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Things You Shouldn't Do by bowloforanges
Chapter 3 : Ease My Mind
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thanks to dumbledear! for another gorgeous image!


Dominique's P.O.V.               

                 Anyone with a shred of common sense knew that James fancied Allie. Ever since James and I first stumbled upon her on the Hogwarts Express five years ago she had been his dream girl; although he’d never admit it. How did Allison not notice that every girl he had ever dated always shared a resemblance with her? Brown hair, dark green eyes, medium height, and some even had a slight Scottish brogue. How did she not take note of how he always had to be near her? Whether it was beside her on the train, across from her in the Great Hall, and at her feet when she sat on the couch in the common room; he was always close. Honestly, I felt like smacking her upside the head sometimes.

 So, when she came into the dorm that day, blushing like mad, and rambling on about how “peculiar” James was acting, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Was she really that surprised? That confused? Sure, James wasn’t exactly the most open about his feelings about her, he has never actually admitted it out loud, but he always had a hard time controlling his actions, especially this year. This year Allie was completely, unbelievably gorgeous, and this is coming from a part- Veela. Not that she had not always been pretty, because she was, but over the summer, when she was staying with me, I watched as she developed a whole new level of maturity and beauty. Her hair was more controlled, shiny and frizz-free, her rosy cheeks had lost some of their roundness, and her skin was a perfect cream color, clear and smooth. Wow, listen to me, no wonder James couldn’t keep it in his pants; nor could most of the Hogwarts boys for that matter. Let’s just say, Allie had more than one invitation to Hogsmeade since the start of the school year, more so than usual. I could always see her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Finch-Fletchley scowling, from the Hufflepuff table, over at every boy who approached her. Merlin, he was a jealous prat, even after ending their one-year relationship in May. I never liked him and, understandably, neither did James.

I looked back over at Allison, still sitting on her bed, blank expression on her face, and with her eyebrows raised. Jeez, she really is clueless, I thought, Should I tell her? I looked at my friend, with her fading summer freckles and big green eyes. I was almost convinced that James really did like her, but did she like him? James was probably my favorite cousin and Allie was my best friend, and if she hurt him I would be split and the thought of him hurting her terrified me. Bugger, they can figure this out on their own, I thought and a series of awkward situations I could put them through went through my head, such as confronting James about his feelings, and I burst out laughing. After I calmed down Allison had half of a smile on her face as if resigning to my madness.

“C’mon Wood! We don’t have all day!” and I skipped into the bathroom, beckoning for my best mate to follow.


James P.O.V.

                “Good show, good show,” Fred laughed as we walked into our dorm a half an hour after Charms. We were meant to have Herbology, but, thanks to Dom, we had a free period.

                “Shut the hell up,” I muttered, throwing myself on to my bed and burying my face in the pillow. I knew Allison didn’t like me and that sucked enough as is, but did they really have to rub it in my face?

                It was always the same routine:

1)      She makes me nervous.

2)      I make a fool of myself and say or do something stupid

3)     She looks highly uncomfortable and most likely thinks I am mad

4)     I am left feeling like shit

5)     Frank and Fred take the mickey out of me

6)     I promise myself I won’t let it happen again

7)     Repeat

I didn’t have to see them to know that they were staring at me; something my friends and family always did during one of my post-humiliation stupors. Most of the time the stares would convey the same old message, “I can’t believe this is still going on. Get over it, crazy person.”

It’s not as though they didn’t like Allison. In fact, they loved her, the Woods had practically become honorary Wotters over the past five years; they just thought I was wasting my energy and breaking my heart over a girl who didn’t like me in the same way. So, every once in a while, they would encourage me to try to date another girl and I would. Although, it would only take five minutes of talking to any other girl to realize I could never like her as much as I liked Allie, a day to get bored, a week to get sick of the “relationship”, and a month to say Wood’s named whilst snogging (a reoccurring event that I would never share with any of my family members) thus ending in me being promptly dumped or dumping whoever the poor girl was and returning to my unrequited fancying. Just another deadly cycle in my life, I thought.

“In all seriousness, mate,” Frank started, “I really think you’ve made some progress. It may have taken you half a decade, but still, progress is progress.”

“If you’re joking, I’m not amused,” I informed him, my pillow muffling my words, “because it is not funny.”

Still, I couldn’t help but feel a sliver of hope rise in my chest as I imagined myself finally, after all these years, telling Wood how I felt, and her, smiling, telling me she fancied me, too. I crushed the scenario in my mind vice, knowing all too well that it would come back to haunt me.

Suddenly, the door to our dorm slammed open and Fred let out a high-pitched scream. The newcomer laughed girlishly; it was a laugh I recognized. Not to be bothered with getting up, I simply turned my head to the right, facing the doorway.

“Oh James, are you wallowing again?” Dominique cooed, crouching down next to my bed, bringing her face level to mine. She poked my nose and I scowled, which only made her laugh again. I could see Frank behind her, trying his best not to seem too excited over her presence. He really shouldn’t mock me for my ‘obsession’ with Wood when his with Dom was nearly as bad.

“What do you want, woman?” Fred asked, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to make up for his less-than-manly screech by making his voice almost unnaturally deep. Dom laughed again; Frank smiled.

“I simply came to talk to my dear cousin about a certain brunette roommate of mine…” she chirped. She bloody chirped. Fred and Frank’s eyes widened in horror, because last time someone got me talking about Allison I went on for about forty five minutes before all the pillows in the dorm were aimed at my head, “Alone. So, vacate the premises, please and THANK YOU!”

At first Fred looked pissed at being ordered out of the room, even though he could never say no to Dom, but his face quickly arranged itself into an expression of relief and booked it out the door.

“Oh yeah, sure, no problem, Dom,” Frank smiled. Dom stood up and ruffled his sandy blond hair even though he was at least six inches taller than her. Frank blushed and I bit back a laugh.

“Thank you, Frankie-Dear,” she sang. Frank could only blush and nod and when he finally left the room Dom turned to me. I flipped over on my back and draped an arm over my eyes.

“What do you waaant?” I whined. Dom hates whining.

“Jimmy love, listen to me,” Her voice was surprisingly soft and I sat up in alarm, looking over at her, now sitting on the bed besides mine, Frank’s bed; he’d have a heart attack. She ran her fingers through her strawberry blond hair and took a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, hearing the concern in my voice, “Are you okay? Is someone bothering you?!” I can be a little protective…

“No,” Dom shook her head, “I really am here to talk about Allie.”

I could only nod as I gulped. Here it comes. Allison sent Dom here to tell me she never wanted to see or talk to me ever again. She thought I was insane. She hated me. SHE THOUGHT I WAS UGLY (No, being dramatic does not run in the Weasley family. I refuse to believe you, Longbottom). My heart sped up.

“Allison…” Dom sighed, obviously conflicted about what she was about to say. I felt like a centaur was kicking me in the gut, “She’s not like a lot of people. She’s different. She sees and feels things differently than you and me. She gets tired a lot and it becomes a struggle for her to get out of bed sometimes. She’s constantly over analyzing things and getting anxious over nothing. She could live in her own head if she wanted to; never talking to anybody--”

“Why are you telling me this?” I interrupted, my brows furrowed in confusion. Was Dom trying to convince me to not like Allie?

“I’m telling you this, James, because I don’t know if you actually like her or your idea of who she is. If it’s the latter then you’ll only end up hurting yourself and her,” Dom said all of this in one breath; like she had been holding it in for a long time. What was she trying to say? That I don’t know Allison? That I only liked her out of convenience? Suddenly, I was annoyed.

“I don’t know why you think this, Dom. I really do fancy her,” Whoa, I thought, did I just say that our loud?! Now that the words were out there, hanging in the air between us, I felt vulnerable, “Not only is she beautiful, but she’s smart and funny and sweet. She has never treated me differently because of whom my father is and gives everybody a chance, even a prat like me. I admit that I didn’t know about the things you just told me about her, but then again she doesn’t know everything about me either. I still fancy her, whether or not she gets anxious, can’t get out of bed, or misinterprets things, because I am more than willing to be there and help her calm down, bring her out of her dorm, or clarify anything. And the fact that she sees and feels differently than other people only makes me all the more intrigued, to be honest. I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure she’s okay and I like it that way.”

All of this came out so fast that I wasn’t even thinking about what I was saying. It’s like everything I ever thought or wanted to say was spilling out and I felt an immense weight being lifted off my shoulders. I felt a rush of happiness run through me; it felt amazing to finally tell someone what was going on in my head. I looked up at Dom, who was now smiling wider than I felt completely comfortable with.

“I just sounded like a bloody girl, didn’t I?” I started rubbing my temples like I did in Charms class.

“Yes,” Dom laughed; I groaned, “but it was adorable.

“Never again, never again,” I shook my head. Dom came over and sat next to me on my bed, smiling softly.

“I’m really glad you told me though. Now I at least know your intentions,” she giggled, “Do you want me to talk to her?”

I thought about it for a moment before shaking my head again.

“No, she’d just feel pressured, or something,” Dom nodded, smiling, “What should I do? I already scared her.”

“Just lay low for a bit,” Dom said to me and I promised I would despite the fact that I thought that to get a girl to like you, you had to actually talk to her. A sudden knock came at the door and Dom and I jumped a little in surprise.

“Can we please come in now?!” I hear Fred call.

“Are you two done gossiping like a pair of old women?!” Frank asked at the same time. Dom and I looked over at each other, eyebrows raised, before laughing at our friends who came storming in anyways.

Sometimes, I really enjoyed spending time with Dom and being able to talk to her about un-manly things, like feelings, but you will never hear me telling her that. She would never let it go.

Thirty minutes after Dom left our dorm Frank, Freddie, and I made our way to the Great Hall for breakfast and instead of sitting across from Allison like I usually did, I sat across from the cousin Rose and her friend Amelia. Half way through lunch Rose kicked me under the table and I shot her a ‘what the hell?!’  look. She casually nodded her head to Allie’s general vicinity and when I looked over I noticed Wood suddenly start staring down at her food, with a distinct red tinge on her cheeks, with Dom laughing out loud from her seat beside her.

A/N: This chapter is a lot shorter than I intended it to be, like the other two, but I plan on making the chapters longer in the future with more things actually happening. It's still the beginning and I promise there will be an actual plot (sort of, I hope. I'm a bit scatter brained at the moment)!

The chapter title is a song by Annuals.

p.s. Thank you hogwartsfavoritecoupleh for reviewing ( and favoriting!) and agingerrose, calilover,  Harry and Ginny, Jagd, KitKateKate87, and laughdaily for favoriting! It means so much!

p.p.s. Reviews are highly appreciated ;D x

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