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The dreamland of angels by searching4neverland
Chapter 3 : Act 2 The thoughts that should not be in your head
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Act 2 – The thoughts that should not be in your head

The dance world is too small in lots of ways – it's too intense, it rattles around itself.
-Siobhan Davies-

Anya was making herself dinner. It was 8 pm, her mother would be home any minute. She would have loved to eat what was on her plate while watching a documentary on the TV and then go to bed. Instead she had to deal with Alicia Mackenzie draped all over her couch, dressed up and ready to hit the clubs.

“Anya, you never go out anymore. You’re turning into a hermit!” Alicia's voice reached her again and Anya closed her eyes, trying to keep her temper under wraps.

“I’m tired Ali, leave it alone.”

As far as Anya knew, she and Alicia were the only witches in Ballet Academy. Both of them went to Hogwarts – well, Alicia not anymore because she had just graduated that year, but still, they shared both the magic and the ballet... which had been the coincidence that had brought them together.

They had met at the same beginners class when Anya was eight and Alicia nine, and had not hit it off at all. Anya had been the kid that barely said a word all day, Alicia the loud and garish one everyone was friends with. Despite the fact that both girls were polite and occasionally helpful to each other if occasion demanded it, they barely spoke unless strictly unavoidable, because they kept out of each other’s way.

But when a twelve year old Alicia sat on the Gryffindor table and watched that in the middle of the row of incoming first years there was someone she knew from before, she had decided that knowing Anya from ballet classes and then finding out they were both witches, could not be coincidence; fate was trying to tell them that they were mean to be friends… and surprisingly, their friendship worked despite their so very different temperaments, mostly because they both worked on it. Mind over matter worked after all…

Still, all relationships had their straining points - like right now, for instance.

“Come on Anya, I want to go out! I wanna dance, flirt, get drunk, possibly get high and I want you to be there to hold back my hair.”

“My favourite place in the world.” Anya said flatly as she checked on the boiling stew.

But even as Anya tried to ignore her friend ‘s nagging she knew it was a useless tactic. Alicia was the most irritatingly tenacious girl Anya had ever met, she would never give up.

“Come on, please. It’s been ages since we’re properly hanged out together.” Alicia pleaded softly and Anya knew she was being manipulated into feeling guilty. Anya glared back at her friend’s puppy eyes. She knew Alicia was doing it on purpose.

“Totally below the belt Ali. You’re not allowed to pull the guilt card on me, I’ve just come home from eight hours of standing on my toes.”

Alicia’s puppy eyes and pleading look disappeared, not even a single trace of the vulnerable expression remaining – instead there was an eye-roll that turned into a glare. Jesus, that girl's capacity for deception was scary.

“Bitch please, you’re just too lazy to get your ass out the door and have some proper fun.”

Anya opened her mouth, ready to snap big time and shut her annoyingly outgoing friend up… but was greeted with a package that almost slammed on her face.


“Happy birthday, bitch.” Alicia deadpanned.

Anya held the red package awkwardly. She had been a second away from yelling her head out, when Alicia was trying to drag her ass out so they could celebrate her birthday. Well, what Alicia thought was Anya's birthday anyway.

“Don’t tell me you’re so spaced that you’d forgotten?” Alicia asked incredulously.

Anya was tempted say that she hadn’t forgotten anything. That June 26th was not necessarily her birthday just because it said so in her birth certificate and ID card - seeing that they were both perfectly forged. But Alicia didn’t know about all that and she wasn’t supposed to. That was the entire point of hiding, was it not?

Anya bit her tongue and forced a smile.

“Thanks…” she said hesitantly. Now she was 'officially' off age.

She'd have to ask her mother whether she was allowed to do magic or not. Her ID and birth certificate were entirely legal as far as the Ministry was concerned, but it would be months before Anya was really off age. How did the trace work in these cases?

“I know, I know, I’m too awesome for words.” Alicia said as she turned to have a better view of her ass. Anya rolled her eyes. Now was not the time to wallow anyway.

Just as she was about to properly thank her friend, the front door opened, and with the speed of a feline predator, Alicia was out there, giving Katherine Rain a hug and a generous hello. Anya heard her mother's voice, and right from the tilt of her tone she knew that her mother was very tired.

“Hey there Alicia! You look wonderful! Hey baby,” She then added as she spotted Anya on the couch. Anya smiled from the sofa and was rewarded with a wink.

“Thank you miss Rain. I’m going out and as per usual you daughter is being difficult about coming along, even on her birthday, go figure.”

Katherine let her hair loose and massaged her scalp, looking Anya and Alicia over in turns. “Hm, though it is a special occasion, don’t you girls have to go to the Academy tomorrow?”

“Yes, we do.” Anya said firmly.

“Well, yeah, but you know how perfect Anya is about her practicing. She’s been at it all afternoon. And we won’t stay late, I promise.” Alicia looked at Anya’s mother hopefully.

But Katherine didn’t seem so convinced, mostly because Anya didn’t seem like she was too fond of the outing herself – and Katherine knew why. Whenever company was around, pretences had to be kept… even though Anya loathed celebrating her fake birthday, and Katherine had to admit that she felt the same way, but was not quite as vehement as her daughter about it.

“And besides, Anya’s been so uptight lately, she needs a break!”

“I have not!” Anya jumped, fronted a little by the liberties Alicia was taking.

Anya was kinda getting peeved at Ali’s perseverance for always having her way no matter what.

“You know, I’m gonna have to agree with Alicia on this one, hun.” Her mother turned her dark doe-like eyes towards Anya, studying her daughter carefully and Anya felt defenceless. She took a deep breath and balanced her tone as if she was balancing herself on a neat first position.

“I’ve had to practice for my recital for next month and … and I don’t need to explain myself anyway, Im fine!”Anya tried not to sound too guilty, or too defensive.

“I understand, but you have been taking this with too much pressure.” Katherine tried.

“I have been taking it with exactly as much pressure as it needs to be taken. Why should I justify myself over that?” Anya snapped and she saw her mother raise an inquisitive eyebrow, usually a sign of interest or irritation, depending on circumstances.

This time it was bound to be irritation and Anya felt instantly at fault. She hated snapping like that, especially at her mother, and with other people present too.

Anya tried to put a choppy apology together, without really saying the words.

“Alright, fine. There might be a certain amount of stress accumulation going on here, but that does not mean I am ready to take it easier. This is important to me.” Anya stated, looking at her mother, who sighed and nodded, but didn’t say anything else.

Alicia rolled her eyes. Anya felt like hitting her friend over the head with the nearest pillow.

"Let’s go get ready." Anya finally grumbled.

She felt her irritation grow at the sound of Alicia’s gleeful ‘yes!’, but she pushed that aside. It wasn’t Alicia’s fault that her perseverance could be nerve-racking, because Anya didn’t remind her as often as she should.

On her way to her room she paused and have her mother a small kiss on the cheek. Katherine was a bit rigid, but melted out of it right away, her hand briefly caressing Anya’s hair in acceptance.

“Wait, open my gift first.” Alicia said as she strode into Anya’s room and closed the door behind herself. Anya grabbed the package and opened it, to find a black dress like a thin tube of elastic cotton, which from the size of it, was made to fit a Barbie doll and not a real person.

Alicia smirked mischievously.

“You wear that with those heels we bought last week, and it’s not gonna matter that you’re almost as flat as a board.”

Anya gave Ali a nasty look. “Bite me, Mackenzie!”

Even though she knew Alicia was just messing around with her, it still annoyed her. Anya was sensitive about her breasts – or, to better say, the lack of them… But that, along with the horrid feet, was generally one of the usual consequences of being a ballerina, so there was no avoiding it.

“I can’t wear that anyway. The only reason I’m coming to this thing is to set things straight with Bobby.” Anya said as she rummaged in her closet.

“All the more reason to look smouldering hot.”

Anya frowned at her friend. “Really? Won't I look as if I’m trying to play hard-to-get?” but all Alicia did was roll her eyes and smirk.

“You don’t need to play hard-to-get baby.” Alicia said offhandedly, making Anya flip her the bird.

The dress really did fit her well. Like a second skin, ending two scandalous inches under her ass, with one strap that went around her neck, keeping the dress from falling too low on the front. Sexy, provocative, but simple enough not to be slutty. There was no way that she was wearing this with heels though. A pair of black converse would do just fine.

Anya smiled and started going through her makeup kit.

“So, why do you wanna lose Bobby? Was your movie-date that bad?”

“Are you kidding me? It was a disaster!”

“Did he try anything funny?” Alicia’s eyes narrowed with suspicion and curiosity and Anya knew she had her friend’s full attention.

“We went to the theatre and he lets me pick the movie, and go for a science-fiction…”

Alicia huffed. “Really romantic Juliet.”

“Whatever. We talk - that is, he asks questions and I answer while he pretends to care…”

“Your cynicism breaks my heart.” Alicia said flatly, which didn't disrupt Anya's rhythm at all.

They were both so used to their constantly talking over each other that they do it throughout the whole conversation and still understand everything the other was saying.

“…we do some kissing, tongue and everything, which was nice. Getting to it felt kinda forced though."

Alicia frowned. "Forced? What do you mean ‘forced’?"

Anya shrugged, thinking about what she had felt that day. "I don’t know… It just felt like he was doing and saying stuff just because he thought those were the things I would want him to do and say. Like he was getting it out of a rulebook or something. It just didn’t feel natural."

There were a few moments of silence, during which Alicia's eyebrows had almost reached her hairline."Your brain works in mysterious ways Anya."

"Yeah, I know." Anya admitted and it was more serious a response than Alicia's comment deserved, but Ali didn’t notice the change in her tone. "Sometimes I think should take a mild tranquilizer before I have a date, that way I won't be thinking too much and actually enjoy myself."

That made Alicia laugh. "Yeah right. Cause the only way you can enjoy yourself is if you put your brain out of the equation?"

Anya gave her friend a 'duh' look and Alicia couldn't help a burst of laughter. "I guess you're not too wrong about that. The fun is definitely better if you don’t over-think things."

"My point exactly. Ok so, like I said, kissing Bobby was nice. So nice that I even let him grope my ass once. I suppose he got his hopes up…”

“Lucky bastard.”

Anya smirked as she fluffed her hair a little with her fingers and combed her bangs in front of her eyes. They were so long that they almost covered her eyes completely, but that was the reason she kept them that way: to cover her eyes at least partially, to soften the toad-look they inspired.

“So, we’re inside, the lights go out and the movie starts. After some time, he takes my hand. I let him, no big deal. I have to say it got uncomfortable at one point, cause his hand started to get sweaty…”

“Nobody like you can get lost in the meaningless details.” Alicia droned.

Anya found she was a little affronted by her friend’s tone.

“Well it was uncomfortable! What do you want me to say?”she protested

“Couldn’t you just enjoy the sweetness of the act?” Alicia bit back, not backing down.

“I didn’t deny that it was sweet and I didn’t say I pulled away. I was merely pointing out the obvious.”

“So you’re flushing the guy because his palms sweat?”

Anya glared daggers.

No!” She said firmly. “Come on Alicia, I’m a ballerina - sweaty blokes don’t scare me. It was after that that he really put his foot in it.”

“Anya really, the suspense is killing me.” Alicia said flatly, making Anya roll her eye.

“After a little more cuddling he starts pulling my hand to him and then I get curious, like, what the hell is he doing? Then I notice just exactly where he is pulling my hand to.” Anya said suggestively and saw Alicia’s mouth open in shock, eyes lighting up with sudden excitement as she suddenly sat up on the bed.

“Oh, that kinky son of a bitch! What did you do?”

Anya snorted, as if the answer was obvious. “I dumped my drink on his lap and got the hell outa there.”

Alicia lively laugh bounced off the walls.“Aww, that’s too bad, he has a nice ass.”

Anya snorted. “Yeah, too bad it’s on his shoulders.”

Alicia’s full laugh reached Anya’s ears even though her friend was in the corridor putting on her shoes. Anya sat on her bed as she laced up her black sneakers; she picked out a black summer-jacket with short sleeves and was ready to follow her friend out the front door.

“Bye mum, see you later.” Anya called out distractedly.

Her mother’s voice was a lot closer than she expected though. “Have fun love… Oh, interesting dress.”

Anya stopped at her mother’s tone, and looked at Katherine with a smile. “Thank you, it was a gift.”

“I do wish you could put those horrible bangs out of your eyes just for once, let your pretty face breathe.”

Anya sighed. She knew that her mother meant it in the best way but the way she insisted that Anya looked better with her hair out of her face irritated her like nothings else sometimes. Katherine always thought that her daughter looked beautiful even in the most extreme situations, which warmed Anya’s heart, but sometimes, just sometimes… it felt like telling a toad in a lace dress that it looked like a princess. Her eyes completely ruined any portion of normality that her face might have. They were big and round and bulged, too disturbingly toad-like to allow any kind of real prettiness – which was why the bangs were always firmly in place.

“I’ll try that some other time ok.” Anya said, trying to reign her temper.

“Do you have your wand with you?” Her mother’s face was dead serious and Anya tried not to roll her eyes. Always the same questions.

She briefly wondered what it would be like having a normal parent that told you not to stay out too late and fought with you over what you were wearing… but that consideration passed fast, because occasionally her mother did those things, and it was annoying as hell.

“As always, of course.” Anya answered trying to keep her tone neutral. The best way to piss off her mom was to take her worries lightly.

“I don’t see any available place in that dress for you to hide it dear.” And now Katherine was teasing, the little twitch at the side of her mouth giving her thoughts away instantly.

“Very funny mother.” Anya said in a clipped tone and her mother’s smirk got wider.

Anya couldn’t help but smile a little, because her mother was right, it had been tricky to find a place to hide her wand, but as always, the Undetectable Expanding Charm came to her rescue. She’d hidden her wand inside one of the charms hanging from her bracelet.

“I’ll be back by one o’clock, tops. I have your portkey right here…” and Anya waved the wrist where she was wearing the charm bracelet her mother had told her to always keep on. “I know the rules: No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, *no* ritual animal slaughters of any kind…”

Katherine laughed heartedly, but there was a glint in her eyes when she looked at Anya that wasn't entirely about humour.

“Oh, I’m not worried about that, I trust you.” Katherine said calmly, meaning every word.

Anya felt her insides shift and warm up, her face softening, the smile on her lips coming without her even noticing. She took a couple of steps forward to give her mother a kiss on the cheek and felt Katherine’s hands come up to cup her face, and then the soft lips that Anya knew instinctively, as they laid a feathery touch on her temple.

“Have fun love.”

“’Night mum.”

Katherine winked playfully at her daughter as Anya closed the door behind herself. Out in the street, Alicia was already waiting in a cab.



Anya was standing by the floor-to-ceiling window and looking at London’s winking lights. They seemed to move in waves, like a sea of stars. She felt lightheaded as she watched, as if she was sitting six inches behind herself. That was just the exact feeling that had been stirring her up for months now: she was in one place, but felt she needed to be in another. Nothing was enough to satisfy her inexplicable appetite for that ever elusive ‘something else’.

“Anya, you there? Hellooo, earth to Anya!”

Apparently, her company noticed the change in her.

Perceptive of him.

“Come on, I’m really sorry that I pushed it ok. It was completely my fault and I would love to make it up to you. Give me another chance.”

Anya turned to look at him. Bobby seemed sincerely sorry for messing it up, and yet she didn’t feel anything but indifference. Anya couldn’t find it within herself to care about Bobby’s symmetrically handsome face or his perfectly combed back blonde hair, not even enough to smile and accept the apology gracefully. Truth was that she was itching away from his touch, that she felt her skin crawl wherever he put his hands on her.

And the fucked up thing was that this still had nothing to do with Bobby himself. She simply didn’t want to be touched. By anyone.

Not tonight.

Tonight Anya felt like she didn’t want to be touched by anyone ever.

“Bobby, you say you’re sorry and I get that you mean it and its ok… But however I spin this situation, the idea of going out again with you doesn’t seem so hot right now.” Anya tried not to sound too harsh, too bitchy. She honestly did her best. But the stuff on her mind was draining her emotionally.

Bobby nodded and looked seriously regretful for a moment.

“I understand. I really do. But if you ever decide to call me back, I’ll do right by you - how about that?” His smile was hesitant, but sweet and this was one of those moments - moments that screamed into your face: ‘Grab me, live me, I could be magical!’

And Anya found herself looking hard in that moments face and feelings completely devoid of the energy that it would take to grab hold of it. She simply didn’t care and indifference was worse than the most scrupulous exhaustion. She watched that potentially-magic-moment race by and didn’t even bother to wave it goodbye or feel sorry that it went.

But she did smile to Bobby though. After all, it wasn’t his fault that she needed a lobotomy performed with a sledge hammer.

“I’ll hold you to that… Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make sure whether Alicia is still vertical.” Anya said, with a more natural smile. Bobby chuckled.

“Be careful to listen and knock before opening any doors.” He warned. Anya shivered theatrically, making him laugh.

In truth, she wasn’t going to look for Alicia at all - Ali was more able to take care of herself than anyone gave her credit for. Anya just needed to get away for a while.

Away from here, from this place, these people, her life. Always the same parties. Always the same faces, jokes, pickup lines that felt so obvious. She had never felt the smallness of her life as she did in this moment, walking around that house and for the first time, she hated it. Hated the repetitiveness, this feeling of going nowhere but the places she didn’t want to be in…

She wanted out of it, if only just for one night.

Like Cinderella, she wished for a break. For a breach into her reality and a breath of a new one. A dream with different colours, something exiting, something to remember.

Around the next corner Anya found what she was looking for. Alicia was seated in one of the gloriously white sofas, in the midst of a group of boys. She had all their attention for herself and she was loving it, as usual, but Anya knew that she never took it further than casual messing around. Alicia loved to play with her food, but she rarely ate it.

Anya came to a halt in front of the group, attracting their attention. Alicia noticed her instantly. She got up and went over to her friend, knowing that Anya would never come talk to her first when she was surrounded by that much attention.

“Hey.” Alicia said flippantly.

“Enjoying the party?”Anya asked straight away, making Ali shrug.

“It’s alright.”

Anya didn’t miss a beat. “Wanna go find something more than just alright?”

Alicia’s eyebrows made a flip for her hairline and she was not able to hide her surprise in her voice. “Sure.”

“So, do you have a particular place in mind?” Ali asked as they started to walk out of the house and into the gardens. Anya pulled her jacket over her bare shoulders. She was not cold, but out here in the street she felt too exposed in that mini dress.

“I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before.” Anya tried to sound nonchalant as she looked back at the beautiful house and the luxurious neighbourhood.

What did teenagers do when they weren’t busy making a career for themselves at 17? Anya was sure she had no idea. She had never really been outside her limits, her priorities had never shifted enough for her to want to explore something different. But now the shift had happened and its ripples was carrying – even though Anya herself had no idea why, how or when, or even what caused it. She just knew something inside her, a tiny part of her was different, and that tiny change was like a thorn in her side, constantly pinching her, demanding her attention, demanding to be acknowledged, acted upon. And it demanded action that to Anya’s usual senses was shocking… it was like having a different personality.

Frankly, it was irritating, this feeling of perpetually being unsatisfied, unfulfilled. It was unfair really, and Anya resented it… but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t ignore it.

It was odd how something so small - infinitesimal enough that Anya had not even noticed when it had come to pass - could be so irritating, how it could shake her every day decisions so utterly.

It was freaking terrifying.

To make sense of herself, Anya told her conscience that all this was normal, healthy even. That she was the typical suburban kid with a conflicted self-image, that she wanted a change of scenery to lighten up her middle-class existence. That she was just another teenage girl thrilled by the idea of transgression, without any real thought beyond the excitement of the moment. Anya convinced herself that she was really quite predictable in her need for deviation, that it all sprang from your typical borguese boredom.

“Somewhere you’ve never been before huh?” Alicia thought it over for a moment.

Ali was aware that she was a little more well versed than Anya when it came to hanging out spots. She knew every pub, club and rat hole that was worth visiting in this city, but at one time or another, she had brought Anya along to most of them. It was so rare for Anya to step out of her routine and actually demand to try something new; Anastasia Rain was very adamant about her comfort zone - her wanting to step out of it was big, so Alicia wanted to take her some place really new.

But where

The light went on in her head, and Alicia snapped her fingers with delight.

Aha, I've got it! Come on, we’re a little late, but it’s alright.”

“Where are we going?” Anya asked, without protesting when Alicia grabbed her and walked towards the main street, holding her hand out of a taxi.

“We are going to see a fight!” Alicia said enthusiastically, as she climbed in the car after Anya and gave the address to the driver.

Anya frowned over their destination. “The Olympic Complex? There’s nothing out there, it’s closed down.”

“That’s the point.” Alicia said as if it was obvious. “The call in the participants only a few hours before the event, either by phone or word of mouth, so that it doesn’t spread too far. These things aren’t exactly legal if you know what I mean, but I know someone that can get us in.”

A thrill shot down Anya’s spine.


“What, too borderline?” Alicia asked, honestly trying to gauche if this was too much for Anya to handle.

“No, it’s fine. I want to go.” Anya said firmly, sensing that the minimal hesitation would call this off. And Anya was not lying, she wanted to go. Wanted to be a part of something else for a change. Something new that she had never experienced before. The thought exhilarated and frightened her at the same time.

“We could even Cleo there, if we look hard enough. She’s the one who told me actually – Black was taking her along.” Alicia said offhandedly, as she readjusted her makeup.

His name in Alicia’s mouth was always laced with a little disdain. In the pause Alicia made so that she could reapply her lipsticks, Anya felt that she had to insert something, but the words her stuck in her throat, her heart had taken a very deep dive for her stomach and yet it seemed to be beating in the back of her throat at the same time.

How odd…

“He fights sometimes; he’s good at it apparently.”


Alicia had no way of known the effect her words were having, how they had chilled Anya to the bone. Anya took a deep breath and tried to keep an ear out for Alicia’s talking in case her ‘sure’ and ‘right’-s were needed in the conversation. But her thoughts were too loud and jumbled to allow any concentration, her heart hammering against her ribs so forcefully that Anya thought they were going to break.

What was going on here? Was the universe persecuting her? Had she done some kind of wrong she needed to be punished for? Or was she the one that conjured these random meetings through her constant thoughts of him, her unrelenting fear of him?

But if she really didn’t want to see or be seen by him, if she wanted him out of her head and life so badly, then why wasn’t she resisting? Why hadn’t she said anything to Alicia about a change of their destination?

A small voice inside her made itself know, slowly and hesitantly.


Desire for change, for new boundaries, for thrills. A thirst for pushing herself, maybe even breaking herself.

Are you self destructive now? That’s so predictable…

But it wasn’t. nothing about this was predictable, or even understandable. This feeling was new, it was unexpected. Anya knew what she could handle, she knew her own limits – and now she felt confined by them, she wanted to destroy them. This new-found audacity scared her. The fact that she could not entirely control it scared her too. So she had thought that maybe if she made herself uncomfortable enough, she would start missing her old life, and that way get back on track.

… or maybe she was just looking to justify herself for this inexplicable self-destructive urge she couldn’t conceal: she wanted to see him. The changed him, the shifted him. Wanted to see if it was possible that a person who had once been the incarnation of every ounce of dread in her blood, had truly changed into someone else, someone not so scary anymore.

Again, that little whisper inside her breathed its little words in her ear softly: …You’re being nosy again…

Anya wanted to see if she had been right, if he was now more like the kid she used to remember on the platform of Hogwarts Express. There was a tinge of melancholy mixed in there, almost like going to see an old childhood friend after a long, long time… something which he had never been, of course (and how pathetic was that really, that she held such a connection with someone who probably didn’t even know she existed).

But the idea of him had been comforting, all those years ago. The idea that there was someone in that castle, even though it was just one other person, who was just as miserable about their situation as she was.

That she was not alone.

When one feels as lonely and abandoned as Anya used to feel those first two years, one get one’s consolation from just about anything…

Even imaginary friends…

“Ok, we’re here. Come on!”

Alicia hopped out of the car. Anya took a deep breath and followed.


Olympia centre was the way an old block of buildings was called. There had been many activities occupying those buildings, the last one being a shopping centre. Now the whole thing had been closed down for renovations and it was basically empty – and off limits for unauthorized personnel, as the big yellow sign said.

Predictably though, Alicia ignored the sign, passed the rope and was met by a boy that stopped her advance. He had dark eyes, a stocked build and hair practically all shaved off, looking all in all quite menacing. Anya took a few quick steps to stand by Alicia’s side, ready to pull out her wand if she had to, but it didn’t seem necessary. Alicia and the boy mumbled together a few words and then started laughing together as if they knew each other – maybe they did, with Alicia you could never tell who were the new acquaintances and who were the old ones.

After a few laughs and flirty comments, the boy told them to ‘Come on in this way, I’ll show you in’, inviting them both in through a wide back door that lead to the basement.

“You’re right on time.” He said with a crocked smile. Anya noticed that he didn’t have all of his teeth intact: some of them seemed chipped, as if pieces were missing. “The main fights haven’s started yet. It’s gonna be one hell of a night.”

Alicia talked back, while Anya chose to remain in the back and listen, concentrating on her surroundings. They had just entered a wide dark corridor that smelled of wet paint and stale air. When the darkness of the hallway grew lighter Anya knew that they were close. Then the low roar of the crowd came to her ears and the closer they got, the more distinguishable the sounds of different names became.

They were there.

Anya tensed, her eyes widened, her breathing sped up, the smell of paint and dust clogging her nostrils. All she could think suddenly was ‘what the hell am I doing here?’

“Here we are ladies.” The boy said, indicating the double doors that was wide open, where Anya could see the meshed bodies that kept screaming and cheering loudly. Alicia turned to her with an enthusiastic smile, grabbed her wrist and unceremoniously pulled Anya in the middle of the crowd, both being swallowed by it in a moment.


AN: The “No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, *no* ritual animal slaughters of any kind…” – is from the movie ‘10 things I hate about you’.

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