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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 7 : Expected
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A/N: Hiya. Sorry for the long wait had a bit of writer’s block but now its up! I hope you like and I just want to thank the people who review it really makes my day! bye!




“How many people know about his little affairs?” I asked.


“Well me, him, and Pansy,” she said nonchalantly. Again I stopped walking.


“What?!” I yelled.




To say I was shocked would have been a major understatement. I mean Pansy was a slut but I never thought she’d go off with a no the Weasel with her prejudices and everything. I was in too much shock to really say anything. I just stood there staring at Granger with shock clearly written across my face. My eyes were rather huge and my mouth ajar. She was looking at me with a face that looked guilty and sympathy filled. I soon regained my composure and after closing my mouth I asked,“first off when did that happen?”


“Um... around the middle of the summer, July sixteenth I’m sorry for saying that, I was just saying random stuff that came to my head. That happens when I get or am mad at someone. I shouldn’t have said that your girlfriend cheated no one wants to hear or see that” she jabbered on she probably would have gone on longer if I hadn’t laughed. She gave me a what-the-bloody-hell-is-funny-about-that look.


“Oh, if I got upset every time she cheated I’d be in an emotional wreck also she’s isn’t my girlfriend anymore. I’m just shocked at the fact they er... hooked up. I mean both are disgustingly horny and an extreme pain in the arse but I mean, she’s prejudice against him, he hates her it just doesn’t make sense,”  We had started walking again, Granger gave me another look but this more stated are-you-kidding-me?


“So you really didn’t care when Pansy cheated on you?” I nodded my head. She gave me the same look which happened to be getting on my nerves.


“Granger, stop giving me looks that suggest that I’m completely and utterly mental!” I ordered.


“Sorry! It’s just hard to take in the fact that you didn’t care when the person you gave the title girlfriend to cheats on you. As you say, it just doesn’t make sense!”


“We only became a couple because of a few reasons. First, it was expected. Second, Both our parents wanted us to get married and have little monster, prejudice,  rich ass , blonde kids running around. Third Pansy thinks I love her for some reason and doesn’t except the fact that I don’t. Fourth Pansy wouldn’t and probably still won’t leave me alone if I hadn’t or don’t ask her to be my girlfriend. Fifth She looked cute when she got her nose redone. Does that explain it?” I asked. She gave me another look that stated I was crazy and it was now annoying me to no end. “Granger, I swear if you don’t stop giving me those looks I going to yell. Do you know how annoying they are?”


“Sorry, Malfoy, but I’m not used to dealing with people who are practically forced into a relationship and your reasons as to why are foreign to me,” she explained. After her last comment we walked in silence for a little while. I hate silence, it makes me think on the past and horrible things that I have witnessed first hand. Eventually I couldn’t take the silence anymore and said the first thing that came to my mind.


“So, what were your reasons for going out with Weasley?” She stopped walking and gave me another look I was about to scold when she said.


“I don’t know... It just seemed like it was supposed to be me and him. I liked him for a few years and when I realised he liked me too, I guess I just sprung on the moment and said yes. I really have no idea as to why I even liked him in the first place. He’s as dumb as a post, he’s not exactly dazzlingly  handsome, he has a major anger issues, annoying. Good god I’m such an idiot for going out with him! Oh there I go again babbling damn I need to keep my mouth shut.” Now it was my turn to give her a strange look. She smiled and said, “wait so you get to give me strange looks but I can’t give you them? How is that fair?” she asked still smiling. I smiled back at her.


“Who said life was fair?” I asked. She pushed me playfully and feigned injury.  “Granger, now we mustn't push, it isn’t polite.” I scolded shaking my head. She rolled her eyes.


“Oh so now a girl can’t have a little fun and break the rules of being polite? Why not live on the rebel side and break the rules?” She asked raising an eyebrow, inquisitively.


“Wait, Granger breaks rules now? There’s a surprise. Did Voldemort’s death make you rebellious or were you always like this, and it was just hidden behind the humongous bag with all your school books?” I asked mimicking her eyebrow.


“It’s always been there but, I just am able to keep it under control,” She explained. “Although I think I have become a bit less under control...” she said with a mischevious smile.


“and, may I ask, why that is?” I asked giving her a curious look.


“Last week I drank vodka and got drunk. I was almost caught by my parents.” As she said that her mischievous smile grew larger.


“Do we have an alcoholic Granger on our hands? This can’t possibly be good, for your friends I mean. I bet you are the looniest drunk,” I joked.


“Well you’ll never know considering I don’t plan on getting drunk for a long time maybe even never. and I am not an alcoholic! I just wanted t have some fun.”


“Granger, I doubt that you won’t get drunk this year. Remember you’re sharing a common room with me!” I said emphasizing the word me.


“Draco I-don’t-know-your-middle-name Malfoy. I promise you that you will not get me drunk.” She vowed which made me smirk and she glare at my smirk.


“Granger, lesson one don’t make promises that you’ll never keep.”


“I can’t believe the day would come when Draco Malfoy would be giving me lessons. What is lesson two, may I ask?”She asked turning to me.


“Second lesson part 1. I am your professor and you will refer to m as Professor Malfoy. Second lesson part two. Don’t talk to dumb arses. Aka Most of the people we talk to,” I joked.


“Now Professor Malfoy, can you be more specific as to who you are talking about?” She asked playing along with the game.


“Well Potter, Parkinson, Weasley, Goyle, Carbbe, Brown, and Longbottom. There happen to be many more just I can’t seem to remember their names.” She nodded her head as if agreeing with me which wasn’t normal, well what was normal now? I a comforting Granger after Weasley made her cry. Isn’t suppose to be other way around? I suppose odd is the new normal.


“I agree with you, which isn’t normal, except for Harry and Neville. They aren’t the smartest people in the world-” I snorted “but, they aren’t as dumb as you’d think they’d be.” She defended.


“I’d beg to differ but then again I don’t know them that well and don’t plan on knowing them any more despite my truce with Potter,” I said making sure that was clear.


“Oh really?” she asked, with slight mock in her words.


“Yes,” I replied.


“I’d beg to differ.” and with that she walked ahead leaving me  slightly confused.

We pulled up into Hogsmead right on time, as usual, Granger and I were already next to the train doors ready to open the doors as soon as the train were to stop. I was still trying to figure out what granger had meant by she thought that I would become better friends with Potter, but I was starting to forget about it more. As soon as the train was about to stop, someone yelled, “You little whore!”


I turned around to find weaselette walking furiously toward us...  


A/N:I wonder why Ginny’s upset. All I can tell you that it’s probably not the reason why you think it is, but then again I’m not you so I can’t say but I would know if you put it into a review. I hopped you liked it!  Bye!TTYNC,


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