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Sam Potter by Byuflutist
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Birthday Preparations
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Author's Note:



Ok, so when I started writing this, I didn't want to be one of those people who always asks for reviews, and I won't be, but if you don't mind writing just a little snippit of something.... Anyway, I hope you're enjoying my story. This is my first fanfic and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm really sorry that it took so long to post this, I was suffering from writer's block (the bane of my existance). Enjoy, and I look forward to reading what you have to say.












Chapter 3: One year later






          Sam woke to the smell of cooking bacon coming from the kitchen. She smiled to herself as she slowly opened her eyes and stretched her stiff back muscles. She could hear whistling as she slowly sat up in bed. He must be in a good mood, she thought to herself, but then her eyes landed on the calendar on the wall by her mirror.



          July 31.



          Sam’s good mood immediately left her, and she fell back onto her pillows. She was 19 today.









          Five minutes later Sam heard footsteps coming down the hall towards her bedroom; she sat up again and watched as her roommate came through the door holding a tray filled with her favorite breakfast dishes. There was bacon, chocolate chip pancakes dripping in melted butter and hot syrup, scrambled eggs that were covered in syrup as well, and a cinnamon roll smothered in icing. The tray was also holding three glasses of orange juice and a cup of milk. She looked up into the blue eyes of her secret best friend and smiled as she watched the worry cross his eyes as she stayed quiet.



          Wanting to put him out of his misery, Sam asked,”Please tell me that all of this food isn’t just for me, there’s no way I can eat it all by myself.”



          Draco smiled and took out the two forks he bad brought with him from the kitchen.



          “I was hoping you were going to say that.”



          She laughed and took a fork from him and began to eat.



          “So, what’s the plan for your special day,” Draco asked a few minutes later.



          “I’m going to pretend that today in no more special than any other Saturday. We need to go grocery shopping, we can play a few rounds of Quidditch if you want, and I’ve got nothing planned for tonight so we can just have a quiet night at home if you don’t mind.”



          Draco looked up in surprise. “Wait what about dinner at the Weasely’s. Isn’t that like tradition?”



          “Well, since tomorrow is Sunday and we normally have brunch over at the Burrow anyway, Mrs. Weasely said that we’ll just combine the two and have a big bash tomorrow.”



          Draco still wasn’t convinced but didn’t feel like arguing with Sam so he dropped the subject and continued eating.



          “I was thinking…” Draco said, breaking the silence yet again.



          “Never a good thing,” Sam answered with a grin.



          He stuck his tongue out at her before going on with his thought.



          “I need a few new books, do you mind if I go to Diagon Alley later on, by myself?” he asked, not quite meeting her gaze.



          “Um, yeah sure, if you want to,” she replied. “What are you getting?”



          “Oh, nothing in particular, I just need something new to read,” he answered nonchalantly.



          She didn’t quite believe him but let the subject drop again. She thought back to just over a year ago when she and Draco first became friends. After he had carried her inside of Hogwarts and talked to her in the Slytherin common room, she had made sure that the two of them spent some time together everyday.









Sam had begun to alienate herself from her friends after the war because she hated feeling like the fifth wheel, especially since Hermione and Ron had finally begun dating, starting after their impromptu kiss during the Battle. As soon as the clean up was underway and Harry had debriefed the more trusted members of the Order, on what he had been doing over the past year, he had asked Ginny to go on a date with him. And it wasn’t long before both couples announced that they were getting married.



The two couples soon started going on double dates together and often invited Sam along so that she wouldn’t feel left out, but after the first “group outing”, as Hermione called it to make Sam feel more included, Sam had decided that she hated watching all of them looking at each other with such love.



          Sam soon started spending nearly every night in the Slytherin common room with Draco. The pair became very close and it wasn’t long before Sam confided in Draco the reason for the pain that constantly lurked behind her hazel eyes. She told him about what she and Fred had planned and how deeply she had loved him.



          Draco was shocked, at just how much she had kept from her friends. And not just her friends, but the entire Wizarding World. Even when she and her brother had been under such tight scrutiny she had managed to keep her relationship with Fred hidden. He was also amazed at how involved they had been together. She seemed to know things about Fred that Draco doubted even George knew.



          Draco, in turn, told Sam everything about his life as the “Slytherin Prince” and the pressure that he felt to become a Death Eater from his father. He confided in her, just how conflicted he felt the past two years, ever since he had been initiated into Voldemort’s circle. He explained his relationship with Pansy Parkinson and his former friends and how, even though he had tried to reconnect with them, they had ignored his letters and returned them unopened.



          About a month after Draco and Sam had become friends Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron announced that they would be moving in together and living at Grimmald Place. After their announcement they had asked Sam if she wanted to join them. She had declined saying that she wanted to live on her own for a while, but agreed that she would be a regular visitor. She, Hermione, and Ginny had gotten in many fights over Sam’s decision, because Hermione and Ginny both felt that Sam would benefit with living with people but Sam was adamant.



          One night when she was sitting in the darkening Slytherin common room with Draco in a comfortable companionable silence, Sam broke the stillness.






          “Hmm?” Draco asked, looking up from the book he had lying in his lap.



          “What are you doing after you leave here?” Sam asked looking into Draco’s eyes.



          “Honestly, I don’t know,” he answered, shrugging his shoulders. “Why?”



          Averting her eyes from Draco Sam answered “Well, I found a nice flat in London, with two bedrooms and everything and I was wondering if you wanted to move in with me?”



          Draco was shocked. He considered Sam a friend and loved spending time with her, but to move in with her…but then again, he didn’t have anywhere else to go. All of his family was either dead or in Azkaban or he was estranged from them, because they were disowned by the family.



          Looking up at Sam, Draco slowly nodded his head, and watched as a radiant smile blossomed across her face and she leaned over and gave him a tight hug. Draco didn’t trust himself to let go if he put his arms around her, so he sat rigidly while her slender arms encircled his neck.



          “Oh, thank you, Draco!” she squealed. “I was hoping you’d say yes, I wasn’t really looking forward to living by myself,” she said as she leaned away from him.



          “Wait, if you didn’t want to live alone, why didn’t you agree to live with your brother and the gang?” Draco asked, confused.



          “I can’t live with them,” Sam answered looking down and staring at her hands. “It would be too much of a reminder that he’s gone, whenever I’d see them kiss or look at each other, being so in love. And the girls will be working on their weddings and I seriously think that being in the middle of all of that would just depress me.”



          She looked up to stare into Draco’s brilliant gray eyes and again he was taken back by just how sad she seemed.



          Again, he slowly nodded his head, confirming that he would move in with her.



          “Are you going to tell everyone?” Draco asked.



          “Tell everyone what?” Sam asked feigning innocence.



          “You know ‘what’. Are you going to tell the others that I’m moving in with you?” Draco asked, rolling his eyes.



“Do you think I should?” Sam asked looking slightly nervous.



          “What would they do?”






          “It’s usually the best policy,” he answered, allowing a smirk to creep across his face.



          She slapped him playfully, before returning to her “serious face”.



          “I honestly don’t think that they’d handle it well, especially Harry and Ron. I think ‘Mione and Gin would get over their prejudices after a while, but it’d still take a long time. I think Harry would come to his senses after a year or so, but I seriously doubt Ron will ever forgive you and your family for how horrible you’ve been to him and his family.”



          Draco looked down, a little ashamed. He understood why Weasely would hold a grudge, but he hoped that maybe one day he wouldn’t have to hide his friendship with Sam from the world.



          Sam, misunderstanding Draco’s silence, quickly apologized.



“Draco, I’m not ashamed of you, please know that. I consider you to be one of my closest personal friends. You’ve been here for me for the past month and a half since the end of the war, and for that reason, I don’t want to subject you to the persecution that they would give you.”



          Draco’s heart swelled as he realized that the only reason Sam didn’t want to tell the world about their friendship was for him and his feelings.



          “I totally understand,           but I don’t want to come between you and your friends…”



          “You won’t. Hey, did you get an answer back from the Ministry, for an interview?” Sam asked suddenly to try to change the subject.



          Draco’s head dropped as he shook his head no.



          “No, they said that I was too young, but you know as well as I do that that’s just an excuse,” he answer mournfully.



          Sam looked down, unable to look her friend in the eye. She knew that he was having a difficult time finding a job and she also knew that he was too proud to ask her for any sort of help.



          “I was going to ask McGonagall if she had any openings on the staff, why don’t you ask her too? She knows your whole situation and I’m pretty sure she trusts you, and if it’ll help I’ll vouch for you,” Sam told her friend trying to cheer him up.



          Draco smiled at Sam and she tried to ignore the butterflies that flared in her stomach. 






          That had been over a year ago, and McGonagall had given both Draco and Sam staff positions. Sam had been teaching Transfiguration since McGonagall was now the headmistress, and Draco had taken over being the potions master and the Head of Slytherin House.



`        Many of the teachers that had survived the Battle agreed to maintain their posts at Hogwarts, at least until McGonagall could find and interview others for their posts. Sam and Draco loved their jobs at Hogwarts and were well loved by many of the staff and students.



          Throughout the year Draco had been saving his money so that he could buy Sam a gift for her 19th birthday that would show just how grateful he was for all of her help and for her friendship after the war.



          After the two had done their menial shopping for the week, Sam announced that she was going to go to the small café down the street that had become a safe haven for her since there was no real quiet in the public library in London. That was one thing that Sam had not been able to replicate for herself after Hogwarts, the peacefulness that she always felt when she would walk through the doors of the library. She often mentioned to Draco just how much she missed it. She loved the smell of paper mixed with the heady scent of old leather which most of the books were bound in. She felt comfort when she could hold a book tightly to her chest. A book was something that would never die. There always seemed to be one more copy, one more edition coming out.



          As Sam walked the three blocks down to the café, Draco made his way over to the fireplace and grabbed a pinch of Floo powder from the small can that sat on top of the mantle.



          “Flourish and Blotts,” he said clearly and closed his eyes just as the flames turned bright green and he disappeared.












          “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Harry asked for what seemed like the twentieth time that day.



          He, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were standing outside of Sam’s apartment building each loaded down with birthday party goods. Hermione and Ginny had decided that they wanted to surprise Sam and throw her a party in her own home, but they wouldn’t admit that their true motive was so that they could see this “cute little flat” that Sam had chosen to live in, rather than live with her four friends.



          Ginny rolled her eyes at her fiancé and walked up three flights of steps that led to Sam’s floor.



          “Of course, it’s a good idea,” Hermione replied crossly. She was tired of this argument and was impatient to see her friend. She had set Ron to watching the house all day and when he had apparated home with the announcement that Sam had been heading toward her favorite café, Hermione had jumped at the chance to sneak into her friend’s home.



          The foursome silently walked up to the door that had a plaque on the outside that read Potter on the door and using an Alohomora spell unlocked the door. Hermione and Ginny immediately walked into the living room and began snooping around the small room. Ron and Harry both hung back and walked warily into the kitchen, as they were carrying the baked goods.



          Harry was waiting for some sort of security feature to materialize the four of them, but after waiting five minutes and nothing happening he began to relax and explore the apartment with his friends.



          After finding nothing of real interest in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, the four set to work setting up for the private party they had planned. Harry helped Ginny hang a huge banner across the ceiling in the hall, and Ron levitated streamers onto almost every surface that was over 6 feet tall. Hermione focused on putting the finishing touches on the food, trying to make sure everything was perfect.



          Three hours later and the apartment was perfect, and they were planning on leaving for a few hours so that they could change, but Ron had to use the bathroom.



          “Hey, guys?” he called a few seconds after walking through the bathroom door.



          “Yeah, mate?” Harry called back.



          “Is Sam dating someone?”



          Harry looked at Hermione and Ginny expectantly, thinking that maybe they would know and had merely forgotten to mention it. But both girls were staring at Harry with wide surprised eyes.



          “No, I don’t think she is,” Harry answered turning back and starting to walk towards the bathroom and Ron’s voice. “Why?”



          “Well, there’s a man’s razor on the sink, and there’s two toothbruhes, and men’s cologne…”



          Hermione and Ginny stuck their heads into the bathroom to look at the evidence, then looked at each other nothing but questions in their eyes.



          Harry opened his mouth to ask a question but was interrupted by a whooshing sound coming from the fireplace in the living room and the sound of the front door unlocking.



          Turning around he watched Draco Malfoy step out of the fireplace and his sister come walking down the front hall. Sam and Draco both looked up at the same time and saw Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron (who was still holding up Draco’s toothbrush) standing in the middle of the hallway.



          “What are you doing here?” everyone asked at the same time.



          “I live here.” “We were decorating” again at the same time.



          “You live here?” “Decorating?”



          Then, Sam eyes caught sight of the bright streamers and the large banner.





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