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Blood lines by marlita1311
Chapter 1 : Cecily Ailís Doherty
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A/N :Oh, I'm so excited! I started writing this story the other day and I can't stop :)
The story is narrated from diffirent point of views as everytime a diffirent girl is sharing her thoughts.
Please let me know what you think!!!


I had a dream about him last night. Again. As if it’s not bad enough I see him every day in the damn corridors, he has to take over my subconscious as well. Great. Just great. And it wasn’t even a nightmare. Noooo…! It was rather a pleasant dream; I saw him talking to me and he was saying something worth listening for the first time. I can’t quite remember what we were talking about though. Maybe it wasn’t what we were talking about important. Maybe it was just the fact that we were talking enough to upset me this much. You see we don’t talk. We don’t do anything to be quite honest. We barely know each other to begin with. I mean, yeah he is in my year, yeah I caught him staring at me a couple of times in the Great Hall but that doesn’t mean anything. He was probably looking for that slut; Eilidh Iver. Pff... Eilidh…Who names their kid Eilidh? It’s like her folks searched for the most uncommon name in the history of names and named their precious daughter after it. And the spelling of it?! Please… It’s ridiculous..! Why doesn’t she simply spell it ‘Alee’ and keep people from having such a hard time figuring out its stupid pronunciation? I am really beginning to think…wait-

What’s that noise?! It’s coming from-

Oh, I can’t believe Olivia is snoring again!! I thought she was taking that disgusting potion to help her sleep well. And help others, such as myself, get some sleep too.

Olivia is one of my best friends and one of my fellow roommates. I slowly arrange myself to a sitting position to have a better view of our room. It’s unusually dark; all the curtains are drew leaving out the warm sunrays. I glance over to the other beds only to find them vacant. The only people in the chamber are Olivia and me. What day is it? Wow, that dream really made me lose focus. I close my eyes to concentrate only to find myself disturbed once more by Olivia’s snore.

“Oh, for crying out loud…! Silencio!”

The irritating noise coming from my best friend’s bed is hushed at once. I should really remind Olivia to take that potion. She is really loud. I suppress a giggle as I remember the image of her trying to drink the potion. It smelled like bad eggs. ‘Draught of the Living Death’ it was called. Seriously I do not want to know what the ingredients are for the liquid in question. “Asphodel in a infusion of wornwood, valerian roots and sopophorous bean”…I hear the voice in my head. These are the ingredients…Merlin, I’m turning into Rose! This potion isn’t even on this year’s syllabus! It’s sixth year Potion knowledge. How did I..? Ah… Never mind. Focus.

I glare to the occupied bed ahead of me. Olivia, Olivia… She has started forgetting things again. This gives me an excellent idea for a birthday present; just the other day I was reading about a magic glass ball the size of a large marble. In its default state, when nobody is touching it, it’s full of white smoke. When picked up and held in a person’s hand, it will glow scarlet if there is something the holder has forgotten to do. Remembralls. That’s how they are called. Funny name. I am pretty sure the ball-changing-color idea was conceived observing people like my dear Livvy and fully executed by people such as myself. Now that I kinda think about it must be that boy. That boy is responsible for my friend’s temporary loss of sanity. You see it’s not just the I-forgot-my-stupid-potion act that makes me worry about her; she started skipping classes again. Rose and I really need to sit her down and try to put some sense inside our friend’s head before the situation gets out of control.

Like last time.

I take a deep breath and shake my head to lose the horrifying image of Olivia in one of her worst days yet. It has been two years since that incident and she is doing exceptionally well. Brendan is not like Nathaniel. I pinch the temple of my nose inhaling deeply. Brendan is nothing like Nathaniel. But still I have to admit that the boy has a certain effect on her. How can girls become so obsessed over some guy? It’s like some of us don’t use any of the brain cells that Lord gave us. Which reminds me of the thing that airhead Eiligh did the other day. She announced in front of everybody during Charms that she had found a spell to make her sparkle. She wants to make herself sparkle. I’m telling you that girl has issues. Serious issues. Who wants to freakin’ sparkle? Not that she needs that anyway. She is gorgeous already; adding the diamond sparkly thing and boom! She won’t go unnoticed. Perfect. Sometimes I wish I had looks like the airhead’s; long silk blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I guess not one of her mother’s veela characteristics was wasted; she is by far one of the most beautiful girls in my year- even in the whole school. Still, she has such insecurities that make you wanna shake her in order to bring her back to earth: ‘Hey girlie you are freaking gorgeous so can you please stop acting like a total bitch?’ In spite her angelic looks she is a little devil inside. She terrorizes younger girls and makes fun of them. It’s like she doesn’t have anything better to do. Eilidh walks around the school acting like she owns the place. Which she doesn’t. I hope that at least this year given that we have lots of schoolwork to do-having to sit for our O.W.L.S and everything- she will stop bullying first years’. And if she doesn’t I’m depending on Rosie to put her back to her place. Where is that girl anyway? It’s Saturday. Why she has to spend countless hours at the library is beyond me.

Pff…My stomach starts growling. I open my eyes; it’s time to get up. I slowly make my way to the girls’ bathroom. The Gryffindor tower is awfully quite for a Saturday. I wash my face and get back to my room to change to my robes. I have to find Rose. I climb down the stairs and enter the warm Gryffindor common room. At first glance the room appears to be empty.

“You are finally up! I thought that you took Olivia’s potion for sweet dreams and we were going to speak again on Monday!”, an amused voice stops me half way to the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“’Morning Ames!”, I smile at the girl with the freckles in front of me. “Where is everybody? And what time is it?”

“It’s almost twelve o’clock sleepy girl”, she informs me. “Almost everyone in our year is at Hogsmeade. We were supposed to go too. Remember…?”

“If only I haven’t overslept…”

I can see in her eyes that she wasn’t angry at me. Sweet Amy; she is the most goodhearted person I know. I should probably apologize though:

“I’m sorry Ames…you should have woke me u-“

“No need to do that Cilly.”

Cilly. That’s my nickname. Airhead once taunted me that it rhymes with ‘silly’. It was the last time she did though as Livvy’s fist met her delicate nose and earned both of them a detention. They had to clean the owlery without using magic. A dirty and rather difficult task. Afterwards, Livvy recounted the whole ‘refreshing’ experience over a cold butterbeer at ‘The Three Broomsticks’. She called it ‘refreshing’ because it gave us another reason to make fun of the airhead. Livvy did the best imitation of Eilidh’s high pitched voice: “I-AM-NOT-TOUCHING owl poo.” We had quite a laugh over the whole incident.

“Anyway I didn’t really want to go”, Amy was saying. “I have serious work to do. And so do you. Have you looked to the Potion’s essay we have to hand in? It’s insane.”

“No, I haven’t got the chance yet.”

“We have to do an extensive research on ‘Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts’.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. “Do you happen to know where Rose is?”

Amy smiled.

“What’s so funny?”

“Rose is in love”, she simply stated.


“You heard me.”

Amy thinks our Rose, Rose Weasley has feelings towards a certain Slytherin.

“No-way. I thought we’ve been over that. Rose doesn’t care for that arrogant git.”

“You are terribly mistaken Cilly. You know I’m hardly mistaken about these kind of things.”

I sadly do. I unwillingly remind myself of the time Ames had another one of her feelings; she was determined that there was something going on between my boyfriend at the time and some lame Ravenclaw. I had told her that there was no way Sean was cheating on me. Sadly he was. Poor fellow- he never saw it coming. I confronted him at the corridors; first time I used “Oppugno”. I have to thank Rose’s mum for teaching me that particular spell. You see that extremely useful spell causes conjured creatures, my choice was mosquitos, to attack the target: the cheating arrogant pillock. It was fun. If only I wasn’t caught. I had to go through a rather painful detention: clean the cauldrons used in Potions. All.the.cauldrons. Without.magic. And all that because he got stung by a couple of bloody insects. Sean ended up spending a couple of nights in the Hospital Wing and Headmaster Longbottom invited me to his office for a ‘chat’. Turns out he just did that to keep up appearances, because he simply smiled after I explained to him why I had hexed Sean. He offered me a cup of lemon tea and we went on discussing my future. He is such a nice fellow. The Headmaster. Not at all intimidating as a proper Headmaster is supposed to be. Or maybe he acts like that to me.
The poor girl that everyone pities.
The girl whose father went nuts and murdered her entire family leaving only her alive before committing suicide.


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Blood lines: Cecily Ailís Doherty


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