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Operation: Undies by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 1 : My Favorite Pair
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Operation: Undies
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Chapter One


“No, Albus.”




“God, James. Do you honestly think that if I say no to Albus, I’ll magically say yes to you?”

“You can’t resist my cuteness.”

“Har, har, don’t make me laugh.” For the past hour, both James and Albus have been begging me to temporarily join the Quidditch team, after their chaser, Henrietta, caught some fatal illness and was sent to St. Mungo’s for the rest of the term. I would have been fine joining the team. Honestly, I loved Quidditch, and everything about it.

It’s just that… Well—

“Is it because Caleb is on the team?” James asked dryly, giving me an exasperated look.



That’s me.

Rose Weasley.

And I have a crush on my cousins best mate.

How cliché, eh?

I glared at my idiot cousin. “No.” I answered.

He sighed and ruffled his hair as he picked himself up from the floor. Did I mention that he was just on his knees? “C’mon Rosie. Please!”

“Lily won’t do it.” Albus added. “After what happened last summer, she refuses to ever play Quidditch with James and I…” he thought for a moment. “Or any other family member for that matter.”

“You two practically roasted her boyfriend alive on his broomstick!” I exclaimed, recalling the events of last summer—the summer that will never be spoken of in front of Lily Potter ever again. Or so she declares.

Albus scoffed and waved his hand in the air. “Details.” he said, waving the topic away. “Anyway. Rose, we need another girl player! Please, please, please.”

I sighed exasperatedly. “Why don’t you just get Louis to join?”

“Did you not hear what I just said?” he asked as if I was stupid. “McGonagall doesn’t want another Weasley boy to join. She say’s that it will say something about Gryffindor, or something of the sort.” he waved his hand in the air again and rolled his eyes.

“That the Weasley’s have taken over the Gryffindor house? Al, everyone in the whole castle already knows that little fact.”

Before Albus could respond, James roughly shoved him away exasperatedly. “This is why I don’t let you ‘handle’ things, little brother.” He told him without even turning to face him. “I didn’t want to stoop down there, Rose. But you’re leaving me with no choice.”

“What are you talking about…”

“If you don’t join the Quidditch team, I’ll owl your dad about that time you snuck out with me and Caleb to go to a muggle bar last year during the winter holidays.” I gasped. No. “I still have the pictures!”

Oh dear, he had pictures.

My eyes narrowed into slits as I glared at my evil, evil cousin.

How could this, monstrosity of a child, share the same genes as the savior of the Wizarding world?

“You wouldn’t.” I growled.

“Oh he would.” Albus interjected, leaning in closer to his brother so that he can look straight at me with a large, smug smirk on his ugly little face.

I groaned, and slammed my textbook shut. “Fine.” I answered as I stood up. I bent down to face both of them, straight in the face. James was grinning like an idiot, but I saw fear flicker across Albus’ face. “But if I make a fool out of myself even once, both your heads will be on a silver platter before you can even whip out your wands.” I whispered in a low, threatening tone. “Got it?”

James’ grin faded, and Albus’ face turned into stone.

“You all know what I did to Hugo after he almost ratted me out for stealing my mum’s dress for the night, right?”

They nodded again.

“Do you want that to happen to you?”

They shook their heads.

I stepped back and composed my self once more. “I’m glad we have an understanding.”


I was stupid.

I was an idiot.

An imbecile.

A dumb arse.

A stupid, ignorant, dense, foolish, idiotic, imbecilic, dumb arse, who actually believed the words of James and Albus Potter.

Practice hadn’t even started yet, and I managed to:

1. Trip over my own shoes.
2. Fall into the grass, thanks to Albus and his enormous arse that just happened to be near my head as I bent down to tie my shoe.
3. Trip over my own feet, for some odd reason.
4. Get my hair tangled into the bristle’s of my broom.
5. Trip over James’ broomstick. I swear, the bugger left it out on the fucking field on purpose.
6. Snort and sneeze at the same time.
7. Accidentally call Caleb Mr. Severus Snape.
8. Accidentally tell Caleb that I wanted to eat yogurt, when what he really said was, ‘you’ve got a clumsy set of feet, don’t you.’ Excuse me for thinking that he asked ‘what do you want to eat? I’ll treat you.’
9. Getting happy for no reason because I thought Caleb was asking me out on a date.
10. Squealing like an idiot because I got happy for no reason.
11. Set a new record for myself: How many times I managed to make myself look like an idiot in front of Caleb in less than ten minutes.

“So, now that the entire team is here,” James began. I shot a look towards Paul Smith, one of the beaters on the team, who (and I think it was intentional, even though he says otherwise) managed to show up twenty minutes late. I think it was Albus’ fault. He likes to torture me. “Let’s start with the drills!”

The boys immediately shot up and began stretching their legs and arms. I slowly followed suit, not exactly sure what to do with myself. I was surrounded by boys who were about six feet tall, with bulky arms and defined chests. While I, on the other hand, stand at five feet, five inches, with a lanky body and obnoxiously bright, red hair. I felt… awkward.

“Ten laps in counting!” With James and Caleb up front, the entire team (apart from me of course) began laps around the pitch, while I, being the incredibly awkward person than I am, stood by the sidelines… awkwardly. “Rose! Start doing laps!” I heard James bellow.

This boy was crazy if he thought I was going to do laps around the bloody pitch. It was probably two miles long! “You’re crazy!” I shouted back.

I saw James turn around and mutter something to Albus who was running closely behind him. A few seconds later, Albus fell back from the five other members before he began running back towards me.

Bugger, he was going to make me run.

I quickly glanced to my left, and found the entrance to the showers not far from me. I could make a run for it and lock Albus out of the girls’ shower.

Crap, he’s already here.

“C’mon Rosie.” He urged, running in place.

“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to run.” I told him.

“You need to build your stamina!” he exclaimed.

“We’re on broomsticks! What stamina do I need?”

Albus, not buying a word I was saying, rolled his eyes and took a hold of my wrist. He began running, consequently dragging me along with him. “You’re part of the team now! You can’t sit out just because you’re a girl.”

“I can run, Al! You know I can! So why not just let me sit this one out before I further embarrass myself in front of Caleb.” I was practically begging as I ran in order to keep up with Albus who still had his hand wrapped around my wrist. “Please, Al! You owe me!”

He turned back. “How could I possibly owe you anything?”

“You pushed me over with your big, fat arse!”

He laughed loudly. “That was an accident! Don’t be silly, Rose. Now keep up! We’ve got nine and a half more laps to go!”

I was wheezing like an person dying from lung disease. By the time I entered the showers, it felt like heaven and I collapsed against the tiles. I allowed to water to run over my skin, washing away any dirt and grime that had accumulated after the countless of times the ground ran into my body.

During the entire ten laps, I felt at least forty times, ten of which, I managed to drag Albus down with me.

That’s a new bloody record.

The worst part of it all?

It was only the beginning.

I walked out of the showers feeling content, but still extremely sore. My legs felt like they had a pulse of its own. At least I was clean, and no longer sweaty.

I grabbed my clothes out of the locker I had chosen for the day and began drying any left over water that remained on my skin. As I rifled through my belongings, I realized that I was missing two things.

Shirt was here.

Skirt was here.

Tie. Check.

Socks. Check.

Shoes. Check.

Where the fuck are my knickers?








Mother of Merlin’s Pants.

My cousin was the most dim-witted dolt on this planet.


I poked my head out of the door and spotted him casually leaning against the wall with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his trousers. As soon as he heard his name being called over and over again, he began frantically searching the corridor, looking for the source of the voice.

I can’t believe he doesn’t see me—me, with my bright red hair—moving around frantically as best as I could behind this bloody door.


Finally, after what felt like ages, he finally saw me. “Rose!” and then he grinned.

I shut my eyes tightly and banged my head against the frame of the door way. “You are an imbecile.”

“Can you hurry it up in there? Lily wants the Map, and she’s going to start screaming if I show up late again.”

“I need you to do something for me.” I told him.


I beckoned him closer as I scanned the corridor for any student lingering around. It was empty. “Come closer you moron!”

“That’s not exactly the best way to talk someone who is about to do you a favor.” He informed be as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Now be nice, and say Albus you’re a sexy quidditch god and I will worship you for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Al.” I said dryly. “I’m not about to start spitting out lies over here.”

He didn’t move from his spot.

I stared at him. “Can you please do me this favor now?”

He didn’t move.

I banged my head against the door frame again.

“You know what, never mind!” I exclaimed as I suddenly realized that I would probably die of embarrassment if I asked my cousin to sneak into my dorm to get me a fresh pair of knickers. So I hesitantly turned around, grabbed my bag from the bench, slung it over my shoulder, and left the locker room.

Yes, that’s right.

Rose Weasley is going commando.

Like a boss.

Oh shit, this feels awkward.

As Al and I began walking down the corridor, I squirmed in my own clothes. My bra was gone, and so were my underwear. Unfortunately for me, I decided against wearing a tank-top under my uniform—which is very white, and very see through—this morning. My skirt, which was regrettably too short for my figure, kept riding up every now and then, which made me even more uncomfortable.

“What’s with you?” Albus asked suspiciously. “You keep squirming and tensing up..”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing. Let’s just hurry up and get back to the common room.”

I could tell he wanted to question me further and maybe even tease me a little about my discomfort, but Albus stayed quiet. We hurriedly walked through the corridors, successfully avoiding anyone we knew. Wow, I guess today was my lucky day.

We passed a set of windows, giving me a perfect view of the wonderful weather we were having that day.

I think I’ll go drag Selene outside later. The weather is just perfect. It’s so nice and cool, and there’s a wonderful breeze—


Yeah, there was a wonderful breeze alright.

And my arse got to feel just how wonderful the breeze really was.

“What?” Albus asked immediately, turning towards me.

I quickly pulled my skirt down, suddenly hating Hogwarts for assigning pleated skirts as our uniforms. They should think about forcing girls to wear straight, or even pencil skirts! At least they don’t ride up when a stray breeze flies into the bloody castle.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I heard a wolf-whistle behind me.

Both Al and I turned around, and there I saw him; Scorpius Malfoy, in all his arrogant glory. He was walking alone—thank Merlin—and there was a smirk playing on his lips.

My eyes immediately narrowed into small slits as I felt pure, unadulterated hatred spread through my body. Despite my fierce, (probably) intimidating look, he still smirked as he approached both Albus and I. His hands were plunged deep into the pockets of his black trousers, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His white shirt was un-tucked and buttoned only halfway; his tie was already discarded.

Once he was near me, well, near enough, he spoke. “Nice view Weasley.” And winked. “I absolutely love the weather today, don’t you?” He made his way in between Albus and I, giving me a noseful of his scent. “I think we should have this kind of weather more often.”

And then I saw it, sticking out of his right pocket. It was lacy, and red. My favorite pair of knickers.

My cheeks flamed out of partial anger, and partial embarrassment. “Malfoy.” I spat through gritted teeth.

He winked again before he completely turned his body around and continued strutting down the corridor with my knickers stuffed in the depths of his pockets.

“Nice view of what?” Albus asked, turning to me with an angry expression on his face.

I ignored my oblivious cousin while I focused on Malfoy’s retreating figure. I guess for a small fragment of a second, I stood there hoping that the ridiculously unhealthy amount of hatred that harbored in my stomach and transmitted through my glare would be enough to make him implode.

Unfortunately for me, he continued walking down the corridor and eventually making a right turn at the end. Once he turned, I could see a small flash of red, and then, he was gone.

I scowled and muttered, “Bloody Malfoy.”

“Rose, what’d he do now?”

I was going to make him pay. After years of being tormented by that ruddy arsehole, I’ve had enough. He wasn’t going to get away with it this time. This was the last time Scorpius Malfoy intentionally roused me up just for laughs.

Ohh, I’m going to get him back so good, that he’s going to end up crying in a ball while he chewed on his own hair. I’m going to make him cry to his daddy. I’m going to take his pride, and shove it up his own—

“Rose!” Albus exclaimed, waving his hand in front of my face. “You alright?”

I looked away from him and back to the spot where Scorpius disappeared.

This is war, Malfoy, and I’m going to win under any means necessary.

After all, those were my favorite pair of knickers.

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