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Let Her Live by BellaFan202
Chapter 1 : Let Her Live
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"Oh, Merlin..." I muttered

"Is that a - ?" Fred Weasley asked nervously.

"Yes. Come on. We need to go. NOW!" I yelled and got out of my chair, running out of the Gryfindor common room. Everyone in the room stared at us as we passed.

Just as I rounded the first corner outside the common room, the Howler my brother send me exploded.


Fred, my cousin and best friend, and I glanced at each other before speedwalking (there were A LOT of teachers in the corridors for a Saturday night, and they didn't approve of running.) to the Room of Requirment.

When we got there, about nine minutes later, everyone in my family, including close friends, such as Lysander and Lorcan Scamander were there.

I looked around, panicked. "What? What's wrong?"

Fred nudged me and nodded his head toward the center of the room.

I narrowed my eyes. Scorpius Malfoy was sitting there next to my little cousin Rose Weasley. Scorpius caught me looking at him and looked away quickly, refusing to look back.

I swear, if someone says those two are -

"Rose and Scorpius are dating!" Albus, my little brother, blurted, apparently unable to take the tension.

I groaned, and Fred sat down in the closest chair, his head in his hands.

I had seen this coming as soon as I saw those two sitting together.

"Albus, I just don't see what the problem is! We've been best friends for six years now, and you didn't have any problem with it then! What's so different about it!"

"He's a Slytherin!" I shouted.

"So's Al!" Malfoy retorted, turning bright red when I turned to glare at him.

"Yes, but he's my baby brother. He doesn't count!"

"Hey!" Al protested.

I ignored him.

"So it's okay for Rose to be friends with Albus but not date me?" Malfoy countered.

"That's different and you know it. Rose and Al are cousins! You aren't her cousin."

"Yeah, that would be weird if we were, given the circumstances," Rose said, speaking up for the first time. Actually, I was surprised she hadn't said anything yet. She was usually the most outspoken person in the room.

"Rose, why are you doing this?"

"Doing what, James?"

"Dating him."

"Because we've been wanting to for a while, and we've talked about it, and then we decided we would see it went. Now I see maybe we should have kept it a secret, because that would have been so much easier than telling my hypocrite family!"

"How are we hypocrites?" Al asked.

"Al, you've been best friends with Scorpius since first year, the same amount of time I have. James, you're dating that girl, Emma Simpson, that no one likes and when we tried to talk you out of it you wouldn't listen and said to buzz off because it wasn't any of our buisness and that you really liked her. Now we all see how sweet she really is but you won't give me that same chance. Please, just give me that chance."

"She's right, Jimmy," Lily, my baby sister, said. She was the only person on the planet allowed to call me Jimmy, so don't even try it.

"I know, she is, but I just don't want to see her get hurt. She's my baby cousin."

"I'm not going to hurt her, James," Malfoy said quietly.

"But how I do know that for sure?"

"You don't - " Lily began.

Then Al cut in, surprising us all: "You just have to let her live her own life."

I looked at Rose and Malfoy, staring at Al with confusion and surprise etched clearly on their faces. Between them, their arms were linked and their fingers interwined.

I felt my face loosen up, just a little, and said, "Look. I'm still not one hundred percent okay with this, but Lily and Al are right, I suppose... I guess I just have to let you learn your own lessons and make your own mistakes and all that jazz..."

Rose stood up, walked over to me, and just stood in front of me. At first I thought she was going to hit me for talking about mistakes and such, but then she surprised me.

She hugged me.

I knew I did the right thing, letting her do her own thing.


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