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The Untold Story of Ginny Weasley by Flavia
Chapter 2 : A Long Couple of Weeks
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The world of Harry Potter and all these wonderfully brilliant characters belong to JK Rowling.  Only the new stuff is mine. 

The line by Molly Weasley, marked with a double asterix (**) is a direct quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, pg 35 (Australian paperback edition).



I'm not sure if it was the smell of sausages or Mum’s screaming that woke me; probably a bit of both. You have to be a pretty heavy sleeper to survive as a Weasley, but the combination of mum’s screech and her cooking could wake the dead!
“I wonder what they did this time.” I mumbled blearily as I swung my legs on to the floor. It was summer holidays so it really wasn’t too unusual to hear mum roaring at the twins, although it didn’t usually start this early. Come to think of it, the boys almost never got up before 11am if they could help it. My curiosity sparked, I skipped downstairs in my nightgown and bare feet. Mum’s grumbling’s were clearer now, interspersed with arguments from Fred and George.

“But Mum, he was being starved!” George protested loudly. Confused, I jumped the last three steps and swung around the corner into the kitchen to see what the fuss was all about. I stopped dead in the doorway, frozen in surprise; Horrible, ghastly surprise. Sitting at my kitchen table, in my house, being handed a piece of bread by my mother was none other than Harry Potter.

My feet felt like they were stuck to the floor with a permanent sticking charm. Harry Potter. The Harry Potter was sitting in my kitchen, staring at me! And I was wearing a nightgown! I wanted to die, or at least run away but my feet still hadn’t remembered how to work. He was just staring at me with those twinkling green eyes. Probably thinking what an idiot I am just standing here. I thought to myself. Oh, why wouldn’t my legs work? I tried to focus all my energy on moving, twitching, doing anything! I heard a small squeal that came from the direction of my throat. The noise seemed to break the spell on my feet, and before I knew what was happening, I was racing back up the stairs to my room. I shot through the door and slammed it behind me, my back against the rough wood. My heart was racing and my legs felt like jelly. What is he doing here? The question kept running through my mind. I’m not sure how long I stood there, with my back pressed against the door, but once my pulse steadied and I was sure I could walk without tripping, I moved to my bed and flung myself on to the blankets. I wasn’t sure what I found less believable: the fact that Harry Potter was in my house, or the fact that I had just squeaked at him and ran away! I was so embarrassed! I groaned in a frustrated sort of way and punched the mattress beneath me.

“Ugh! Why did I do that?” I rolled over and asked nobody in particular. Gwenog Jones smiled down at me from her poster, pinned to the wall above my bed. She took one hand off the broomstick she was perched on and waved energetically. “Oh you’re no help!” I grumbled. Just then, I heard a thumping noise coming from the garden. I stood up and walked over to the window. I could see Fred and George swinging garden Gnomes over the fence into the next field. Harry and Ron stood watching and laughing. I figured they would be out there for a while so I quickly pulled on some clothes and slipped downstairs for some breakfast.

“Good Morning dear.” Mum said moodily when I entered the kitchen for the second time that morning and sat at the table. She didn’t say much else as she slipped a plate of food in front of me and turned back to the dishes. I guessed she was still mad at Fred and George. I took a few silent bites before my curiosity got the better of me.
“When did…um…Harry get here?” I asked, trying to sound casual. Oddly enough, mum didn’t answer me but instead let out a long angry sigh and scrubbed the pan in her hands with even more force. I waited a few more minutes before tentatively asking, “Mum?”

“What!” She snapped, spinning around and spraying soap suds everywhere. “Oh sorry dear, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I’m just a bit cross with your brothers.” She said in a softer voice. She turned back to the sink. I wasn’t game to ask a third time but it turned out I didn’t need to anyway. “Harry got here early this morning dear. He’s come for a visit, isn’t that nice?” Her voice was cheery but I knew the tone all too well. She was holding in her anger, waiting to unleash it on the twins again. Not wanting to get caught in the crossfire, I finished my toast and headed back up to my room, leaving the door ajar so I could hear when the arguing started again. I didn’t have to wait long. I heard the front door slam which signalled dad’s return from work. I could hear him chattering away about work when Mum’s voice broke through, obviously cross. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, something about that old car Dad has in the shed, the one he put the flying charm on? I tiptoed to the door and strained my ears, trying to hear the conversation below.

**“Your sons flew that car to Harry’s house and back last night!” Mum screeched loud enough for me to hear even if I’d been in the attic. My hand flew over my mouth to stifle a gasp, although I needn’t have bothered. No one would have heard me over mum’s ranting’s even if I wasn’t three floors up. I listened intently, trying to hear what was said but only catching snippets of the battle. I was focussed on Mum’s voice so intently that I didn’t hear the approaching footsteps until there were two people standing on the landing right outside my door. I glanced up at Ron and Harry, the latter giving me a curious look. I gasped and quickly slammed the door shut. I didn’t open the door again until I heard the boys thump their way up to Ron’s bedroom and by that time, the yelling downstairs had dulled down to quiet grumblings. I plonked myself on the end of my bed and gazed out the window at the clouds racing past. How was I going to live in a house with Harry Potter when I ran away every time he came near me? It’s going to be a long couple of weeks.



A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry it's so ridiculously short but I didn't want to just fill it up for the sake of it, and I felt it was necessary for character development. The next one is much longer...I promise! 

Thankyou to everyone for the lovely reviews, they really are such an awesome motivator and make me smile like an idiot.  The next couple of chapters are already written so they should be along very soon =) 

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