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Wrong by iLuna17
Chapter 1 : Wrong
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C H A P T E R   1 : W R O N G

It started on a brilliant summer day, a month before exams. No one but me had known about my crush on him, and I planned to keep it that way. Teddy and I were eating in the great hall, laughing and acting crazy as usual. Me, with my abnormal ability to laugh whenever I touched something cold, was laughing uncontrollably as Teddy pressed the cold pumpkin juice bottle on my leg. He had decided to sit with us. He was just watching, obviously feeling extremely awkward. I couldn’t help feeling my heart flutter. My bubbly exterior was a cover-up; a way to hide my true crush him. He had a crush on someone else, a third year, one year older than me. I personally could not stand the girl;  she was so thick and was toying with him. He was laughing at Teddy and I though, and after Teddy finished torturing me he dragged both of us outside to wade in the lake.

While I was wading in the lake the boys were talking. Suddenly, Teddy jumped in and whispered to me, he accused me of liking him. I said yes, and he thought I was joking. Before I could stop him, he told him, and I was mortified. I ran out the lake, straight to the Quidditch Pitch. (I needed to think. . . and keep from breaking down)

By the time Teddy caught up, I was smacking bludgers at the targets I had conjured. He just watched, and eventually I stopped, having destroyed all of them mercilessly. I flew down, out of breath. Teddy stopped me, but I turned away. He apologized; he said he didn’t know it was true. I was angry and hurt; I asked him how I could ever trust him after he told my biggest secret, I was friends with him before any of this mess started. He just left, leaving me to my thoughts and emotions.

On my way back up to the castle, he stopped me; he was waiting for me in the entrance. I tried to tell him Teddy was joking, but apparently my eyes were bad at lying. He told me it was okay, then hugged me awkwardly then left.


Later Teddy told me that he might ask me to Hogsmeade next year. I didn’t believe him, and I was right. I hadn’t spoken to him since the "incident" a month ago, but we both kept glancing up at the same time, and ending up meeting each other's eyes. All the girls in my dorm asked me why I liked such a “freak”, and made fun of me. Then, the day after exams, Professor Patil decided to have a Quidditch Tournament for the first and second years. I was put on his team. Teddy was on another team, and I was the only second year girl on the team. He was talking with two of his friends, and I decided to say hello. He just looked at me with disgust, and told me to leave him alone. So I partially lied. I told him I didn’t even like him anymore, that he was an arrogant prick, and I was over him, but he saw through my lie again. He just told me to go, that I was a freak and to just leave him alone, and I had to fight back tears the rest of the day. His friends thought it was funny, and just laughed. What a great way to end second year.


Nobody knew about that encounter, not even Teddy. I managed to keep it that way, and he gave me a cold look every time he saw me. I was crushed. Even if I always knew he wouldn't fancy me, I was still hurt. I thought he was nice, that he didn’t care about how random I was, that he thought I was nice and pretty like he said the year before. He was supposed to see through all of my layers; through my thoroughly weird and slightly psychotic personality. He was supposed to prove Teddy and the girls in my year that he was not the jerk they thought he was. It's stupid, I know, that we're only second years, third years now, but I think I am mainly crushed because he was supposed to be the sweet boy I had met on my first day at Hogwarts. . . 

I was wrong.




Please help me by reading this, this boy has just been such a jerk and I don't know why he hates my guts anymore. . . true story btdubs. . . :( And by the way, both reviews sent have been answered. Thanks!

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Wrong: Wrong


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