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Balancing Act by Voldys_Moldy
Chapter 3 : Them
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Apart, they were broken and hungry and dying, suffocating, giving in. Together, they were whole and full and healthy and strong again. Apart, they could not stand up, for they were like newborn children in that aspect. Together, they would always be able to stand up, stand up for each other. Apart, they were fake; they were beautiful porcelain vases full of hatred and anger and rage and betrayal and mistrust and pain and so many thousands of terrible things. Together, they were real; no longer vases full of horror, but vases full of beauty, a strange, uncanny, other-worldly beauty that was untouchable by anyone or anything. Apart, they were ugly, in truth. Together, they shone.


I, am thinking it’s a sign

That the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and

When we kiss they’re perfectly aligned


When they walked down halls, the stone no longer reminded them of their hearts. When they sat thinking, alone, they were no longer thinking about their shattered existence and how to escape from it. When they spoke with their parent’s about them, they were confident, not wavering, never hesitating, truly perfect for each other. When they talked with each other, you could see it in every word, in every glance, in every movement.

i love you

You could see it, and it was amazing and wonderful. People around them would look on, not knowing how to handle something so pure born from something so dirty and terrible.


And I, have to speculate that God himself

Did make us into corresponding shapes like

Puzzle pieces from the clay


They did not need to get married, but they did anyways. A ring, simple and silver and made beautiful by love. A dress, white and long and make flawless and perfect by love. A suit, white shirt and white pants and black tie, made handsome and endearing by love. Family, friends, even strangers, all half-blinded by love.

No one would forget that day, for they would never again experience something like it. They would only every dream of it in sunlight fields and sparkling streams, and maybe find it in the next life, find it and be happy.


True, it may seem like a stretch but

It’s thoughts like this that catch my troubled

Head when you’re away and I am missing you to death


And them? They were happy, happy and joyous and whole for forever and eternity. They could smile without cracking, they could laugh without lying, and, more importantly, they had hope. Hope, something that had abandoned them for seemingly centuries. Friends saw a difference but put it down to just them having each other. But those people that knew them better than they knew themselves, they saw it. They saw it and they realized how close they had come to losing someone they held dear. They saw it, and then things were better and everyone was equally as happy as the boy-man and girl-woman who were in a love purer than any other.


When, you’re out there on the road for

Several weeks of shows and when you scan

The radio, I hope this song will guide you home


They were still growing, still growing up and away from the darkness that had held them prisoner for so long. They were becoming real, and in doing so, they were trusting and loving smiling and laughing and not lying and it was truly wonderful. It was a sun shining on the faces of prisoners who have not been released for lifetimes. It was the fresh breeze after hot stillness. It was the look of awe on the face of one seeing something innocent for the first time after seeing nothing but dirty and guilty things for years that stretch into endless time, stretch into an eternity of horror. But even beyond all of that, it was their effect on the people around them. The way that they could see each other for the first time in a week and suddenly everyone around them was happy and euphoric and full of an uncontrollable and unexplainable joy.  In short, it was a miracle.


They will see us waving from such great

Heights, ‘come down now’ they’ll say

 But everything looks perfect from far away

‘Come down now’, but we’ll stay…


It was such a change, such a glowing, beautiful change that no one could forget it if they saw it. No one could get over it. And no one wanted too.

People said that when the first child was born, the happiness and love around them was increased tenfold. People said that when the second child was born, you could not walk into the same county as them and not feel the love and joy. And people were happy for them. People all over would forget their own troubles for a day and take a minute to smile and laugh and hug for someone else’s happiness.  And people with sad endings to their own stories would realize that maybe, just maybe, their story wasn’t over yet and there was hope for a happy ending.


I tried my best to leave this all on your

Machine but the persistent beat it sounded

Thin upon listening


They were not oblivious to the effect they had, and they liked it. The liked the fact that they could help to turn someone’s life around when they, themselves, knew all too well what it was like to not have love or hope and to be missing your second half, which you are sometimes born with, and sometimes not. Their children were both born without their second half, you could tell by looking at them. But they knew what to do, the two full of love. They loved their children, showed them what love and trust felt like before it was too late.  And they did their job well, proving to their children that if you grew up missing your second half, it does not mean you can’t love or trust anyone while you are searching for your missing piece. And, true to their parent’s happy ending, the children got theirs, too.


That  frankly will not fly you will hear

The shrillest highs and lowest lows with

The windows down when this is guiding you home


The love of two people spread throughout a school, a family, a town, a city, a county, a country, the world. When people began to think that death was the only way out, they remembered, and they realized what they needed and who they needed, and they lived. The purity of two people in true love cleansed the world and created happy endings for so many hundreds more people than before this love. These happy endings were not fairy tale stories. This happiness was not without obstacles, not without tears or pain or fighting, not without hidden and treacherous evils that had to be conquered using something even stronger than a sword held by a knight in shining armor. And yet these evils were conquered, and, eventually, people had their happy endings.


They will see us waving from such great

Heights, ‘come down now’ they’ll say

But everything looks perfect from far away

‘Come down now’ but we’ll stay


Apart, they were Rose and Scorpius, cracked and broken. Together, they were RoseandScorpius, ScoRose, whole and full and happy.


i l o v e y o u






Wow, that ending was a lot fluffier than I thought it would be. Okay, the song is Such Great Heights by Postal Service (but with an extra refrain of the chorus added on). Please leave a review and tell me what you think!

-          Voldys_Moldy

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Balancing Act: Them


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