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Pure by _Leo_
Chapter 5 : Epilogue
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“You look lovely,” Maggie said, peering over Andromeda’s head into the mirror in front of them.

Andromeda took in the woman who looked back at her from the mirror. A white, shoulder-free gown, showcasing her pale flawless skin. Her cheeks were flushed, highlighting her high cheekbones, inherited from her family. Most of her dark looks were piled on the top of her head, a few single tendrils framing her face. Her eyes were big in her face, emotion barely veiled in them.

“I still can’t believe it,” Andromeda said. “I mean, it’s Ted! Our Ted!”

Maggie grinned at her. “Oh Andy, only you! He’s liked you forever. You’re the only one who didn’t realise.”

Andromeda didn’t know how to answer that. When Maggie squeezed her shoulder and turned to leave her alone, Andromeda let her thoughts stray.

After she had been released from the hospital, Ted had taken her out on a date, where he had officially asked her to be his girlfriend. Andromeda found there wasn’t anything she wanted more. They'd fallen into that relationship, revelling in the comfort of their friendship and the novelty of a relationship. Then, he'd proposed to her ...

It had been one of the rare days when both of them weren’t on duty, and they’d spent the whole day together. They’d had dinner at Mrs Tonks’, and spent their afternoon in a nearby park. Andromeda had a book out, her free hand playing with Ted’s hair while he was lying on his back, his head in her lap. The sun beat down on them, and thoughts of Death Eater attacks, injuries and loss were far from her mind for once. Andromeda hid her grin behind her book when Ted started squirming around; she knew he wouldn’t be content lying around idly for too long. She wanted to see just how much longer he would last.

Andromeda sat, her back rigid, trying not to laugh out loud seeing Ted’s growing impatience. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and rolled around, leaning up on his elbows.

“Aaaandy!” he whined, trying to sound as pathetic as possible. Andromeda hitched the book higher so it would cover her large grin.

“Andy! Andromeda! Don’t ignore me!”

She lowered the book just enough so her eyes were visible over the rim. “But Ted, I’m all ears!”

“No, you’re not!” he protested. “You’re clearly choosing Mr Darcy over me right now!”

“Well, he is quite dashing, quite the catch I’d say,” Andromeda responded teasingly.

Ted gaped at her in mock outrage. “More dashing than me?”

Andromeda tooted, once again hiding behind her book.

“I can’t let a literary figure take your attention from me,” she heard, before the book was snatched from her hands. It landed several feet away from their blanket, and Andromeda stretched to get it back.

She let out a squeal when Ted grabbed her around the waist, pining her down with his weight. “Nuhu, Miss, that I definitely cannot do,” he said still in a fake-whiny voice, his head somewhere in the region of her belly.

He shifted around a bit, so they were lying side by side, Ted on his stomach and Andromeda on her back and he put his hands on his hands, beaming at her.

Andromeda could have kissed him for his foolish antics. She wriggled her eye-brows, enjoying that little game far too much to stop now. “Well, Mr Tonks, I recall it was you who bought me that book?”

“No more books for you then,” he answered, lifting a hand to flick her on the nose.

“No more books? How am I supposed to put up with you if there’s no more presents for me?” she asked, rolling over slightly so she could support her head with her hand.

“I guess I have to come up with something to keep you, yeah?” He pretended to think, chancing a short, hopeful glance heavenward. “Marry me!” he blurted out.

Andromeda felt her heart lurch. Had she heard him right? Was he still joking around? He certainly didn’t look like it. Sitting up, she blinked a few times to put her thoughts to order. They were flitting around in her head like bees, and it took her a few seconds to realise that the emotions she saw flash up in Ted’s eyes was actually anxiousness.

Flashes of her aunt and sister flashed through her eyes, the attacks on her and the danger she would be putting him in. But as a healer, and muggle-born, wouldn’t he be in danger anyway? Could she bear not to be beside him, especially in those darkening times?

He must have said something she hadn’t heard over her thoughts, because he’d sat up opposite her, gently cupping her face. “Was I wrong to ask that?”

Was he? She willed herself to say something, anything, to break out of that trance. Looking at his warm brown eyes brought back another wave of flashbacks, starting from the first time they’d met. The last one from just minutes before when he had grinned up at her.

Andromeda felt her face break out into the biggest smile yet. She launched herself at him, whispering “Yes” over and over. She felt his eyes encircle her tightly, and tears leapt into her eyes at his soft “Thank you!”.


The details of the ceremony were all just a blur for her, she resurfaced to reality when she kissed Ted, wishing for this moment to last forever. Cheers erupted around them, and reluctantly, Andromeda and Ted broke apart, grinning at each other. The guests were mainly Ted’s family, and a lot of former Hogwarts students.

Andromeda danced the night away, each of ‘her boys’ claiming their dances, her eyes always seeking out her new husband.

Only one incident invaded her happiness.

She didn’t know how her family had gotten wind of the time and venue of the wedding reception, but her aunt, uncle and Bellatrix strutted into the garden like they had every right to be there.

She wanted to panic, then Ted reached her side, flanked by Julius, Matt, Caspar, Robert, David, Fabian and Gideon.

“Please leave, you are not welcome here,” he said with a firm voice she hadn’t heard before from the usually easy-going Teddy.

“We’re not here to talk to you, Mudblood. You’ll get what’s coming for you,” Walburga Black sneered.

“Now now,” her husband stopped her. “We’re not here to stay. Be careful, Andromeda. You’ve soiled our name, we are here to tell you that you are no longer part of this family, and no longer protected by the name of Black.”

She would have liked nothing better than tell him that she hadn’t ever profited from any protection from them, as her friends all pulled out their wands. “I suggest you leave, immediately,” Robert suggested in a cold voice. Both Prewett twins showed their agreement with his words by taking just a step forward, wands poised.

“This is certainly not the last time we’ve seen each other,” Bellatrix purred sweetly. “Just a warning, as our wedding gift.” She and her uncle disapparated, Walburga couldn’t resist throwing a few more insulting words at her niece.

“You’ve been warned,” Julius said loudly, casting a spell. He wasn’t the only one, six others met their target at the same time. Walburga Black’s face was rapidly taking on a yellow hue, boils breaking out on her skin.

“How nice, you should definitely have a portrait of that look,” Gideon commented, as the woman turned and disappeared as well, screeching furiously and swearing bitter revenge.

Ted had pulled Andromeda back, pushing her face into his chest so she wouldn’t get into harms way because he’d thought Bellatrix would shoot at least some spells in their direction as a goodbye; and he was glad he’d done it so Andromeda didn’t have to see the last scene.

“Are you ok?” he asked her tentatively.

She looked up, her eyes dry and determined. “They wanted to ruin this day for me, they don’t even let me have that. I won’t let them,” she said fiercely.

“No, we won’t let them,” he agreed, admiring her strength. Loud laughter distracted them; they looked over to where the Prewetts were acting out the scene again, taking away from the tense atmosphere.

“Come on, Mrs Tonks, I haven’t had much opportunity to dance with you, always someone taking you away,” Ted said in a light tone.

“I'd thought you'd never ask, Mr Tonks,” she gave back cheekily, concentrating on how safe she felt in his arms. There was nowhere else she’d rather be at that moment.

Last chapter, and the first story I can set to completed! Hope you enjoyed!
As always, I don't own anything but the plot.

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