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Son of Potter vs son of Bellatrix by magicmuggle01
Chapter 4 : The strange powers of the stranger
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'Yes indeed the results of the test are very extraordinary indeed' said the headmistress. 'Young man this test shows that you have powers that are beyond anything that’s in the magical world. It shows that you are 17 years old and have the ability to dematerialise from one place and rematerialise in another place, rather like our apparation. You also have the ability to talk to people without moving your lips and also you do not need to be in the same room as them, I believe this is called telepathy. And you can also heal people with nothing but pure thought. though you cannot kill, it's totally against everything that you believe in to kill a person. The test has also given your kind a name, your called Homo Superior; apparently your people are the next step in the chain of Human Evolution, does any of this sound familiar to you?'

'No' the young man replied, 'there is nothing apart from the disappearing and reappearing that I remember'.

'Well never mind that for now. I'll have a word with James Potter (the boy you almost scared to death when you first appeared) and try to make sure that your sudden arrival does not get spread around the school. You just sit back and get some rest'.

'Excuse me, but talking of school, what kind of school is this exactly?'

'Well young man, this is a school for young wizards and witch's to enable them to learn how to use their magic wisely and safely'.

The look that the headmistress received was one of being disbelieved and with that she took out her wand and pointing it at a chair (that was beside the hospital bed) she said,

'Wingardium Leviosa'.

And the mention of these words the chair rose up in the air and with a flick of her wand was sent flying across the room and was smashed into pieces when it struck a wall. The headmistress calmly walked over to where the remains were lying and could be heard uttering the words.


And the bits of the chair flew back together again and the headmistress carried the chair back to the bed where the young man was and he looked at it with wonder and amazement on his face.

'I take back everything I was thinking' he said.

'That's alright young man' said Madam Pomfrey 'it does sound unbelievable when you hear it for the first time. But after you've been here for a while you will get used to how things are done around here. Now you are to get some rest and also some sleep, drink this it'll help you to relax'.

And he was given a sleeping potion that he drank right down. And then he settled down.

When the two women had crept out of the ward and to Madam Pomfrey's office McGonagall said,

‘what do you think Poppy, is he alright?'

'Yes he's physically fine, the only thing is that amnesia he's suffering from, there is a potion that can be used called the Memoriam Totalise potion, administered carefully over four days and it could help someone regain their memory, but it takes two months to prepare. Do you want me to ask Professor Slughorn to start the process?

'Yes please do Poppy, the sooner we can get this sorted out the better, there's something about this young man, I feel that we must help all we can it's very important.

So Poppy wrote a small letter on a piece of parchment and attached it to the leg of an owl and instructed it to go to Professor Slughorn.


That's chapter four. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review and let me know what you thought.


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Son of Potter vs son of Bellatrix: The strange powers of the stranger


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