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That Night by LunaLuver
Chapter 1 : That Night
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I wrote this for the monthly contest on The Leaky Cauldron, I loved the idea and it grabbed me right away. Which was; where did Draco and Snape go after Dumbledore was killed. I ended up writing this in one night, which is amazing for anyone who knows me. So here it is, I hope you love it as much as I do.






Draco Malfoy could hear the shouting behind him but he kept running, towards the gates to the castle which were looming in front of him, tall shadows in the moonlit night.

Coming to a stop before them and gasping for breath, Draco ran a shaking hand through his tangled hair, trying to steady himself. He wasn't cut out for this, he thought. Sure he could talk the talk, and do it bloody well too, but he couldn't walk the walk. He couldn't say the words, he couldn't complete his mission, and deep down it was something he had always known.

Hearing the running footsteps of someone fast approaching, Draco quickly raised his wand, ready to attack.

"Lower your wand you stupid boy." Severus Snape snapped, his own wand he waved towards the gates muttering something Draco couldn't quite make out. The gates which had every spell and protection on them that the Order, Ministry and Dumbledore knew, opened with a squeak just wide enough for a person to walk through.

"Hurry up," Snape said ,grabbing Draco by the back of his suit jacket and shoving him out the gates. "We don't have time to dawdle, the Order is already herer."

Once he was through the gates, and standing a ways back on the gravel road which lead down to Hogsmeade, Snape once again waved his wand at the gates mutters, and they locked themselves once more.

As if no one has ever opened them.

"Where are we going? The Manor?" Draco asked looking around them, for once not caring about the rather rough way his godfather was treating him.

"That would be very unwise. Things did not planned tonight." Snape answered trying to find the right words to tell the boy. "We need to go somewhere where we can clear our heads. We both need to be thinking clearly when we face the Dark Lord.

"Where precisely would that be?" Draco asked looking back at Hogwarts one last time. The Dark Mark still looming over the astronomy tower, more shouts and cries were starting to be heard over the quite Scottish country side.

"I know the perfect place." Snape said barely above a whisper, before putting a hand of Draco's shoulder, and Disapparating them with a soft pop.

They landed on a quiet, semi dark street, lined with well kept houses and grassy lawns. After looking around Draco immediately knew they were somewhere in London. And judging by the looks of the neatly kept little houses, that somewhere was muggle.

"Quickly, follow me." Snape hissed striding towards one of the houses which was directly in front of them.

Following Snape, Draco understood the logic of going someplace which seemed to be entirely muggle. No one would ever think to look for them here. Wherever here was.

Before entering the front door of the house Draco caught the name on the mail box, and couldn't help but wonder who the Evans were.

"You did part of your mission extremely well, Draco." Snape began as soon as the door had closed. "Never before has an outsider managed to gain entrance into Hogwarts. I do not believe you will be given much trouble for not carrying out the rest."

Snape paused for a moment and looked around the room they were standing in. The only light coming from a lamp sitting on a side table next to a reading chair.

It was just as he knew it would be. Untouched, like a picture freezing a time that was long gone. An unimaginable place where no one would ever think to look for them.

"It was my choice given the circumstances of the situation that I stepped in and completed the task you had been given." Snape then continued, pulling his mind back to the present. "I, and I along, will answer to the Dark Lord if he is unpleased with what transpired tonight. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Draco answered looking at his Head of House with newfound respect. Even now, Snape was still trying to protect him, still keeping his word to Narcissa that no matter what happened he would look out for her only son.

Giving a slight nod of his head, acknowledging that what was said would never been spoken of again between the two, Snape looked at Draco for a second longer before they both turned around and walked to opposite sides of the room.

Draco was looking out the window that faced the front of the house, wondering what might have happened had he had a couple of minuets more with Dumbledore before the Death Eaters had come bursting in. Would he have taken Dumbledore up on him offer to protect him? Go into hiding with his mother and tell the Order everything he knew about the Dark Lords plans.

Closing his eyes Draco sighed. He didn't like what he had become, but there was no way out for him now. Yes, he would have changed sides, he would have done anything to get himself and his mother out the dreadful situation they were in. If only they hadn't come when they did. If only.....

Snape looked out the large picture window that overlooked the back garden which once held so many wonderful memories. And still did, but it hurt too deeply to remember them now. To remember the good times, and oh yes there were some good times. Long ago before everything had gone to hell, before he had let himself get sidetracked from the one thing, the only thing that ever brought light into his dark life.

Every choice he had make from that one fateful night in late October to now, had all been for one reason, and one reason alone, to try and some how, some way, make up for what he had done. The biggest mistake he had ever made, which cost the life the only person he had every truly loved.

Even know, after he had done yet another horrific task, something that Snape never in a million years would have thought he'd be capable of, he was still doing it all for her. Snape had done what he could not yet put into words even in his own mind. Though he knew, before the hour was out he would be having to say them to an entire room full of Death Eaters, and the Dark Lord himself.

Snape had done what he did out of loyalty. A secret he would keep until the day he died.
Because the one man who had given him a second chance, a chance at redemption, had asked him to do one finale act of service. And he couldn't refuse.

"We must go Draco." Snape suddenly spoke. "If we keep the Dark lord waiting anymore our reception will not be a welcoming one."

Not bothering to reply, Draco took a deep breath before walking back out the door he had entered only a mere half an hour ago. Though it seemed as if years had passed during the last several hours that changed everything.

Standing in the front garden. feeling the cool nights wind on his face, Draco said goodbye to the life he had once knew, and braced himself for the new one he was about to start as soon as he entered the Manor.

Silently Snape came to his side after taking one last look at the house he knew he would never be seeing again, one last look at what might have been.

Draco didn't know it, could never have guessed it, but Snape was saying his goodbyes too.

Then, as if flipping a switch, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape's features turned to stone, hiding any and all emotions they were feeling. And with two tiny pops, once again vanished into the night.

Neither of them would ever forget what happen that night. Ever single minute detail was burned into their minds, to be replayed over and over again no matter how hard they tried to block it out. Wishing, that the choices they had made could be undone, wishing and hoping that one day people would understand why they had done what they did, and maybe a few would say; "They did what they needed to do, what they were asked to do, no matter how much it pained them."







This was my first time writing Snape and, truth be told I was a little nervous about it. How did I do?? Please let me know what you think about that and...well....everything! I love getting reviews they always put a smile on my face. Until next time my rabid readers! =)


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That Night: That Night


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