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Behind Enemy Lines by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 7 : Decision
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Disclaimer; The characters not including Victoria Drew and fragments of this plot are property of J.K Rowling’s wonderful work and I am not trying to say otherwise. Thank you for reading.


Victoria lay back into the swinging chair, her bare legs lying across Sirius’s lap. It was about ten o’clock or so, the moon and the stars had come out and were now shining brightly down at them. About an hour ago Lily and Potter had retreated inside, leaving Victoria and Sirius to a comfortable silence.


“It’s so beautiful” She whispered, staring up at the stars. She could name every single one of them, she had been able to ever since she was little.


“Just like you” Sirius replied and Victoria stared over at him, she swung her legs off his lap and scooted closer to him, resting her head in the crook of his neck. After a few moments of silence, Sirius sighed. “I’m going to head inside, are you coming?” Victoria shook her head, “Have my jacket so you don’t get cold” Sirius pulled off his jacket and handed it to her, she threw it around her shoulders and he smiled at her. “Goodnight” He whispered, disappearing inside.


Victoria didn’t bother to watch him go inside; she was too content on watching the stars twinkle above her for that. She was grateful for his jacket against the cold English air. She bought her knees up to her chin and tucked them underneath. Something crinkled in Sirius’ jacket pocket, and Victoria gently pulled it out.


It was a piece of paper, folded into quarters that had been rippled completely. Hesitantly, she unfolded the paper- it was a photograph. Victoria’s eyes focused on the first of three faces in the photo.


 In the middle was a curly haired girl almost as dark as her eyes, She wore a vacant expression upon her small features. Beside her on the left, was a slightly older boy. His hair was short and dark brown in colour, a smirk played of his perfectly shaped lips. On her other side was another boy- similar to the first one but different at the same time. The boy’s hair was a darker shade of brown and he had much more boyish features, a half smile graced his lips.


It was them- Sirius, Regulus and herself. The photograph had been taken the day before Sirius had run away, back when Regulus was hidden away in his shadow. Sirius was fifteen while Victoria and Regulus were only thirteen- they were young and naïve, and the war hadn’t broken them apart.


Victoria caressed the photo beneath her finger, flattening out the large crease that went right through the middle of Regulus’ face. She bought the photograph up to her lips and whispered, “I miss you Reg” before folding the photo again and stuffing it back into the jacket pocket.

It was well into the early hours of the morning when Victoria returned to her room, in the distance- past the little cottage and through the hills, she could see the orange sun getting ready to rise. She smiled warmly at this and curled up into a ball in the small little single bed that was placed oddly in the corner. It didn’t belong there- just like she didn’t and for some reason, Victoria found comfort in this and the odd smell of roses in the sheets.



A couple of hours later, she was awoken by Lily and steaming hot up of coffee. “I figured you were probably having caffeine withdrawls. And, if you want to come with me there’s a shower and I’ve got some clothes you can change into. I’ll wash your dress for you too” Victoria took a large sip of her coffee and nodded, following Lily out into the hallway.


“Thank you for this Lily” Lily just smiled and led Victoria into a modest bedroom with an ensuite- This was obviously the room she and James shared as it had a small wooden photo frame with a picture of the couple inside, sitting on the bedside table on the left side of the bed. “Lily, Can we talk after I’m all cleaned up?” The redhead nodded.


“About whatever you want Victoria” She smiled again as Victoria pulled the bathroom door closed. Victoria quickly undressed out of her dress, letting it fall to the floor in a crimpled pile before turning the shower and sliding open the glass door. She stepped in and let the hot water calm her down while she thought of what she wanted to know from Lily.


She knew she had to make a decision about which side in the war she was going to take- she had reasons for both sides. She knew what Lily, Sirius and Potter’s side was doing was right- Victoria had always believed that muggle borns were exactly the same as purebloods just with different upbringings but she knew never to voice this to Regulus or anyone on his side. Regulus- the only reason she’d even think for a minute about joining the other side.  He meant so much to her- he was the only reason she hadn’t disappeared into the muggle world as soon as she finished Hogwarts like her parents did.  He was truly her whole life.


Stepping out of the shower, she threw on a towel before grabbing the clothes Lily had left out for her and quickly getting changed- leaving her dress in the washing basket that Lily had left for her and heading into the kitchen.


“Lily?” She called, once at the bottom of the stairs- Lily quickly popped her head out of the living room and motioned for Victoria to join her.


The living room matched the bedroom Victoria was now staying in- the colours were very neutral and the large window that overlooked the fields made the room look much larger. There were two creamy seats and a matching three seater couch across from the window- Lily was sitting in one of the seats and Victoria quickly sat in the other one.


“The boys are out- So we’ve got the house to ourselves for a while at least” Victoria nodded and took a deep breath. “So, what do you want to know?”


“What is this place?” Victoria replied almost instantly.


“I can’t tell you the exact location- as I honestly don’t know but it’s just referred to as ‘Safe House 3’, there are apparently up to ten of them spread through Britain”


“Why? Is it just for when you kidnap people?” Lily chuckled.


“I told James that it wasn’t a good idea- We didn’t want to frighten you but Sirius was sure you’d never come without a fight- He was right. You’re a lot stronger than you seem. “


“Regulus wanted to make sure I was always safe- He taught how to duel in sixth year, I suppose he thought something like this would happen eventually. I always thought it was a waste of time when he taught me how to fight muggle style- He’d always roll his eyes at me” Victoria played nervously with her hands. “He loves me- I know he does, it’s just been drummed into his head that he’s doing the right thing. He doesn’t know any different” Lily nodded and reached over to rub her back as an almighty sound roared from outside.


“The boys are home” Lily rolled her eyes.


“What was that?” Victoria asked, staring outside at the paddocks watching for a sign of either man.


“Sirius’ motorbike- He charmed it to be able to fly in our seventh year. It’s his pride and joy” Both girls chuckled. “Boys are their toys” Before either of them could say anything else, the front door flew open and in walked both men in hysterics.


“I’m home honey” Potter grinned cheekily, placing a sloppy kiss on Lily’s cheek, who rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s actions but smiled at him anyway. “Go on Drew- Give ol’ Padfoot a kiss” It was now Victoria’s turn to roll her eyes.


“Can we move into the dining room? I’d like to talk to you three about something” The three former Gryffindors nodded and lead the former Slytherin into the dining room. I’ve decided which side I’m going to choose” Lily’s eyes widened.


“That quick?” She whispered and Victoria nodded.


“And?” Potter asked, as he clutched onto his girlfriend’s hand. Sirius was watching Victoria with curious eyes.


“I’ll do it” She stated, Lily reached over the table to grasp her hand and James thanked her over and over again while Sirius stared stony-faced over at her.


Authors Note; and so what did you guys think of that? On the request of naflower05, I tried to make this chapter a bit longer than the others. Sadly there won’t be any more updates on anything for the next week and a bit as I’m on art camp- hopefully when I get back I can post something before April comes along as I am attempting Script Frenzy this year.


So, any thoughts?

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Behind Enemy Lines: Decision


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