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Apostollo by Lana
Chapter 6 : Recipe For Danger
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Chapter 6

 "So when are you leaving?" Albus asked his father with concern written all over his face.

Harry had just explained to them what he was going to do. Malfoy was standing in a corner near the fire place looking around at the living room, seemingly not interested in what they were discussing.

"Well, we're gonna have to wait until Matthias sends my sabbatical and then..." Harry said shrugging.

"I'm coming with you", Ginny said and she got up from the couch. 

"Why so you can puke on the Death Eaters?" Ron asked her ironically.

"Your wife is sick?" Malfoy asked Harry rather indifferently. 

"No, she's pregnant", he responded looking at her indignantly. "Something she seems to forget!"

She grunted but she sat back down next to her son again.

"Pregnant?" Malfoy repeated. "Wow, you cannot keep all three of them safe and you're going for the forth?"

"You've got one and you've lost him!" Hermione reminded him.

"Oh, yeah", he said realizing it.

Before anyone else could say anything a loud pop came from the kitchen.

"Harry, Hermione, is anyone here?" a woman's voice called. 

"Who is it?" Ginny asked. 

"Artemis" Hermione responded. "She must have brought the papers for Harry's sabbatical".

"We're in the living room, Artemis", Harry called out and few moments later the beautiful woman walked in.

She looked at them for a while and then she smiled.

"Matthias sends you these", she told Harry giving him a bunch of papers. "There are some forms you must sign".

"Okay thanks", Harry smiled at her.

Ginny coughed.

"Oh, um, that's my wife, Ginny Potter".

"Ginevra", she corrected him as she stood up and shook the girl's hand. 

"Since when?"

"Since now!" she whispered back at him. 

"I'm Artemis", the other woman said smiling. 

"And that's my husband, Ronald", Hermione said drugging him.

"Ron", he said shaking her hand. 

"Ronald!" Hermione insisted and both he and Harry rolled their eyes.

"And since no one is going to introduce me, I'm gonna do it myself", Draco said walking forward, stretching his hand. "Draco Malfoy".

"Nice to meet you", she said taking his hand. 

"Have we met before?" he asked her. "You look kind of familiar".

"No, we haven't" the girl said dismissively and then she turned to Harry. "So are you gonna sign them or not?"

"Yeah sure", he said searching for a quil.

Ginny gave him one and soon he was officially on sabbatical. 

"Okay, I'd better take those back", Artemis smiled and waving goodbye she walked to the kitchen and minutes later they heard her apparating.

Ron turned to Malfoy. 

"Have we met before? That's original!"

"You promise you'll be careful?"

"Yes, baby, I've already promised you", Harry told Ginny as she packed his stuff in their bedroom.

Harry and Malfoy will be leaving at dawn. She closed his bag and walked over to the other side of the bed where he was sitting. She stood in front of him. 

"Just...just come back soon...find our son and come back with him", she said and he took her hands and pulled her close to him, putting his hands around her waist. 

"I will", he nodded looking up at her. 

"That's why I love never disagree with me", she said and he smiled. 

"I'm gonna miss you".

"You'd better", she said narrowing her eyes and he placed his head on her chest.

She hugged him.

"I really do love you".

"I know, I really never disagree with you".

Two hours later, almost five in the morning, they were ready to go. Malfoy was waiting in the kitchen for Harry. He was in the living room saying goodbye to Lily and Albus, who were both awake waiting for them to leave in spite their mother's orders to go to bed. 

"When are you coming back, daddy?"

"I don't know Lills", he said kissing her forehead. "I will come back though...with James".

"Then we'll wait for you", she smiled and she hugged him tightly. 

Harry got up when she let go of him and walked to Albus. He smiled at him and Harry hugged him. 

"You watch your mum and your sister until I come back".

"Okay dad", the boy nodded and Lily grunted.

"Like we need watching", she said and Ginny laughed. 

"No, God forbid!" Harry said raising his hands up in surrender and they all laughed. "Where are Ron and Hermione? I wanted to..."

"We're here", Ron said entering the living room, followed by Hermione, Rose and Hugo.

He was holding a backpack.

"I'm coming with you", he said and Harry shook his head.

"No, Ron, it's..."

"You don't honestly think I'm gonna let you alone with Malfoy".


"Harry, he's coming", Hermione said with finality in her voice and Harry sighed. 

"Fine", he gave up.

He kissed Ginny one more time and then turned to Ron.

"We'd better go then".

They apparated right outside of the place the letter came from. It looked like a bar, something like a Leaky Cauldron that had fallen into decay. It reminded Harry a scene from a western movie actually. 

"This is the place?" Malfoy said in disbelief. "Can you actually see a Death Eater coming here?"

Harry shook his head. Malfoy was right but he didn't want to admit it to himself; this place was screaming Muggle from miles away.

"Come on, let's go inside", Ron said approaching the old wooden door. 

"Maybe we should take some precautions first", Malfoy told him looking around. 

"Why? It's a bar right? We'll act like customers", Ron shrugged and Harry grabbed Draco's arm and drugged him inside. 

"Wow", was Ron's and Draco's reaction when they saw inside. 

'Wow, it is...' Harry thought to himself. 

It wasn't a bar, it was a...a...

"It's a..."Ron gulped turning to them with a silly look on his face. "It's a strip club!"


James was sitting in his favorite corner again watching Scorpius walking up and down.

"Would you stay in one place? You're making me dizzy!"

"You shouldn't be sitting there all day long", he told him. "You may damage your legs if you don't use them at all!"

"So that's why you haven't put your butt down for the last two hours?"

"No, I think I'm getting claustrophobic", the boy answered. 

"What's that? Is it contagious? Maybe you should stay right on the other corner of the cell", James said gesturing him away. 

"It's not contagious! It means that I'm afraid of small, enclosed places!"

"And where do you go when you want to use the bathroom? To the forest?"

Scorpius ignored him and sat down. 

"I'm getting suffocated in here!" he said and James rolled his eyes.

He was perfectly sure that there was nothing wrong with Scorpius, he had just gotten bored. He shook his head. 

"From all the people...all the people in the world, I had to be locked in here with you!"

"Shut up", Scorpius said just as they heard keys on their door again.

Scorpius forgot all about his claustrophobia and got up. James did so too as the door opened. It was Dolohov followed by a bunch of masked Death Eaters. 

"What do you want?" James asked irritably. 

"Just wanted to see what you were doing. You know, your fathers would have probably killed each other by now", he smiled. 

"We have a common enemy", James responded and the man's smile widened. 

"I guess you're referring to us, aren't you? Oh, and here I thought we were becoming friends", Dolohov said making his voice sound childish.

"Do you want anything else than to get on my nerves?" James said irritated and the man pulled his wand out. 

Scorpius gasped. James glanced at him. He knew very well what Dolohov wanted; to have fun, as he had said before and James had learned first hand what was the definition of fun for the deranged man. James walked slowly and stood in front of Scorpius. He didn't think that the boy could take it. If Dolohov wanted to torture someone, he could torture him.

"You think you're gonna scare me just by waving your little wand in front of my face?"

James said to make sure Dolohov would deal with him and wouldn't harm Scorpius. 

"Oh kiddo, you're so beyond help! Haven't I tortured you enough? Or maybe I've tortured you too much and fried your brain".

"My brain is fine, Dolohov. If you had one you would understand that it's a complex object, that doesn't get fried over nothing!"

"We'll see about that", the man said and raised his wand, pointing it in James' chest as always.

The boy gulped but stood his ground steeling himself for what was to come. 


James fell on the ground once again feeling the known now pain stabbing him. He clenched his teeth hard and tried to hold his screams back but he couldn't achieve it for long, so he just gave into the pain and started screaming. When it ended he just stayed trembling on the floor gasping for air. Dolohov was looking down at him with a cruel smirk in his face. Then his eyes darted up to Scorpius.

"Do you have anything to say to me?" he asked him still smirking broadly.

Scorpius was too terrified to answer so he just shook his head.

"Good; you work with us boy, it's in you anyway".

Scorpius bit his lower lip but shook his head negatively. 

"I'm not a Death Eater", he whispered. 

"No? But everyone in your family was, is there really any point in resisting your true nature?"

"I'm not..." Scorpius mumbled.

"Evil is in your blood boy, deal with it".

"I'M NOT EVIL!" Scorpius yelled. 

Dolohov's eyes narrowed and he stepped forward raising his wand, just as James stood up.

"Leave him alone!" he said and the command in his voice made Dolohov stop. 

"Tell me something Potter are you stupid or just plain crazy? How many times must I use the cruciatus upon you until you learn to control your cheek?" he said getting a bit irritated, that nothing seemed to work with this boy.

"Huh, I guess cheek runs in my blood, doesn't it?" James sneered to irritate him, but Dolohov laughed. 

"I guess it does", he seemed to agree. "I guess you're just as stupid as your father". 

James' felt his throat tighten in the very mention of his father. He knew now how right his dad had been and he regretted ever arguing with him and everything he had said and hearing Dolohov speak ill about him was just too much. 

"Do not talk about my father", he said warningly feeling hatred boiling up inside him.

"I bet you think that daddy will come and save you, don't you?" the Death Eater laughed. "I bet you sleep wishing he was here".

"I said do not talk about him! Stop!" James said angered. 

"Well, let me tell you something kiddo", he went on ignoring him. "No one can save you now, not even your pathetic father". 

Rage took over James and before he could stop himself he spitted right on Dolohov's face. The man froze for a moment like he couldn't believe what had just happened and then he moved with an amazing speed that James didn't even see the hand that landed on his jaw. He fell down from its force just as Dolohov gave a nod at the masked Death Eaters that stood at the door. Two of them stepped inside and grabbed the boy's arms holding him down. James tried to fight their hold but they were strong as bulls. One of them grabbed some of the boy's hair and pulled his head back, just as Dolohov lashed out once more. White stars emerged in front of the boy's eyes as he kicked him hard on the face and blood tingled down his face and jaw. Before his head could stop spinning another blow came and along with his gasp he heard Scorpius' too, but he wished he would stay out of it; not both of them had to suffer. The Death Eater holding his hair releashed him and turning to stand in front of him, kicked him hard on the ribs. The force made him fell backwards gasping for air, his whole body aching. 

"Stop!" Scorpius yelled and Dolohov pointed his wand at him. 

"You be quiet boy", he hished. "I may have had a friedship with your grandfather but my hatred for Potter is greater". 

"It's his father that you hate, not him!" Scorpius shouted. "He hasn't done anything to you, leave him alone!" 

Dolohov grunted angily and raised his wand. 

"Cru..." he started but James made himself stand up before he could cast the curse that caused pain against the other boy; before he just wanted to avoid looking at someone else under the influence on the cruciatus curse, but now it just didn't seem right to let Dolohov unleash anger that James had provoked on Scorpius.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he had gotten used to see Scorpius hang with his brother and that they were best friends, but it just didn't feel right to let him get hurt, like he wouldn't be able to let anything happen to Albus. As he had anticipated Dolohov turned his wand to him instead. 

"I will teach you to obey, kiddo, trust me", he said but James sneered in spite of the blood that ran down his face. 

"I'm sorry but I strongly disagree with you", he said sarcastically.

Dolohoc crossed the room before James could register it again and this time he kicked him in the stomach. The boy fell down again doubling in two, a nauseating pain erupting in his abdomen.

"Crucio!" Dolohov yelled once again.

James gasped as pain shot right through him once more, before he could even recover from Dolohov's blow. Every single of his muscles burned and he made no effort to hold his screams back this time. He was writhing on the floor feeling like his body would explode. And the pain wasn't going away; the curse wasn't going away. Dolohov wasn't lifting it as he had done all the other times, he wasn't stopping. James screamed again and again and dread spread inside him as he thought of Neville's parents and how they were tortured to insanity, thinking Dolohov would do the same to him. He thought he heard Scorpius telling them to stop, begging internally that they would. 

"What the hell are you doing?" 

The curse stopped suddenly as Dolohov shook his wand. James was released from his agony and he lay on his side, gasping for air, his throat feeling as though it would tear from his screams. He relaxed his fingers momentarily, not noticing the half-moon shapes his nails had made into his palm, his body still convulsing from the effect of the cruciatus. 

"What?" Dolohov asked turning to look at Yaxley, who had just entered the cell. 

"You know we are not allowed to kill the boy, Dolohov!" Yaxley barked. 

"I'm not killing him", he shrugged. "I'm educating him", he smirked pointing his wand again at the still trembling boy, who couldn't help but flinch openly. 

"No!" Yaxley shouted irritated grasping Dolohov's hand. "You heard Apostollo! You can play with him, but you cannot torture him to an extreme extent".

"Well, where's the fun in that?" Dolohov said freeing his hand from Yaxley's, but then he grunted and left the cell. 

"Sit up", Yaxley ordered the boy.

James ignored him and Yaxley gestured at two of the Death Eaters, who walked forward and grabbing the boy's arms made him sit up. James' entire body screamed in protest but he tried to hold back the groan that rose to his throat. 

"Not so cheeky now, are you Potter?" he said and James looked up and stared at him for a few moments.

Then he started crying in his hands. Yaxley laughed, finally they had managed to break the boy. 

"Why are you doing this?" James asked between sobs. 

"Revenge", Yaxley said and James fell on him, grabbing him from the waist. 

"Please, please let us go!" he begged.

Yaxley kicked him and he fell back.

"You weren't so hard to break as we thought after all, were you?" Yaxley laughed with satisfaction and smirking once more at him he left, closing the door behind him.

James pulled his hands of his face. It was weird that while he was supposedly crying he had no tears in his eyes. He looked back at Scorpius. The boy hadn't moved all this time. He just stood against the wall terrified and his eyes were swimming in tears. Scorpius sat down and James crawled next to him, wincing a little as he did so. 

"Don't cry, it's gonna be okay", he said and the boy looked at him bewildered.

James looked like a complete other person from the one he was minutes ago. 

"What...?" Scorpius stammered.

James was holding something in front of the boy's face. Scorpius looked at it and his eyes widened.

"You took his keys?" he said amazed.

"You didn't actually think I'd beg, did you?"


"Everybody has a talent!" James said smiling in spite the bad condition he was in. 


"Why are we in a strip club?" Harry asked. 

"Just relax and enjoy it", Malfoy smirked looking around.

"We didn't come here to look at naked women, we came to find our children, remember?" Harry said irritated.

"Okay, okay, calm down. Look, you go ask the barman if he saw anything and we...we just gonna take a look around", Malfoy said and drugging Ron from the arm they walked away before Harry could protest.

Harry sighed. The bar was behind him. The barman was a tall, bald man that didn't look English. Harry walked there and sat in the only empty chair next to a woman who was obviously one of the girls that worked there, since she missed half of her clothes.

"Are you looking for some company, handsome?" she told him. 

"No, thanks, I just want to talk to the barman", Harry responded getting her hand off his shoulder.

She raised her eyebrows to his response.

"'re gay, huh?"

"No, married", he replied and she laughed.

"Honey, most of the men in here are married!" she said as he waved to the barman.

"Yeah, but I'm happily married...I love my wife", he said making her give up and to his great relief leave.

The barman walked in front of him.

"What you want to drink?" the bald man asked. 

"'m looking for someone", Harry said getting a photograph of Dolohov out of his jacket and showing it to him.

He had casted a spell on it so it wouldn't move.

"Haven't seen him", the barman said not even looking at the picture.

"Please look at it again, I need to find him", Harry said and the man stared at him. 

"Are you a cop?" he asked aggressively.

"No...not in the way you mean it", Harry reassured him. "I'm...I'm looking for my son...and this man may know where he is. Please take a look at it".

The barman sighed and looked at the photo. He shook his head. 

"I don't know him", he said. 

"Are you certain? He could be here around midnight", Harry insisted but the barman laughed. 

"What would he do here around midnight? Mop the floors?"

"What?" Harry asked confused. 

"We hadn't opened yet at midnight. We open after two a.m. at least", the man explained. 

"So no one was here then?"

"Well, the boss was", the barman shrugged.

"Can you get him?"

"Okay", the barman nodded. "Stella!" he called out to the nearest stripper. "Go get Monica".

"Who's Monica?" Harry asked confused. 

"The boss", the man responded. 


"Wait, maybe we shouldn't do it", Scorpius said as James unlocked the chain around his ankle. 

"We shouldn't do what?" James asked absentminded as he tested the keys to unlock Scorpius' chain too. 

"Maybe we shouldn't get out of the cell", the said and James looked at him confused. 

"We're imprisoned and we have the keys to get out and you think we shouldn't?"

"Where we will go? Who knows how many Death Eaters are out there and none of us has a wand!" Scorpius pointed out and James fell silent for a while. 

"Okay, say we stay here", he said after some consideration."What are we gonna do when Yaxley realizes I took his keys, genius?"

"Maybe he won't accuse us if we stay here".

"Yeah and maybe we'll manage to get out if we don't stay here!" James said indignantly.

Scorpius groaned as the boy unlocked his leg and pulled him up grabbing his arm. 

"Have you thought this through?" Scorpius asked  as the boy approached the door searching for the right key.

"No", James said and slowly he turned the key in the lock.


A woman came down the stairs after being called from the stripper. Harry turned to look at her. She was dressed a little 'light' herself but she didn't look like a stripper. She wore gold earrings, a heavy necklace and many rings. She had brown hair and brown eyes and she would be pretty if she didn't try so hard to be pretty. She reached the bar and looked around.

"What is it, Jo?" she asked addressing the barman.

He gestured at Harry.

She looked rather indifferenlty to where he was pointing but when her eyes fell on Harry her stare froze. Her eyes searched his forehead and Harry realized with a jolt that she was looking for his scar; meaning she knew who he was; meaning she was a witch. She turned and run up the stairs. 

"HEY!" Harry yelled following her. "Hey, wait!"

He reached the end of the stairs in time to see her closing the door of the opposite room. He run and opened the door. She was there in the middle of the room, facing him, pointing her wand right to his chest.

"Get out or I'll hex you!"


Scorpius was following James, who walked ahead carefully in an empty hallway. As it turned out hey were in some kind of a castle; it wasn't even the half of Hogwarts but still it was big enough for them not to know where to go.

"Remind me to tell you that this was a stupid idea!" Scorpius whispered to James. 

"Are you always so pessimistic or are you just doing it to get on my nerves?"

"Both I guess", the boy answered with a smirk, which faded when they heard footsteps approaching.

"Damn it!" James said looking around for a way out. 

"That's great, that's really great", Scorpius said shaking his head.

James grabbed him and pulled him in the closest room, closing the door behind them.

James stuck his ear on the door trying to listen if anyone was coming as Scorpius turned to face the room. 

"Oh, my God!"


Harry looked at the wand pointing at him and considered the situation. He couldn't pull his wand out without her hexing him; Ron and Draco were downstairs probably busy with some strippers and they couldn't help him...but he couldn't listen to her and leave; not when she could provide him with information about James. 

"Listen to me", he said using his calming voice, but she didn't calm.

"I'm not listening to anything! Get out of here!"

"No", he said shaking his head.

"Get out or..."

"Or what? You're gonna hex me? You know who I am, don't you? I'm an auror and what you're doing right now can cost you about a year in Azkaban".

"I SAID GET OUT!" she screamed. 

"NO!" he shouted back. "I'm looking for my son and you're gonna help me find him!"

"I have no idea where your son I get lost!" she said. 

"Please" Harry said changing the tone in his voice. "My son is fifteen...just fifteen...please help me find him. Do you want the blood of an innocent child on your hands?" he said and her lips trembled. 

"I...I...", she stammered.

"Please", Harry repeated. "I promise that I'll make sure that no one will hurt you...please tell me where my boy is!"


"What?" James asked turning to look at Scorpius.

He expected to see something scary inside the room by the boy's voice but he saw a perfectly normal bedroom. Scorpius was standing in front of a map on the wall.

"Is this the first time you're seeing a map?" James asked and the boy turned to look at him.

He seemed terrified. 

"Look at the map James", he said slowly.

James rolled his eyes and walked next to the boy. He looked at the map. It wasn't a map of England but of one other country. 

"I'm looking at it, so what?"

Scorpius grunted and pointed at a big red pinch on the map.

"This means that this castle is here", he said. 

"But we are in the castle" James said and Scorpius nodded. "I don't understand".

"Are you always so slow or are you just doing it to get on my nerves?" Scorpius said irritated.

James ignored him and looked at the map again. It was a map of some country; the castle was in that country; they were in the castle...

"Oh, my God, we're not in England!" he exclaimed. 


"I can't", she said shaking her head, still holding her wand tight. 

"Why not?" Harry demanded.

"He's gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna lose the club!"


"I owe them money...they're gonna send me in prison!"

"No one is gonna send you in prison if you cooperate!" Harry said and she lowered her wand and Harry sat in a chair nearby. "Do you have anything to do with the Death Eaters?"

She closed her eyes and nodded. 

"Dolohov...he used to come here...I thought he was a...a client...we had some problems with the local police...he took care of it...and he took care of some gangs owed money to..."

"What did he want in exchange?" Harry asked. 

"To take some money every now and send letters from send him...some...some know..."

"Where's my son? You know, don't you?" he asked. 

"I know where their Headquarters are, because I send some of my girls there for the Death Eaters, but I cannot guarantee that your son will be there; though I can't see where else he could be", she said. 

"It's okay...tell me where their Headquarters are", Harry said feeling his heart beating fast in his chest; he was a breath away from James. 

"It's a castle; I don't know who owns it...but..."


"It's not in England", she said and Harry's eyes widened. "It's in Austria".

Okay, maybe he was more than a breath away from James.


"What are we gonna do?" Scorpius asked James. "Even if we get out of this place, we'll be in a complete unknown country, with no way of getting to England and..."

"Stop mumbling!" James said as he walked up and down in the room. "Okay, okay, okay, okay..." he said to himself.

"Okay what?"

"I have no idea", James sighed sitting on the bed. 

"There must be something we can do!" Scorpius said.


"I don't think of something!"

"I took the's your turn!" James said.

"I figured out that we're not in England, which makes it your turn again!" Scorpius pointed out and James grunted loudly, then he put his head in his hands and closed his eyes.

If they couldn't leave, they could at least alert someone about their whereabouts. 

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna find a way to send a message to my house...let them know we're okay and that we're not in England", he said and he got up.

"How are we gonna do that?" Scorpius asked.

"Well, they must have owls!" the boy said.

"So we're gonna search this whole place for an owl, hoping we won't get caught?"

"You know I live for the day I'm gonna come up with a plan you're gonna like", James said walking to the door. 

"Yeah, that's gonna happen!" the boy said ironically, following him. 


Harry run down the stairs of the strip club excited. Finally he knew...he knew where James was and he was going to go and get him no matter what. He looked around. He had to find Ron and Malfoy first. They weren't anywhere close so he walked to the next room. 
A young, blonde woman was getting stripped on the stage while dancing to the extremely loud music and a bunch of men were watching and cheering. Harry spotted Ron and Malfoy right in front of the stage. He rolled his eyes and he got into the crowd, trying to get to them. After a lot of pushing and swearing finally he made it next to them. 

"I know where the boys are!" he said pulling Ron's sleeve.

"Harry! This place is amazing!" Ron yelled clearly not hearing him from the loud music.

"I just want to say that I love this investigation!" Malfoy yelled too.

"I KNOW WHERE THE KIDS ARE!" Harry shouted. 

"I know too!" Ron laughed. "They're home!"

"Not your kids, you idiot!" Harry said shaking his head and then his eyes widened. "Are you drunk?"

"No!" they both exclaimed laughing. 

"I can't believe I'm living this", Harry said indignantly. "I leave you on your own for like one hour and you..." he began but didn't continue as the woman's braw landed on his head and the other two roared with laughter. 

"That is so hilarious!" Ron said and Harry narrowed his eyes, taking the braw of him. 

"Laugh while you can 'cause I'm so telling Hermione about this!" he said and Ron's face whitened, the smile fading from his face. 

"What?" he said frightened. 

"Oh, good you're all sober now", Harry said. "Take the blonde loser next to you and follow me outside NOW!"


James was walking carefully with Scorpius following him. They had already come across four Death Eaters and had managed to hide only for some seconds. 

"Where the hell are we going?"

"Hello, we're searching for the place they're keeping the owls!"

"Where is it?"

"If I knew we wouldn't be searching for it, would we?" James said impatiently. 

"Maybe we should go up", the boy said tiredly and James turned to look at him.

"Up? What do you mean up?"

"The owls always are to the highest part of a castle, like in Hogwarts", Scorpius said and James' mouth fell open.

"Why didn't you say so?"

"I thought you knew", Scorpius said and James rolled his eyes. 

"Uh, you're unbelievable!" 

"Thank you", the boy smiled and James grunted. 

"Well, we passed a staircase that went up. Come on", he said and grabbing his arm, he pulled him back.

They reached the wooden staircase minutes later. James shrugged and walked up. Scorpius groaned to himself and followed him. 

"Seriously though this is getting..." Scorpius started but what followed made him forget what he wanted to say. 

The step under James' foot broke and his leg got trapped in the hole. James fell back on the wall and let out a scream of pain. Scorpius hurried next to him. 

"Are you okay?" he asked him terrified. 

"My leg", James said with tears of pain in his eyes. "I can't get my leg out".

Scorpius grabbed James' leg and tried to move it but the boy screamed with pain. Scorpius' hands were full of James' blood. Scorpius tried to pull his leg out more carefully but it was useless; James' leg was stuck. God only knew how much they both wished for their wands at that moment. And like things weren't already bad they heard voices coming from somewhere up. The two boys froze.

"What are we doing now?" Scorpius asked James with a panicked tone in his voice.

James looked at him and then at the top of the staircase; the voices were getting closer. He turned back to the boy.

"Go", he told him and the boy's eyes widened.

He shook his head.

"They're gonna kill you if they find you here", he said but James put the keys of their cell in his hands.

"Take the keys and go lock yourself back to the cell and hide them somewhere; this way it would seem like I got out and left you there...they won't hurt you for that", James said but Scorpius shook his head once again. 

"No", he said. "We're both leaving", he added and tried to free James' leg again.

The boy bit his lower lip to hold his scream back, tears of pain and despair running down his face.

"Stop, it's not going to happen!" he said and Scorpius gave up, yet he didn't leave.

"I'm not leaving", he said; he had tears in his eyes too but he wasn't moving from his side.

James would never have guessed that a Slytherin could be so brave or that a Slytherin could care of him. He shook his head. 

" will be the same for me if they only find me or if they find us both. Go damn it!"


"Do not argue with me when I'm in pain!" James said furiously. "Get the hell out of here!"

Now the voices were accompanied from footsteps; they were just around the corner. Scorpius looked at James' wounded trapped leg and then back at him. James widened his eyes and gestured him to go. The boy closed his eyes and with one last look at James he run down and disappeared around the closest corner. 
James leaned back on the wall relieved, just as Dolohov appeared on the top of the stairs. 


"Austria? What do you mean they're in Austria?" Malfoy asked Harry as they walked the empty streets of the town the strip club was in, at seven in the morning.

Draco and Ron had become sober and forgot all about the strippers when Harry told them what he had found out. 

"They're in some castle near Salzburg to be exact", Harry said as he walked fast.

"So what are we going to do? How are we gonna get to Austria? You can't apparate from one country to the other, can you?" Ron asked as they were following Harry.

"No, you can't", he responded.

"So what are we doing?" Malfoy demanded. 

"Well...since we don't have brooms and we'd have to use black magic to fly, we're only left with one choice really...we'll just gonna have to apparate to the borders of each country from here to Austria and cross them until we finally get there".

"Wow, I'm exhausted just to hear it", Ron said.

"Isn't there any other way?" Draco asked. 

"We can always use the Muggle way...airplane", Harry said.

"What? No way!" they both exclaimed terrified as Harry was sure they're going to do.

"Fine then, we're back to my plan. Come on hurry up, we have to buy some stuff before we get going".

"Like what?" Ron asked.

"A map may be good".


Scorpius was sitting on the floor of his cell, his breath as fast as the beats of his heart. He had made it back without being noticed; he had locked the chain around his leg; he had thrown the keys outside the cell before he closed the all he had to do was to wait. He couldn't help but feeling like a coward though...he knew that James was right, that it would be worse if they got them both, but still he felt guilty for leaving him behind. Yaxley had tortured James just because he gave him cheeky responses; what would they do to him now that he escaped his cell by stealing Yaxley's keys?
Soon he heard voices outside his cell; the Death Eaters were coming to make sure that he was there. He didn't bother to get up...he felt too tired for that. The door flew open and Dolohov came in; his face a mask of rage. He looked at the boy for a while like he wanted to convince himself that he was really there and then he let out a sigh of relief.

"So is he here?" Yaxley said stepping in. His characteristics relaxed when he saw the boy. 

"Great", Dolohov smiled and then he looked back at Yaxley with a rather cocky expression on his face. "Thankfully for us nothing worse happened because of your stupidity!" 

"Do not call me stupid Dolohov!"

"You got tricked by a fifteen year old boy!" he said irritated but Yaxley ignored him and turned to the boy.

"So...where are the keys?" he asked. Scorpius shrugged. 

"How should I know?" Scorpius asked. 

"The Potter boy didn't have them...which means that you do", Dolohov said. 

"If I had them, would I be locked in here?" Scorpius pointed out. "He left without me that little backstabbing idiot and he took the keys with him". 

"Really?" Yaxley asked sarcastically. 

"Really!" Scorpius said. "I guess you got him though, huh?"

"Yeah, of course we did", Dolohov laughed.

"So where is he?"

"Why do you care?" Dolohoc asked narrowing his eyes. 

"I don't...I wouldn't even if you've killed him" the boy shrugged.

"Oh, we didn't kill him", Yaxley said. 

"Just bring him in here again and I'm gonna kill him!" Scorpius exclaimed. 

"No, he's not coming in here again", Dolohov said shaking his head and waving Yaxley out. "Here is not the right place for him to be punished for his little attempt to escape", Dolohov smirked. 

"What are you gonna do with him?" Scorpius asked smirking back at them like he was enjoying the aspect of James being hurt in spite the fact that he could feel his heart beating panicky inside his body. 

"No one plays with me child", Yaxley said, sounding even darker than usual. "We were going easy on him until now, in spite the fact that he was Potter's son, because we needed him to bargain; but that's over now...and he has himself to blame", the man said cruelly and closed the door, leaving the boy dumbstruck; what did they planned to do to James?


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