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Lost and Found by greenpotter0429
Chapter 2 : Suprising Reunions
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Finally, the day I had been waiting for had arrived. It was finally September 1st. The day I could return to my real home. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my family; it was just that any talk of magic was slightly awkward and embarrassing. Magic was just such a huge part of my life and my family just hadn’t wrapped their heads around it. Petunia had completely abandoned me, Dad and I couldn’t talk for more than five minutes before running out of things to say, and Mum was… hard to describe. She could only offer general advice, nothing personal. I remember when I was scared of being lost in Hogwarts, she only told me to talk to my teachers and ask for the quickest route to my classes! Only that, nothing else. Of course, I had to forgive her as she had never been to Hogwarts herself, so there was nothing that she could possibly say. I walked around my room, picking up any spare clothes that I needed but forgot to pack. After eating and brushing my teeth and hair, I paused in front of my wardrobe. I never really had a fashion sense, so I ended up choosing a light green jumper and my favorite bell bottom jeans. They were totally groovy and positively in. Yes, bell bottoms, tie-dyed tees, the Beatles, and the peace movement were in-style at the moment. At least in the muggle world.

"Lily! Let’s get a move on! We can’t sit here all day long waiting for you to get your outfit together!" hollered my mum. Honestly, how could she possibly know what I was up to every single minute of every single day! It was thoroughly frustrating!

"Alright, Mum! I’m coming!" I screeched back at her. I raced down stairs and we were off.

*Next Hour*

When we arrived at the train station, my mum held my in her arms and whispered that she truly loved me, no matter what happened to any of use. My dad stroked my hair and kissed my goodbye then sent me on my way.

"LILLIAN MARIE EVANS! WHERE IN THE NAME OF MERLINS BAGGY Y FRONTS HAVE YOU BEEN?!?" screeched a familiar voice. I looked up just in time to see one of my friends, Piper Col, throw her at me. I screamed as I was tackled on to the floor. Piper Col was a pretty gryffie girl like me. She had shiny blue eyes and dark hair that cascaded in little waves all the way down to her stomach. She had natural tan skin, so she was tan no matter what time of the year it was. She was about 5’8" and always slouched. Her smile could light up the room about a mile away, it was that bright. Piper pulled her arse off of me and pulled my up to my feet.

"So sorry about crazy girl over here. I lose track of her for one second and this is what you get," Alice Gordon, my other best friend in the world, said. Alice had a sweet, round face with short, brown hair that framed it perfectly. She was also in Gryffindor with Crazy Girl and me. She was a petite 5’4" with at least 6 feet of herbology information. We all exchanged the usual "how are you’s" and "how was your summers".

"Well Lily dear who will be your first boyfriend?" Piper asked playfully. I blushed hard at her comment and she burst into laughter. Just then Alice gave a huge squeak and bit down hard on her palm, as she always does when she is excited. I turned to see five boys walk towards us. The first was Frank Longbottom. He was 6 feet of pure clumsiness. He was reedy and thin and a herbology whiz, just the same as Alice. Frank had brown eyes and hair set into a fair face. The next boy was Peter. He was the only marauder that didn’t quite look the part. He was a chubby boy with watery blue eyes and sandy colored hair. Behind him was Remus, a kind boy with kind brown eyes and ragged scars running across his face. He was a werewolf, but the only kind one I knew. Next came the true talents for trouble, Sirius Black and James Potter. Black had a careless, arrogant look about him that only seemed to help his attractiveness. He was defiantly chiseled in the chest department and had velvet gray eyes and milk chocolate hair. He had a handsome face and cocky grin to match his cocky attitude. Finally, Potter arrived and my heart thumped harder and faster. My breath caught. His amazing pair of hazel eyes bore in to mine. His angelic face was held in a happy expression. His body, covered with clothes, couldn’t contain the fact that he was amazingly fit. On his chest, not that I was staring, something gleamed silver. A head boy badge!!!

An- Sooo sorry you guys! 221B Baker st. is supposed to be Hogwarts and cleyebrows are supposed to be classes. I dnt know why the website did that. Anyways plz ignore that! Thanks!!


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Lost and Found: Suprising Reunions


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