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Broken Angel by dinasayah
Chapter 1 : Broken Devil ,mission for a name, Blaze
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 heyy there :) so i have a NEW story here! YEA , hope you guys like it, its a bit sad, but i love it anyways.h hope you guys love it too! <3



 The moon Pendant

  You can't break a girl who's already broken.- Anonymous.



People say that I am an angel. That I am perfect, but they do not know the insanity that  goes on behind the mask I wear, what I go through, the pain I feel, the hurt I have. No one knows, no one cares. They do not bother to see the real Blaze in me.All they see is my mask. They think I am an angel, But they are wrong I am not an angel.


I am broken, a broken devil.


I hide the Real me behind a Mask, the Perfect mask the one everyone loves, the one everyone cares about, it kills me on the inside, to hide my true colors,to hide the impulsive side,the stubborn side, the Wild side. I am a beast trapped in a cage, aching to be free by the one who loves me for me. Insanity and all.


My name is Blaze Tyler Lucifer, I named myself.  


Strange right? 


But not for me, I was abandoned at birth, my parents did not want or love me, so they threw me away hoping that i would rot in the orphanage they left me in.


but I didn't, I didn't rot instead I lived.


 At the age of 5 I was fed up with everyone calling me "Trash" or " loveless" everyone else had a name like Mandy or Cassandra, so how come I couldn't have one?


I spent days and days wondering around the city, reading of signs and listening to strangers on their way hoping to find something to call my self. I heard names like 'Josh', 'Matthew', 'poppy' and even ' 'Princess' but none seemed to fit me


It was a Cold night, the naked trees were swinging back and forth, as if they were shivering from the icy wind, the snow falling delicately onto the ground, my bare feet were slowly Turning a beautiful shade of midnight blue, My tattered dress, dirty and wet from my mission to find a name. Blood red hair was flying everywhere around my weak body, I was starving, covered in bruises and wounds, the only sign of life was in my eyes, Big Green orbs peering into the dark, in search of something, something i could call my own. I walked down a musky street, listening to sound of night, it was quiet and eerie, like one of those horror films i heard so much about, the five year old me half expected a man in mask to jump out a murder me, and then I saw it.


It was beautiful, I had never seen something so scary, yet so beutiful.The red ends were whipping around,disappearing into the night as the orange core grew and grew more powerful, destroying the darkness around it with it's bright light.



I ran. I ran as fast as my abused limbs would take me, I was afraid it would abandoned me like everyone else had, I kept on running until i came close enough to feel a weird sensation pulsing through my body, it was tingly, the bitter cold i felt before left my body, it was strange, but I liked it.


" Little girl, what are you doing here? It is freezing! Get closer to the Blaze! "


Screaming I jumped at least ten feet into the air, alarmed at the raspy voice I just heard, I whipped my head back and forth, trying to uncover the source of the voice, I must of been a real sight. Blood dried and caked onto my face and body, my once white dress was ripped and torn cover in blood and dirt, my red hair tangled with leafs and twigs  and my eyes were Wide and searching. I was seriously freaked out, I defiantly heard a voice, but where did it come from?


"Ahh, you silly little girl, I am over here, behind the blaze, come here and sit with me little girl, it's far too cold for you to be out alone"


"what's a blaze? " I asked the mysterious voice, I really wanted to see where it was coming from.


" My sweet child, a blaze is the Great fire you see before you, look behind it and you will see me" it's raspy voice croaked and cracked as it spoke, but it was mixed with a sense of kindness, I heard once, when a mother was talking to her son at the park I was sleeping at a few days ago.


I walked behind the beautiful red light, it's strange sensation was stronger with each step I took closer, Then I saw the Voice.




Sitting on the floor cover with old blankets and wool was an old lady, with hair as white as snow and skin like leather, her eyes were wide and blue, twinkling like stars in the night, he lips were curved toward the sky in a big grin, her arms were wide and welcoming. I didn't know what to do, so I did what I was good at doing, I was blunt.


" Am I suppose to hug you?, And what is a fire? " I stared at her,widening my eyes as far as they'd go, waiting for her to scream at me for being stupid


but it didn't come.


Instead she laughed, her starry eyes twinkling even more then before, it looked as if she cover them with glitter and stuck them back to her head.


"Yes my dear little girl, a hug is what I need" her arms were wider and now in mid air, waiting for me.


I never hugged anyone before, no one wanted to touch me, they say I'm cursed, but this old lady wanted a hug.




I took a step closer, one foot in front of the other I kept repeating it in my head as i came closer.Then finally, I was close enough to smell her, she smelled like roses, cinnamon and mint.It was a bitter sweet smell that infected my soul, I took a deep breath wanting to savor the smell, Slowly opening my eyes that I didn't even know I had closed.



i fell to my knees as my thin arms slowly and carefully wrapped around the lady.


I did it, I hugged someone.


then I realized something. She didn't answer my question.


quickly I removed my self from her chest, her soft pale arms falling to her sides, her eyes were wide with curiosity and amusement.I would have giggled but I was on a mission. 


A mission to find a name.


" what's a fire?"


at this, the old lady had cracked up, her laugh was like music to my ears, it was soft and angelic, there was no trace of her raspy voice.


" My dear little girl, do you see that red blaze there?" she pointed toward the beautiful red light i loved so much,my eyes flicked from the 'fire' to her and back a couple times before i was able to speak again


" It makes me feel weird, why does it make me feel weird?" I remembered the tingly sensation as i got closer to the fire. It was strange and nice ant the same time.


"That my dear is Warmth, A Blaze like that can do that, it can give of warmth and light the darkness"


"warmth?" she nodded " So this makes the cold melt away and the dark go away?" she nodded again, her eyes were brimming with amusement and pride.


" what's it called?" I Pointed toward the fire " You said something with blaze"


"Yes little girl, it is called a Blaze."




"Blaze." I repeated after her, It melts away the Cold and Replaces with Warmth, It takes away the Darkness, leaving  the light to glow. Blaze.


"What is your name?"


"Little Girl, my name is Tyler"


I looked at the lady here eyes were still on me, slowly and big toothy grin was stuck on my face as i grabbed the lady and hugged her as hard as I could.


"Hahaa, Little girl, why are you so happy?"


"You gave me my name " i smiled up at her, my eyes flashing with excitement


she gave me a confused face, so i told her everything, from me being abandoned, growing up in the orphanage being called "trash" and "loveless" while others have names, my mission and the endless days of wondering around, to now, when she gave me my name.


Blaze Tyler Lucifer.


My last name came from the strict old matron at the orphanage, she always calls me the daughter of Lucifer.


It wasn't my fault she kept getting knocked out. Everyday. 


After I finished there were tears in her eyes, then she told me something that would stay with me forever.


"Little girl, this world is filled with monsters, all they want is perfect, so give them perfect, wear a mask, hid the true you from them and they will love and accept you, but when they turn around let the mask slip and set yourself free.They who Love and accept the Real you are true and will never leave you"


To this Day, what that sweet old lady told me stuck to me, it's my oath, my anthem, it is my life.There is truth to what she said and because of her i survived, because of her I am here breathing, because of her I am Blaze Tyler Lucifer.


People only do want perfect, if you heard somebody was a 'Freak' you wouldn't go talk to them, you'd avoid them like a plague because the aren't 'Perfect'. When I let my mask slip and let the real me shine I'm not scared, I know that he will accept me, he always accepted me, because of what the sweet lady told me, I found a best friend that I'd willingly give up my life for anyday, he is my everything, my world, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy is the Only one who knows the real me, not my mask but me, the stubborn, funny, impulsive, blunt, dirty, insane sad-excuse for a girl me.


I never saw that little lady again after that faithful night, before we said our good byes, she gave me a beautiful pendant. She said it was her family heirloom. Three moons were hanging on a silver chain, the full moon was in the middle of two waxing and waning moons.It was the only thing I could call mine, other then my name and Scorpius, but i meet him in our first year at hogwarts.


It is my prised possession.




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