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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 6 : A nice chat
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"Mia wake up your mother wants to take breakfast together in the Orange Room. Mia wake up." I threw my pillow at my father's voice and snuggled closer to my bed under the blankets. "Mia get up. Fine you sleep in but we are leaving soon and you know how upset this will make your mother..."

"Fine dad give me a few minutes to get ready." I really don't want to get up but dads right when mom wants us there then there we should be. I keep my eyes closed bracing myself for the bright light I take a deep breath and count to three and open my eyes. The room is dark. My pillow is on the bed. Dad isn't here. I get up and open my curtains, but the night is still dark. I stand there for maybe ten minutes before I fall down silently crying. My father isn't here nor is he waiting with my mother in the Orange Room. He is dead and so is she.

I turn on my lamp and get dressed in my workout clothes maybe jogging will help me this morning. I open the door onto my balcony, and climb down my tree. I take off knowing that I should have left a note in case something happens, or DFS shows up, but its only 3 A.M. and my staff doesn't get up till four. I decide to run the forest trails. I miss my early morning runs during school. They help me relax and get ready for the day. In a muggle school I may have tried out for a cross country team or track. Instead Hogwarts only offers sports where you fly on brooms. I can't believe that people trust those little pieces of wood.

I keep running until i could see the sun through the trees I believe that the time was a bit before five and I started to return home. I made up my mind during my run that Mr. Johnson was right I needed to be adopted. I needed someone that was in the order. Preferably someone that I knew and someone that I could trust with my estates not to touch them. It couldn't be Molly because she had way to many to watch over even if she may suggest otherwise. It couldn't be Mundungus because he was a thief. Moody was well not really a family man. Snape had to deal with old Voldie who might indeed wonder who I was and try to check up on the poor little muggleborn orphan of his favorite death eater. Dumbledore has way to much to look over plus he is way to old in both worlds to be a father. Remus wouldn't be excepted by the government because he is a werewolf. Kingsley well I find him very boring. Tonks wouldn't work because the muggles think that we don't know each other. This leaves Poppy and Minerva, or well Victor's dad. No definitely not him. Maybe Dumbledore will know someone else that can adopt me.

By this time I had arrived home. I climbed back into my room and changed back into something that would fit what I needed to do today. Confront DFS so they would understand that I didn't want nor need their involvement. I found the Professor in the dinning room, I am afraid that I may have forgotten that he was here. "Mr. Snape I am afraid that we need to contact Albus. I have decided to be adopted instead of keeping you as my Guardian. I understand the kind of position that this puts me in but I really can't say that I can find a different solution."

"Of course Ms. Granger I understand that it may seem difficult having to listen to me but I can assure you that you are in no danger of having me try to do anything to interfere with your life. Also we could just have the lawyer make me you real guardian until you are of age. We could even have him write it into the agreement that I can't touch your estates without regards to your schooling and or wellbeing. I am not sure that you understand who might be able to adopt you if you open that door."

"Professor I understand which is why i do not plan to open it until I have found a suitable person. Also I understand that you wouldn't touch anything but with your position with Him I do not believe that being your adopted child would be safe." The silence that hung in the air seemed deafening. I should have known better than to keep bringing that up. "Anyway" I say more to break the silence rather than to change the subject. "We need to go back to the school and contact dfs and Dumbledore."

We spoke no more on the subject. I called my staff and had my housekeeper arrange for transportation back to the school. The Professor and I spoke no more until we reached the Headmasters office. Albus made me feel safer. I missed him while I was away even though it was for a day. I was annoyed with everything when I found out that my family was dead but now it was time for me to grow up. There were things in this world that I needed to focus on the main thing was Harry and making sure that he was alright. But Snape didn't agree with that at the moment.

"Albus glad that you could meet with us. I am sure that you know how things have turned out so far? Oh well then let me tell you. I am now Miss. Grangers Guardian."

"How did this happen?"

"My parents believed that whoever would bring me home from the school would have your approval and be able to protect me. I am afraid that they believed it would be either you or Professor McGonagall."

"I see, well this may change things a bit. I am sorry Severus."

"Oh no Albus you see Miss. Granger has decided that she doesn't like me enough so she would prefer to be adopted I am sure that she has already decided on who she would like to adopt her. She has a lot top consider I mean there is her schooling her saftey oh yeah and the safety of her assets."

"Severus I understand that you may find her financial state unnerving but please we have other things to worry about. We need to figure out who can protect her."

"Professors I am right here."

"Oh yes I am sorry Miss Granger."

"He does that a lot when he doesn't think that you can help."

"I am choosing to ignore that Professor. Headmaster I believe that I can narrow the choices down to two. My options are between Minerva and Poppy. I was hopping that you would know how to reach a conclusion on one of them."

"Well I am afraid that it isn't that simple I will need to speak with both of them but of course we can deal with this later. Right now we need to discuss your parents funeral."

"Headmaster that is all taken care of my parents set up arrangements with our lawyers I only had to decided on a date. The problem is DFS really. They will not be happy with a male teacher as my gaurdian.The state will want to get a hold of my assets."

"I will talk to the Minister about that he will take care of things for now. If any government will sets hands on it he will want the Wizarding one to."I suggest that we wait until the funeral is over. Will there be anything else?"

"Perhaps one thing professor. My parents left me a letter that I can't open until the funeral. I am not sure what could be in it but I do believe that we should hold off any plans until after the funeral is over."

"I understand Miss. Granger, but I will talk to Minerva and Poppy to see which one will except you. Now Please return to the school I will find you there if anything changes. Oh and Severus I need to speak with you for a moment." Once Hermione had left the school for the muggle one Albus turned to face Snape. "Well?"

"No I haven't been called yet but it is only a matter of time sir. Also what am I to do with her during the order meeting tonight?"

"Bring her with you."

"As her Guardian Albus, and before you say anything realize that you did this to yourself I believe that I must look after he wellbeing. So until anything happens with her being adopted, and rest assured that I will not allow that adoption if I believe your choice to be wrong, you will need to go though decisions with me before you speak to her. Oh and Albus before you try to threaten me with Azkaban if I do not accept your terms you should realize that I have changed my estate. Now Mr. Malfoy will get everything when I can not hold control over it, and right now that does include Miss. Granger."

"Severus why do you act like this? Do you think that I mean the child harm?"

"No Albus I do not. But I do believe that you would sacrifice her wellbeing for the good of Mr. Potter and I am afraid that I can't allow that. Even for the wellbeing of the rest of the wizarding world."

"Why Severus I didn't think that you cared about the child..."

"Stop there Albus. You know that as your spy I know things that the others do not. I know the ways that you could use this girl hell you want her to act like her parents were killed by death eaters just to provoke Harry. You want him to get back into focus on Voldemort and stop focusing on Ginny. i am surprised that you haven't had her transferred. But wait then you might lose the support of her family. No Albus while I have the chance I will not see you ruin her life the way I have watched you ruin the lives of others."

"Then I believe that now is the time for you to return back to the school with Miss. Granger. Oh and Severus will it be okay for her friends to go to the funeral?"

"She will be fine. Allow any student or faculty member or anyone that wants to come to come. But there will be no fighting Albus. Tom will even agree to that if I speak with him."

"So be it."





So I am thinking about just skipping the week and starting the day of the funeral. Between here and there Albus will just tell the order whats up and well maybe that should be the next chapter? But I really want to add Draco... Well we will see what happens next.


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The Truth: A nice chat


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