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Magic in the Air by adorably cute
Chapter 1 : All That I Can Say Is Now It's Getting So Much Clearer
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A/N: Hello, everyone. New Story, New OC, with some favorite characters of mine. I hope everyone enjoys.

Disclaimer: I only own the OCs. JKR owns the rest.

thanks to !obsessed at TDA for the beautiful chapter image.


“Ohh, and popcorn!” Lily Potter grinned.

“Cotton candy!” Ginny Potter added.

Albus Potter rolled his eyes. “Anything else you two want to add to that mountain of food you plan to eat, or is cleaning out the stadium good?”

Ginny and Lily exchanged a look. “Nahh, we’re good.” They said in unison.

Harry Potter gave his wife and daughter a look. “We are here to see James, not to eat.”

“We can multitask.” Lily said hopefully.

“Alright, fine.” Ginny conceded. “We’ll come with you to get the food, if you don’t nag us about eating it all.” Harry agreed, so four Potters made their way to the concession area on the Main Concourse.

“This is so exciting!” Lily said, addressing her family. “James plays professional Quidditch. My brother plays for Puddlemere.”

“Youngest professional Seeker in over 25 years.” Ginny said with pride.

“Are you going to cry?” A grin spread across Albus’ face.

“No!” Ginny sniffled causing Albus to giggle. “Don’t laugh!”

Albus laughed. “I won’t Mum, promise.”He threw his arm around his mother’s shoulders.

“Uhh, hello, family?” Harry struggled under the magnitude of the food his family had requested, so each Potter took some and continued back to their seats.

The game was about to start and most everyone was in their seats, waiting for the names to be announced. Lily and Ginny led the way, with Albus and Harry trailing behind. “Hey, Dad, do you think that…” Lily turned around just in time to see a young woman go barreling into her father. “DAD!”

“Oh my Gosh, I am so sorry!” Upon closer inspection, she appeared to be in her late teens. Her light brown hair was obviously disheveled, her shirt twisted at an odd angle.

“No, no,” Harry rushed to say. “Are you ok?” The girl looked up at them and Albus’ jaw dropped.

“Honey, are you alright?” Ginny asked walking back to stand with her husband. Lily Potter followed her mother, now understanding why her brother’s jaw had dropped.

Standing in front of them in all her glory was Kyler Fontana. At 17, Kyler was quickly becoming one of the wizarding world’s most renowned models. Long, toned legs, gorgeous body and curves in all the right places made the body Wizard Men’s Magazine called ‘sexily exquisite’, while her bright blue eyes and dimple gave her the sweet southern American girl-next-door appearance.

Harry ignored his wife and instead focused on the girl in front of him, repeating his question. “Is everything ok?”

“Yes, thank you.” Kyler looked up at them. “I am so sorry about bumping into you like that. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Nonsense,” Ginny waved her offer away. “Dear, you look like you’ve been crying; is there something we can do for you?”

“No, thank you.” Kyler said. “I just called everything off with a guy I’ve been seeing and he didn’t take it well. I’ll be fine, thank you.”

And with that, she ducked her head, using her right hand to hide the dimple on her right cheek that had become something of a trademark.

Albus smirked. “We just met Kyler Fontana.” He paused. “Oh, wait until I tell everyone.”

Ginny smacked the back of his head. “You will not say anything. You don’t like it when people talk about you; she probably doesn’t want people talking about her, especially not when she’s so upset like that.”

“Yeah, what do you think was wrong?” Lily’s brown eyes widened.

Harry cut his family’s discussion off. “It is none of our business what was wrong, she would have told us if there was a problem. Let’s go back to our seats and do what we came here for.”

James Potter was in a great mood. High off the victory from the game the day before, he awoke on his first day back to Hogwarts around 9. With the flick of his wand, his trunk was packed, so he dressed himself in jeans, a t-shirt, and a zip-up hoodie, before heading down to the kitchen and watching amusedly as his siblings rushed around to locate their things.

The Potter’s made it to King’s Cross Station Platform 9 ¾ by 10:30. The children stored their trunks on the train before meeting up with their extended family and then running off to find their friends.

James followed his cousins Fred and Dominique Weasley to where their mutual friends were standing.

The Seventh Year Gryffindors were famous for being a tight knit group. They were known throughout the school for being some of the best and brightest seen at Hogwarts in years. They were popular and good-looking, each with their own claim to fame.

James was the sensation Seeker. He had made the house team in his first year and helped lead the Gryffindors to six consecutive Quidditch championships. As captain for his third year, James was prepared to make it seven for seven. Messy brown hair and mischievous blue eyes, James was tall, dark, and handsome, never without a date or girl.

Fred Weasley was the funny guy. He had been making jokes since he could talk. Fred was the one who was always there to make you laugh during hard times. Like his father, he was a beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, since his third year. Dark hair, dark eyes, deeply tanned skin, Fred was without a girl about as often as James was.

Dominique was the spunky one. She always had something to say and someone to say it to. She was one who plotted revenge and the leader of confrontation. Blonde haired blue eyed Dominique attracted guys of all ages, which her cousins greatly disliked.

Noah Farrell was the girly-girl, shopping obsessed, fashion expert of the group. The gifts she gave as birthday presents always included some piece of clothing that was perfect for its recipient and a style guide of what was acceptable to wear it with. She was trendy and gorgeous, constantly turning heads with her gorgeous auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Veronica “Vern” Longbottom was the nice one. There wasn’t a person she met that she didn’t like. She looked for the good in everyone, always managing to find something, even when no one else could. Her friendly nature, dark locks of hair, and sparkling brown eyes brought guys running, but she only had eyes for one guy: her best friend Fred Weasley.

Chase Thomas was the troublemaker of the group. Now that’s not to say that the others weren’t; Chase just did it better. He’s cocky and confident; traits that have girls fawning over him as often as his friends. The dark hair and green eyes didn’t hurt either.

Brody McCrae was thee smart one. And by smart, we mean genius. With an IQ higher than most of the Ravenclaws, it was the running joke that Brody bribed the hat to place him in Gryffindor. It wasn’t the case; besides being brainy, he was fiercely noble and loyal. The only blond of the guys, Brody’s been batting his pretty brown eyes at Noah for years; now if only she would notice.

Vince Mariner was the teddy bear of the group. Nice guy, liked by everyone, absolute sweetest guy you’d ever meet. He was the shoulder to cry on, the guy everyone went to for advice. Brown hair and blue eyes, Vince never had trouble attracting a girl, just like his friends.

Vern was the first to reach the three. She attacked all three of them in hugs grabbing Dom’s hand and pulling her into the circle. After that, everything was free reign. Noah was hugging everyone and Vince was lifting the girls off the ground in huge bear hugs and soon enough they were being herded on the train.

Hours of talking, laughter, and eating had the group feeling like they had never been apart. Around 5:00, Dom, Noah, and Vern left to change into their uniforms; with only Noah and Vern returning.

“Where’s Dom?” Fred asked.

“Tommy Odland.” Vern replied. The boys nodded; Dom’s summer fling Tommy Odland had fallen a little too far. They were sure after this last snog session, Dom would break his heart and move on.

The guys had changed while the girls were out, so James took this time to take a leaf from Dom’s book and get one last in before breaking it off with Chelsey.

It was on his way back (she was a crier; he couldn’t handle criers) that he accidentally stepped inside the wrong compartment.

“Oh,” He said, once realizing his friends didn’t habitat this compartment. “My bad, I’m sorry.”

The lone occupant of the compartment looked up at him and it took everything he had to keep his jaw from dropping. There was something familiar about her, but he honestly couldn’t remember ever meeting someone this beautiful.

Her light brown hair fell in loose waves past her shoulders. Captivating blue eyes locked with his as she looked up at him. “It’s alright. No harm, no foul.” She had that sweet southern accent he had only heard in Lily’s chick flicks.

His eyebrows rose. “No accusations about using my last name to get what I want and this being a pathetic attempt at flirting?”

She smiled, revealing her dimple and he instantly knew why she looked so familiar. “Well, I’ve never met you before; I have no comparison to your real attempts at flirting to compare this pathetic one.” She tilted her head to the side, still grinning.

James smirked. “We can change that Kyler Fontana.”

She stood up, holding her uniform in hand. His eyes travelled down her long legs before back up to her face, taking in the sprinkling of freckles across her nose. “Maybe next time James Potter.” She brushed past him, out of the compartment.

He leaned against the doorframe of the compartment, watching her walk away. “I’ll be holding you to that Kyler.”

“Yeah, well fuck you!” Kyler took a step to the left as a blonde slammed a compartment door shut. Her step left didn’t do anything as the blonde stepped right into her.

Both girls grabbed their foreheads, which were throbbing in pain. “Ahh, I’m so sorry.”

Kyler shook her head quickly, immediately regretting it. “No, it’s ok. Apparently in Britain I am a magnet for bumping into people.”

The blonde burst into laughter, finally taking her hand off her forehead. “Oh my god, you’re Kyler Fontana!”

Kyler took her hand off her forehead. “Yes, that’s me.”

The blonde smiled. “I’m Dom. Well, Dominique Weasley, but I don’t like Dominique, I just like Dom.”

Kyler smiled. “And that’s all?” She tired. Dom looks confused. “Never mind. So, um, I’m new here, obviously, and well, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go. Is there any way you could show me where I need to go now?”

Dom nodded. “Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” Blonde and brunette linked arms, turning heads as they made their way down the hall of the train. “So you and I will get a carriage and head up to the castle. Did your letter say something about where you’re supposed to go when you get to Hogwarts?”

Kyler nodded. “I’m supposed to meet Professor Longbottom in the Entrance Hall.”

“Wonderful.” Dom grabbed her arm and pulled her off the train and onto the first carriage. “Let’s move.”

“Where have you been?” Vern asked Dom as the blond slipped into her spot across from Vern.

“Helping a new girl.” Dom shrugged. Vern’s eyes narrowed as she went into a lecture about telling friends where you were going and being back when promised. She only stopped when James, Fred, and Chase arrived, because she had turned to lecture them.

She only stopped again when the headmistress, Professor McGonagall, called attention to the hall to begin the sorting. The sorting of the first years seemed to take longer than usual and Dom was practically asleep when Professor McGonagall announced the arrival of a new Seventh Year student and pleaded that students keep this as normal as possible.

And then all hell broke loose as Kyler Fontana entered the hall. Her walk down the aisle had girls whispering and glaring and boys in awestruck. As she sat on the stool, the entire hall was more silent than ever, waiting anxiously to see where the supermodel would go.

Finally, the Sorting Hat opened its mouth and announced. “GRYFFINDOR!”

The table burst into shouts of excitement as Kyler graciously placed the hat on the stool and made her way to the table. Her blue eyes scanned the table, easily locating Dom’s platinum blonde hair, and walking to where she sat.

Dom squealed, wrapping her arms around Kyler as the brunette squeezed in between her James. “Ahh, I knew you’d get in.”

“How?” Kyler laughed.

“Because…” Dom trailed off and her fellow Seventh Years stared, waiting for her to finish her sentence. “Whatever, you’re awesome; we’re awesome, it’s a perfect match.”

Kyler giggled. “I’m glad I’m here. The only two people I met were you two!” She looked over at James.

James snickered. “Well you’re good then.” He said. “You’ve met the best person at this school already.”

Kyler smirked. “Dom, why didn’t you tell me you were the best person at this school?” The group burst into loud laughter.

Chase snickered. “Oh yeah, you’ll fit in fine here.”

So there's chapter 1, just a bit of an introduction. Questions, comments, regular reviews?

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