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Sparks Fly by BrightStar
Chapter 1 : Drop Everything Now
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For the “Speak Now” Challenge, much thanks to MissMarlaG for the help! I was as in-cannon in writing this as possible, so this is the stuff that happened in the Deathly Hallows epilogue before James rushed to tell his parents about Teddy and Victoire. Hopefully you'll like Victoire, though the way I write her she's a little full of herself, but then I believe all the next-gen kids could be! Just so you know, all my stories are related – for example, the Victoire here is the same Victoire in “Delacour”.  If you read anything on this website, please review! The song quoted is  "Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift. 

Edit: I have since writtten a one-shot called "Sources" about the Dominique you see here and in "Delacour". I also am planning a companion to this from Teddy's point of view, called "Fake Plastic Love". Also - The Wizard Academy of Dramatic Arts actually exists within the canon, I found out about it when I was researchng Beaxbatons. Here I presume they teach all performing arts.




Sparks Fly

“Victoire, honey, we’re going to be late”.

She sighed, not caring. Today was her first day of her last year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts was her home away from home, one she often missed over the summer. This year the school held no appeal – he wouldn’t be there.

Her father called again, more impatient now. “Your sister is ready to go, we all are”.

She heard Louis complaining about not being allowed to attend yet- this was nothing unusual. Dominique was getting annoyed; this was not a surprise either.

Victoire Weasley looked up into the mirror on her dressing table. Hair, perfect. Make-up, or the little she had on, perfect. She dabbed her eyes with water again, getting rid of the redness. She fixed her “happy face” into place, her teeth shining, like she wished she could.

She took one last look around her room – princess pink, with pictures of friends and family, and posters from the ballets her mother’s sister Gabrielle had brought her to see in France. The ballerinas on her wall exemplified the kind of perfect Victoire longed to be.

Grabbing the last of her bags, she sprinted downstairs. She didn’t want to be late – she was Head Girl, and besides which she didn’t want to miss a second of Al and Rose’s first day.

“Sorry Daddy”, she grinned, winning him over once more. Dom rolled her eyes , moving over so her sister could squeeze into the car. The two girls sat in silence until Louis and their parents had struck up an animated conversation. Normally Dominique could be heard over all of them, but she was silent today.

“He’s not coming then?” Dom muttered.

Victoire lifted her head slightly, trying not to draw attention. The question had been asked in French, Victoire replied accordingly. The only person in danger of overhearing them was Louis, who thankfully wasn’t as fluent as the rest of the family. Just to be extra safe, she cast the Muffilato charm.

“He’s busy Dom, you know that.”

Only Dominique knew the truth about Victoire’s relationship with Teddy Lupin. If, Victoire admitted to herself sadly, you could even call it a relationship.

She felt Dominique take her hand, and they fell into silence. There were three years in between the two girls, but shared a close bond when they weren’t arguing. She had known for years Victoire’s feelings towards the boy who was all but a part of their family – this connection to her family being precisely why Teddy felt it should be kept a secret.

He had eventually given in and confessed his feelings for her the year before, filling her with such happiness of a kind she had hardly known. The words had barely left his mouth when he had completely ruined the perfect moment.

“It’s not as if we can date”, he had said despondently. “If anything went wrong, everything would fall apart, you must know that.”

Victoire had been incredulous, barely believing what she was hearing. Here was brave, reckless Teddy who had always told her to follow her heart – and now he was denying his.

He had gone on to make feeble excuses, like the fact that they would be apart for the next year, completely ignoring the fact that the Potters, who were basically his parents, had made the exact same situation work for them.

She had been barely able to look at him. She was so disgusted with him; for not being strong enough, for not loving her enough. Victoire blamed him for the strength her feelings – he had unknowingly forced herself into the heart and mind of a young girl, giving her no freedom to choose the one she would love. Teddy had been her constant companion for as long as she could remember; her first memory was rushing to tell him that she would soon have a baby sister. Growing up, so linked with him, it felt sometimes that they were one, they were the same. She became terrified that she was Teddy’s, and nothing else.

Since then, they tried to pretend nothing had happened, despite the obvious tension. Luckily, they hadn’t much cause to be alone over the summer. He had commenced Auror training and so the only times they met were at their family’s traditional, massive gatherings.

It was foggy outside. This annoyed Victoire. It was her first day back, and she didn’t want her hair to be ruined. She ran a tight ship at Hogwarts, no one questioned her power – a power that was bound to increase now that Teddy was gone. Still, she must project a confident, in control appearance.

Every day, she got up and used a variety of potions on her blonde hair. She was lucky that her Veela blood meant she didn’t have to wear much in the way of makeup, just a little. Dominique looked more like her mother, though Victoire still had the same air of French chic. She practiced her happy face in the mirror each night. In conversations with teachers and fellow students she made sure to think before she spoke.

Perfection was tiring.

This perfection hadn’t won Teddy over – he was training somewhere and she was suffocating in the car, in her life. With him, her practiced charm was irrelevant, because he knew who she was, she didn’t have to tell him every day by maintaining an image.

He told her to be herself, she argued that this was her, just a very controlled version of herself. Lately she had wanted to ask him, if he was so concerned with people being themselves, why he wouldn’t ask her out.

She wished that he would just drop everything now, catch her before she stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. She wanted him to kiss her in front of everyone, not to get attention – she had plenty of that already. She wanted him to do this so that she would know he actually cared for her, and it was not just a fleeting crush on his part.

She wanted something that would comfort her when she was miles away from him. Something that would haunt her, keep her warm when he wasn’t there.

Victoire had had boyfriends before, just like Teddy had had girlfriends. She had often wondered, when kissing the boys that asked her out, what it would be like to kiss Teddy. She imagined it would be like a scene from the Muggle movies that made her Aunt Ginny laugh, and her Grandma Weasley cry.

She’d run her fingers through his hair – it would be brown, she decided. Her favourite of Teddy’s hair colours was his natural colour. She’d watch as the lights dimmed, sparks would fly when he smiled. He would gaze at her adoringly, like she had often done to him when he wasn’t looking, with those big, soft eyes. He would kiss her, lifting her up from where she was, to some better, higher place.

They arrived at King’s Cross. It wasn’t raining there, it was misty like it had been at home. Her mother parked the car, running a last minute check that the girls had packed everything. Victoire laughed at her father rolling his eyes, and Louis copying the expression. Both girls were heavy packers, and even so each time they returned to their school their parents would have to send on more of their things.

They climbed out of the car, stretching themselves after the journey. Dom was having some trouble handling her belongings – she had her Quidditch gear as well as the clothes and beauty products she and, more so, her sister could not live without. Victoire helped her out by charming it to feel lighter, with a careful glance at the rest of the family. Victoire was allowed to use magic now, but her parents wanted the children to do things the Muggle way, as part of an ideal encouraged nowadays by the Wizarding World.

Dom thanked her sister silently. She was the youngest captain Hogwarts had had in generations, when she had received the news of the position following Teddy’s leaving of the school, she had been honoured and terrified. She knew that she had big shoes to fill and had spent the summer training, bribing the Weasley and Potter cousins so that they would be guinea pigs for the strategies she was working on.

Scolding herself for thinking of Teddy again, Victoire made her way through the crowds, not stopping until she had passed through the barrier. She was met by squeals coming from Molly and Lucy. She got on very well with the two, though they had different friends in Hogwarts. Dominique was closer to them, though wasn’t quite as well –behaved as they were. Hearing her Uncle Percy starting in on lecture about loud noises, she ducked out of the way to find her friends.

Catching sight of one of them, Emily, she smiled and made her way over. Emily had helped her through a lot of Teddy – related mood swings, and knew the pressure she put herself under. This year wouldn’t be so bad – her friends from school didn’t know her as well as Teddy did, but she knew that they cared for her all the same, as she did for them. Perhaps she would let her mask slide a little more now when alone with them. It wouldn't be long until she was ready to enter the Wizard Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw a young man leaning against a railing. He was pale and drawn, looking like he needed a good night’s sleep, a shave, and a Grandma Weasley dinner. He looked up at her, and her heart stopped.

He must have just gotten off training, she thought, concerned. He should have been in bed, resting until his next shift. She smiled inwardly – painful as it was, she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by love for him. He had come to see his little brothers, the Potters off, despite his obvious exhaustion. Teddy had always been so thoughtful that way.

She could not but be moved so by the sight of him. However, lost as she had been without him, perhaps she needed to know she could live without him, that she wasn’t fully dependent on him. She was her own person.

She steeled herself, repeating these thoughts to herself before dancing up to him, beaming as if nothing had ever changed.

“No red hair?” she teased. “I thought you always liked to assimilate into the Weasley clan at times like these. Or will you be modeling yourself on Albus for the occasion? At least you have the green eyes already”.

Her smile drooped a little as he continued to look at her silently.

“God Teddy”, she said, still slightly teasing. “Cheer up, you still have Lily to baby. She won’t be leaving the nest for another two years. I’d say they’re nearly here actually.”

She spun around, but it was hard to make anything out. Several people waved over, complimenting her outfit, congratulating her on Head Girl. She replied enthusiastically before turning to face Teddy again. He still hadn’t moved, and was looking at her strangely.

“Gabrielle had me to visit a few weeks ago, she was in ‘Swan Lake’. It was amazing, I got to talk to the choreographer and everything. He says I'm a shoo in for the Academy”, she gushed. Victoire didn’t know why she was telling him this. He knew about of obsession, and supported it fondly, but it didn’t seem appropriate now all of this distance was between them.

She opened her mouth to ask him about training, but then closed it again. She was working hard to keep a calm exterior, so that the people surrounding them wouldn’t know what was really going on.

Victoire began to get annoyed. Normally he practically had to be gagged to stop him from talking. He had thought her too immature to understand the consequences of anything going wrong with their relationship, yet she was the one who seemed to have to make all the effort.

Keeping her happy face firmly in place, she lowered her voice so that she could use her most threatening tone.

“I suggest you start acting your age, Teddy, or people might think you have some sort of problem with me. Now why don’t you do what you came here to do, see Al off, and get out of here.”

“While you’re at it”, she added, in a spiteful voice to try to disguise her genuine concern. “Get some sleep and maybe a shower, that Auror training seems to be taking its toll”.

Feeling as though her heart was in danger of breaking again, she shook her hair out of her eyes, and turned to walk away before anyone noticed she was upset. People described her as being strong – but right now she was so very small.

A strong hand caught her by the elbow, stopping her in her tracks. The place where his skin touched her seemed to create warmth from inside, burning through the material of her cardigan. She was pathetic, he had just touched her once, but it was really something.

Teddy guided her back to him, gently. She was close enough to him now that she almost feel his breath. She refused to look at him in the eyes for fear that he would be able to see in them all she felt.

He lifted his hand to brush hair out of her eyes, lingering there for just a little longer than necessary. She leaned slightly into his touch, she always seemed to respond to the slightest of his movements. She gravitated towards him.

He stepped back a little, causing her heartbeat to slow slightly.

“I’m not here to see Albus off.”

Victoire started slightly at the so familiar sound of his low voice. Comforting as his voice was to her, she was more interested in what he was saying.

“I visited him last night, before training. I’m supposed to be still in the Ministry now actually.

“I haven’t been able to change, you know. I’m failing all my stealth requirements because I rely so much on my power”, he continued, a little faster now, a little rushed. “Harry said the same thing happened to Mum when she fell in love with Dad, but he didn’t want them to be together.

“I always thought it was stupid that they didn’t just get together as soon as they realized how they felt about each other, and then I realized I’ve been repeating my dad’s mistakes”.

Victoire was stunned, not really understanding what was going on, yet something in the back of her mind had started going mad. Teddy had broken off, seeming to expect a response.

There was absolutely no way she would be able to respond. She saw him struggled to force the next words out. He seemed to have some sort of speech prepared, but was too scared to say it.

He placed his hands on both her shoulders, forcing her to look him directly in the eyes.

“I love you Vic”, he said quietly, passionately. “I just wanted to know that before you left.”

Victoire didn’t think of the people swarming around, the fact that she was going to ruin her reputation as being always in control, or the sight of her little cousin, James, wandering up to say hello.

She launched herself at the boy that was her best friend, and the man she had always loved, almost knocking him over with the strength of her embrace. She grabbed at his thick hair as he kissed her back ardently, pouring years of suppressed feelings into her. She felt him, in her heart, filling her up, reaching every part of her being.

They parted, both smiling widely, at the sound of James’ appalled shouts. Teddy, distractedly, told him to go away, and away he went, screaming to his parents.

Victoire frowned, hoping this wouldn’t upset Teddy too much. “Sorry Teddy, but there’s no way he’d ever keep that secret”.

Teddy laughed, shaking his head. “It’s pretty safe to assume most of the adults know, Victoire. Harry and Ginny are well aware at this point”.

Her mouth dropped open, she couldn’t help it. “So, you’re ok with that then?” she asked incredulously, scarcely able to believe.

“Yeah”, he said bashfully. “Sorry for being such a git.”

They kissed fervently once more, until she couldn’t delay boarding the train much longer. They promised to write, to see each other when they could, both of them giddy with excitement.

She reluctantly left him there, standing on the platform, almost looking like he was waiting for him to return to her again.

Victoire didn’t care that the gossip had started already, she could hear it on everybody’s lips as she passed by them, to say goodbye to her family one last time, before she boarded the train.

She saw his smile again in her inner eye, sparks flying, and felt like she had been lifted from Platform Nine and ¾, and was now in some sort of heaven, or another equally clichéd metaphor.

She glowed, she shone, she radiated pure bliss. He loved her, and she would never let him go.

Drop everything now; meet me in the pouring rain,

Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain.

‘Cause I see sparks fly whenever you


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Sparks Fly: Drop Everything Now


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