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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Hi! Thanks for choosing to read my story! This chapters a bit short, but I hope you enjoy!


My feet pounded on the ground as I ran as fast as I could down the grass slope to the forbidden forest. My heart was beating franticly in my chest and all I could think was I was going to be too late, I should have stopped him…

I bypassed Hagrid’s hut. Even if he came out, I knew in the end only I would find James- my vision had said so- the only question was whether he would be dead or alive when I got there.

I got to the edge of the trees and pulled out my wand, ready to fight anyone (or thing) that might want to attack me. I was breathing heavily, gasping in huge gulps of the warm summer air. I crept cautiously among the trees, careful not to make a sound. Then I started to run again.

My hair caught on the trees and my jumper ripped at one sleeve, sliding apart to reveal a nasty looking slice to my right shoulder. But it didn’t matter. I was terrified and all I could think about was James and how stupid I had been. I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms, his lips on mine…

What if he was already dead, and his killers gone? Then what would I do? Even though I knew that wouldn’t be the case I still couldn’t help imagining the sight of his body lying on the leaves, cold and broken. Every time I closed my eyes I could see the vision. The flash of green light as I was one second to late through the trees, the second flash coming towards me.

I couldn’t stand this, I had to do something more than run about like an idiot. “James!” I shouted, birds flying off the tops of trees as my voice echoed around the forest. No voice returned apart from my own. I tried again, calling out and willing for James to break through the trees and ask what I was screaming about.

Before long, I was sobbing and screaming out for James. Begging him to come to me, to stop hiding in the trees. I shouted out that I was scared and alone (not one of my better ideas in a forest full of possible criminals and enemies!). I started walking in circles, going back on myself and soon I was covered in scratches and bruises from where I’d fallen multiple times.

That’s when I heard it. The snapping of a twig, just behind me. I turned my head to face that direction, pointing my wand into the bushes. “James…?” I whispered, hoping more than anything that I wasn’t hexed right where I stood. Then another crack came from the other side of me. I was surrounded.

I started whipping round in circles, trying to defend my back, sides and front at all times. A second later something hard hit me on the back of the head. The world blurred around the edges as I fell onto the soft leaves that littered the forest floor. As I hit the ground, I heard a cold laugh that reminded me all to well of the same laugh I had heard when I was only a baby…

A/N- Well that was my first chapter, hope you enjoyed! Please leave a review with your comments and questions! x

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