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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 22 : The Wedding
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Chapter 22

            The music started to play the sound of the wedding march, and Ginny took a deep, calming breath. She was about to get married. Actually get married. To add onto the fact that it was Harry Potter she was going to marry, just bewildered her. Ever since she was a little girl, she would walk down the stairs, pretending she was getting married to the Harry Potter. She laughed at the thought, that her eight year old brain, was actually right.

            She held onto her father’s arm with a small strength, and slowly but steadily made her way around the corner and into the aisle. She heard whispers about the room, thankful of her decision of not inviting Aunt Muriel, no matter how much her mother disliked it. She looked around for maybe two seconds, but then she caught eye on something straight up the aisle. 

            Harry stood there, smiling back at her, as she walked down the aisle. Her father held her arm, and would pat her arm from time to time, as he thought that she was crying. She was on the verge of it, but no, she would not cry. She was too happy, to cry a single tear. She gazed straight ahead at Harry, as he stood at his place, beaming like mad. 

            She didn’t quite know what to think in the moment, or even what to do. She just thought of Harry, just Harry. No flowers or tablecloths, or chairs or robes for the young ones. No arguing with her mother or Fleur, she wasn’t even thinking about if she was walking down the aisle in her knickers by accident. Not even thinking of the life that is laid out ahead of her, she was just thinking about him. 

            As Ginny neared the end of aisle and the music began to slow, Mr. Weasley gave a reassuring squeeze to her arm, and as he let her go, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and merely walked away. Ginny glanced back at her father, and gave him a reassuring smile. She then noticed a single tear, running down the side of his face, as he smiled widely back at her. 

            “You may all sit down.” Kingsley said with his deep voice. Harry took Ginny’s hands in hers, and held them with reassurance. “On behalf of the bride and groom, I welcome all of you to the marriage ceremony of Harry James Potter, and Ginevra Molly Weasley.” Harry turned to see Mrs. Weasley crying the world’s water supply, and Mr. Weasley carefully soaking it up with his handkerchief. As Kingsley read a poem out loud, Ginny and Harry lost each other in their eyes. Harry was barely even listening to what Kingsley was saying, but was acknowledging that we were paying attention. Ginny was doing the same, but selling it more than Harry had.

            “It is now time for the vows.” Hermione came over and handed Ginny her paper, which held her vow to Harry in a few sentences. She glanced over to Harry, who held nothing. No paper, no note. “Harry, you shall go first.” 

            “Gin, I don’t even know what to say right now, I’m lost for words…” He glanced down at their hands, and then back up at her. “You look beautiful, Ginny, absolutely beautiful. You are the love of my life, and I can’t wait for us to spend the rest of our life together. We will make it through thick and thin, and every little bump in the road that comes around, I will never leave your side. I love you Gin, and I always will.” Ginny gave a small, but meaningful smile as a single tear rolled down the side of her face.  

            Kingsley then took that it was the end of his vow, and said “Ginevra,”

            “Harry,” Ginny said, holding the paper in her hand but barely glancing at it. “I remember when I was eight, I would walk down the hallways as if I was getting married, and Ron would be standing at the end, pretending he was you. But as I walk down the aisle today, I realize Ron is not taking your place anymore. It’s really you, and that truly amazes me.” She took a deep breath, and then began to speak once more. “But today I stand here, holding your hand as we walk down this path of life together as lovers, and as friends. Harry James Potter, you are my chosen one, and I will love you as long as the stars shine.” 

            A slight ‘awwww’ came from the audience, as Ginny and Harry took the rings from both Hermione and Ron. Ginny looked down at her engagement ring, and then towards Harry’s ring that she held in her hand. The ring, that she held, was a ring that Harry would wear for the rest of his life. The ring that he held, was the one that she would hold for the rest of her life. Cherish it, guard it with her life.

            “Harry, place this ring on Ginevra’s finger to symbolize the love that you hold towards her.” Harry slide the ring onto her finger. “Ginevra, place this ring on Harry’s finger to symbolize your bond, and everlasting love towards him.” Ginny then slide the ring onto Harry’s finger.

            “Harry, do you promise to love Ginevra Molly Weasley through rich and poor, sickness and health, and until death parts you?” Kingsley asked.

            “I do.” Harry beamed.

            “Ginevra, do you promise to love Harry James Potter through rich and poor, sickness and health, and until death parts you?” Kingsley asked.

            “Forever.” Ginny said, a single tear running down the side of her cheek as she smiled brightly at Harry.

            “The ceremony is now finished, and Harry, you may kiss your bride.” Harry took Ginny in his arms, and kissed her tenderly. He could feel Ginny smiling underneath his lips, and could hear the clapping from the people sitting in the chairs. They broke apart, both of them beaming like mad. They joined hands, and together, made their way down the aisle to the back of the tent. Mrs. Weasley had a handkerchief and was sobbing; Hagrid sat in the back with his tablecloth as well. 

            The bridesmaids and the best man made their way after the bride and groom, and Ginny looked back just one last time, to take in the moment. As they exited the tent, they all walked into a separate tent, where they would stay until they were set to go to the reception. 

            “We did it.” Ginny said, hugging Harry as they walked into the tent. 

            “We did.” He whispered back into her ear, and she looked up and him lovingly. She kissed him quickly, and broke apart as Ron walked into the room with Hermione on his arm. Hermione flew towards Ginny and hugged her. Ron walked towards Harry, and they shared a manly hug. 

            “Ginny!” Hermione squealed. “That ceremony was so beautiful.” She said.

            “It was, you helped me plan it.” Ginny smiled, as did Hermione. About two feet over, the two men were aimlessly talking about the old days, and how Ron was and still is bloody terrified of his wedding. 

            “Well, I guess this means that my little sister is married.” George said, sliding into the tent in which he was not supposed to be in.

            “Well, I guess so.” Ginny smiled, as she walked over to her brother and giving him a hug. George held her in a hug for longer than what she had thought, but she was there willingly the entire time.

            “Fred would’ve been so proud of you.” He whispered in her ear, and her eyes began to water just so slightly. But again, she couldn’t let a single tear out, she was too happy. And she finally realized that Fred was too. He was watching them with a smile on his face, cracking jokes with Lupin and Tonks, pulling flowers out of his trousers with Uncle Bilius during his death day party, always a smile upon his face. He even etched one upon Ginny’s cheeks without him trying at all.

            “Thanks George.” She said, letting go of him. “I think you’d want to go back out there to avoid being trampled. We have to go back there in a couple minutes.”

            “Thinking of your brother are ya?” He asked. “Always one to worry about me and my safety.” He said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

            “You wish, now can you please leave?” She asked, pushing him out of the room, laughing ever so slightly. 

            “I’ll leave, but you owe me a dance during the reception.” He said, sticking his head in the tiny space between the two sheets of fabric. 

            “Fine George, I’ll dance with you.” Ginny gave in. 

            “I was talking to Harry sis.” George winked at Harry, and proceeded to laugh and leave the tent. Everyone laughed in the tent, until a silence fell on top of them,  that sometime, someone would have to break.

            “Well,” Ron said. “I guess now I can say that my little sister isn’t so little anymore.” He stood there with his arm around Hermione’s waist, smiling at Ginny.

            “I’m not little anymore, but I’ll always be your little sister.” She smiled back at him as Ron let go of Hermione and came over to hug Ginny. “No matter what you say, I’ll always be your adorable little sister.” She whispered in his ear, and Ron let go of the hug.

            “I wouldn’t say adorable.” He said joking.

            “I was adorable Ron, you can’t deny it.” She said, and he just shook his head. “I was.” He continued to shake his head back and forth, repeatedly disagreeing with her. “Are you doubting me when I was an adorable young girl?”

            “You put dragon dung in my bed when I stole your toast at breakfast Ginny, and that, I believe is not adorable.” He said, and Ginny blushed a little bit.

            “Did you really do that Gin?” Harry asked, and Ginny hid her face. She then heard a few laughs about the room, and she moved one of her fingers to look out from behind her hands. She saw Harry and Hermione laughing, and to Ginny’s surprise, Ron was laughing too.

            “I’ve forgiven you Ginny, it’s fine.” Ron laughed. “You don’t need to hide anymore.” Ginny let her hands fall down to her sides, and she walked over to Ron and gave him a hug. Ron and Ginny hugged for so long, that Harry and Hermione got uncomfortable and they gave each other a hug, just for old times. 

            “Time to go back out.” Harry said, looking at the clock. “You two better get out of here, before you get trampled.” Harry smiled as Ron and Hermione joined hands to walk out of the room.

            “You know, now I can call you my wife.” Harry said, wrapping his arm around Ginny’s waist and not letting any space between the two of them. 

            “And I can call you my husband.” She smiled at him, and kissed him quickly on the lips. He then returned the smile, and spoke.


            “Ready as I’ll ever be.” 

            Harry took Ginny’s hand in his own, and then began to walk towards the people filled tent, where he would most likely be crowded with ‘Congratulations’ by multiple people. 

            “Now introducing, the new Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter.” The band said to cue them to enter. They both walked in, and applause roared up from the crowd, and smiles as wide a mountains and that could cover many deserts. Mrs. Weasley was seen first to give the young couple, followed by a stampede of Weasleys. 

            “Ginny dear!” Mrs. Weasley pulled Ginny into a bone crushing hug. “I am so proud of you dear.” Ginny couldn’t feel any pain that she knew was there, she was too happy to feel anything but happy. 

            “Harry.” Mr. Weasley came up, giving Harry a manly hug. “Take care of her son.” He said into Harry’s ear as he patted Harry’s back.

            “I will Mr. Weasley, I promise.” Harry said back, releasing the hug.

            “Please Harry, call me Dad. We’ve known each other long enough for you to call me that.” They both smiled, as Mr. Weasley switched with Mrs. Weasley to share the same conversations.

            “I’m so proud of you pumpkin.” Mr. Weasley gave Ginny a tight hug, then let go a few, long seconds later. “He’ll take care of you, I made him promise me.” Mr. Weasley gave a smirk, and Ginny gave a small, but meaningful laugh. 

            “Daddy.” She smiled at him, and he just shrugged his shoulders and gave a smile back to his married daughter. 

            “Harry, dear.” Mrs. Weasley said, crushing Harry into a hug. He was also used to the gesture, and took the hug over the pain. “I hope you and my daughter Ginevra have a wonderful life together.”

            “Thanks mum.” Harry smiled, and then turned to say hello to a gigantic shadow that had been standing behind him for quite some time. 

            “I remember when you were a young little fell’r, you could fit in me own hand!” Hagrid exclaimed, and Harry slightly chuckled while he smiled. There wasn’t any part of the entire day, that Harry had not been smiling. He just couldn’t be sad. “Now you all grown up.” 

            “Well, I’m still not as tall as you Hagrid.” Harry said, slightly looking up at Hagrid, who was just a foot taller than him. Harry could remember when he was so small, that Hagrid was towering over him by a yard. 

            “Mayb’ at the rate you growin, you’ll catch up to meh.” Hagrid joked, and Harry just simply hugged Hagrid. As he might of thought, Harry wasn’t the slightest bit awkward, nor was Hagrid. As he remembered, it was like old times; just like when he was eleven. They broke apart, and Hagrid bent down slightly to whisper something into Harry’s ear. “Promise me when you got lil’ Potters runnin’ round at Hogwarts, they come and see me.”

            “That won’t be for a while, but I’ll be sure of it.” Harry whispered back, smirking as he waved a goodbye to Hagrid, and made his way over to Ginny, who was bombarded by her relatives. 

            “Gin.” Harry said, walking over to her side and taking her hand in his. “Let’s head back to the table.” He whispered in her ear.

            “Thank god.” She said, waving to her family as they stood there. She looked over to the table, and Ron sat there with Hermione whispering in her ear. Hermione was smiling, and even giggling from time to time. Ginny and Harry exchanged a look, and they walked over to the table and sat down.

            “How are you two lovebirds?” Ginny asked while lifting her dress slightly to sit down as Harry stood behind her, pulling her seat out for her. 

            “Good.” Hermione answered calmly, as if nothing had happened and Ginny hadn’t seen. Harry took his seat next to Ginny.

            “You’re better than good.” Ginny said. “I saw Ron whispering sweet nothings into your ear just a minute ago.”

            “Well, yeah.” Hermione smiling at Ron. Ginny then rolled her eyes, then felt Harry put their clasped hands on his lap, and leaned over.

            “Would you like me to whisper sweet nothings into your ear?” He asked, and Ginny then turned her head to make sure Ron couldn’t read her lips and said.

            “They don’t have to be sweet.” Ginny pulled away, and as she did, she gave Harry a wink and seductive grin. Ron could tell something was going on, but he just brushed it off as he and Hermione had something else on their minds.

            “What’s up with you two?” Ginny asked, putting her forearms onto the tablecloth, which she and Hermione had picked out during that one day. 

            “Nothing, we’re just happy for you two that’s all.” Hermione said, and then Ron butted in.

            “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” And as Ron said that, you could tell that something else was going on.

            “Hermione Jean Granger, you better tell me, I swear.” Ginny threatened across the table, and Ron and Hermione swapped a glance at each other. Ron nodded his head, and he turned to Harry to talk to him. Ginny and Hermione got up, and they both walked behind the tent cover to a secluded area with a bench. 

            “What is it Hermione?” Ginny asked. “This is killing me.”

            “First, I’d like to say I am very happy for you and Harry…” Hermione tried to stall, as she saw that it was going to be awkward. 

            “Just tell me Hermione.” Ginny said. “I’m quite gifted with the bat-bogey spell, Ron knows that.”

            “Fine.” Hermione said. “Ron and I are thinking about starting a family in the near future. He was whispering to me about what would happen, and I couldn’t help but laugh.” Ginny’s face had already been occupied by a smile, but another one too its place; this smile much larger. 

            “I’m so happy for you two, so you two think you are ready?” Ginny asked.

            “We’re not sure yet, that’s why we’re just thinking about it. We’re hoping that it’ll work out, but with both my work and his, we’re thinking it’ll be too much to handle.” Hermione explained.

            “I’m sure you two will figure something out, well, I mean you’ll figure something out…” Her voice drifted off into silence, as she gazed at a certain space. Hermione sat there awkwardly, as Ginny was glazed over, clearly thinking of something.

            “Are you alright Ginny?” Hermione asked. 

            “No, no I’m fine. I just began thinking about family, and things like that.” Ginny said.

            “Oh.” Hermione said. “I think it’s about time that we head back to the seats, I’m scared that Ron has drunken too much tonight already.” 

            “You’re turning into my mother Hermione.” Ginny warned, with a smile. Hermione even smiled, as she knew that this piece of information was true. “Just don’t have seven kids, far too much to handle.”

            “Trust me, that won’t be happening.” Hermione laughed as she opened the tent entrance for Ginny to step through. As she did, Ginny saw that everyone was now sitting down enjoying their dinner. Both Ginny and Hermione walked back to their seats, and began to eat. Not once did the boys ask about the conversation, they just talked with the rest of the table about memories they had shared back at Hogwarts such as sneaking off to the kitchens at night, and Fluffy, the three headed dog.

            “What happened to Fluffy?” Hermione asked, setting down her glass of water. “We haven’t heard about her since first year, after we found the Sorcerer’s stone.”

            “Fluffy?” Hagrid asked. “Fluffy’s in the Forbidd’n Forest now. Best be kept in there, than in the school I say.” Hagrid took the last sip of his fire whiskey, and then proceeded to place it down on the table with a thud. 

            “When did that happen?” Ron asked.

            “After all you kids left Hogwarts.” Hagrid explained. “Ol’ Dumbledore and I walked her through the school. She didn’t destroy anything, but she almost ran over Professor Flitwick.”

            “Poor Professor Flitwick.” Hermione laughed, glancing down at Ron’s watch. “Is it that time already?” Hermione asked.

            “Guess so.” Ron stood up, as Hermione clinked her glass with her spoon to get everyone’s attention. Everyone got silent within a matter of seconds, and Ron cleared his throat.

            “Good luck.” Hermione whispered one last time, while she looked over her tiny sheet of paper which was going to be her speech.

            “Hi, my name’s Ron, and I am Harry’s best man and Ginny’s brother. I’m not only Harry’s best man, but now I am his brother-in-law, which is bloody scary, don’t you think? But I’m still Ginny’s sister, no matter what happens.” Ron was starting off slowly, and you could tell that he was nervous, but he kept going. “I wish that I could go up to Harry, and say welcome to the family, but he’s already in the family really.

            “We met in our first year on the platform 9, and we became brothers over the years. He came to our house for some of the summers during our six years at Hogwarts, spending half of them at the Dursley’s prison, and half here. Wait, they aren’t here are they?” He bent down and asked Harry. Harry just shook his head while he laugh, and Ron let out a sigh. “Harry and I have had lots of great times together, but I’m sad say that Harry and I aren’t the ones getting married here, it’s Harry and Ginny.

            “I’m not so good on the story telling with you two so I’ll cut it short. I lived with my little sister for ten years before she met Harry, and I can tell you that she loved him. She would try and convince us that one day, she was going to marry Harry Potter, and she was determined. It was actually quite funny to watch her as a five year old prance around singing a song she had made up about Harry, but that’s beside the point. She knew she loved Harry from the start, and then she actually met him that day when we started out first year. I believe she even bid him good luck, before we left.

            “Harry then saved her from Tom Riddle in her first year, and I’m extremely happy that he did, or else we wouldn’t be sitting here tonight. Everyone at school knew that Ginny had a crush on Harry, and everyone at school pretty much knew that Harry had a crush on another girl, and Ginny grew jealous. As Harry and this other girl went out in his fifth year, Ginny went out with another person also. I’m trying not to say names, if that is okay.” Ron said, as he saw that Dean, Michael, and Cho all sat at the same table three tables away. 

            “Sixth year, was a rollercoaster for all of us really. Ginny was going out with yet another boy, and Harry hadn’t told me that he had grown jealous until after he kissed my sister at a party after we had won the house cup. He then broke up with her for her safety as we went off to fight Voldemort in our seventh year, as Harry and I never did complete our last year. Hermione did though. So after the final battle, Harry and Ginny then reunited, and that’s that. I hope that my wife does a better job than I did, as I just rambled on. I forgot to write my speech, even though she told me to. Guess I forgot.” Ron said sitting down, and Hermione stood up.

            “I told him to write it, I swear.” Hermione said, unfolding the piece of paper. “As my husband rambled on, I realized that most of what he said, was what I was going to say. So, I might as well start off with saying congratulations to the new bride and groom. I can’t even explain how happy I am for you two. You two are just so perfect for each other and I can’t wait to watch you two as a married couple, I imagine it will be quite funny to watch. But I remember meeting Ginny, and she was a young girl in love with Harry. We would talk through the years, and she would always talk about Harry. All of this didn’t really come into play until my fifth year, and her fourth, when Harry began to date. She was heartbroken, so she decided to date also. However, she was still in love with Harry, and she ended up breaking up with that boyfriend before my sixth year.

            “But she began to date another man in Harry, Ron, and I’s sixth year and Ron began to date another girl. Now this was the year that Harry and I both discovered feelings towards our friends; his Ginny, and mine Ron. Harry and I would watch back in jealousy as they both walked by with their other lover, and Harry and I were truly heartbroken. But we both pushed through that, and look where that got us huh?” Hermione asked. “So I’d like to raise my glass to Harry and Ginny, and one of the most complicated love stories I have ever heard. To Harry and Ginny.” Hermione said.

            “To Harry and Ginny.” The rest of the crowd cheered in, and took a sip. 

            “I love you Gin.” Harry whispered, into Ginny’s ear after he took a sip. 

            “I love you too Harry.”

Author’s Note: Gosh, that was something wasn’t it(: I am so so so so so so so sorry that this took so long, I’ve been having…issues, if you call them that tiny little word. Life happens, and you have to be ready to catch a fastball that life throws at you, and let’s just say, I caught it, but my fingers are barely holding onto it. Another reason that it wasn’t out is because, well, I sort procrastinated, as I felt as if I lost my muse for this story. It’s just this certain wedding portion, which is pretty stressing to write about for reasons.

Thanks to those that read this story so far all the way, I’ve noticed some later chapters have larger view amounts than ones before it o.O haha. And sorry for this chapter, I sort of wrote it in a rush, and I feel as if some of the characters could be a little of out of character, I guess. Ron’s speech, I guess you could say is one. And if it seems unfinished, again, I was in a rush. But that’s pretty much it(: haha And just to let you know, as Harry and Ginny kissed to confirm their marriage, I hit 50,000 words ^_^

Review, por favor?(:



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