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Do-Over: The Sequel to Matchmaker by dimezlilsis2006
Chapter 34 : Epilogue
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“Morning dear,” Kim kissed her husband of three months on the forehead.


“Good morning,” he replied. “Are you feeling any better?” he asked.


“So, wasn’t little Scorpius adorable?” she asked, rubbing his chest.


“Yes; you didn’t answer my question. How are you feeling?”


“And he is getting so big. He looks just like his father,” she rambled on, making herself breakfast.


“Mrs. Longbottom,” Neville smiled. “Why are evading my questions?”


“I heard that George and his wife are going to have their first soon. I remember him telling me that if it’s a boy they are going to name him Fred, isn’t that sweet?”


“Yes,” he gave her the elevator eyes suspiciously. “You look…fuller.”


“Mark’s planning to propose to Daphne soon. Isn’t that fantastic? I thought he’d never settle down and actually marry. I guess I can stop playing matchmaker now, huh?”


“You have yet to answer my original question.”


“Which was?” She started making an omelet with cheese.


“How are you feeling? Anymore sickness?”


“No, not today darling, thanks for asking; you know what else I heard?”


“Do you want to have a child?” Neville asked, wrapping his arms around her. “Is that why you’re talking about so many people’s children and pregnancies?”


“Not exactly; umm…maybe you should have a seat.”


“What?” He furrowed his eyebrows together while sitting back down. “Is there some sort of problem?”


“It depends how to you take the news,” she mumbled.


“What news?” he paled slightly, fearing the worst.


“I’m…I’m…I’m…umm…ya know…umm…pregnant,” she said, failing to hide the fear in her voice.


“What?” He was overcome with emotions, mainly pride and fear.


“I have a bun in my oven? That bun belongs to you? It has half your genetic coding and everything.”


“That’s why you’ve been sick?” He felt dumbfounded. “You have morning sickness. It all makes sense now. How long have you known about…this?”


“Not very long,” she sighed, sitting next to him. “I just peed on a stick about five minutes ago and it came out positive. All of them did actually.”


Neville chuckled. “How many pregnancy tests did you use?”




“Ten? Why ten?”


“I didn’t believe the first…nine,” she cried, hiding her face in her hands. “I must look horrible right now.”


“No,” he moved her hands and wiped away the tears. “You’ve never looked more beautiful to me then you are right now.”


“Sweetie, you’re just saying that to make me feel better.”


“No I’m not. I think looking at you now is like seeing for the first time all over again.”


She looked up at him, “So you aren’t too mad?”


“Why would I be, darling?” he laughed.


“Because, this wasn’t planned and I thought you might faint or something?”


“You and your silly American notions,” he squeezed her hand. “Does it smell like smoke?”


“MY EGGS!” Kim leapt from the chair. “Oh, they’re burnt.” She sighed, sitting back down. “If I can’t make breakfast for myself, how can I take care of a child?”


“Because you’ve raised two overactive Labradors, whom are thankfully asleep right now; you are a wonderful caretaker and you have me. I think you keep forgetting that.” There was a distinct ripping sound from the bedroom and the couple rushed over.


“DOGS!” Kim half yelled, half moaned. “Why’d you tear up my pillows for?” The two looked at her with doggy grins and wagging tails, covered in pillow innards. “I’m pregnant.”


“Yes you are,” Neville held her close.


“It’s a little you,” she rubbed her invisible baby bump.

“And a lot of you,” he kissed her cheek. “Go lie down on the couch, I’ll clean this up and make you breakfast.” 



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Do-Over: The Sequel to Matchmaker: Epilogue


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