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Illusion by NeverGotHerLetter
Chapter 1 : Illusion
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They would never have known, those very few people, looking at them in the corridors that Christmas. When they walked, they held hands and kissed softly. He teased her and pulled at her hair while she leant on his shoulder and smiled. They were both so happy for that one week in their sixth year. One week of real, true love. Almost.

He had asked Rose out three days before the Christmas break. She said yes, of course... who wouldn’t? But then Rose went home for the holidays, with the rest of the Potters and Weasleys.  Dominique didn’t go – she was the only one who didn’t. She hadn’t wanted to spend any time with her controlling, angry, mother, who favoured her older, happier, prettier sister and her more intelligent, sweeter, younger brother. Never her. Never ever Dominique.

So she stayed. Only they were in the Gryffindor common room, nobody else, no witnesses. It was bound to happen. That first night, they talked for hours, about school, exams, careers, families. They did that for a few days and then on the sixth night, Christmas night, he kissed her softly and then it grew more passionate under the mistletoe and he carried her up to his room. They tore each other’s clothes off and they collapsed on to his bed. She lost her virginity. That wasn’t his first time. But the important thing was that she had him. He was hers.

But the morning after, she turned in his bed to look at him and he wasn’t there. She walked gracefully downstairs and he was lying on the sofa, listening to a radio which was on the wooden table next to him. She sat in the armchair nearby and he caught her eye for a second. Then he dropped his gaze, furrowing his brow.

“What’s wrong, Scorpius?” she asked.

“I can’t be with you Dominique. I’m with Rose.”

There was a pause, while she processed what he had said.

“It doesn’t matter,” she whispered, moving closer to him, “She’s not here,”

She tried to pull at his t shirt seductively, but he slapped her hand away.

“No,” He near-growled and stood up taking the radio with him. “I’m going to sleep.”

 She sat there. Ten minutes, twenty minutes... she was numb. After half an hour she suddenly clenched her fists and anger bubbled up inside of her. ‘Did he- did he use me?  Rose? He wants Rose, boring, unfunny and plain, rather than me, beautiful and popular? He should want me. I will make him want me.’ She thought.

She ran three steps at a time up to her dormitory near the top of the tower. She threw open the lid of her trunk and rummaged inside until she found the light pink bottle, the one that her uncle had given her the day before as a joke Christmas present.

Her eyes glistened as she crept in to his dormitory, unscrewing the bottle as she listened to his quiet breathing as he slept. She easily poured a few drops of the potion in to his gaping mouth. He swallowed instinctively in his sleep, and straight away, murmured her name.

“Yes,” She whispered. She slithered under the covers with him and placed his arm around her shoulders. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.


They were together for the next six days. Every night, she would give him a cup of tea, infused with drops of love potion which, although she never noticed, blinded by her infatuation with him, was dwindling away quickly.

 On their seventh night, she picked the bottle up to use it, only to see it had run out completely. She panicked and tried re-filling it magically but it didn’t work. She then ran up to her dormitory and opened her spell book only to find it took two weeks to brew another bottle. She didn’t have that long. Rose would be back before then.

She slowly walked down the spiral steps to the common room, where he was sitting waiting for her. He opened his arms and embraced her, making her smile and giggle. They both acted as they had for the nights before, but soon, too soon in her eyes, he became normal again and realised what she had done. He shouted at her, moved back when she ran forward to him and looked away when she tried to guilt him in to forgiveness.

“I won’t tell anyone what you did. I won’t humiliate you. But if you ever tell anybody what I did that first night, I will never talk to you again.” He said finally, embarrassed after she got on her knees and begged for forgiveness.

He never said he forgave her, but she took his offer.

A few days later, the rest of her family came back to Hogwarts, Rose bobbing along in their midst. As soon as she saw Scorpius she ran up and kissed him and started telling him all about her holiday.

Dominique just had to stand there and watch.  

She would never get Scorpius back. She had had him, but he had escaped her clutches and he would never return. She knows that now. She knows that love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.  

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