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My Medicine by TheFifthMaurader
Chapter 1 : My Medicine
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How dare he! I am not clingy and definitely not jealous!

No one breaks up with me, not like that. Not in front of everyone watching. And not saying how it had been fun at first, but that I'm now basically boring as fuck.

He would get a taste of his own medicine.




I honestly don’t know what went wrong. We were happy. Or at least I thought we were. And then I noticed that he had to ‘study’ every time we made plans. And whenever I asked James where he was, he just didn’t know! Which was bullshit, because they always knew where the other one was.


And so one day, I just decided to follow him to one of his ‘study sessions’. And what did I find? Him and Maddie Long getting it on. In a broom closet. Which in my world, didn’t exactly count as studying.


And what did I do? I didn’t say anything. I liked him that much. Instead, I clung onto him harder, because I was convinced we were meant to be.


And yes, I am that stupid.


I thought that I could be the one to change Sirius Black! All I did was make him hate me, which lead to my public embarrassment.


I am never going to live this down.


But after half a summer wasted on sulking, I decided that the best thing I could do, was to make him pay. Make him regret ever breaking up with me. Make him want me. And want me bad.  






Task one: Makeover

I don't mean to sound stuck up, but I have always been quite pretty. But never amazingly beautiful. I have never been that girl that every boy lusts over. But that was all about to change.

My hair had always been a light shade of brown, with a few blonde - ish highlights. My eyes were a deep golden colour, with little blends of blue and green. They could have been beautiful, but I never played up to it. I hardly wore any make-up, I never found the time, and I always ended up poking myself in the eye with mascara.


My clothes had always been perfectly nice, but safe. I chose to wear jeans and a t-shirt with converse, or maybe a skirt with a ‘nice top’ as my mum would say. But I never wore anything tight or very short; I didn’t think I could pull it off.


But now, it was a different story.

To say I had changed over the summer holidays was an understatement. I had spent half the holidays moping and complaining, until it finally clicked. I could get him back. And this was just the beginning.

Now, as I walked through the platform and train corridors, people stared.

I now sported dark chocolate coloured hair, which I had been growing so it now tumbled down my back in carefully crafted curls.

My eyes were surrounded in light grey eye shadow and a thick layer of charcoal black eyeliner.

My usual choice of a nice mini skirt or a floral dress was replaced with fitted acid wash jeans and a black and white band tank top, with black heels.

My pink lip-gloss was no more. I now had on a dark almost maroon coloured red lipstick.

To an extent, I looked pretty hot. And I loved it.


Turns out that having a complete makeover boosted your confidence too. I was now a whole different person, but that was ok. Because I liked this girl a lot more than the old me. And she was definitely here to stay.

Task one: Complete.






I remember when he asked me out. He told me that he had first noticed me when James had told me I couldn’t be a beater on the quidditch team because I was a girl, so I must be too weak. I broke his nose, just to prove a point.


After that, we were on the team together until I quit sixth year. It just wasn’t me anymore. I didn’t get a thrill; I didn’t get that feeling of excitement before the game, and it broke my heart because quidditch used to be my favourite part of Hogwarts.


After I quit, we kept speaking even though we weren’t on the team together. And then about half way through sixth year he asked me out. Just like that.


I thought it was a joke at first, but he told me that he had liked me for ages, and I like the idiot that I am, totally believed him.


Guess he didn’t like me that much.






Task two: Jealousy

I strutted past their compartment, making sure that they all saw me. And by god, did they stare. Even Potter, who was obsessed with Lily.

I slowed down, and walked back to their compartment door, and opened it.

He stood up, and of course introduced himself.

'Sirius Black. May I say it is a great pleasure to meet you. Your name?'

I rolled my eyes at the fact that he tried it on with everyone he met. Literally everyone. Even more pleased that he didn’t know it was me. This was only going to be more fun.

'Aw, you don't recognise me? What a shame.' I said, while smiling at him sweetly.

When the penny dropped, it was....fucking priceless.

'Li-Lilah?' He spluttered.

I just smiled.

'I just came in to say that Potter,' I turned to him,' If Lily never comes around, I'm always here to..console you.' I said with a wink.


Of course I was just using him as a way to make Black jealous. As lovely and good looking as James was, he just wasn’t my type. Also the fact that if I ever even considered him Lily would skin me alive. Because everyone knew she secretly loved him.

I turned back around, walked out, and as the door shut I heard Pettigrew say 'And you gave her up why??’


Was it mean of me that I was loving every second of this? I don’t care if it makes me a bitch, because right now, it is so worth it.


Haven’t you heard my new motto?


Life’s a bitch, I’m a bitch. Deal with it.

Task two: Complete.




I should have known it was doomed from the first second he didn’t say it back. I know we had only been going out for four months, but I thought he was the best thing that had ever happened to me. And I was convinced he felt the same way about me.


So when I told him I loved him and he didn’t say it back, I thought ‘just give it some time, he’ll come around’. But didn’t. He was never going to. I just wanted him so badly, that I refused to see anything bad about him. I was that delusional.


A message for the ladies: If he doesn’t say it back, it’s cool! Give it time. But if it’s been another month and he suddenly starts avoiding you, there is probably something wrong! Just a warning.








Task three: Fuck with him.

The annual Back to School Party was something I always attended, but this year, it would go out in history.

It would be the year someone finally got Black back.

I had finished with my hair, deciding to leave it in simple curls, and my makeup was done, only a little glitter added.

Now for the dress. I had been saving up for the perfect dress. It had a tight black bodice, which was pretty simple.

The skirt stuck out a little, almost like there was netting underneath it, like on a ballet dress, but there wasn't.

The skirt was a cross between black and silver and had a little bit of detailing on it.

Again, I looked hot. But I was too excited about what was going to happen, that I wasn’t really focusing on that.

I paired the dress with some simple black heels and made my way downstairs to the party.

People looked. I mean most people turned around and stared at me, but I thought that was because I was the last one to come down from the dormitories.



He came over straight away.


I didn’t want to be near him, he had hurt me that badly. But I needed to do this. Not just for me, but for all the other girls he’s fucked with. And now I think about it, the guys to, because he has ruined one or two relationships in his time.

He hooked his arm around my waist, and leaned in towards my ear.

Funny how I no longer felt butterflies.

'Nice stunt earlier Li,' It was his nickname for me.

'I don't know what you mean,' I said as innocently as I could. I knew what was coming; I could see it in his eyes. And I wanted nothing more than to run away and hide, but I didn’t. I stayed right where I was because this was the perfect opportunity.  

'Oh, I think you do.' And before I realised what was happening, his lip were on mine.

His tongue pushed through my closed lips as he deepened the kiss. And then somehow we ended up in his room, with a lot less clothes on.

He lay next to me fiddling with my hair.



'I want you to be my girlfriend again.'

And you know what I did? I started to laugh. And when I saw his confused face, I nearly fell off the bed from laughing so much.

I got up and out of the bed and proceeded to put on my underwear.

'No, I'm alright thanks.'

I put on my dress.


And my left shoe.

'You didn't believe this meant something did you?'

And my right.

'You fuck with me, I'll fuck you back. Literally it seems.'


I looked back at his face, and it was a mixture between hurt, sadness and utter confusion. And I knew that I would probably feel guilty in the morning. In fact, I would probably find him within the next week and apologize. But right now, I was only focused on making him hurt as much as I did.


‘And don’t bother telling everyone I’m a dirty slut, because they all know as much as I do that it’s about time. As horrible as it is too say, you fucking deserved it, and they all agree.’

And with that I blew him a kiss, walked back to my room and left a severely confused Sirius Black all on his own.

Task three: Complete.

How'd the medicine taste Black?


AN: I know it’s another Sirius one, but I love writing them! And I know I have other stories to be getting on with, but I have this awful illness called Writer's Block. It is truly terrible...

Anyway, tell me what you thought!!

- Liv



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