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Bellatrix's Little Trial by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : A Dog Day Afternoon
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Bellatrix was in a mood. The nice summer day spent relaxing had gone sour the second that the knocker on the door had sounded. Although she would usually just apparate back to her parent’s manor, or if she peered through the blinds and saw a muggle, she would throw a little unsuspecting hex then go back to ignoring it; she instead sat up from her lounge chair.


Today, she decided to answer and see who the possible victim was. She tossed on her robe, and stopped at her vanity mirror to primp up her hair. The clanking sounded again breaking her from her distraction. She would admit that if there was one thing she loved more than the Dark Lord, it was her appearance, and a pox on anything that would dare change it. Bellatrix picked up the slice of pineapple she had been eating, and pranced down the hall to the door then peered through the peep hole.




It was her youngest cousin Regulus behind the door, looking down and shuffling his feet while he held on to a broom. She sighed and unlatched the door letting it creak open to reveal her in her splendor.


“What is it Reg? Shouldn’t you be doing your summer reading?” Bellatrix asked looking expectantly at him.


“Nah, I was on my way to a friends but I was told to give you this.” He said almost intimidated by her presence. He then took a small scroll from his coat and handed it to her and mounted his broom.


“Not going to stay?” she questioned, looking up from the scroll.


“I’m off to a friends, besides I heard there is a herd of angry centaurs in the area stealing brooms.” He bluffed, then zoomed away into the warm skies.


“Fine then! I don’t even know how that ridiculous urban legend got started.” She muttered after him, and chomped down on the bit of pinapple.


Of the cousins that she knew, Regulus was the most tolerable in that he at least held the same beliefs as the majority like the rest of the family, unlike his brother who is quite near to getting his likeness scorched off the family tree.


He came to visit occasionally when he had concerns about tasks the Dark Lord would give him. Never just to say ‘Hello’ or chat, not that she had time for that, but his stop over to give her a letter meant her Aunt or Uncle must want to talk to her.


Bellatrix shut and re-latched the door before leaning against it, and tearing into the letter. It had a familiar untidy scroll that did not belong to her Aunt or Uncle, but to the damned Gryffindor of the family asking if she could help him out with something for an hour or so.






Bellatrix materialized in the sitting room of the Black residence at Grimmauld place. She straightened out any nonexistent creases or imperfections that her dress did not have. She would not be seen by her delinquent younger cousin as anything but faultless, to show him what he could and should be rather than some sniveling muggle lover.


Oh well. The house appeared rather empty, only in residents not decadence. The familiar portraits and decorations lined the walls. Bellatrix made her way down the corridor to the sitting room only to come across the wall of past house elves, their shriveled heads all mounted as a sign of power and servitude.


“Sirius! Sirius you dog! I demand you tell me why I am wasting my time on you right this instant!” She shouted as she reached the stairwell.


“You’re here! I’m coming!” Came a lofty voice from upstairs.


There was what sounded like chuckling before Sirius came vaulting down the steps. He was a rugged sort of boy, whose looks apparently paralleled an Adonis though by who she could not fathom. They did have definite similarities, the hair color, and other features, but all Bellatrix could see was the same cousin who she’d decided to shun before the rest of the family because he was a carefree Gryffindor.  


“How… something, it is to see you dearest Bellatrix.” He smirked, running a hand through his messy hair.


“Something indeed.” She mocked, something miserable, “Do tell me why I am here, or I shall be gone swift as a shadow, short as any dream, brief as the lightening collided in the night.”


“Have you become a bard?” Sirius questioned. 


“It’s the Bard.” She replied haughtily.


The statement looked to go over his head. Bellatrix crossed her arms, and began to tap her foot in irritation, looking at him expectantly.


“Right, I need you to watch my dog for me.” He said.


“No.” Bellatrix shrugged and turned toward the fireplace in the room.


He quickly grabbed her elbow, turning her back to face him. “Wait, you are the only one who can help me. No ones home and he needs to be watched so he doesn’t leave or destroy my room. I’ll pay you!” he pleaded in what sounded like real desperation.


“I don’t need your money, but I’ll take it. Never knew you had a dog, where are you going anyway?” she asked still unconvinced, yet rather uninterested. There had never been a dog around when she visited, it must be new. Though why Orion and Walburga would ever allow the cretian to get a dog was beyond her.


“Oh, well I just found him when we came back through Kings Cross. Father has called me out to meet with the Dark Lord, so I really should take my broom and go.” Sirius said cautiously then looked innocently up at her through his hair.


She looked at him impressed at his change of tune. “That is good to hear. I’ll do it, but you’d best go dress nicely if you expect to meet Him.”


“Ok thank you, I will be back in an hour or so.” Sirius said immediately perking up, but instead of hugging his older cousin, he dropped a few galleons into her palm.


He then rushed up the stairs slamming his door shut behind him. Bellatrix could hear the boy rustling in his room obviously changing, and the occasional deep bark of what could be a big dog. Finally, there was the sound of a window slamming open, followed by Sirius voice.  


“I’m off! Don’t let him out of my room, or use magic on him!” he called, as Bellatrix made her way up the steps until she was faced with a door that had Sirius name painted on it.


Strangely, she waited before opening the door, pulling her wand out for security. Dogs were not her favorite animal. Those found on the streets could be ugly, vicious, brutish creatures, and something she wanted nothing to do with.


Why in Merlin’s name was she doing something generous for the delinquent cousin she didn’t want to spend more than twenty minutes with when she had to? Maybe she could stay outside the remainder of the time so she wouldn’t need to face the mutt. Hopefully it would at least be a cute one. 


Then came a low whimper from the other side of the door. Taking a deep breath and rolling her eyes, Bellatrix pushed open the door and came face to face with a rather large black dog. No, not a cute mutt. It sat in the middle of the bedroom already facing the door, waiting for her.


“Hmph, you aren’t scary, stupid mutt. But this room is. As if you could make it more of a disaster. Doesn't he know any cleaning spells?” she asked the shaggy dog, as she looked over the wreckage that was Sirius’s belongings.


The bed sheets were strewn across the floor, his shoes and clothes were in the place of the bed sheets. Papers, books, and contraptions littered every surface. And the dark blue paint on the walls was chipped and could use refreshing.


The scruffy dog growled viciously, in reply to her assessment of the room. It began to circle her, inspecting the intrusion she had made. She backed away from its meddlesome nose and found a place to sit and wait out her ordeal. Seconds after she sat down in a desk chair the dog barked sharply, startling Bellatrix enough that she pointed her wand threateningly at the dog.


“What you stupid mutt, am I not allowed to sit down?” she sneered trying to shoo the dog away.


The dog apparently did not respond well to being disturbed, as it began to circle the chair she sat on, with its hair raised to intimidate. Bellatrix watched the dog quietly, regretting ever agreeing to help her ingrate of a cousin. She muttered curses to herself as the mutt came to sit and face her, glaring back if it were even possible that an animal could.


“Don’t test me you wretch. I have half a mind to send you out the window, despite what the brat said.” She seethed threateningly, as she slowly raised up from the seat directing her wand between the dogs eyes.


In a matter of seconds the large dog let out an equally large bark, shocking Bellatrix long enough for it to snatch up her wand from her hand. It took the wand in its mouth and backed up until it sat beneath the open window.


Quickly, Bellatrix realized her wand had been stolen and everything went red. In several swift motions she had reached one of the few open spots in the room in front of the dog and stood over it in a menacing fashion, trying to make herself appear bigger.


“Give me that you mutt! It’s not a stick for playing!” she screeched trying to grab the wand from its mouth.


With each second that passed while she was without her wand, her panic level increased and showed obviously on her face. The dog dodged her grasp, setting the wand on the floor beneath it, and growled protectively.


Letting out a small squeak, Bellatrix lunged for the wand again. But the dog was one step ahead and snapped in the direction of her hand, causing her to quickly retract it.


“Give me that!” she cried out near desperation. No doubt she would have to curse her cousin into oblivion to teach him a lesson for asking her for help. If she had her way soon there would be no dog.


She reached toward the wand again, but to no avail her ploy did not work. For all her anguish, nothing compared to what happened next. The dog suddenly began howling, loudly.


Not knowing anything else do to without the wand, and going a little mad her self, she submitted to screaming back at the dog just as loud, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” holding her head as she did so.


The dog’s howl slowly turned into what sounded like to Bellatrix, almost a chuckling sort of bark. It sounded near human, but that could possibly be the madness that was quickly showing through her cracking façade. She closed her eyes and shook her head to try and shed the frustration, but the chuckling became clearer and more familiar.


Upon opening her eyes she saw a hunched over figure that made her blood begin to boil. Sirius, knelt before her on his hands and knees where the dog had been only moments before. He put his hand on his knee still laughing, now at his cousin’s confused and maddened expression.  


Coming to her senses, she put two and two together that her delinquent cousin was a blasted animagus. She also noticed that her wand was free of his protection all in the same moment that she did.


She launched herself at the wand, grabbing it up and pointing it at her target. But Sirius was already a step ahead. He reached under a blanket beneath the window and unsheathed his broom. Before she could get to him, Sirius had lept out the window and went soaring into sky laughing the whole way.


Bellatrix ran to the window and flung as many curses in his direction as she could until he was at to far of a distance.


“I am going to kill you one day Sirius! Mark my words.” She shouted after him.

A/N: Hi! This has been my second one-shot so far, and I hope you liked it! :) Bellatrix is one of my favorite characters, and I finally had a plot bunny that translated into a story about her. YAY! And finding the challenges I worked into it helped as well. It's basically, an insight it to something that might have happened to turn on her crazy. I know I may not have some facts straight but it worked for the story and that worked for me. Anywho, Thank you for reading, and any opinions, comments, questions in the form of a review is much appreciated. Thanks! :)  

2-20-2012: Edit, I just cleaned it up a bit, and added some things. 

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