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This is My Story. by DobbysSock
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 Authors Note - Hello everybody, while reading a fanfic the other day, I was inspired to try my luck at a Sirius/OC ship. Now I won't be really working on this until I'm done with Everything's Changed, this is just the prologue. I'm not sure if I should really continue on this or not or if this would be a good idea for a story. Why don't you scroll on down and take a gander. Also thanks very much to !nkblot @ TDA for the chapter image :)  Also, thanks to the wonderful Mintleaf for being a great beta .

My name is Haley Carlson and this is the story of how I died.  You may be thinking, 'why would I want to hear a story that ends with death?' or 'Where's the happy ending?'. Well sorry to disappoint, but my story doesn't have a happy ending. Sure, there's no fairy tale ending, but it's certainly still worth telling. I'm going to go beyond the 'happily ever after', though I certainly see why stories normally end there. Not many people want to hear about how Cinderella realized marrying a guy she just met wasn't such a great idea, or how Ariel, who got married at sixteen and had a kid shortly after, realized she took on the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother before she could take on the responsibility of being an adult. If you're looking for an upside though, my story is full of friends, family and, quite literally, the love of my life; I'm one of the few people who can truly say that. He was the only guy I ever loved. Here's the kicker though! My relationship with him is what led me to my untimely death, but even if I could have another chance at life, I would fall in love with him all over again. The story I am about to tell you might not be one that brightens your day, but it is a real one.


This is the story of how I fell head over heels for Sirius Black and how it ended in my demise.


So you might be thinking that, just because I know about a couple of Muggle fairy tale princesses I must be a Muggle. Well hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. I’m a Mudblood and proud of it! Some people take the term as an insult, but not me. I went eleven years thinking I was odd, a freak even, but when that letter came in the mail, everything finally made sense. I'd led a pretty normal life, both my parents being non-magical, I was raised as a Muggle. Then the letter came for me, along with some man claiming that he was from a school called Hogwarts and I was a witch. At first we didn't believe him, I mean, who would? But eventually we accepted the truth and everything sort of just, clicked.

Until then I'd been your atypical eleven year old girl... well sort of. You see, I’m not that pretty; with long brown hair and blue eyes, I blend right into a crowd. I get my eyes from my dad; or at least, that’s what my mum says. My father died when I was six years old. He ended up getting really sick out of nowhere. Mum says the doctors did everything they could, but they just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately, I don’t really remember much from when he was alive and for some reason, there aren’t any pictures of him anywhere in the house. Mum remarried a couple years ago, she met a nice wizard in a bookstore and they hit it off right away. I must say, I certainly approve, he’s very nice to her and I can tell they really do love each other. With sandy brown hair and green eyes, my mum says she melted at the sight of him.

With me off at Hogwarts for most of the year, mum’s always been a bit over protective. During my first year at Hogwarts, I think she literally wrote me a letter a day, and let me tell you, reading and responding to all those letters can be really over-whelming.  Though lucky for me, she’s been quite distracted this last year. I’ve been blessed with a baby brother, Timothy. With sandy brown hair and green eyes, he is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen, looking exactly like my step-father.

But enough of my family life, I should tell you more about my school life. My best friend is the resplendent and magnificent, Miss Lily Evans. We met way back in first year, on the train to Hogwarts and immediately bonded over the fact that we both came from Muggle families. We were both sorted into Gryffindor, shared a dorm, and took all the same classes and as such became practically inseparable. We quickly made friends with all the girls in our dorm but the first person we really took to was Alice. Alice was a sweet girl with short black hair and dark eyes that always seemed to shimmer with joy. Alice was lucky enough to hit it off with Frank Longbottom in her fourth year and they’ve been together ever since.

At first I was a little upset, I mean, he did practically steal Alice away from us; but I ended up coming around. Frank was a great guy, being a fellow Gryffindor and all, and he and Alice just seemed right for each other. Lily, on the other hand was the unwilling corner of an awkward love triangle. She had Slytherin's Severus Snape and Gryffindor's very own poster boy, James Potter vying for her attention. If you ask me though, Potter was a real catch; jet black hair sticking out every which way and sparkling hazel eyes, every girl at Hogwarts followed him around like a lost puppy. He was part of the infamous gang, the Marauders. The group was made up of four boys, all in Gryffindor, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black.

Everyone knew that James absolutely fawned over Lily and had done so for as long as anyone could remember, but Remus and Sirius on the other hand, were open for any girl to try and win their hearts. Remus had taken a more sensible approach and turned down nearly every doting admirer but Sirius accepted dates every other week. Sirius Black completely adored the attention he received from the many girls at Hogwarts; if you could call anyone a player, it would be him. I’m almost certain he’s snogged half the girls in school by now.

I'd never really been one to date though. But then again, nobody had ever really asked me out. Well except for a few that weren't particularly attractive.  Oh, but don't get me wrong, I’m not a petty teenage girl, In fact I'm not even very picky at all, but I’m not really fond of boy’s who sweat constantly or tuck their pants into their socks. The thing was, nobody ever paid any attention to me. I was always surrounded by Lily and Alice and they were always surrounded by Frank and the Marauders’. It made social situations a little hectic and such that any guy who did show an interest in thought I was taken anyway!

My life was always normal and boring.

Well, until my seventh year of school.

That was the year he began to realise I was more than just Lily Evan’s best friend.

That was the year when he really noticed me.

Authors Note - Ok, so there it is.  Please take the time to review and let me know what you think. Pretty please.

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