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Moonlit Nightmares: The Re-Write by MickeyMadison
Chapter 7 : Angelique Kincade
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter 7:
Angelique Kincade

When I agreed to try out for the position of Beater, I had no idea what I was in for. Jodie woke me before the sun was up and dragged me from my warm bed. I was still recovering from my cuts and bruises, so with sore muscles I reluctantly followed her down to the Pitch.

October was almost here, and already the mornings were growing chilly. I sat on the damp grass and yawned, watching the sun begin to peek over the castle’s towers, as Jodie headed into the equipment shed.

She returned within minutes dragging a shaking trunk, one bat tucked under her arm and another in her other hand. She stopped in front of me and let the trunk drop to the ground with a heavy thud. She handed me the bat in her hand and removed the one form under her arm for herself. Two Cleansweeps lay beside me and as I stood I picked one up.

“Jodie, I’ve never played as a Beater before,” I said with a nervous timber to my voice.

Jodie waved away my protest. “It doesn’t matter. After a few practices with me you’ll be playing like a pro!”

I soon discovered that my first lesson would be to overcome my fear of the Bludger. Every time it bolted in my direction, instead of trying to bat it away, I dove out of its path, fearing the broken bones I had seen other Beaters receive.

When I voiced this fear to Jodie she simply replied, “Nonsense, Lace! Madam Pomfrey can mend broken bones in a snap!” She snapped her fingers to emphasize her point.

I sighed, not feeling very comforted, but the next time the Bludger came at me I tried to hit it before it hit me.

By the end of the practice I was able to swallow my fear and hit the Bludger, but I couldn’t control the direction or hit it very hard.

When it was time for breakfast, Jodie finally let me go. I changed quickly and met Lily as she was leaving the tower.

“How did the practice go?” she asked as I fell into step beside her.

“Exhausting,” I said with a sigh. “My biceps are killing me.”

Lily smiled sympathetically. “Jodie’s a tough coach.”

“But she does know what she’s doing,” I amended.

As we turned the corner, suddenly Lily stopped. I stopped a step ahead of her and glanced back to ask what was wrong. Upon seeing her face, I faced the front again and noticed Severus Snape limping towards the Great Hall. The limp was very obvious, and with each step he took on that leg he grimaced.

Lily moved forward toward him timidly. “Severus? Are you okay?”

Severus paused, suddenly looking stricken. He turned only slightly to glance at her over his shoulder. “I’m fine,” he said curtly before hurrying away.

Lily stood in the corridor, picking subconsciously at her fingers as she watched after him.

I walked up to her and laid my hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at me and then looked down at the floor as if in shame.

“Forget it, Lily,” I said gently. “He isn’t worth it, remember?”

As a response she gave a little nod, but I could tell she was still put out. I linked my arm with hers and propelled us toward the Great Hall.

“C’mon, let’s go eat something delicious!”

When we entered the Great Hall, the first thing I noticed was the volume level. It was always loud, but today it was deafening. The second thing I noticed was that a majority of the Gryffindor table, and some students from other tables as well, were crowded around in a circle.

Curiosity got the best of Lily. She pulled me through the crowd with her so that we could get a better look. After swimming through the sea of black robes, we finally were able to see what everyone was so excited about.

A girl, probably the same age as me, perched on the bench like a princess. Her milky, manicured hands were clasped on the table in front of her. Crystal blue eyes regarded the students around her as if they were quaint novelties. Silky blonde hair was pulled up in a casual bun, tendrils falling down like the vines of a weeping willow.

So she must be the Beauxbatons girl taking Roger’s place at Hogwarts.

Lily immediately snapped into prefect mode and stepped forward, holding her hand out to the girl. “Welcome to Hogwarts! I’m Lily Evans, one of the Gryffindor prefects.”

The girl looked up at Lily, an inquisitive look on her face. I watched as she looked Lily up and down, as though she were sizing her up. After leaving her waiting for what seemed longer than the few moments it was, she reached up and shook Lily’s hand with confidence. She stood up and smiled at Lily, but the smile was cold. “It’s nice to finally meet someone ‘ere ‘oo doesn’t look az though they were reared in a barn.” Her French accent was thick and inflicted every vowel, but her English wasn’t very bad.

Lily blinked, unsure how to respond to that, but she didn’t have to. The girl immediately continued to speak, “My name iz Angelique Kincade. I am…how do you say…replacement student?”

“You’re the exchange student,” Lily corrected, immediately snapping her friendly smile back into place. “If no one else has offered, I would be happy to help you get acclimated here.”

Angelique smiled again. I didn’t like it. She looked smug when she smiled. “Many have offered, but I’ll accept yours.”

Lily turned to me then, smiling sympathetically. “Duty calls. You can come along, if you want.”

I immediately shook my head, cutting my eyes at Angelique. She was examining her nails. “I think I’ll go get some studying done.”

I grabbed a few pieces of toast and headed out of the Great Hall without a word. I could already tell that I wasn’t going to like this Angelique Kincade.


“You’re lucky Dumbledore didn’t have you expelled, Sirius.”

My head snapped up and I looked around me, but didn’t see anything. The grass on the other side of the tree rustled and I heard the sound of books being dropped onto the ground. I flattened myself against the tree trunk and held my book to my chest, trying not to breathe too loudly so that I wouldn’t be found.

“It would have been easier, I think. I have Detention until Christmas!” Sirius responded with an aggravated sigh. I could just see him running his fingers through his tousled black locks. I shook my head.

“Sirius, Snape could have been killed!” said a squeaky voice. That must be Peter.

“And how do you think Remus would have felt? There would have been no way for Dumbledore to conceal him from the parents then.”

“Okay, okay! Come off it already, will you? Bloody hell, you’re worse than my mother, James!”

“Now that was just mean,” James said, obviously feigning hurt.

I swallowed, closing my eyes and wishing that they would leave. I just knew I wasn’t supposed to hear what they were saying. I should have made my presence known before they continued their conversation. Damn my curiosity!

I quietly tried to put my book back into my satchel, planning to make a quiet escape. But as I was closing the clasp, suddenly a shadow fell over me.

I looked up and found myself surrounded by James, Sirius, and Peter. Unsure what to say, I simply sat there and stared at them with wide eyes.

“Look, Sirius, a little bird was eavesdropping,” James said with a smirk on his face.

“And we all know little birds tell their little secrets,” Sirius added, mirroring James’ expression.

I gulped, looking to Peter for mercy. He was trying his hardest to look as smug as his comrades, but failing miserably. I looked back at James and Sirius and felt my heart plummet into my stomach.



“I am to sleep here?” Angelique asked with horror as she gazed around the dormitory. She had drawn into herself, her arms wrapped around her body as though she were cold. She stood in the center of the room as if all she had to stand on was a tiny circle of floor, staring at the room around her.

Lily didn’t understand what she was upset about. The room was clean, except for Jodie’s bed, but they had given up early in second year on getting her to clean. She was content to live in her clutter.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand…This is a nice room. The beds are very comfortable…” Lily said, wringing her hands as she spoke.

“At Beauxbatons, we have curtains of sheer silk that hang around our beds. The floors are like marble. The bathroom is large with a marble tub as deep as a carp pond,” Angelique said, flourishing her story with dramatic arm movements.

Lily frowned. “Marble floors? Sounds cold…” she muttered to herself.

“What was that?” Angelique asked innocently, turning to look at her.

“Um, nothing,” Lily said quickly. “This was the last place I had to show you. Is there anything else?”

Angelique thought, placing the tip of her index finger against her chin. Lily almost thought she saw the light bulb above her head when she got an idea.

“That boy in the common room! Introduce me! He was…as you say…a real looker?”

“The Americans say that, and…do you mean Remus?” He was the only guy Lily could remember seeing in the common room when they arrived.

“Is that his name?” Angelique was already heading towards the door. “Then yes, Remus!” she said, with emphasis on the e.

Lily gulped, watching as Angelique left the dormitory. Something told her that she didn’t need introducing, that she could do it by herself, and if she was half as charming as she seemed to think she was, then there was going to be trouble.

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Moonlit Nightmares: The Re-Write: Angelique Kincade


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