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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 8 : This is Crazy
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A/N: Sorrry that this took forever to get up! This is saved to a weird computer, so its a pain to update it! But its here, soo enjoy! 


"Who did it?” Lily Potter questioned, finally starting to get a grip on what had occurred in the past few hours. Albus had died, James had stormed off in a hissy fight, and the entire school was being locked down until they could figure out who was responsible. It was a lot for a fourteen year old to take in at three in the morning, but now that it had all started to sink in that was the only question that she wanted answered.

“Excuse me?” McGonagall replied her eyes wide as though she was shocked that the girl had come up with such a questioned.

“I want to know who killed my brother.” The girl restated her voice clear of any emotion at all. Her mother put her arm around her daughter, rubbing her arm in hopes that it would help to comfort her. Lily only shrugged her off, wondering why they were all sitting around moping when there was a murderer running about.

“We have Aurors working on it this very minute.” The professor explained, hoping that it would be enough to keep the girl quiet. She didn’t think that it was right to be giving honest answers to someone who had to have been dealing with quite a few emotions.

“Do they have any suspects; anyone that they think did it?” Lily pressed, not willing to drop the issue so easily. Ginny looked down at her rather concerned, she’d never seen her daughter so keen on getting to know something before. This wasn’t just anything either, and she found the look in her daughter’s eyes almost frightening.

“Sweetie, why does it matter, just leave it to the Aurors, they’ll figure it all out.” Her mother soothed, hoping to pry her daughter away from the subject. She tried once again to run her arm, hoping that it would managed to do something for her, but Lily shook her mother off again. She refused to simply sit still when someone was walking around as though nothing had happened after killing her brother.

“Because it’s important mum.” Lily responded, clearly offended by the way they were treating her. She was nearing fifteen, not five, and she wasn’t just going to wait for everyone else to solve her problems for her. “There’s someone walking around and they just killed Albus-don’t you understand that? For all we know they could be about to kill someone else too!”

Ginny sighed, too emotionally exhausted to argue with her daughter about needing to stay out of such grown up affairs. If it had been the middle of the day and her son hadn’t just died she was sure that she could have been easier to come up with something to get her to leave it alone, but she could hardly even keep herself awake.

“Lils, I know it’s important…”

Lily rolled her eyes at her mother’s words, not wanting to deal with her going on about how it would all be taken care of. “Do they even have any suspects?” Lily prodded, wanting to know something about the case that was going on downstairs.

“Yes, they do.” The headmistress replied, causing Lily took look away from her mother. For the first time since she’d made her way into the office that night, the girl realized just how distraught the woman seemed over the night’s events. Sure, she hadn’t been related to Albus, but she’d lost a student and for all she knew it had been at the hands of another.

“Well who?” Lily added, hoping that her professor wasn’t just going to tease her with this newfound information. The older woman hesitated for a moment, trying to reason if sharing the information with a fourteen year old would be smart. There wasn’t much reason not too, especially seeing as it had been her brother, and she found herself caving and the words coming out of her mouth.

“They think it might have been Scorpius, but they haven’t made any formal accusations yet, so don’t go get ahead of yourself.” The woman explained, trying to read the expression on the face of the headstrong redhead. Rather than reacting how one would be expected to, the younger girl simply laughed.

“They think that Scorpius killed Albus?” Lily wondered, unsure how this could ever be possible. “I’m more likely to have killed my brother than he is-this-this is ridiculous!” The words tumbled from her mouth, and she found herself on her feet moments later. Sitting around wasn’t going to help her accomplish anything. She needed to be down there telling them why they had to be on crack.

“I-I am going down there myself. I am going down there and I am going to set them all straight out.” Lily announced, making her way out of the room before anyone could even think to stop her.


“I need to speak with my son.” Draco Malfoy announced, wondering how in the world he was going to sort this mess out. If it had been anybody but the Potter boy he knew that it would be simple to reason with the authority, but nothing was ever simple when it came to Scorpius.

“Of course sir.” The detective commented, knowing that there wasn’t much he could do to stop it from happening anyways. He took a few steps away from the couch that Scorpius was still seated on; going off to talk to one of the other investigators to try to figure out what was going on.

Draco stood before his son in silence for a moment, his hands placed on his temple. While he was still certain that his son hadn’t played a role in anything that had gone on, he sure had managed to make things complicated.

“I didn’t do it-I swear I just walked into the common room, and found him like that.” Scorpius muttered, unable to even look his father in the eye. Draco nodded, still not sure what he could even say to make any of this better.

“What did I tell you about getting involved with that Potter boy-I told you that it wasn’t going to get you anywhere.” Draco lectured, not caring that it was too late to do much good. “I know that you didn’t do it-but you sure managed to make this complicated, even in the best outcome people are still going to wonder.” He added with a sigh.

Scorpius studied his shoes for a moment, unable to even meet his father’s eyes. He was already certain that they were going to be filled with anger. He knew that he had never really been the son that his father wanted, not caring about the social ladder as much as he should, but he’d never truly done anything to make him be ashamed before. And even now it wasn’t as though he’d actually done anything.

“I didn’t think that this was going to happen-I-how was I supposed to know?” Scorpius muttered, still refusing to make eye contact with his father.

Draco sighed, and didn’t respond for several moments. As much as he hated himself for it, he realized that he was acting the way that his own father would have reacted if he’d been the one in this situation. His father had never had the best parenting skills, and Draco knew that he wasn’t going to accomplish much by lecturing the boy on what he could have done.

Besides, he knew that he couldn’t be mad at Scorp for this, not when it was clear that he’d had nothing to do with the death of the Potter boy. Patting his son on the shoulder for the first time in several years he tried to comfort him. It was almost awkward for him, but it wasn’t about him at the moment, it was about Scorpius who had to be out of his mind with worry.

“It’s okay-we’ll get it all figured out.” He responded, trying to figure out how he could possible accomplish that. “I’ve got some contacts that should be able to help us sort this all out.” Draco added, trying to give Scorp a reassuring look. Even if he hadn’t always been the best father, he supposed that it was never too late to start.

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