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Break It To Me Gently by ykai
Chapter 2 : Aftermath: Since You Left
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A/N: Remember, I don't own any of these awesome characters. So.. read on! :)

August 16, 1998; 9:51 A.M.
The Burrow

“Wake up, Ronald! Get your arse out of bed! Mum wants us degnoming the garden today,” Ginny shouted while she pounded relentlessly on Ron’s door.
“Fvemermintsss,” Ron mumbled sleepily.
“She wants you to fix your room up as well; Harry is arriving tomorrow.” The door opened with a bang, the curtains pulled back to let the morning light shine through. Ginny stood in the doorway with her wand raised. She pointed it at the lump on the bed and muttered a spell that vanished the blankets. “And put on something decent as well. Those are the most revolting pair of boxers I’ve ever seen and believe me I’ve seen plenty.” 

Ron sat up immediately and scrambled to find a pair of trousers. He glared at Ginny, who was slowly backing away, and slammed the door in her face. He strode back to close the curtains until he realized the last phrase his baby sister had said. He grabbed the first shirt saw and ran down to the kitchen.
“GINEVRA MOLLY WEASLEY!” he screeched, “What the hell did you mean by ‘I’ve seen plenty’?!” The answer came by means of a smack to the back of his head. 

“No such language in my household, Ronald.” Molly Weasley scolded. “And please go change. That shirt is hideous.” 

Ron looked down at the bright orange Chudley Cannons shirt he had hastily thrown on. “It is not hideous. I happen to like this shirt.” He trudged back up to his room, leaving Ginny snickering in his wake.
He snatched a clean set of clothes in the dresser before making his way to the bathroom. The water he splashed on his face was bitingly cold and made his cheeks flush. He ran a hand through his hair as he studied the face the mirror reflected back at him. His red hair had darkened a shade, his cheeks sallow and his whole visage pale. He had the same clear blue gaze but they were dull and lifeless. There were huge bags under his eyes due to the lack of sleep. No matter how peaceful everything seemed now, he was still haunted by nightmares every time he closed his eyes. 

But this time his nocturnal spree was for a different reason altogether. He was up all night trying to figure out what to say to Hermione once she had arrived. Their relationship had always been rocky, no one can deny that. Someone once told them they bicker like an old married couple. He couldn’t help but smile at that idea. Yet they haven’t spoken that much since that fateful night in Hogwarts. They had kissed but that was more of a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ kind of thing. He wasn’t certain if it had the same effect on her as it had on him since they haven’t had the chance to discuss it. After Voldemort had been defeated, everyone had been busy tending to the wounded and grieving for the fallen. The Golden Trio, along with the remaining members of the Order, was coerced by the public to remain in St. Mungo’s for at least three days to make sure they were tended to. Fred was buried a week after they were released. Hermione was already gone when they woke up the next morning, a note in her handwriting the only thing she left behind.


Ron simply stared at the piece of parchment, not quite believing. Ginny snatched it from him and read it aloud so everyone could hear.

To Ginny, Harry and Ron:


I know you guys are probably mad at me right now and I can understand that. It was cowardly of me to leave when everyone else was asleep but I had no choice. You guys probably wouldn’t have let me go if I had told you my plans.


I’m going to Australia to locate my parents and hopefully restore their memories of me. I don’t know their exact location so it may take me a while to find them. Do not, I repeat, do not come after me. This is something I have to do on my own. I will contact you once in a while just to let you know I am safe. Just remember, I will always be thinking of you wherever in the world I may be.



The room fell silent; no one seemed to know what to say or what to do next.
[End Flashback]

Ron frowned at the memory. She’d only written twice since her disappearance- the day she found her parents in Australia and last week, when she said she was coming back to London. He bribed Ginny into asking her to stay over at the Burrow until school resumed. She had yet to reply. 

He shook himself out of his reverie and scowled at his reflection. He heard Ginny calling him down for breakfast. I better go before she tells on mum, he sighed, taking the steps two at a time.

August 16, 1998; 1:32 P.M.
The Burrow
Ginny studied her brother carefully as he sat down at the table for lunch. He seemed to be in higher spirits recently unlike the last weeks following Hermione’s abrupt departure. He had no complaints about weeding and degnoming the garden earlier this morning and even volunteered to sort out the boxes in the attic before dinner. Still, she noticed that he kept glancing at the sky like he was expecting something to suddenly appear. Then it dawned on her, Hermione’s letter. She should be in London by now. I wonder why she hasn’t written back. She must be pretty busy now that she found her parents again. Ginny shrugged and turned her attention back to the meal before her.  

 So there goes the second chapter. See that pretty box down there? It simply asks for attention.. ^^,

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Break It To Me Gently: Aftermath: Since You Left


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