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The Art of Our Sweet Desires by Ginny45
Chapter 1 : The Art of Our Sweet Desires
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The Art of Our Sweet Desires

notreallyblonde44's The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge


Dean sat slumped in the Gryffindor Common Room, his head resting on the chair behind him. He was already frustrated when Ginny broke up with him that day however, it increased ten fold when Harry had walked over. He really didn’t know how lucky he was, he had the girl of his dreams falling over to get him and he did not even notice. He let out a large sigh, how could this day get any worse.

After sulking for a further twenty minutes, Dean decided to do something more productive, like going for a walk or doing potions homework. Laughing at that stupid idea he wandered up to the boy’s dorms, there was bound to be someone about. Walking into the eerily quiet room it appeared he had been wrong, where was everyone today. Throwing himself on his bed, he was prepared to sulk.

“Oi, you git! Get off me.” Dean jumped off the bed like an electric shock had gone through him. “Why are you jumping on my bed, with me in it!” Dean looked at his friend with a puzzled expression.

“Your bed? Seamus this my bed, see the non moving pictures.” Point at the pictures of various football teams that had decorated the wall since his first year at Hogwarts.

“Sorry, I thought...I thought it was mine.” Seamus’ face flushed in embarrassment, mumbling something about being tired, closed the curtains on his own bed after jumping in. Dean lay down on his now empty bed and started to think. Nothing had really been going right lately and he was a muggle born in a blood status war. It was part of the reason he and Ginny had broken up she didn’t understand being a blood traitor did not affect her as much as being a muggle born did. Well, that and Mr Boy Wonder. Looking over at Seamus’ bed he noticed the curtains had opened slightly. Little did he know Seamus was thinking of him.

Seamus could not believe he had been stupid enough to forget he was lying on Dean’s bed and not this own. He had only gone over there to check if he had done the Potions homework but the scent was so intoxicating. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans mixed in with something else that he could not quite place. It was addicting, he could not tear himself away if he wanted too. He had to leave for class though, he didn’t need to think about his best mate, he saw him all the time.

They were making Amortentia, he really should have seen that one coming. It sat on Slughorn’s desk taunting each and every student who smelt it. Each student had to go to the front and smell the potion, if they wanted they could share what it was they smelt. The girls were being their romantic selves, smelling roses and chocolate. They were so predictable. Soon is was Seamus’ turn, stepping forward he smelt the bubbling potion.

“I smell Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and something else.” He said calmly, inside his head he was going insane. How could he could not, it was just a coincidence. He did not love his best mate. The rest of class went by in a blur, Seamus could not stop thinking about Dean. Everything he tried to do to forget brought him right back in a circle, flying reminded him of the banners Dean drew for the Gryffindor Quidditch matches, classes brought him back to Potions earlier that day and food brought him to the sweet smell of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Even at dinner Seamus just sat staring at him, realising new things about the way Dean looked. His eyes were a light chocolaty colour that grabbed your attention when you talked to him. His cheekbones were rather high, he stood out from the crowd. Merlin he sounded like a girl! “Dean what are you doing later?”

“Catching up, put of too many essays. So now I am really struggling.”

“Wanna go through them with me?” Seamus smiled at getting to spend time with Dean. He could stare at him all night and maybe even sort out this whole mess. Maybe the extra time would prove it was just those stupid hormones people were always warning him about.

“Sure, cut down the work pile!”

Seamus had returned to the Common Room soon after the arrangements had been made. He needed time to think, was he really lusting after his best mate. He wasn’t gay, he had always liked girls. It was only last week he had been thinking about asking that girl from Care of Magical Creatures out. It was only Dean, only Dean. It was soon after he heard a knock at the door.

“Seamus you in here?” Dean popped his head round the door. “You haven’t even changed, you lazy git!”

“Right, I’m doing it!” Seamus walked over to his chest of drawers and pulled out an old Quidditch t-shirt. It would be comfortable enough for studying surely, changing quickly he pulled it down. Turning round to face Dean, he noticed his jaw had dropped ever so slightly. “Happy now?” Dean nodded his answer, unable to make his mouth work.

“Will we start then?” The whole night was spent writing essays and stealing looks. The air getting tenser and tenser. Seamus had to act but how? His friend had not exactly shouted that he returned the feelings. He had only just broken up with Ginny as well, he was definitely straight! Seamus got up and walked over to the window, he could not sit over there anymore it was killing him.

Upon his neck he felt a slight tickle of breath. The heat was soothing against his skin, turning round he could now feel it upon his lips. Dean was right in front of him, staring with those eyes that were now darkened with lust. Seamus leaned forward and placed a simple peck upon his lips. Seamus smirked, “you taste like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.”


AN - I know it isn't in you face lust but I felt that with Seamus and Dean sweet was a better approach. Again Credit to notreallyblonde44 and Preeah for help with the title. I turned it into a mash up in the end! 

So for my first Slash, how do you think I did?

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