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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 2 : The Cold Vegetarian
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Harry was running at top speed, trying to avoid someone. But ultimately that someone caught hold of him.


 “Got you Harry! Why are you running? And where did you hide my Pia?”


 “Hide your Pia?”


 “Come on Harry! You know she’s my prey. Give me her address or else I’ll get Ginerva Weasley.”


 “No! Not Ginny! Not Ginny!”




 “No please...”




 Harry got up wet from sweat, shaking. He was lying in a comfortable bed beside Ginny, who was frantically shaking him.


 “Harry? You alright? Did you have a nightmare?” Ginny offered him a glass of water. Harry gulped down the water.


 “He was too cold.”


 “Did you see Voldemort in your dreams?” Ginny looked concerned.


 “No, not him. I saw Abh...” He suddenly stopped when he saw Pia standing in the door.


 “Harry, I saw your room’s light on so thought you must be up. But I guess you were forced to get up?” Pia entered, looking at the clock hung on the wall. “It’s five in the morning, my usual time to get up. But you can sleep for some more time. Do you need anything?” She smiled at Harry.


 “No Pia, I guess it was just a nightmare. I’ll have some sleep.”


 “As you wish.” Pia went away, closing the door behind her.


 “What was it Harry? What did you see?” Ginny was now holding Harry’s hand, staring in his eyes. “You know you can trust me.”


 “It was nothing, at least nothing serious. I’ll tell you if things worsen.” Harry pulled up his blanket and closed his eyes. Ginny switched off the light for some more sleep.




 Pia was rummaging through her work, sipping the coffee. She had work to finish before the holidays ended. She also offered to help in the colleges in Dehradoon and so she had files to manage and projects to be submitted. It was six in the morning and Pia was sitting in the sitting room, all her papers spread on the table. She heard a soft knock on the door, and she sensed his presence. She picked up her wand, pointed it at the door and muttered ‘Alohomora’. There was a click and the door opened.


 “Hey Abhay!” she greeted him with a warm smile.


 “Pia, what if it wasn’t me? You shouldn’t use magic in front of...”


 “Abhay, who else will come to disturb me so early morning? And anyways, I knew from within that it was you.”


 Abhay covered the distance between them in two strides, simultaneously closing the door behind him, and sat near Pia. “May I?” he asked, picking up a file. Pia nodded and both of them started working together without another word.


   Unusually, Hermione woke up at seven and so did Harry, and both of them slowly walked out of their rooms. They saw each other and then slowly walked down the stairs together. Abhay was the first to notice them. “Good Morning!” he wished them.


 “Good Morning Abhay!” Hermione answered back. “Good Morning Pia.”


 “So both of you got up? I thought you won’t get out of your beds till nine.”


 “That’s going to be the case with Ron and Ginny.” Hermione laughed and so did others.


 “Well, I’ll go and fix the breakfast for us. Abhay, please will you complete the college files till then?”


 Abhay nodded an affirmative and resumed his work. “I’ll help you,” Hermione went to sit on Pia’s place. Harry wanted to wait there and safeguard Hermione, but then reconsidered his decision and followed Pia into the kitchen.


 “Hey Harry! You may sit with them; I’ll manage with the food.”


 “What if I want to wait?”


 “Then you may,” Pia went on with brewing tea and making sandwiches.






 “Can I ask you something?”




 “What with Abhay? I mean he’s a vampire, then he must be drinking blood and killing people, then how can you be friends with him? He’s a creature and... well you know what I mean. Aren’t you scared? He may kill you one day...”


 “I understand your doubts Harry. But the answer’s simple.”


 “And what is it?”



 “Harry, Abhay is a Vampire for sure, but...”




 “...but a vegetarian vampire.”



A/N : did you like it? yes/no let me know through your reviews.... ^_^


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The Walking Dead: The Cold Vegetarian


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