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Dear Cupid by ginny_weasley_54
Chapter 5 : Boys and Pumpkin Juice
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Hate is easy, love takes courage. - Unknown


“Will you stop it?” I shouted at Lily.

She froze midsentence and crossed her arms over her chest. Her deep brown eyes glared at me as she pouted. I had had enough of her trying to find me a boyfriend. It was really getting on my nerves. Every time I saw her she would list names of people she thought I would be good with but when will she understand that I do not want a boyfriend!

“Fine,” she replied shortly, “stay single forever.”

I sighed and I returned to eating my chocolate chip pancakes. I stabbed the pancakes with my fork more violently than was necessary.

“Oh,” Lily squealed and her angry pout turned into a dazzling smile, “I know, what about Kevin Lennox?”

I sighed and ignored her. She was never going to give up. I love Lily, I really do, but sometimes I just want to strangle her.

“Are you trying to kill your pancakes?” a soft voice said from behind me.

I smiled and spun around but the smile quickly turned into a scowl when I saw Malfoy’s arm around my little Lex. I quickly turned back to my pancakes.

“They’re stubborn and refuse to die,” I muttered darkly.

I felt Lex sit down beside me and out of the corner of my eye I saw Malfoy glance at me before taking a seat next to Lex. I clenched my teeth together when he put his hand on Lex’s back. He noticed and smirked at me. I hate that infuriating little smirk. What was Lex thinking? Does she have any idea what she is getting herself in to? I thought she was supposed to be the sensible one not the absolutely, completely insane one.

I growled in frustration and angrily shoved my plate away from me. I then let my head fall on the table with a loud thud. Lex reached over and gently fingered one of my red curls in a comforting way. I felt myself slowly relax. Lex always knew how to calm me down; it was just a talent of hers. I probably would have killed someone by now it if wasn’t for her.

“You’re not listening to me,” Lily complained loudly. She smacked the top of my head sharply with a fork.

I rubbed my head and was about to explode at Lily when an amused voice cut in.

“No one listens to you, Lils.”

I could picture Al smirking as he said this and my lips turned upward at the thought. Al’s smirk was so different from Malfoy’s. Al’s smirk was sweet and cute with just a little hint of his hidden devious side.

I felt Al sit down next to me and he lightly touched my head that I was still rubbing at the spot where Lily had whacked me. That girl can hit hard.

“You’d think that after fourteen years she’d realize that nobody ever listens to her.” my voice was slightly muffled. I pictured Lily crossing her arms as the famous redhead anger flowed through her. She was glaring at me; I could feel her eyes trying to burn through my flesh.

Al laughed and I smirked at the table.

“I hate all of you,” Lily grumbled under her breath.

I snorted very unattractively and Lex giggled softly beside me. It was at that moment that I felt liquid colliding with my hair. I shrieked and jumped up. Lily grinned wicked at me with her empty goblet in her hand. I furiously wiped pumpkin juice out of my eyes as it slid down my hair and onto my face. Just as I was about to scream at her I lost my balance and fell backwards. I yelped in surprise as I felt myself knock into someone. We landed on the ground in a tangled heap. Great. Just great. Could my day get any worse?

“I’m sorry.” I muttered. Al, Malfoy and Lily were roaring with laughter at my misery while Lex was watching with an amused smile letting a soft giggle pass through her lips every so often.

The person I fell over scrambled to his feet and smiled at my drenched hair. I’m going to kill lily. He held out his hand to help me off the floor.

“It’s okay. It’s not every day I get knocked over by a pretty girl.” he smiled charmingly at me.

Lily squealed and my head swiveled around to stare at her. She was bouncing up and down with her hands over her mouth trying to keep herself from exploding in a long rant that nobody wanted to hear.

I looked back at the boy I knocked over and suddenly realized that he was still holding my hand. I quickly dropped it. The boy smiled at me. He had a nice smile. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember his name.

“I’m Shawn.” He said almost as though he was reading my mind. He smiled again and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’m Rose,” I answered without thinking. Of course he knew my name because everyone knows who I am, unfortunately. It kind of comes with the whole famous parents thing.

He smiled like he knew what was running through my mind but didn’t say anything. His forehead crinkled in confusion and his eyes lit up in amusement when he noticed my hair dripping with pumpkin juice.

“What happened to your hair,” he asked as he cautiously picked up a strand of my long hair off of my shoulder.

“Lily happened.” I scowled and glared over at Lily.

He laughed and smiled. “Never mess with a redhead.”

I laughed and smirked up at him. “They don’t call us fiery for nothing.” I replied.

“Shawn,” someone yelled from behind me.

I turned around to see a boy who I assumed was one of Shawn’s friends waving wildly at him. Shawn smiled and waved back to tell his friend that he was coming.

“I’ll see you later, Rose.”

He smiled at me one last time before walking over to his friend. He glanced back at me over his shoulder and smiled when he saw that I was watching him. My cheeks flushed, which they never do unless Malfoy makes me really mad, and I smiled back at him before sitting back down between Lex and Al completely forgetting about my drenched hair.

I glanced around me to see that Lily was about to burst with excitement, Al looked troubled and confused at the same time, Lex was biting her lips furiously, and Malfoy had a fire in his eyes that I had never seen before. His hands were clenched into fists. My nose crinkled as I tried to figure out what was wrong with him. He was usually so calm and collected like nothing in the world could bother him but now he was blazing with anger. His eyes snapped up to mine when he felt me staring at him and the intensity of the fire took my breath away. A second later he turned away and the fire was gone. His hands relaxed and he returned to his normal irritatingly calm self.

“You do know who that was, don’t you?” Lily whispered excitedly.

“Shawn?” I answered unsurely.

Lily rolled her eyes. “That’s Shawn Fuller. He’s captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team. You two would be perfect together. You’d make such a cute couple.” That’s when I tuned her out. I didn’t need to hear her meaningless babble.

“Lily!” a high pitched squeal broke through my thoughts and cut Lily off mid-rant.

Liz, Lex’s little sister and Lily’s best friend, plopped herself ungracefully next to Lily. Liz attacked Lily in a smothering hug and waved brightly to her sister before Lily launched into a full account of what had happened to me.

“I’m going to go get cleaned up.” I said loudly over Lily’s voice and quickly stood up.

“I’ll come with you,” Lex offered as she detangled her hand from Malfoy’s and stood up.

She laced her fingers through mine instead before we slowly walked out of the great hall. I ignored the whispers and snickers that erupted around me when people noticed how drenched I was. Yes, I could have dried myself off with my wand but I really didn’t want to go to class and getting pumpkin juice poured on me seems like a pretty good excuse. Besides Lex can charm any teacher out of giving her detention. She looks like an angel but that girl has a knack for telling a convincing lie, even if she hates lying. I’m one of the few people she can’t lie to, I know her too well and she feels too guilty lying to me.

“You and Scorpius didn’t argue,” Lex commented lightly. “It’s the first time you’ve been near him without it ending with him in the hospital wing or you screaming at him.”

I scowled. “Don’t get used to it.”

“Please, Rose,” Lex begged me and lightly squeezed my hand. Her big blues eyes pleaded with me to listen to her. I hate it when she uses her big eyes on me, it’s impossible to resist them. “Please give him a chance; he’s not as bad as you think.”

I sighed. “I already promised I would, Lex, and I would never break a promise I made to you,”

She smiled a dazzling smile. Lex was like a shining star in the middle of a moonless night. No matter how bad things got she would still be smiling and lighting up the dark.

We finally made it back to our dorm and I took my time taking a shower. I washed my hair twice to make sure I got all of the pumpkin juice out. Lex had clothes lying out on my bed for me when I got done with my shower. I pulled on the light blue tank top, gray jacket, and flowery dark blue skirt without arguing, I knew that it would be pointless. There is no stopping Lex when she sets her mind on something.

Lex slowly brushed out my hair for me when I was done getting dressed. She liked to brush my hair and because it was so long it was hard for me to brush myself so I usually let her do it for me. Lex used to brush Liz’s hair for her every night when they were little and brushing my hair makes her feel like she’s doing something to take care of me instead of me taking care of her and protecting her like I usually do.

Lex hummed softly under her breath just loud enough for me to hear it. When she was done bushing my hair she grabbed her wand and dried my hair with a drying spell. I was about to pull it into a ponytail but Lex grabbed my hands to stop me.

“Leave it down,” she commanded gently but in a tone that let me know that she wouldn’t take no for an answer, “it looks really pretty,” she wrapped one of my curls around her finger and pulled it softly making it bounce back into place.

I glared at her and she smirked one of her rare smirks at me. I sighed in defeat and stood up. Lex stood up too and smiled at me in that dreamy way of hers.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Lex suggested.

I nodded and smiled before linking my arm through Lex’s. By the time we made it outside our first class of the day had ended and we had missed the whole thing. Lex would go see Professor Thomas later to talk him out of giving us detention. We didn’t have a class right now so we were free to walk around the lake.

It was warm out, one of the last warm days of the year. It was late September and soon all the leaves would fall from the trees and it would get cold before the snow came but right now I was enjoying the sun beating down on my skin.

We walked in silence for a long time. That’s what I loved about Lex. We could talk for hours but we could also sit in silence for forever just lost in our thoughts. It was calming to walk in silence with Lex.

“Lex,” that calm, arrogant voice instantly made me tense and my relaxing moment was over. My blood started boiling and I took deep breaths to stop myself from cursing him.

Lex dropped my arm and instead grabbed Malfoy’s hand. I clenched my jaw but said nothing. I promised I’d try to not kill him, for Lex. Lex bit her lip nervously at me before turning to smile at Malfoy. He smiled, not smirked that infuriating smirk of his, at her. Just when I thought he was going to ignore me, which I would gladly welcome, he shot that stupid smirk my way. His eyes danced in amusement when my fingers clenched into fists at my side. I took another deep breath. Think about Lex.

“Rosie,” his voice dripped with amusement and arrogance. It took all I had not to smack him.

“Malfoy,” I answered tensely through clenched teeth.

I glared at him and he stared straight back into my eyes with those light blue eyes of his that said he was enjoying this.

Think about Lex. Think about Lex. Don’t hit him. Think about Lex.

“You got the pumpkin juice out,” he nodded toward my hair. Lex sent a warning glance my way to remind me to be nice.

“It only took a half a bottle of shampoo.” He smirked. Again.

“It was a good look on you, Rosie.” He chuckled to himself.

I closed my eyes. I really want to hit him.

Lex gently touched my arm. I relaxed slightly but when I opened my eyes and saw Malfoy’s hand around my little Lex’s waist I tensed up all over again.

He laughed at my reddening cheeks and I felt like strangling him. He knew I couldn’t do anything to him without disappointing Lex and he was enjoying every moment of him being able to torment me mercilessly without me doing anything to him in return. I locked my lips together so I wouldn’t scream at him. I angrily bushed my hair out of my face but the wind immediately made it fall back in my eyes.

“Well,” Lex began. “This is going to be interesting.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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