch cup." smirked Valeria causing both of them to stop at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the next floor. Val was enjoying the look she received from Zabini perhaps a tad too much that she should have. 


"Of course," She added with a coy smile, the devil inside her just couldn't let this opportunity pass. "Having never beaten us in ten years, I'd say a snowball has a better chance in hell then you do of winning."


"Whoa now Marcil, that's hitting a bit below the belt." Blaise replied with a pointed look before sliding his book bag off his arm and letting fall to the floor with a thud.


Watching him as he leaned against the stone railing folded his arms, Valeria couldn't help but smile on the inside. It had been far too long since she'd had a good battle of the wits with anyone,( at least anyone who could keep up), and the perfect moment was staring her right in the face. Just too perfect to pass up, and it felt so bloody good.


Lowing her eyes for dramatic effect, then bring them back up to look directly into Zabini's chocolate orbs, Valeria said with a gleam in her eyes. "Perhaps, but seeing as that part of your anatomy gets so much  action already, I don't think a little more will hurt."


"Damn Marcil," Blaise said after a minuet of complete silence when he just looked at her. And her at him. A smirk was starting to gracing his lips, which was curving up into a crooked smile. "I knew you were a fierce little witch with a bloody hot temper, but I never knew how much until now."


"One of my finest qualities." Val replied, nonchalantly inspecting her perfectly manicured red nails. "So I've been told."


"Well," Blaise said smoothly, pushing himself off the railing and slowly walking forward. "I don't who told you that, but I have to agree."


Standing her ground Valerie caught the change in Blaise's eyes. They went from amusing and playful, to sultry and seductive in a heart beat. Or better described, the amount of time it took for Valerie's heart to skip a beat. As much as she wanted to fight it, to not feel what she sudden felt rushing through her body, she simply couldn't. Anyone looking into those gorgeous brown eyes which where boring into hers simply could not resist. 


"Is that so." Valeria asked trying to sound normal but failing miserably as her voice raised an octave.


Blaise took one more step closing the distance between them to less than two feet. "You're cute when you get flustered."


"I am NOT flustered." Valerie snapped, her eyes flashed with a dangerous glint, as she stood her full high.


"And you're really hot when you get mad." Blaise laughed.


Valeria was putting together a sarcastic, well aimed verbal blow to wipe that unbelievably seductive smile off Zabini's devilishly handsome face, when he closed the space between them, leaned down and captured her lips.


She was taken aback for a second, hardly registering what was happening. But once she did, she started kissing him back just as fiercely, bringing one arm around his neck where she started running her fingers through his thick hair. Her other arm was around his waist, resting on the top hem of his trousers.


Blaise Zabini was the sweetest, most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Valeria thought as his tong began to trace her bottom lip, begging for entry, yet not demanding it. She happy granted him his request, parting her lips ever so slightly.   


Hell with divination, Blaise thought briefly, as his tong meet hers and the battle for dominance of the kiss began.


With one hand in her hair and the other on her hip, pulling their bodies as close as possible, he started to slowly walk them backwards until Valerie's back hit the stone wall and she gasped in surprise. Blaise went from her lips to trailing kissing down her neck, unbuttoning the top two buttons of her blouse as he did.



A burning passion was starting to grow in Valeria as she tilted her head to the side, allowing Blaise better access to her now fully exposed neck. His one hand was still in her hair but the other had traviled down her hip to the bottom of her skirt and was resting on her thigh. 


This is most definitely not what she thought would happen while walking to class today. But she wasn't complaining, now was she.  


Sure, Zabini is a damn hot player who loves them and leaves them. He's also too much a gentleman not to level the playing field and tell a girl point blank what he had in mind. And in this case, she was that girl. 


"Why?" Valeria asked trying to get her breathing under control, and placing both hands firmly on his chest, pushing him back a little so he couldn't attack her lips, or neck, again.

"Why what?" He asked pulling his head back reluctantly so he could look at her properly, but he didn't remove his hands from their current positions.


"Why are you doing this? Why now?" Valerie challenged. "And don't say because it's time for something new."


Blaise didn't answer at first, instead he turned his head and looked down the empty hallway for a full half a minuet,  before turning back with such an intense stare Valerie didn't know what to make of it at first.


"Do you want me to be honest?" He ask, to which she gave a small nod.


"Because I've wanted to kiss you for a very long time," Blaise started. "And if I didn't do it now I probably wouldn't have gotten a better change at getting you alone."


"So I'm just another conquest." Val said, her features as unreadable as the stone wall she was still pressed against.


"You have been a challenge." Blaise corrected with a smirk. "A right pain in the arse, who for some reason seems not to like me very much. But never a conquest."


"It's not you I don't like." Valerie stated. "It's your castle wide sexapades that annoy me. Just because you can have every girl doesn't mean the entire school should have to hear about it."


"There was a reason behind all those, ah...sexapades, as you put it." Blaise chuckle lightly, causing Val to raise her eyebrows in curiosity.


"At first it was for fun, amusement, but then I wanted to get your attention." Blaise explained. "And I knew it would, because we're too much alike for our own good. Opposites who aren't really opposite. Who've both seen the inside of a broom closet more than once and don't feel the need to apologize afterwards."


She couldn't think what to say after that because quite frankly she was a bit stunned. Shocked that he had just laid it all on the line not knowing what her response might be. Most guys wouldn't do that. So instead Valeria reached up and grabbed Blaise's tie, pulling his lips crashing down on her own.


They were quickly interrupted by the approaching sound of voices. Classes had just let out, causing them to pull apart.


"Sorry." Valerie whispered looking up through thick eyelashes. She hadn't meant to start a second sudden snog fest just then, but hey again, who could resisted after hearing what he said? 


"Don't be." Blaise grinned, stepping back and taking her hand before pulling her after him. "Come on, I know a better place we can go."









"I don't get it." Ginny was saying, walking down the corridor with Harry, Hermione and Draco. They had all just from a grueling double potions. "Why would they just leave their book bags lying at the bottom of the stairs for anyone to take?"


She was carrying Valerie's bag, staring at it like it would suddenly answer her question. Draco had Blaise's bag slung over his shoulder.


"Maybe they started hexing each other and went somewhere so they could continue without a professor interrupting them." Draco suggested, half joking.


"That isn't funny!" Hermione scolded, not bothering to turn around and look at Draco. They were behind the girls and she didn't want to see they amused looks they both no doubt had. At least Ron wasn't with them. "If that's what happen, Blaise will probably wind up in the Hospital Wing. Val knows some pretty nasty hexes that you do not want to be on the receiving end of."


"Hey guys, do you hear that?" Harry asked, causing everyone to stop talking and listen.


A faint banging sound was coming from somewhere up ahead of the group. Every once and a while a thud could be heard, like something was pounding on wood.


"It's coming from over here." Ginny said pointing to the right, leading Harry, Hermione and Draco down the corridor, then made a right into a short alcove area which had a tall door at the end. Coming to a stop before the door, all four listened in silence for a few seconds, then once again they heard several thuds.  


"Probably a Slytherin, locked some poor first year in there for a laugh."  Harry suggested eyeing the door.


"I resent that Potter." Draco replied leveling his cool gaze on Harry.


"I know." Harry responded, looking at Draco the same way he did him.


"Oh, I swear I'll take fifty points from the person who did that!" Hermione exclaimed pulling her wand from beneath robes. "Stand back." she said waving them behind her, to which they all took a could of steps back.


"Alohamora!"  Hermione said forcefully, pointing her wand directly at the brass handle.


The door immediately swung open and with two people, one giving a startled cry, came tumbling out of the storage room.


Valeria and Blaise landed on the floor in front of four very shocked looking friends. Blaise was on his back, hair disheveled, white shirt un-tucked from his trousers, entirely unbuttoned. Having since pushed herself up from being flatly on top on him, Valeria was now straddling Blaise, her pleated skirt hiked up revealing a fair amount of thigh and her red and gold tie was hanging loosely around her neck.


"Fancy meeting you here mate." Blaise said looking up at Draco with a cheeky grin, who along with Harry was laughing so hard he had to lean against the wall for support.


"Owl got your tongs ladies?" Valerie ask after she had stood up, extending a hand to Blaise helping him up as well. She then went on to calmly straighten her blouse, and shimmy down her skirt.


" two....door..." Hermione sputtered, trying to put a sentence together while looking bewildered between the two people she never thought she'd find snogging, and Merlin knew what else, together.


Ginny on the other hand had a look of smug victory on her smiling face. "Val dear, I thought you'd like to know; An elephant is roosting in a tree down by the lake. Quite the sight let me tell you."


Only Ginny Weasley would think to say that right now, Val mused with a smile. "Yes, I figured one had to be around here somewhere." Valeria happily answered walking over to Blaise, who had also put his clothes back in proper order. Wrapping an arm around Blaise's waist while he threw one over her shoulders she added. "After all, anything's possible at Hogwarts."


Fire and Ice. He was the fire and she was the ice. Or was it the other way around?





Disclaimer: The line 'When elephants roost in trees' is not mine, it belongs to the fabulous Scarlett O'Hara and her marvelous creator, Margaret Mitchell.

I am extremely anxious to hear what you think about this story, how you liked the characters and well ,everything. I've started to just love Blaise and writing him is such a fun. Please leave a review letting me know your thoughts, and thanks for reading. =)




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Flirtatious Attraction: Fire and Ice


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